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Grand designs - new series 2021


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On 11/10/2021 at 09:11, Russell griffiths said:

Do the producers of theses programs make the home owners look really stupid, or are they really stupid??

who orders a lorry load of concrete and doesn’t notice an old weak bridge in the way that the lorry won’t get over. 

Really are they that thick. 


I watched this episode tonight and was shouting at the TV by this point. That and them only looking at the electricity supply two years into the build 


I liked their enthusiasm and energy, but they seemed very naive. Or perhaps I'm getting old and cynical. Or maybe both.


I suspect, as is often the case with GD, that they've left some items out when totting up the budget (I mean, £16k for electricity and £11k for tree removal!), but I suppose there's no kitchen, no heating system, and who knows whether all the bathrooms have been finished.


I liked the general vibe of what they were going for, but replicating the old tumbledown building really didn't do it for me.


The lead flashing ruined the whole effect imo. How could he be an architect - even a newly qualified one - and have given no thought to how he'd interface the timber frame with the top of the wall?


Overall it was just a bit unsatisfying, but they're happy, and that's the main thing.

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Well I liked that house in a ruin. I think everyone on here is being a bit harsh, what the two of them achieved through their own hard graft and plucky determination was a massive credit to them.


Self builder is a broad church. You have those who 'self build' and sub contract the entire job and at the other end of the spectrum there are those like @pocster, @epsilonGreedy (to name two I know of) and others on here who are balls deep in literally doing it themselves. I'm towards that end of the scale so to see what they achieved I for one am impressed and was happy for them. I thought the roof terrace will be great when finished.


Good effort?

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On 02/09/2021 at 08:44, Ralph said:

I did not watch the show but have seen some of the pictures this morning. It looks like it's clad in standing seam steel with some really bad oil canning and rippling. I would have wanted better for that kind of money.


It does look like a "I am considerably richer than you" type of house. 


Clad in zinc standing seam.

dramatic lighting and viewing angle 

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