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  1. @Cpd, if you don't mind me asking, where did you source your tanks from? I'm in need of sorting one out for us.
  2. jamieled

    Tree removal

    Yes to the first question and 'sort of' to the second. We have various tickets for chainsaw work, but we also paid people to do the bits we couldn't (mainly aerial work and extraction).
  3. jamieled

    It starts!

    Progress this week. More photos than words for now. HQ is set up, including the shower. After felling the trees on site, a few big machines visited to get the logs out. Leaving the site looking like this: The last few days have then involved a lot of muck moving and getting decent material out for the tracks and base, leaving us looking something like this: Next stop, foundations!
  4. @Christine Walker yep, we had to pay as well. They also claimed we were paying for one and got the other free!
  5. By way of an update to this, and as some BH's suggested, we phoned up a week ago and yesterday two bins turned up.
  6. I'm doing mine that way. If you don't ask you don't get!
  7. jamieled

    Tree removal

    We had to do this, although we did it via the proper channels before we got planning. In our case the roads dept were keen to see the trees go for a number of reasons. I think we told the tree officer and FC what was going on (felling exceeded 5m3 so we needed a felling license exemption ). Suspect it might be a bit different if the only reason for removal is to create a new access.
  8. jamieled

    SER certificate

    Fairhursts in Inverness were happy to sign off an insulated raft for me as part of the SER. Not sure about ICF.
  9. @joe90 thanks for that. I think they'll only pick up wheelie bins around here. The council don't seem enthusiastic about us paying council tax when I asked, and while I'm not going to voluntarily pay a lot of money, neither do I feel we should be taking advantage of rubbish collection without paying for it. How did you go about arranging it?
  10. We're about to commence living in a caravan for our build. I'm assuming that until we're complete and paying council tax I can't expect the council to uplift any rubbish and recycling (thinking day to day rubbish/recycling, not construction waste). For those of you in a similar position, is this correct and if so what did you do? A scan of the council website leaves me none the wiser.
  11. jamieled

    What size ducting for services?

    Would there be any major downsides to just burying a 25/32mm MDPE water pipe and have it come up through the foundation, rather than have it coming through a 110mm duct? Asking out of interest as I'm at a similar stage.
  12. jamieled

    Sole plate for 300mm I-beam frame

    @PeterW thanks and no, it just shows solid timber, but I'll give them a ring and find out. @Russell griffiths, there's probably no reason I can't do that other than the engineering drawings show a single bit of timber and so I was keen to avoid deviating from that if possible. Kerto beams look interesting although I couldn't see them being noted as suitable for ground floor sole plate - I'll maybe investigate further.
  13. I know a few folk on here have built out of I-beams. I'm planning to stick build on site. The structural drawings state a 300mm JJ timber sole plate, but I'm having trouble tracking down sole plate timber that's 300mm wide. If you've used a sole plate this wide, what did you use and where did you get it from? I'm aware that it's possible to use an i-beam on its side, packed out, but since the engineer has specified solid timber I'd prefer to use that if possible.
  14. jamieled

    EPS Raft Passive Slab Hesitation

    @davidc we're not too far up the road from you. As prodave mentions, passive slabs are not that common in Scotland, although there are a few about. We have had our timber frame designed to be stick built on site, on a passive slab. The engineers seemed fine with it, I think principally because they were already familiar with the system. However, I have also spoken to a company about providing the timber frame as an open panel kit. Planning on getting the ground works and foundation in this summer if you're interested in taking a look.
  15. jamieled

    Soil Survey (Scotland)

    Similar to @ProDave our structural engineers just directed us to dig four holes on site at the building corners and had a look at what came out. This informed their assessment of the foundation design, the SER certification and therefore building warrant application approval. There was no separate G.I., and having got a quote for one (as I was initially thinking along the same lines as you are now) I would not volunteer to do it unless absolutely necessary.