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  1. Loft insulation

    Not managed to get it free... so 670 dispatched for 140sqm of the stuff. That’s a lovely pre Xmas job!
  2. Plan change - is it worth it???

    Its always cheaper to fix things at the plan stage, even if it takes time. If its what you want get the plans amended.. :-)
  3. Setting up UFH

    Slight heat in the floor. actuators open and working, driven from Heatmiser stats in each room
  4. Setting up UFH

    I've had a look and the manifolds are both running at 30 degrees. (Screed downstairs, timber upstairs) I've dialled the upstairs one to 45deg see if that makes any odds on it!
  5. Setting up UFH

    We've got our heating commissioned but we aren't getting a warmed through house as of yet.. now that could be that we don't have the loft insulated yet, and we only have the heat downstairs on set back for tiling. But I am a little concerned that after an hour or two of boost we haven't really got any warmer upstairs. Interestingly, the manifolds are warm on the send and return so I wonder if the pump speed is too fast? should the returns be cold? or should they be hot? How do I balance and set this lot up!
  6. The end is nigh!

    One month further on.... scaffold is down. Pictures tell all..
  7. Remortgage and revaluation

    All a bit of an anticlimax. Fella turned up, had a good nose and a brew. Gave a valuation 10k short of doubling the value. That’ll do!
  8. Loft insulation

    Good call Ferdinand. We currently have no insulation at all...
  9. Loft insulation

    Before I buy 300mm of knauf loftwool and lay it in is there anything I should be doing instead? It’s a fairly regular 70’s house heavily renovated. Not terribly high performance but should meet current BR standards!
  10. Bi fold doors

    They can be fab, had them in a small 4 bed townhouse on Basingstoke. Used them all the time to link the (tiny) garden and the smallish 6m*6m living dining kitchen space. They created a real wow space here. Went with a many sets of French doors on the new build. Mostly a cost / clutter decision. Bofolds don’t have have a lot of hinges / brackets nobs and bits on them. Didn’t really fit with the velfac clutter free look.
  11. Get it shipped here if you like? Then onward shopped?
  12. If I ever...

    Ever ever, say it’s just the skirting and architraves to do before the carpets again. Kill me, just kill me. I’ve been on it all weekend and I’ve still a few hours to go before driving to London tonight. At least we got the fire lit!
  13. The 6k kitchen

    Up to date photos with the protective films off :-) The lights are collingwood led lytes centred on the doors to add texture when the main lights are off.
  14. The 6k kitchen

    Evening pudding. The units are Metods, the doors are kallarps. In general they are all off the peg. I’ve sectioned one in a corner to get a perfect fit. The large run of the units doesn’t have a corner post. Instead the surplus in the run (circa 60mm) is sectioned with some oak trim (this is 12mm skirting slipped in place between the units) in terms of style I wanted symmetry on the back wall, and I wanted drawers around the entire base to give a continuous feeling. Have a play with the designer and post up here. Lots of opinion freely given!
  15. Dead Squirrel in cold water tank

    Add a little carrot, celery and some sage and you have the corner stone of a decent game soup there.