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  1. Yes you are right There is a bearing cap bolts up behind the drive flange but unfortunately the gear oil is rusty water colour as water has entered the gearbox over the years past the gearstick gator. I'm concerned that there will be more issues apart from the bearing collapsed. Luckily I've bought another good gearbox for £200 so I'm going to swap the full box for piece of mind.
  2. Apart from my digger all other machinery I own, dumper, compact tractor , generator etc is all very old as it's all I can afford but they are generally easier to repair when needs be. Plus I like old stuff!😎
  3. I am also concerned on the lack of outriggers, even though the smaller modern telehanders dont have them either. Luckily our site is dead flat so less risk of tipping over and we won't overload it. Also as we are building a dormer bungalow we won't be lifting to max height. I'm thinking of replacing all he rubber hydraulic pipes to reduce the risk of failure.
  4. I have just bought this 1977 Sambron am10 forklift and as I haven't seen or heard of one before I'm interested to here of anyone who has used one before. I believe it has a 8 metre lift and has a 1 tonne lifting capacity. It starts and runs ok but the output shaft bearing on the gearbox has collapsed. However I have sourced and purchased a used gearbox I will fit this week along with giving it a service and grease up etc. It sure is wierd and wacky but i'm hoping it will be a handy bit of kit during the build for very little money!
  5. I would submit a pre planning application to the LPA first, then speak to a good proven local Planning consultant. I would say that as approval has been given in a similar case to yours you have a good chance but a planning consultant would advise you better. Outline Planning would involve less financial input at this stage. Good luck
  6. We have gone with 38 degree roof and a ridge height that will allow useable space upstairs to the wall plates set at 1.3 metre above the 1st floor level. Designed right, a 1.5 storey is nearly as spacious as a full 2 storey.
  7. As far as I'm aware a dormer bungalow can be classed as a 1.5 storey. We have a similar case with outline planning passed for a single or 1.5 storey bungalow with no ridge height restrictions. We have submitted reserved matters plans for a large traditional dormer bungalow but with modern elements.
  8. We are looking for a site security camera which we can look at remotely and will also record movement. There is no power or internet yet but I'm led to believe cameras are on the market that accept a SIM card and have batteries in. Has anyone any experience with such devices?
  9. I'm convinced that the price per sqm will lower slightly the bigger the dwelling due to various factors buying larger amounts of materials for better prices is one
  10. All going well we are going to start our 1.5 storey dormer bungalow in the spring or before if the reserved matter PP gets approved quickly. I'm going to do the groundworks myself then pay a team of block layers to build the shell with myself labouring. I will do all the roof structure, fit windows, first and second fix joinery, insulate and plaster board and skim, decorate, fit the bathrooms and kitchen myself i may need to get a hand from a friend at certain points so i will need to pay him. Another friend of mine to render and stone face the exterior he will be paid also. I'm not on any timescale as we already have a house to live in whilst we build it. It's around 350sqm and I'm determined to achieve 800 per sqm with average finish. Block built, slate roof, average kitchen bathrooms etc. Am I dreaming?
  11. Thanks it was a lot of work as we did it all ourselves and there was a separate rope and pole marquee for the ceremony. We also made the decorations, table centres photo booth etc etc We had an absolutely brilliant day and night, made even better as we are building our home here starting in the spring. The cable drums were great but proved difficult to get hold of as most electrical firms return them for a surcharge.
  12. Bit of a late reply on this thread but the grass and weather came up well for our big day.
  13. This is good to hear thank you 👍🏻 I had 34 (!) Objections with the outline planning application and I don't want that all to be dragged up again! I used a planning consultant during outline planning so I would use her again if I come across problems.
  14. Thanks for the reply The attached conditions of the outline planning approval stated the approximate position, single or 1.5 storey dwelling, the materials and some other details which we have complied with in our design along with consultation with the planning officer. I'm pretty confident it will be granted but I will attend the parish council meeting to explain the design and materials to try and avoid any objection from them
  15. We are about to submit our "reserved matters" application which consists of design, appearance, layout etc. Outline Planning was approved in April and the access approved as a discharge of condition in August. Does anyone have experience with a reserved matters application? I'm wondering if a site notice will be put up and neighbours/parish council consulted as I didn't enjoy all the objections one bit when going through outline planning.