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    Backland in London, Timber frame (Possibly Stick build on site), one room basement, Corrugated aluminum cladding (welltec 45/60), trying to self manage the project with groundworker + 2 very good carpenter. Build to commence Spring 2020.
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  1. Thank you for all the info, very helpful. Our ground worker is talking to SE and currently our plan is to go for H12 bars for the basement slab and walls. (yes the basement is open box) For the ground floor slab, we are planning to dig more trial pit, and identify the ground condition further. We did carry out 5 trial pit but the result was varied. There is a possibility some slab is sitting on the sand then we don't need the void former, we can just use mesh. Raft foundation and slab. If the area turns out to be on clay soil then we need Strip foundation and slab on void former. This is suspended slab so we need to use H12 bars on top and bottom. I will have a zoom meeting with SE next week, so I might have some more update! I don't think our Groundwork contractor is not use to the bars, but they just think its quicker and cheaper to use mesh specially on the ground floor slab.
  2. Both job had SE involved and its signed off by them. I looked at re bar schedule, we have about 9 tonnes of rebar in 135m2 ground floor slab + 25m2 basement wall+slab. By searching similar project in planning portal, I can see for the basement wall and slab TOP and Bottom A393 is common spec. Same for the Suspended Slab (there will be cellcore 160mm below, as the soil is clay), TOP and Bottom A393 seems to be commonly specified by SE. I will try again to speak to our SE and see where I get there!
  3. Hi, I am just arguing with S.E over the spec on reinforcement schedule, I feels that its a overkill ! Suspended slab 175mm - H12 200cc top and bottom (double layer) 2m deep Basement wall 200mm - H12 200cc double layer S.E is reasoning the soil is clay and it is near the large tree which is taken down about a year ago, but me and Ground work contractor are struggling to see why we can not use mesh instead specially its single storey timber frame build ...Its too expensive to use rebar, as it takes much more labour to connect them all. The slab size range between 5x5m to 9x6m. Groundwork contractor did similar project and used A252 for the ground floor slab, A393 double on basement wall. What was the spec for your build?
  4. This PDF describes what you need to include in the letter to council on page 3. Hope it goes well!
  5. That's painful! You have to be careful with deemed discharge notice though. I have noticed that sometimes council just give your a refusal just before 8 weeks cut off day.
  6. Oh, I had to submit revised documents. So the council may have some ground not to give me the refund then.
  7. Hi, our discharge of conditions took 23 weeks (!) to get approved with slow council process. I can read in Goverment website as follow, which indicates I am entitled for the refund. If no decision is made to discharge the condition within 12 weeks, the local planning authority must return the fee to the applicant without further delay. But, our council officer tells me that "as the application was determined, you would not be entitled to a fee refund." Who is correct?
  8. How about this bucket sink? Ebay bucket sink I like the stainless look, usually enameled.
  9. Thanks mvincentd, Yes it is complex that builder have to use the various length fixings! I could add another layer of sheet (i.e. OSB) on top of 2 x 18mm ply, to make the roof deck thicker. This might make it more safer. I am just worried that if the roofers are not careful, the screw head shows up internally. I am not having a greenroof BTW. I will ask the roofers who recommends adhered insulation if they had any successful installation previously.
  10. Hi, I am talking several roofers to get quotations for our flat warm roof. Build up from below : Timber joist (exposed Douglas fir), 2 x 18mm WBP plywood, VLC (adhered), Kingspan Tapered Insulation (fully bonded), Single-ply roofing (adhered, IKO amourplan) Two roofer says its fine they are all adhered, and One roofer prefer mechanically fixing the insulation. "advantage with mechanically fixing insulation there will not be any weak spots i.e., corners, plus it will pull the insulation boards down tight and majority of the time level, therefore less risk of any slight steps." Did anyone had any problem with fully bonded insulation on warm roof? As the plywood are internal exposed and I am worried that the screws will go through and show internally....if they are not careful.
  11. I have similar flat roof planned with parapet, Buildup : Roof deck plywood VLC adhered Tapered Kingspan insulation adhered IKO amourplan single ply PSG (fleece backed) adhered roof outlet The parapet needs to be at least 150mm to get a 20 year warranty from roofing manufacture. Single ply roofing will be more expensive but I am hoping it will last longer! Our architect warned that hybrid cold/warm roof is difficult, as it can cause condensation issues. They suggested this is avoided. Instead of adding warm roof on top, how about to add insulated plasterboard on ceiling internally?
  12. I have applied 2 houses build (1 x self-build, 1x house for rent). Coucil's CIL department applied NIL CIL on self-build part and could apply CIL only on the property for the market. Cons : Although I am planning to build self-build house first, then the other house later, being under one application, I had to pay CIL straightaway. Pros: You can submit all the discharge of condition all together. If you split the application, this needs to be done in multiple applications.
  13. Thanks for all the useful info! The design is done by architect, so the metal fabrication company will be just manufacturing the frame. If the custom made staircase is standard rate and VAT reclaimable then, it is very similar to this custom designed window frames. I will make sure the wording is correct on the invoice. "Supply only" is the key (!) it seems.
  14. Hi, I am commissioning some custom fixed window frames made from Aluminum sections welded together. Metal fabrication company will not be installing these window, they make these frames and deliver to the site only. Is this should be zero rated as they are supplying some sort of service welding all together?
  15. Could you share any name of the company if they are not too far from London? 😃