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  1. We are installing Water supply next as stand pipes, assuming to move to the house during the ground work stage. Are we thinking right?
  2. Yes, it is expensive for the connection less than 1 m away. But not much we could do.... We thought about installing the supply where it will be going in the end, but logistic wise it was not possible. (The GPR would be on the access way, as we are building one house on the street front, one more house on the back of the site.)
  3. Hi, we have just installed temp builder supply with DNO UK power networks for the first step of our build! This is how it went and the cost explained. 1.UK power networks cost - £2257 to bring the electricity from the pavement. 2. DIY digging - breaking up the concrete with Hilti 1000 (bought from ebay £350, planning to sell again after the build). Hiring the generator to power Hilti £48. Digging the trench 600mm deep. 3. Made box for casting the concrete base - using cheap pine floor boards from selco. Place the pipe (supplied by DNO) for the connection (right), also the short pipe (left) so we can place the earthing rod through to the ground. Pore the concrete mix (ready mix type, 3 bags) and waited a day to set. Material for above £38 from selco. 4. Screwed down the GRP box bought from ebay (£320 + VAT, but we could sell this on ebay for £180, so the real cost would be £160) UK network specify larger GRP box than this, but they confirmed that this size (W750xD450xH1250) is fine. 5. DNO came and installed the power cable though. They came 3 times - day1= digging only. day2= make connection, day3= filling back and make concrete surface (including our side as well, kindly) 6. We got SSE to install the meter (free), and electrician to install the consumer box and a socket. (installation £250) Toolstation - MK consumer box £58, double socket £12 Screwfix – eatrhing rod £2.50 Screwfix - Earth Rod to Lug Clamp 3/8" £1.80 We have put large MK consumer unit as this will be moved to the house once it built. I would not recommend SSE, as they did not turn up twice and wasted our time...! They are now installing 2nd Gen smart meter, which is much better than 1st one, you can move supplier and smart meter would work with the new supplier.
  4. Tony C

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    If you are after the slimline sliding door, try the Spanish company Cortizo. The sliding door system called Cortizo cor vision looked good on architect's house I visited. I have been quoted recently £450 per sq m (+VAT) from
  5. Tony C

    Small Megabad order good price comparison site in Germany. I am looking into buying from this place. Does anyone has any experience with them?
  6. Tony C

    Fire sprinkler systems

    I had quotation to fit 14 no. of sprinklers to 120m2 house in 2016. The price from this firm was £3k. Btw this price is for assuming your main water pipe has enough pressure. It will cost more to include tank + booster system to increase the pressure. They recommended to install 50mm main pipe if you are in the position of installing new main water supply. I think the mist system considerably cost more. If you are installing only one mist in one room to solve the fire regulation, it will make sense, as it will cost £2k per mist head.
  7. Tony C

    Right of Way

    You can seek some advise on this gardenlaw forum : Right of way which is established on the deeds won't to be extinguished even if it is not used for long time. So your neighbor will be obligated to re-open the right of way access. But as other people will point out, how to negotiate with your neighbor is the another question!
  8. Hi, just called HMRC this morning regard to VAT refund and CGT. Our case description : building two - one for ourselves to live in, the other for rent. HMRC response to VAT refund on self-build - they said it is fine to claim VAT refund on the self-build house, even if two houses are built together. HMRC response to CGT - CGT will be only applied to the house for rent, not applied to self-build house. I am planning to write to HMRC and get response in writing.
  9. They talk about CGT on self build plus another property here : It appears to me that selling the plot to your own Ltd company is the standard practice.
  10. Thank you for your post, it is very useful as I also got PP for 2 house, which one of the house I intend to live in. Most likely that 2 houses will be build sequentially. CIL - zero on our self build house , there is a CIL chage on the 2nd house. LA confirmed that is fine. VAT reclaim - Does this mean that I can not claim VAT on self build house? Oh no! CGT - I was not aware this too... !
  11. Its for 2 houses, but still expensive...
  12. It would be £2.5k saving. I have to talk to my architect as they have to do extra work over the Full plan stage with LA building control.
  13. We have opted for Private building control, as the layout of the house has complication over the fire regulation. But we are thinking to switch over to Local Authority building control to save money. So effectively the Private building control take care the Full Plans stage , and Local Authority building control take care the Inspection Inspection stage. Has anyone done this before? Any thoughts?
  14. Tony C

    Architects Fee Survey Table 2017

    Our RiBA architect charges 15% for all the stage 1-7. I think it is pretty normal for well established London Practice. I know it is costing so much, but hopefully it adds some value when it comes to sell some day.
  15. Tony C

    Anyone used online 3D printing services

    Sorry for the delay, the website you can compare the 3d printing prices.