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  1. Yes, open to all ideas at the moment - just trying to choose a path
  2. Thanks all for the comments, I haven't spoken to planning yet - I want to get a reasonably clear idea of what I am going to ask before I introduce myself to them.
  3. I'm currently researching Scotframe, will also look at Fleming Homes - if anyone has a recommendation for a factory built home please let me know.
  4. I'm in East Devon, we relocated here from Exeter a couple of years ago and have been living here to see which rooms get the best light etc. I'm not so worried about appearance of bungalow - my current consideration is to knock it down and replace it with a kit home in order to get a toasty warm house and to keep more control of costs. You are quite right though, that direction may change and I may well extend rather than replace.
  5. I am excited about changing my bungalow into something really awesome, but it takes me an awfully long time to make a decision as I have to research until I understand it enough (much to the annoyance of those around me). I have joined the forum to try and learn from others, so thank you to those who are further down the journey, I appreciate you posting the challenges you are facing and your successes as it will hopefully help me to progress with my eyes a little more open than they are now – I will try and do the same and share interesting things that crop up along the way… although I am not quite ready to start yet J