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    Backland in London, Timber frame (Possibly Stick build on site), one room basement, Corrugated aluminum cladding (welltec 45/60), trying to self manage the project with groundworker + 2 very good carpenter. Build to commence Spring 2020.
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  1. Thanks for all the useful info! The design is done by architect, so the metal fabrication company will be just manufacturing the frame. If the custom made staircase is standard rate and VAT reclaimable then, it is very similar to this custom designed window frames. I will make sure the wording is correct on the invoice. "Supply only" is the key (!) it seems.
  2. Hi, I am commissioning some custom fixed window frames made from Aluminum sections welded together. Metal fabrication company will not be installing these window, they make these frames and deliver to the site only. Is this should be zero rated as they are supplying some sort of service welding all together?
  3. Could you share any name of the company if they are not too far from London? 😃
  4. Could you include the size of the house (m2) and the cost of Timber frame (£)? I would be very interested to know as my build will start next year!
  5. This is similar to your case which went high court, unfortunate the result is not on your side...
  6. Tony C

    Iq glass

    I will love to see IQ glass in place! I am comparing all the slim sliding doors, including IQ glass, fineline etc. The cortizo cor vision system seems to be more reasonable and still looks pretty good.
  7. Japanese stick build video- The builder lines up top and bottom timber and mark the line at the same time. Also he cover the whole thing with plywood then cut out the window with jigsaw. Pretty smart.
  8. Thank you Mr Punter, although there would not be scaffold on the planned gas trench area, its really good point. I will consider Gas duct to be laid on the groundwork. The gate will be manually operated and I will just need to install audio intercom and door release to the gate.
  9. Thanks for the info! I was thinking that intercom and 3 phase might have some interference...
  10. Hi, I have been working on the underground utility duct layout. Main house is about 20m away from the entrance gate, and a few utilities need to go underground between during the groundwork. BT - BT54mm duct with draw cord Intercom (audio and gate release)- 50mm duct with draw cord Light circuit- 50mm duct with draw cord 3 phase (for EV charge at front drive way) - 100mm duct with SWA 10mm 5 core cable Water - 32mm water pipe Gas trenching would be completed by CADENT later. I tried to maintain certain distance between services, dose this look about right? or some ducts could be nearer to each other to minimize the trench work? Any comment welcome. Thank you.
  11. Quick googling showed this DIY sprinkler system, it might be worth a call.
  12. My house is similar in terms of 45m access issue, and settled with Automist sytem. They are kind of mist splay which require a lot less water than normal sprinkler, hence there is no need for a separate water supply. The quote for a whole ground floor (around 90m2) was £5k FYI.
  13. They are traditionally done like this in Japan. They stick newspaper/cardboard on the bottom and burn!
  14. Thank you Judy for pointing out the right direction, much appreciated.