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  1. Teppanyaki? I used to live in Japan, and people there would use something like this on their dining table. Friend of mine managed to buy Boffi kitchen with all the Gaggenau appliances with good discount, I think it was ex-display.
  2. I was thinking 2 washing machines side by side (white and colour wash at the same time), but have not thought about 2 dishwashers, how CLEVER!
  3. Tony C

    Ground Investigation basement london

    interesting interesting. When you read the following paragraph, it sounds like : when the site investigation is carried out after the planning permission = zero rated. Services in sub-paragraph 3.3.4 are standard-rated where, for example: site investigation or demolition work is carried out before planning permission for the construction of a building that qualifies for the zero rate has been granted
  4. Tony C

    Ground Investigation basement london

    I am assuming the Ground investigation is Zero rated (VAT) ??
  5. Tony C

    Ground Investigation basement london

    Thank you for your replies. At the moment our SE recommending 1 x 20m borehole test and 8 x 1m deep trial pit dug (to see the neighboring house foundation and our own perimeter wall's foundation ). So far we had 3 company quoted betweek £8-10k......
  6. Hi, I am building a house with a one room basement in East London. My structural engineer is recommending the Ground Investigation to be done (fine), but with 20m bore hole soil test. Isn't a bit too excessive? I had looked some other people's soil investigation report which has been submitted with the planning application, they contains approx 6-7m bore holes test. Has anyone done basement ? What was the requirement for the soil test from the structural engineer? And any Ground Investigation company recommendation welcome!
  7. Tony C

    Hello from east london

    CLT(cross laminated timber )was no no due to the restricted access being on the backland. As the house is single story (+ one room basement), the building control is happy without any fire instrument paint.
  8. Tony C

    Hello from east london

    Thank you for the comment! This is not my house plan, but it is good reference, I think.
  9. I had recently obtained the Planning permission building house (well not just one, for two!) on the backland site in east london. One house will be of course for ourselves and is going to be timber frame build. Despite the warning against our RIBA architect, I am planning to get a groundwork contractor, then I will be project managing the rest of the build by myself. Its going to be interesting design all the timber frame is exposed inside, (yes I will be needing excellent joiner) then covered with insulation and metal cladding sheet externally. I am sure I will have plenty questions soon, thank you in advance for experience people!