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  1. how not? at the moment im considering uh downstairs and radiators upstairs
  2. would a wet or electric system work best with the ASHP? not needing to have radiators will bring the costs down a bit?
  3. ok origionally i wasnt going to fit underfloor heating to save money but hearing it works best with this system it looks like ill now need to look into it, can anyone give me a rough cost for it?
  4. Im in the process of planning a self build 170m2 house in the countryside, no gas available so thinking ill need to go for an ASHP, could anyone advise me of what type of ASHP to go for and a rough cost? Also should i be looking at underfloor heating to increase effficiency? Thanks
  5. theres a floor plan, elevations, site plan, location plan etc all been done for outline application plus a few meetings so far, £1000?
  6. to see if the plot was likely to gain planning without spending huge amounts, do you have a rough idea what this would cost me from an architect?
  7. how much roughly should it cost me for architect to design house/ draw up plans and put in outline planning for me?
  8. sorry for late reply, im in Perthshire. i had heard theyd changed the rules on AG ties a year or 2 ago to make it easier to get a mortgage but wasnt sure exactly how it works now, we should have a decent case for a house if we use supporting info as theres a farm with no house on it and 70 suckler cows on site to look after and calf i just dont want them automatically saying its a workers dwelling and therefore tied to farm! thanks
  9. my recent planning application has been refused and i will now need to reapply with Agricultural justification to try and get planning, will this affect my ability to get a mortgage? im led to believe there was a rule change in Scotland the last few years to make it easier to get mortgages for such houses i.e you can now sell the house with the condition you cant get planning again anywhere else on your farm, can anyone else shed some light on this? thanks
  10. ive been turned down so dont need to worry about capital gains for now, the next issue is putting in planning with agricultural justification and getting a mortgage with a tie on it IF it passes
  11. you must be in a good arable area, did you have to get an ag tie on your house?
  12. The hold up just now is the deed plan lawyer is drawing up for the plot they need details of where to connect water etc which im working on!
  13. The lawyer told us just to push on with it but then spoke to the accountant recently and he says it would have been better to sign it over before getting planning but MIGHT be able to get hold over relief
  14. did the farm purchase cost count for nothing in the calculations then? how much tax roughly would i be due? the planning is in for outline planning not full planning, thanks