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  1. Olly P

    Thinking about buying a digger

    I was looking at a JCB 3cx as the 4 in 1 bucket with forks would be very handy for lifting pallets around the site and upto first level of scaffolding ( were building a 1 1/2 storey dormer bungalow). I did have my concerns over the mess it could make of the site though and as it can get very wet and mushy I would imagine it would get stuck too. So after reading this thread I'm now steering towards the 3-5 tonne tracked digger option. My question, what weight and height could a 3 tonne digger lift with pallet forks? Has anyone used their digger to lift pallets of materials onto scaffolding etc?
  2. Olly P

    Field to lawn in 3 months?!

    Well the first cut with the mower took 4hrs!! Looks better already though and hopefully by cutting every 2 weeks it'll keep it at a reasonable length inbetween cuts. Next job is to chain harrow and roll it end of this week after the bad weather.
  3. Olly P

    Field to lawn in 3 months?!

    Thanks Lizzie. This is it today, I will post a pic up a few days before the wedding hopefully looking a lot greener and level!
  4. Our building plot is in a agricultural field just short of 4 acres in size. The wife to be and myself are having our wedding reception in a marquee on the field in the middle of August and we would like to get the field looking as flat and green as possible for then. We are only going to concentrate on the part where the marquee will be and around it for photos etc. The rest will be car parking so that will be rough cut and rolled a few times before hand. I would like some advice on how to go about this, and i assume some of you would have used a section of field as your garden for self builds on greenfield sites? The farmer has just took the grass off this week and bailed it so it's time for me to start nurturing it. I have a 36" ride on mower, a roller and some chain harrows. Any advice would be appreciated! TIA
  5. Olly P

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    Same happened to me with my garage. We got hold of some industrial self smoothing screed that we mixed and applied then painted and its had some hammer over the last 10 years or more and is still as good as when we did it.
  6. Had the quotes back from British gas and electricity north west. £475 plus vat for gas...... £6700 for electricity!! 😱. They say this is down to a road closure to carry out the connection ( although the gas connection will be crossing the road too) So far we have on the short list of must haves in energy efficiency terms; wider cavities, UFH and ASHP. We will be running a log burner too and have a tree surgeon friend who gets us logs virtually FOC so that will be a source of heat in the winter.
  7. Looks fantastic joe90 you should be very proud of your build 👍🏻👍🏻. We were also thinking of a wide cavity for increased insulation and warm roof construction. It's worth mentioning that gas water and electricity are on site so energy generation isn't essential. Very interesting about the GSHP vs ASHP, as we have enough room for GSHP I was advised to go for it but if ASHP is cost efficient then i think that's the way to go. Solar PV DIY, something I am interested in. Any links to suppliers? Thanks all for the helpful comments.
  8. We are designing our 275 sqm self build dormer 1.5 storey 4/5 bed bungalow set in a just under 4 acre field. We are planning on living here for the rest of our lives and would like the dwelling to be well insulated,and have some energy efficient systems such as MVHR and possibly a ground source heat pump, may be triple glazing to reduce the running costs. With out going all out "eco home" (we are wanting to build a traditional design with a few modern elements) what would be the the must have energy saving systems that you would suggest?
  9. Yes its usually windy and rainy up here ! The site is pretty exposed too so we are going to have to brace ourselves for the bad winter weather but hopefully the views and sun in the summer will outweigh it. We are very lucky to have the plot with now secured OPP. It was a battle and the neighbours weren't and probably still won't be happy but Im sure we will sort things out overtime. Maybe I can grow some marrows for them!
  10. Yes thats the most tempting part for us as to get the build on its way so quickly, but in the same breath we are not in a huge rush. Still 50/50 in my mind between B&B and TF! Could you post any pics of your build so far?
  11. Was that a full height 2 story or dormer bungalow?
  12. We finally have our decision notice, Outline PP granted for a single storey or 1.5 storey dormer bungalow. The plot is suitable for a good size house, with a 3 acre field and as we are wanting to build a home that we will live in for the rest of our lives we are looking at a L Shaped 1.5 storey 4/5 bedroom dormer bungalow circa 250sq metres plus a large detached double garage with upstairs gym/ storage. We have no drawings yet but are currently in talks with a local architect and we are getting quotes for surveys etc. We have some fairly standard conditions to follow and we will be looking to submit the reserved matters in the next few months hoping to make a start spring next year or sooner if possible. Regarding the garage, I know what I would like and I would build that using traditional block method. But the bungalow we only have some ideas so far and I'm completely torn between timber frame and block methods. Surely the advantage of a timber frame isn't as advantageous in terms of speed/cost when building a bungalow as the roof structure is entirely timber anyway? Could anyone with any experience in Dormer bungalow construction be it timber frame or masonry give me their thoughts? And finally any inspirational self build dormer bungalows especially L shaped design photos would be fantastic!
  13. So, now that we've nearly got our heads around the fact that we have Outline Planning Approved (!) we are now wondering how to approach the next stage. We would love to make a start on the build next year and we think that although we don't want to rush the design/full planning stage we do want to press on incase anything changes in regards to Planning Policy , LPA planning staff etc. You never know even something like Brexit could put a spanner in the works. We have been recommended an Architect however he works in Manchester (around 2 hour drive from us). Do you think that this is a problem and to maybe find a local architect instead? In regards to CIL, VAT and other legal matters do I need to do anything in-between Outline Planning and Full Planning to keep everything in order and still able to claim VAT & CIL exemption?
  14. The application was specifically Upto two self build dwellings and it's stated that it was the LPA's decision what would be suitable on our site : either one or two . An unusual and slightly complicated way of applying but that was all the planning consultants work.