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  1. you dont think this actually includes digging the hole?
  2. Preparation for construction and compliance with health and safety legislation to include site security, welfare unit, scaffolding, lifting operations, skips, insurance of works Clear house area of vegetable matter to a maximum depth of 450mm and construct plain concrete strip (not exceeding 700mm wide) foundations with under building up to 3 no. Standard block course depth this is what it says regarding groundworks
  3. has anyone else gone down this route and how did you get on? ive a quote from a timber frame company to do everything from planning to groundwork to build and internal skirtings/doors/bathrooms, kitchen units and cooker for £1375/m2 for a 160m2 house, im reckoning £1500 by the time i include service connections and a few other bit, does this sound reasonable?
  4. would most go for outline planning to start with and then reapply with detailed drawings once architect and builder are on board?
  5. just curious that your planning is passed and now your choosing a TF supplier, i was going to choose TF supplier and one of their designs then get them to do the planning, have you just gone for outline planning or is it drawn up in detail by an architect and now your getting a TF company to build to your plans? im just at early stages of the process myself,thanks!
  6. nice house, how many sq m is that internally? and what cost roughly for the build if you dont mind me asking? thanks
  7. what sort of cost did the outside stone add compared to render? looks great
  8. yes i was hoping to find a company that does it all, that ptarmigan homes say they do but their financial history is concerning
  9. the VAT would be an issue for me as cashflow will be tight, im disapointed to hear they dont build it for you
  10. interesting, i would prob just use a standard design to avoid architect fees, who would i get for the groundworks?
  11. anyone on here used them? any good? thinking getting a company such as this to do the full job, im in scotland
  12. found an article saying they had moved to new premises in dundee this year the losses may be due to buying/building this site?
  13. is there much that can be done to avoid being left seriously out of pocket from one of these timber frame suppliers going bust? the scotframe company has huge assets but strangely made a big loss last year after 4 sucessive highly profitable years
  14. sounds a bit dodgy? clients couldve paid for their timber frame and then lost their money?
  15. were they ok to deal with? any idea why they went bust?