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  1. We had our team install the velfac windows. Speak to velfac arrange for a training day (circa 400 quid) then get you team to fit them. Good luck! If you are that close to delivery they’ve been made in the factory so I’m sure you’ll be able to work something out. They are no use to anyone apart from you 🙂
  2. Wunda did ours and supplied parts. Happy customer no connection.
  3. It’s a previously buried section of walk on glazing.
  4. That should deal with it. Cleaned me up a treat...
  5. Hi Ferdinand, plan to frame it using a secondhand steel mezzanine floor frame off eBay. Looks like a grand for a 7m * 3.5m deck. Roofed with boards it should take 750kg per square m. It’ll be a sedum roof using pond liner, gravel and carpet. Big Spud
  6. We’ll need planning undoubtedly. But what about BR?
  7. Ours was priced as follows, you pay for a stock size, then you pay for each cut. So an off the peg would be cheaper. From memory the door was maybe 1500/1800 quid then the cuts £120 or so. We only needed one. I’d make the hole the right size for the building then get a door to fit. Unless you are going so large you need to check you can get one 🙂
  8. Does a carport need building regs? What about if I put a glamping pod on top? The pod shouldn’t need BR, neither should the car port. But if we put one on the other does that mean we will?
  9. Hopefully catch up with the architect this week and we can start to make inroads into this...
  10. I’ll have a sketch up this week and see how we progress !
  11. I’d like a little more man cave space, and at the side of the house we have a kinda 8m*4m space. Bounding this on one side is a two story gable end and the other longside is a stream that’s about 4-5ft lower than ground level. What i’d Like to do is build a car port over this, using these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312501184196 this would then give us a potential for a balcony that is among the trees and with a view back to the waterfall. We then construct a light weight glazed structure at the rear as an office possible based on this https://www.cncdesign.co.uk/oval-glamping-pod-frame-kit-3000-4000.html so the question is. What sort of foundation does it need? Couple of pavers laid on sharp sand ?!?? 🙂
  12. We’ve had this fella in a few times recently. Judging from the amount of wild garlic he’s eaten I suspect he’s rather well seasoned by now.
  13. Come and pick up the Esse in my garage if you are on oil.
  14. I remember on my school work experience placement I had the job of finding these for a site and removing them. Perhaps a little underhand. But we also burnt down a refrigerator trailer to scrap it so I’m not sure legalities where high on the business priorities.