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  1. A detail by our architect has lead us to an unfortunate situation where we need to pour our wet screed floor prior to the timber frame being erected (as some internal load bearing walls rest directly on it. As you can expect, no supplier would take responsibility for the finish of a pour that is exposed to the weather! We had hoped for good weather, but this next week is looking a lot like cats and dogs... So I'm hoping for some ideas of what I can do over the weekend to put in place some contingency... Would a plastic cover across the whole thing work immediately after a pour? a DIY canopy of some sort... Anything really. Or are we making a mountain out of a molehill? I should mention the foundation is 10x10m in size.
  2. Visti

    Corrugated Metal Roofing

    Some fantastic tips @Cpd, above and beyond in detailing the details! We're about a month from installing our and also struggling to find competent contractors for both the corrugation and windows together. This gives me some confidence that we can get it right, even if it has to be DIY at the end of the day.
  3. @newhome those 10 are all complete as far as I am aware. Grand designs just decided they didn't want to wait any longer for the final homes to complete, and Graven Hill we're quite desperate for them to air for marketing purposes, meaning the tail end of some of the builds didn't make it in.
  4. Visti

    Fire Barriers

    As Ian says, it can be any material listed of the appropriate thickness that'll stop the fire progressing for at least 30min. I think the issue is less with Timber Frame vs Masonry construction, but rather more to do with how you clad it: Fire resistant material or render - you're ok. Timber - got to have a ventilated cavity It's the ventilated cavity that causes the added requirements, because you can't seal it off 100%... it's got to be ventilated right? At that point you've a cavity between the external wall and your cladding that will need a barrier around the structural openings (doors and windows) as per 6.3, but can't span the whole cavity due it needing ventilation. That is why we're using those barrier strips. If you're using fibre cement rather than timber cladding you should be fine as there'll be no cavity to consider.
  5. Visti

    Fire Barriers

    +1 on the envirograf ventilated cavity barrier strips. Having to install them around he perimeter of all SOs.
  6. Those 10 houses will not have anything built Infront of them as they're in the northern fringe, so they've got a sweet deal. All of that space is protected for newts, an orchard or privately owned farm land to the farm just on the other side of the trees is the distance. The rest of us are paying x2.5 that in a more congested part... 😃
  7. Visti

    Block wall on steel beams

    +1 for Foamglass. Any structural solution with good at handling thermal bridging is going to be dear no matter which you pick
  8. I think there's a solution following some more thought and Nicks help! Shutter 50mm all the way around from the tray edge and fill with up to 50mm concrete during the floor pout to accommodate the depth of the tray (30mm) so that it only sticks up by a few mm. The SVP / Waste value area is boxed off fully with no concrete poured in so that the pipework can fit. The diamond cut the slab to the tray outline after the pour and polish to allow the whole tray to drop into the recess. This way there's much more tolerance for inaccurate placement of the tray shutter prior to the pour, with accurate cutting out of the tray profile once the TF is up. FYI @Nick1c if you're considering the same.
  9. Paul is a great guy and very into his house build, particularly the eco credentials. He way very persuasive in his use of clay as a render, even though it'd have been far easier to get a traditional plasterer in. He was the first one Laura and I met in fact, us wandering onto the street when it was strictly a private area and still being warm and welcoming despite our ignorance. I think his materials first philosophy isn't as far removed as mine or the rest of you, it is just that he values the natural sources and processes above performance which we tend to favour instead. I am not going to fault him after having seen him spend three months hand making and filling in his walls with hempcrete. That is a dedication to a cause irrespective on philosophy.
  10. We've had engineering confirm that it is ok, particularly as it isn't the main structural component of the foundation. That is instead the underlying Beam and Block beneath the EPS and the external walls which most of the MBC frame rests on. Only a few internal walls are situated on top of this 75mm floor, and that is transferred directly into some dwarf walls which come through the EPS to ensure the weight is transferred direct to the B&B. I think you and @Oz07 are right as we'll have to box out that void and allow it to be polished over, extracting that bit afterwards. Nick is help us too, so hopefully the experience will translate across! @Onoff Awesome example of doing it yourself. I'm almost tempted to take that approach rather than a tray... will allow us to be a bit more flexible if we don't get the void situated exactly!
  11. We're stuck on how to incorporate a shower tray into the ground floor bathroom. It'll be a 75mm deep concrete slab on top of EPS (300mm), but that is it. Powerfloated and done as a finished floor. Ideally all continuous throughout the entire ground floor. How should we go about fitting the 1400x800mm tray? Finish the floor, then cut out the concrete where the tray will go. Place in a box frame before the concrete pour to make space for it (not even considering the risk of locating it correctly) Any bright alternatives?
  12. Karen, the MD, was at the monthly liaison group meeting this Sunday and mentioned they had about 7000+ hits on the website at it's peak after the first episode, and about 4500+ after the second. Absolutely flooded with enquiries with 1 reservation made and 1 near to reserving. A lot of the enquiries were for the £100k plots, and some even asking for free plots! I think to you your point a fair few will leave severely disappointed. Those sorts of prices they're asking for are however not far off market value here. New land with residential planning permission is unheard of in these parts, particularly this close to Oxford. Not suprised they're jacking them up so high, even if it looks crazy. Just think of all the London commuters who fancy something a bit more convenient and new than a post-war build.
  13. @Ferdinand each self build is in charge of their own security, but there is a police patrol car that drives through every once in a while. Else the roads are all publicly accessible and we get a lot of touring eyes driving through. More so now with the GD show having been aired. Have had several break-ins on plots, so installation of CCTV has occured on a lot of sites. We are hoping that as neighbours move in that these incidents will reduce. Going to be discussing the issue today at our liaison group and raising it with Graven Hill. Train tracks and sewage plant are certainly near by, but neither is much of a concern. I rarely hear let alone notice the train, and never smelt the sewage plant. Then again the pioneers are much closer, can't speak for them.
  14. Please do! We could always use an extra pair of hands, even just to look around! Build starts proper in June. You are right unfortunately, Graven Hill is certainly no longer for the layman. Plot prices have risen significantly and the costs are spiralling upwards due to multiple factors. Then again, was on site today and saw our neighbour get as excited as a kid as the last of his render went on. Also met some very keen and prospective buyers who will hopefully buy the plot opposite ours. For me, the value in Graven Hill isn't them or their processes. That is all marketing. No, it's all about the community we're building ourselves.
  15. Visti

    Power float concrete floor

    That is quite poor work on their part indeed. We're having power floated concrete as our finished floor in the house and I hope it is much better than this!