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  1. Lesgrandepotato

    August 2018

    Where’s the photo of this Saxon stone then? You can’t just leave that hanging! Will it influence the name of the house? Ethelred the unreadys byre?
  2. Lesgrandepotato

    Window fitting

    We found out after the event, velfac have a measuring service... the way they describe their measurements caused no ends of confusion for our lads. You have to account for the shadow gaps from memory.
  3. Lesgrandepotato

    What to do with old windows?

    Could keep a couple for those. That just leaves the other massive pile 🙂
  4. Lesgrandepotato

    What to do with old windows?

    I have circa 20 windows sat in the garden gently rotting. I have a half empty skip. Is this my best call of action to combine the two or is there something better I can do?
  5. Lesgrandepotato

    Painting A Ceiling

    Hmm. He clearly spends a lot of time looking up at the ceiling.
  6. Lesgrandepotato

    Wood paint on aluminium window frames

    I think a grown up conversation with the PM about options is needed here. Before you do. How unacceptable is the colour to you? Is it a shade of grey? Or wholly inappropriate? To make a decision - you’ll need a view from the manufacturer on what they’d use and how it affects the warranty. If he started painting before either either of these on my build then he may find himself in a career limiting situation as I’d have a serious loss of faith. There will be constraints in what can be done. They need to be understood and a decision made on approach / recompense.
  7. Lesgrandepotato

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    We paid 550 for a sale recently. 21 days end to end (inc weekends) local solicitor
  8. Never cleaned ours out. Well not quite. Only after a code brown situation involving a toddler and a sieve.
  9. Lesgrandepotato

    How wide are your doors?

    My front doors are 2.4m tall and each side is a shade over 900mm
  10. Lesgrandepotato

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    Or create a central winter garden? Dividing the two spaces with a metre wide of planting and rooflight above? Or even properly open to the skies?
  11. Lesgrandepotato

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    What about basement style light wells outside? Perfectly screened but actual light at room level? Could be quite exciting? Imagine these recesses are all windows down the wall... it could be immense in style.
  12. Lesgrandepotato

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    What about a wedge, from 2400, to 3000+ Might help angle the roof lights well to? maybe with a floor level change at the higher end?
  13. Lesgrandepotato

    Ceiling height for open-plan room

    We have a kitchen diner space here that is 10m * 4m that has a ceiling of 2450-70 or so. Feels good to me. Was well worth the effort to oversize. The illusion is completed by the oversize French Windows (2200 vs a more standard 2100) and the adjoining atrium. 5m * 6m with a double height space and double height glass screen. I think 2450 would be fine. You could do some thing really magical with a little more. You could also ruin it with downstands.
  14. Lesgrandepotato

    Self-Builders: preparing for a No Deal Brexit

    Interesting topic, we have been in for the last 7/8months and generally doing things that don’t involve diy. Life after self build! We were fully underway when the vote came in, the effect was substantial increases in material costs as the pound tanked. I personally don’t see the position changing for the positive. Unless we agree a ‘status quo’ no deal situation. If I was were I was a few months back I’d be focusing on liquidity of funds and managing spend rates. There is a good possiblity of down valuations and lack of funds as we ride this out. @recoveringacademic You can dropshio stuff to here if you need to. Within reason!
  15. Lesgrandepotato

    Creating new cavity and wonky walls?

    Surely this should be led by asthetics? If you make it die straight inside and it’s wonky outside will it feel right? My natural reaction would be to embrace the wonkage.