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  1. Lesgrandepotato

    Magnetic plaster needs good home

    This stuff is brilliant! We’ve got a few walls done in it.
  2. I have an 8metre similar one in our house. It’s still standing. Slightly struggling with the concept of a non load bearing (no studs, no roof load) load bearing wall
  3. Lesgrandepotato

    Renovating external render

    My thinking is as follows EWI is quite a challenging project for the house and a major investment. Could you achieve 80% of the gain for 20% effort with internal insulation? We didn’t Ewi even though we re rendered the entire building as my feeling was that it still wouldn’t be that efficient and we could create a better effect with 60mm of celotex around all the internal walls. You could then go room by room? And the disruption is much lower.
  4. Lesgrandepotato

    Renovating external render

    We rendered over some of ours, but that’s only because it wouldn’t come off without taking half the blocks with it. I think I’d be wondering if Ewi is actually worth it on this property. Can’t polish a t**d. Is Ewi just rolling it in glitter?
  5. Lesgrandepotato

    Bungalow Barn

    Waves from the sticky toffee pudding village.
  6. Lesgrandepotato

    Log burner

    Don’t know how legit they are, but they are massively more efficient than the open fire for heat. We are using about 1/4 the amount of logs in a room twice the size in the evening. Normally only 4-6 logs a night now.
  7. Lesgrandepotato

    Log burner

    I think part of the problem is if you are used to an open fire is desire to keep stoking and feeding it. We have our heating profile for the upstairs lounge without and evening boost as we use the stove. That said we have a smallish stove (6kw) in a decent room. 36sqm. We can run that without boiling ourselves for an hour or two with ease. Why? We like the flames and we live in a wood..
  8. Lesgrandepotato

    Damn: I forgot it's Valentines Day - advice please

    We are having chips.
  9. Lesgrandepotato

    Mood lighting etc

    The goal has to be that the automation is not intrusive and the mother in law can operate the lights whilst pissed.
  10. Lesgrandepotato

    Mood lighting etc

    The design approach we’ve taken is to wire the house as normal ( excepting making sure we have neutrals available everywhere) we then have mk logic mini grid switches. At each key location there is an extra switch to be added on the faceplate as a retractive 1/2/3 click or hold switch. This will give the scenes applicable to the area. We also have door sensors, some coloured Phillips hue and and 8 way heating system to control. Plus the control for the thermal store and eventual hydro plant. I figured a hub was warranted... we have 17 lighting circuits in the open plan space and they need to operate in gourds to make it make sense and set the room to its best. In terms of wiring in, it’s just a tiny extra module in a 47mm back box.
  11. Lesgrandepotato

    Mood lighting etc

    I’ve a similar problem, I’m solving it with a Fibaro home centre 2 setup. More on this on the next few weeks as I start getting it set up.
  12. Lesgrandepotato

    That was close

    Chick pea curry for tea tonight. Significant gusting is expected :-)
  13. Lesgrandepotato

    Luxdust or other sparkly tiles

    Does topps have them in their network? Maybe try a store see if they can order the remainder of the stock. 600 * 600 will you reflect that in the unit design? To get it all matched up?
  14. Lesgrandepotato

    Gap to leave for integrated appliances?

    Bang on 600mm in my experience. The door will be about 597mm?
  15. Lesgrandepotato

    back lit wall panel

    Cheap and easy!