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  1. Love this build with Olaf. What a place. Loved the previous one as well, but this one is art on a budget and it rings much more true to me.
  2. It’s going to tear the surface off. Suspect it needs something very very hard.
  3. I don’t know. I only employ traditional methods
  4. The set into the floor seats six whirlpool bath.
  5. I had quotes between 1250+ Vat and 4K. Went for the lowest after a good conversation they did a great job. Managed to hide all the pillars and downstands the architect left in.
  6. This I think comes down to the fact people like to deal with people. He’s not the enemy he’s a bloke trying to make his way in the world like you. You need the tension to dissipate. So Friday chippy lunch, pop in and talk without an objective. Once you have a relationship you can flex it. But you need a seat at the table first.
  7. Is he about, I was happened to drive past his manor in the last week or so. I wonder how he’s doing? I do miss the yarns of his labourers. anyway I’m back on buildhub it’s been long enough that we are thinking about an extension.... 🤪
  8. Forgot my question - recommended suppliers or ideas of cost would be much appreciated
  9. We are contemplating an indoor / outdoor space across the back of the house. Dimensions of circa 16m * 3.5m idea to contain the running machine and other bits and bats as well as giving some dry garden space...
  10. I’m not sure you can give her 1 in someone else’s garage?
  11. You need to be able to walk in to do a job. My current project is supercharging my mini. I’m pottering at the moment but knowing where stuff is makes it much more accessible
  12. For me it’s about a bit of organisation. I’ve got two full height roll cabs, a separate space for welding and workbench with vice. Space for all the camping gear and parking space for a Vw type 2 and a mini.
  13. The main reason to buy is that you can make poached eggs as quickly as one can make toast. it’s life changing.
  14. Ok, so In my mind the pocket should go to the apparent junction of the two walls instead of being some distance away.