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  1. I see lots of airtight VCL here but not many are reflective - is there a reason for that? Thanks, Jas
  2. Thank you for this reply. What product did you go with please?
  3. Trying to decide whether to fit an internal VCL for our SIPs build... How essential is an internal VCL to achieve airtightness and maintain the health of the internal OSB sheets on the SIP panels? Our building inspector seems to think polythene sheeting would suffice? I'm thinking something like Tyvek Airguard Reflective or Novia VC200 Reflective. Thoughts welcome please? JAS
  4. Hi. We don't have a lender since we're building with cash, but will probably want to remortgage the house once it's done so are looking ahead to that. Probably one of the high street banks - they've been our best rates in the past. Last one was Barclays.
  5. Thanks PeterW. Here's the CML list from ABC+ for a PCC - I can't see many major lenders missing? CML-Approved-Lenders-List-PCC.pdf
  6. We have to choose between a 10 year Structural Warranty or a 6 year Professional Consultants Certificate soon - ie before site inspections start, and need help with the decision. What are the Pros and Cons of each? Our architect is saying get a Warranty. Price £7000 Our mortgage broker says a PCC is fine. Price £2500 We have good quotes from ABC+ Warranty (https://www.architectscertificate.co.uk/) and they have great reviews. Obviously the Warranty is an insurance policy that should (?) pay out if there are issues with the built house - but there are exemptions for the flat roof part, etc Some questions: 1. Does anyone have knowledge of a warranty paying out for anything at all? 2. What happens after the 10 or 6 year point if we want to re-mortgage? Thanks in anticipations...... JAS
  7. We're going fixed price with a local builder for slab & finishing, with the main structure being SIPs from ecologic-sips.co.uk. Separate providers for GSHP/UFH, MVHR & Solar PV
  8. We're going full plans but in 2 hits - 1. Sub-structure 2. The rest
  9. Hi there! We're at the start of our self build and wonder if you went ahead with JCT MW contract for yours - if so did it go OK? Thanks 🙂
  10. Hi Ben - This post of yours has come up in a Google search I've just done because I am looking to do a new self-build in SIPs with stone exterior - how did it go for you?? John
  11. We are at the point of deciding whether we opt for a fixed price from our builder or employ him (with his company) as the Project/Site Manager for our new build project (demolish bungalow and build 2 storey house). We accept that for a fixed price at this time he will have to build in a risk/contingency amount in the price because of the uncertainty over material prices over the period of the build - 48 weeks. He's set this at around 15%. The alternative is to pay him a fixed sum to project manage the build - with his team plus subbies. He will control the day to day work to stick to an agreed schedule, make sure all the trades work well together (and earn their money) and assure the quality of the work. He will also source all the materials, arrange Building Control visits/sign off etc. We will have an open-book meeting with him each week where he will report on how things are going - showing us the exact spend against the projected costs. If we are over, we either decide what can be saved from elsewhere in the build or dip into the 15% contingency that we will hold. Our concern is - will he be as motivated to stick to schedule and price if he is project managing? And if not, how do we incentivise him to do so? Grateful of thoughts? JAS
  12. We await final planning to come through so we can demolish our bungalow and build a replacement 4 bed 2 storey house. In the meanwhile we have a builder who we like and trust (he's just built a house for a friend) and we are discussing with him the best approach for Building Control - Full Plans versus Building Notice (He built our friends' house on a Notice). Of course our Architect (also a friend) is a fan of Full Plans - and the £13k he'll charge to do them. We wonder what the Pros & Cons of each approach are and the likely poo traps also? Thanks. JAS
  13. Thanks DevilDamo. It looks to me like for us it will be the initial bit of taking the bungalow down - i.e. the day that we start lifting tiles and removing soffits in the presence of our Ecologist with our EPS Licence in hand since we have 13 resident soprano pipistrelle bats ? Everything else on that list will follow. So we need the CIL fixed before we take off the roof. Got it.
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