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  1. Ok, so In my mind the pocket should go to the apparent junction of the two walls instead of being some distance away.
  2. Does it reflect its plot? I prefer the lower one from outside, but the internal junction of the wall that terrine is all wrong. The wall should run round not have a shade making return in it.
  3. So looking at that it’s about 100mm of celotex? Where it’s minimised you are down to perhaps 70mm. that’s still a comfy 10mm over what we have everywhere in our build. I’d hazard it’s designed to be laid ‘agriculturally’ and still work to spec. If it didn’t it’d be all over the place.
  4. Are you suggesting he needs a larger capacity woman?
  5. I think I’d be trying to built it from Ikea billy units. They can get close to the ceiling and put them on a simple angle iron frame with castors. If it rolls then your brain doesn’t expect it to touch the roof
  6. It is yes, but you can see from the far side it’s there. You may be right about the effect of the wider space.
  7. Apologies for the mess. It’s 2 metres wide coming in with a 6 by 3 void. You sense the space without needing it to be immediately open.
  8. Seems reasonable we specified the walk round spaces at a min of 140 to include book cases on the walls. Suggest you consider the same. Then you have a reading nook at the front.
  9. Yes it’s possible. You’ll need reserve, guts and drive to do it. You’ll probably want access to angel capital to help with liquidity. You are going to have to really want to do this. It is worth it. Did I mention it’s hard 🙂
  10. Well yes... one in the Kitchen and another one in the garage. It’s an essential car maintenance tool.
  11. We put the stuff away. What happens I guess is perhaps we put more pots in that if we didn’t have capacity you’d perhaps pot wash. This means they turn over fairly fast. You can fill a dishwasher quite quickly with a few pots.
  12. We have two dishwashers. It works for an open plan space. Use it, load it. We don't wear them out any faster as we do the same number of loads. If you cook with guests it’s an essential for an open plan home imho.