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  1. Apologies if this has been covered before but I couldnt find anything when searching. I now have electricity supply connected and I have the postal address and been issued an MPAN. What is the preferred provider and tariff for building site?
  2. How on earth do I work out what size guttering i need?! There is 3 different sizes 115mm 125mm 150mm Our roof size is around 380sqm dormer bungalow. Around 450sqm floor space inside.
  3. Looks fantastic! I'll take a look at drain depot now. Did you use the prefab outlets or the wrap around type?
  4. Has anyone had any experience with Rainclear guttering? I initially wanted Lindab but it seems that lead times are weeks and also Rain Clear stuff looks almost identical but cheaper. In fact around the same price as plastic! https://www.rainclear.co.uk/guttering/galvanised-steel-gutters/guttering-fittings.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAh4j-BRCsARIsAGeV12AiR9rLsFDortdXEzDYTFVd5J1DW3XhqApECD-HqZOVM7rDnFBmQocaAhLhEALw_wcB
  5. The build up of our dormers are 6x2 stud Osb Breather membrane Timber battern 12mm Resistant multi rend render board Traditional 7mm limestone White wet dash render Do I need to apply EML or riblath to the boards before scratch coat and dash ?
  6. Thanks, yes the stone corners (quions) are made to order from a local limestone quarry. They were expensive but because i got the rest of the stone for free I could justify it. I think that it wouldn't of looked as good without them and I had the quions put into the corner of the house which is rendered too.
  7. Thanks Simon. I found some 70x70mm so I've put that in above the sliding doors.
  8. Thanks I got 95% of the limestone free off marketplace and people I knew taking walls and outbuildings down etc and giving it away. We guess at least 100 tonnes I collected up before we started the build
  9. Hi Simon Did you find out what size RHS steel you used? We are currently fitting the sliding doors upstairs and downstairs, frames are in, glazing on Monday. After that I need to install a horizontal steel 4.8m long at least 50 x50 SHS that will support the two triangular ali frames and glass above it. I will see about putting a horizontal in too to reduce the risk of sagging.
  10. I have around 380sqm of 125mm PIR insulation to cut and install inbetween the rafters on our new build dormer bungalow. I'm prepared that it will take me around 2 weeks to fit and I'm open to tried and tested cutting methods to get a straight, square and dust free cut. The go to is a worn handsaw but the dust is horrendous. Festool do a specific insulation power tool but its expensive and doesn't have the best reviews online. So I'm thinking of using my tablesaw using the fence and trying to get hold of a smooth blade for it to reduce the dust if they exist?
  11. That looks fantastic and very similar idea to what we have in mine although we are going for a 3 rail sliding door arrangement. I'm impressed by how you've managed to hide the horizontal and vertical steels so they are virtually invisible. What size section steel are they? And I assume RHS?
  12. Thanks.. I'll be living in the container if my wife has her way! 😅
  13. I'm looking for ideas for our master bedroom glass gable. We are now pretty much felted and batterned in so I need to get on with ordering the windows and doors. The glass apex is open from the floor to the steel ridge and I'm wanting to use aluminium frames. There is going to be a juliet balcony hopefully with sliding doors. I spoke to one glazing firm so far and they had concerns that I need to add a horizontal steel to split the glass up. This isn't a big deal as I've done all the steel fabrication myself onsite, but didnt want to go down that route. Who has done this and have you any pictures you could post to show me? Many thanks
  14. Hi We are currently building the roof structure on our 430sqm dormer bungalow. We have gone with 150mm cavity to allow for 100mm pir insulation and have took our time taping the insulation together when installing. I am wanting to make the house as air tight as reasonably possible and I'm going to install MVHR. I'm just wondering how the correct way would be to seal the roof and insulation between the rafters to the wall plate? And without parge coating the inner walls, apart from making sure the pointing of the blockwork is good, what else can I do to help this?