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  1. thanks did it save you on blockwork over the timber frame having the sandstone? do you have any pics of it completed/
  2. thanks i think for the sake of a few thousand sandstone might be the way togo
  3. Im on a farm and have plenty old sandstone dykes some of which have been removed to widen gateways so i have plenty spare sandstone on site, would it be possible for me to get a professional to cut these to size and apply to house or would thisbe an expensive route?
  4. im not sure yet thats something to think about, what are your suggestions?
  5. im told though it saves and blockwork and render though so saves 2 trades?
  6. interesting, what do you think of cladding a whole house in sandstone as proposed? will it make the house look smaller?
  7. no that was just the stock design but my designer has altered it in the first one to simplify the design, this could easily be done on the mix one thanks
  8. im in central Scotland, rural area, the house is quite visible from the main road which was an issue in the previous application which was 2 storey and all white render, with lowering ridge height in this design and some stone cladding i was hoping to reduce the visual impact?
  9. Im trying to pick a render which will help the application look less like a town house in the countryside my designer has come up with two options, a full sandstone option and a white render/stone option he recons with full sandstone it wont work out much dearer as its one trade as opposed to 2, what do people think of them looks wise and cost, thanks!
  10. whats the reason for prices being cheaper further north? im central scotland and some of these 2500/m2 prices i read on here are concernng
  11. mabye with it being quite big this lowers your cost per m2 a bit things like electric and water supply would cost the same for a house half the size, what part of the uk are you in roughly?
  12. this is a cheap quote is it recent though? will ukraine invasion have increased these
  13. would some stone cladding on one of the gables of my new design make the house look less urban in appearance?
  14. The proposal is contrary to Policy 1A, Placemaking, of the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan 2 (2019) as due to its scale, siting and design the development would not contribute positively to the quality of the surrounding built and natural environment this was one of the refusal reasons
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