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  1. Lesgrandepotato

    UFH Options?

    We went with option 1, we also dropped the floor level a touch 70mm to help with a sense of space
  2. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    Agreed, but the point I’m making is that as much as you can try and guide, sometimes you get a brief that just doesn’t fit the customers pockets or they just don’t want to hear that they can’t afford it. ’... let’s get the design sorted, we’ll value engineer later...’ it’s wrong, but it does happen.
  3. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    And brief.... as an architect (albeit of software) you’d be surprised what people ask for...
  4. Lesgrandepotato

    New-build newbie in Milton Keynes

    You’ll get some good guidance here. I don’t want to take the wind out of your sails but do think hard about what this is going to be like and how long it’ll take.
  5. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    I loved that. Way better final design. I think I’ve found a design for my garage.
  6. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    It’s a hell of a life style change from Perth. Would you really want to grow old somewhere that remote? I’m slightly amazed that if it takes that much stuff to build a drive that it’s not cheaper to pile it. But I guess getting a wagon of concrete is nontrivial as well!
  7. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    What’s it worth 150-200k or so? Probably governed by the rental income?
  8. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    That’s what I suspected, I can’t fathom how much that would add to a truck load of stone. 100’s if not 1000’s per load
  9. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    Do they have to bring in the aggregate via ferry? That must be a face melting cost!
  10. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    Enjoying the second impossible build, memories of mountain biking the rhenigidale postman’s path on Harris a couple of years back.
  11. Lesgrandepotato

    New series of Grand Designs

    If they build and finished that like that for half a mil I’m the pope. Special moment for me. We’ve had a few days of long hours sorting this. Days!
  12. Lesgrandepotato

    Widest french doors

    Good plan, mines not finished yet, by it has full insulation and triple glazing. And a very big beer fridge 🙂
  13. Lesgrandepotato

    Widest french doors

    Thinking about it, our front doors must be in that area. They are 1.8 or 1.9m wide and 2.4m tall.
  14. Lesgrandepotato

    Widest french doors

    I was going to have a set of bifolds in the rear of the garage for exactly that purpose. Due to cost cutting I’ve ended up with two pairs of French doors.
  15. Lesgrandepotato

    Windows and Tenders

    What’s the concern with Velfac? We’ve got them fitted. Decent kit in my view. I would agree they are a bit of a bind to deal with though. Let me know if there’s owt we can do to set your mind at rest or qualify your concerns