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  1. what did the timber frame companies say?
  2. what would that 300k drop to if managing the build themselves i.e organising trades etc?
  3. the scottish water (clean water connection?) and sepa applications (presumably registration for a treatment tank) can be done yourself with little work,, is there not an actual fee to be paid for these though?
  4. can anyone give me a rough cost for getting an engineer to do the following? thanks Drainage Design Scottish Water & SEPA Applications Topographical Survey with Existing Levels Proposed Levels Design
  5. did u provide the wood for the frame and get a joiner to build it up?
  6. its a similar design to that i was thinking of, how much do u reckon that could be built for with me organising the tradesman?
  7. yes im going to reapply with a business justification, a lot of houses nearby are 2 storey so id hope they will allow it if not i might consider velux?
  8. are you saying all that timber shell in the pic was only 13k? i hadnt considered velux but tbh it makes sense and could be the cheapest option?
  9. would a 2 storey not be about as cheap as i wouldnt need dormer windows? im central scotland, yes i could potentially leave some of upstairs unfinished would this save much money though?
  10. interesting concept the ploorplan isnt really all that bad, some render, a normal roof and a few more pvc windowns and it could actually look quite nice? would prob only add about 20k to the total?
  11. im curious, have you gone for the cheapest possible design and finish? and if not how much do you think you could get the cost down to? im looking at building 2 storey square shape as cheap as possible
  12. thanks for the feedback thedreamer very helpful, anyone else had experience of this?
  13. I just wondered if the full time "status" made any difference, yes i could mabye do it with 100k mortgage but would prefer a contingency, id hoped with the plot being owned and 110k cash this would help, are we likely to be turned down completely or just offered a lower amount?