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  1. Hi, just called HMRC this morning regard to VAT refund and CGT. Our case description : building two - one for ourselves to live in, the other for rent. HMRC response to VAT refund on self-build - they said it is fine to claim VAT refund on the self-build house, even if two houses are built together. HMRC response to CGT - CGT will be only applied to the house for rent, not applied to self-build house. I am planning to write to HMRC and get response in writing.
  2. They talk about CGT on self build plus another property here : It appears to me that selling the plot to your own Ltd company is the standard practice.
  3. Thank you for your post, it is very useful as I also got PP for 2 house, which one of the house I intend to live in. Most likely that 2 houses will be build sequentially. CIL - zero on our self build house , there is a CIL chage on the 2nd house. LA confirmed that is fine. VAT reclaim - Does this mean that I can not claim VAT on self build house? Oh no! CGT - I was not aware this too... !
  4. Its for 2 houses, but still expensive...
  5. It would be £2.5k saving. I have to talk to my architect as they have to do extra work over the Full plan stage with LA building control.
  6. We have opted for Private building control, as the layout of the house has complication over the fire regulation. But we are thinking to switch over to Local Authority building control to save money. So effectively the Private building control take care the Full Plans stage , and Local Authority building control take care the Inspection Inspection stage. Has anyone done this before? Any thoughts?
  7. Tony C

    Architects Fee Survey Table 2017

    Our RiBA architect charges 15% for all the stage 1-7. I think it is pretty normal for well established London Practice. I know it is costing so much, but hopefully it adds some value when it comes to sell some day.
  8. Tony C

    Anyone used online 3D printing services

    Sorry for the delay, the website you can compare the 3d printing prices.
  9. Tony C

    Ground Investigation basement london

    Its for 10m borehole drilling, 7 trial pit digging (currently 4inch concrete surface), and chemical test, and reporting.
  10. Tony C

    Ground Investigation basement london

    Update: SE was originally thinking to go for piled foundation (expensive!), then opted for the trench fill foundation. So the final spec for the SE changed to : 1 x 10m bore hole , and 7 trial pits (examining existing foundations) and associated soil chemical tests and report. We had quotes from SI company which varied 4-7k for this, and in the end I went for someone MikeSharp01 recommended. Thanks Mike!
  11. I was planning the electric moved from temp builders supply to new house with UKpower network. It sounds like the VAT will be charged then....
  12. Tony C

    Timber frame foundations

    I can share the section drawing once I have it. Here is the 3d render image from our architect.
  13. Tony C

    Timber frame foundations

    If you image search on google "kingspan timber frame" , you will get some section images of Timber frame and cladding (are you cladding with timber? or metal sheet?). I am building Timber frame + corrugated metal sheeting with an architect, but they have not done details drawings yet...
  14. Tony C

    Anyone used online 3D printing services

    Hello, my husband used the service for making knobs for the music equipment. I think the different plastic available - some softer, some more brittle. You just send 3d file and then get printed. I think its good idea to make one to test it then print lots. I can ask him which website he used.
  15. Tony C

    "It's Christmas!"

    It seems to be always the big unknown is to do with a groundwork....! Our build will start this year and planning to have a 25m2 basement. How large is your basement? Is there any chance you can share a bit more breakdown of the ground work cost? There might be some lesson to learn. Big thanks in advance. It might save some cost to have Ikea kitchen unit with custom design doors.