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  1. Update... provided evidence council have accepted that it is now immune from any enforcement action!. They've suggested i apply for a certificate of lawful development. I have no plans to sell the house but thinking it maybe worthwhile getting the cert. Does anyone know what's involved/the process to get the cert? What info does the council require?
  2. @Adsibob the letter makes no mention about a fire hazard or the use of flammable materials, they've only stated that no planning application has been submitted and that it needs to be taken down. I'll provide the invoice for the roof via email, hopefully this is sufficient enough.
  3. @Temp thanks, will have a look @Adsibob good point, will respond back tomorrow Just to be clear when the outbuilding was put in place we spoke to the neighbour who had no objections. The house sold a few years ago, we met the new owners (landlord) who did not raise any issues with us at all at the time. Looks like now they've changed their mind!
  4. @Temp i cant view old satellite images on google, i can only see the current satellite version or old street view versions Is there an alternative site you know of? Also shall i provide all the evidence in one go? Or should i ask what evidence they would accept? I was going to state the following in my email... 'I have sought advice, the outbuilding has been there in excess of 5 years I am therefore led to believe that enforcement will not apply Please could let me know what evidence you would require' Thoughts would be appreciated
  5. Great, thanks, will drop an email to the council to make further enquiries in the meantime will speak to the neighbours and a couple of friends who can vouch for me that its been up since 2015 and provide a copy of the roof invoice
  6. Minor improvements were carried out to the structure to prevent water ingress that was carried out last year but the main structure has not changed Would it best to call the council or email them? What would be the best approach? anything else i should do?
  7. Found an invoice from September 2015 where i purchased the polycarbonate roof, and a few other items related to the roof will this be acceptable? Given that its more that 3m will i still need to reduce the size given that it was over 4 years ago?
  8. The length if i recall correctly is approx 4.5mtrs but doesn't extend beyond the property
  9. It was just a simple plug connection to an indoor socket, drilled through into the outbuilding to supply power to the Fridge and washing machine
  10. It doesn't extend beyond the actual brick construction of the property
  11. It was a diy build, so all the materials i would have purchased myself and didn't keep any receipts etc.I may have an invoice for the polycarbonate roof as this was purchased online. I may have a few pics but thats it. Would that suffice?
  12. Terraced property, several years ago an outbuilding was built so we could house the washing machine and fridge freezer. The outbuilding was constructed with wood and a clear polycarbonate roof The outbuilding sits our my side of the fence line/boundary. The neighbour who owns the house but rents it out at the time saw the outbuilding and never complained to us about it. Fast forward to the present day, the tenants have left, the owner who lives in London has returned to redecorate the property to re-let it out and now this enforcement letter has landed on my doorstep The letter states that planning permission was not sought and therefore i need to remove the unauthorised rear extension or submit a retro application Would i really need to apply for planning permission for such a basic outbuilding? is there a time limit regarding enforcement if the outbuilding has been there with no issues for a number of years?
  13. Looking for something that doesn't need to be maintained which is why i prefer the fence option