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  1. yes thats what i hoped, i hoped the same for electric but it seems the cost of the cable (£50/m) is the issue
  2. would part of the cost be digging up tarmack on the lane? ill just be across a field, thanks!
  3. just trying to gain knowledge before rushing into it, awaiting an estimate from SSE energy but might go back and ask for proper quote, been on scottish water website today but all quite complicated big forms to fill in theyre asking about sewage/drainage etc ill just be doing an on site treatment plant its in a field
  4. ive 130m to run it too but over a field we own should this lower the cost?
  5. why did it cost so much for water pipe? my plots going to be unviable if im 24k just for water then £50/m for elect
  6. 140m isnt that far for a water pipe though? itll be far cheaper than the electric cable? is there anywhere i can find a map of mains water pipes to check?
  7. im looking into water connections now, it seems the mains runs through one of our fields does this mean i can simply connect to it or do i have to ask scottish water for permission?
  8. ive also a plot 130m im considering but thats worrying as i haf reckoned 5k for it, ive asked for an estimate from SSE should i have asked for a proper quote?
  9. i didnt think of this, is a generator a viable idea? we have one on farm but it runs on diesel and sounds like a tractor when running
  10. ive mabye underestimated the cost of panels the way i was looking at it say it cost me 10k for them, id have no electric bills to pay once its up and running plus i could use electric to heat the house, or an air source heat pump?
  11. out of interest how does it work out going "off grid"? i could put solar panels on the roof linked to a battery to store the electric? or does my plot need electric services for planning?
  12. im sure it would have capacity as the grain dryer runs off it for a few weeks in september, interestingly the farmhouse at my parents farm had the line burried by elect company a few years back and a bit of the cable running down the wall to ground says on it 1000V, this seems high?
  13. how many metres of distance was that 10k? whats excessive voltage drop?
  14. it would be a lot cheaper as i could use a much cheaper cable, is this sort of thing illegal?
  15. it runs on an overhead line through the steading and down one poll then goes underground to the neighbours house and steading, the plot im looking at using is about 130m away to the north west of it