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  1. Im not sure tbh just seeing other peoples points of view
  2. An interesting point, is it quite a recent trend the grey ones? Would cream walls with white windows be a less boring option?
  3. trying to decide upon grey or white windows on a square 2 storey house with grey roof, also trying to decide white/grey or brown door on front, the house will be wet rendered in white colour, what do people think? too plain with white windows?
  4. yes this is my concern stones falling off as i may need to hose it down every so often, would you happen to know the difference in basecourse options which is cheaper etc? thanks
  5. Thanks, its next a farm track so i was thinking for maintenance i.e washing/painting if it gets dusty then wet dash would be handier would this be right? Would u happen to know what the difference between the two basecoat options would be? Thanks!
  6. im looking to decide between Walls - Basecourse (Buff/Brown Anstone) or (natural sandstone) and Render - Drydash white, cream or wet dash white, cream etc my knowledge when it comes to these options isnt up to speed can someone give me a bit of help, whats the main difference between the options and whats most cost effective? thanks!
  7. sorry i just saw this, quite like this the rooms are spacious, no office or dining room though?
  8. sorry for late reply ive just seen this, the closest neighbours are the other side of the steading so roughly 600ft away, its been designed so that the kitchen/diner etc looks out south west as this is where the best view is and the farm track is to the north of the house coming in from the west, thats a nice house design you have do you have a copy of the floorplans? thanks
  9. thanks ill keep this in mind does this detail need to go on my planning application?
  10. im on a farm so plenty stone, mabye i could just wash stones from fields and put them on?
  11. so are you not going to bother with the stone cladding now?
  12. just wondering if people think i should clad the bit that sticks out at the front where entrance is with some sort of different cladding to make it stand out a bit? or will this be very costly? thanks New House - Elevations (5).pdf
  13. im just looking for a rough cost of adding a window to the side of house design to get a view from the side,, what would this add roughly to the cost of the build? there are currently only windows to the front and rear in the design, thanks
  14. ive been looking at many town houses for sale and was surprised how many kitchen diners are even narrower than mine, many are 2.7m wide, personally i wouldnt want to make the lounge any smaller as i feel it should be the main room at night for watching tv etc and the kitchen diner/family room more for meals and tv before hand/entertaining, im thinking of facing the house west so the lounge gets the sun at night and the kitchen/diner gets it in the morning what do you think about this idea? thanks