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  1. many thanks for the information @Cpd - it is really useful to understand your approach
  2. good luck with the roof @jamieled. If you can take a picture of your install that would really helpful to fully understand your approach. Many thanks
  3. Based on the value of the windows and the delicate nature of the glass within normal site conditions, I wil be going for a supply and fit. The foam and the tape you mention are interesting; I have just looked those up and look just the ticket. Thank you
  4. thanks for all the replies so far. With the open venting option and your push for maximum airflow I presume your tin has a batten and counter batten underneath? I am surprise to hear it has been left open. I would have thought the wasps would have loved the space under the roof. Mind you it may get a little too hot for them...
  5. thank you for your information so far; brilliant. I am casting my net wider for quotes etc and will keep you posted on the outcome. Disappointing to hear of issues associated with the install of Internorm windows when the product seems (in the show room anyway) so good. Actually, I have just taken a call from my builder and he has been working with a company called L and L Windows based in Tewkesbury. He tells me that the service and windows (Sunflex) that have been provided on his last couple of jobs have been excellent. I will investigate and report back.
  6. Thank you for your responses. I do have a quote from Ecohaus Internorm and the quality seems very good. However, I am concerned that I only have one quote and was trying to establish a comparable supplier for the costs, customer service and product. I take your point about separating out the manufacturer and supplier and installer but for something like Internorm and separating the first two is impossible. The danger with separating the chain of course is you then have 3 parties to deal with and with window issues I would prefer to have a single point of contact should issues arise. Where you have multiple parties in the building trade makes it very easy for them to blame the other party. thanks for the comments so far
  7. HI Jamie sorry I should have put the word metal in my title; just added. However, I will look at those to see if suitable. Many thanks
  8. Hi All I am in the process of specifying the details for our new corrugated roof (dictated by the conservation officer). The main issue I am coming across is how to ventilate the roof panels because the foam closure strips have no ventilation holes in them. One supplier has sent me a foam closure for the panels which has holes drilled in it and mesh infils. This seems like a great solution but it is 20mm higher than the normal strips. Before I fully commit to this product (the only one I have seen so far), how did you ventilate your corrugated roof? Many thanks for sharing your experience with this matter Tom
  9. Hi All I am in the process of looking for a window supplier for our new house. There are a vast array of suppliers out there and as always many great sales people reinforcing the benefits of their approach and product. I am keen to hear from those who have selected a window supplier. Who did you choose? Why? Now that you have your windows are they any good and do they live up the salesman's patter? I am looking for triple glazed windows that are tilt and turn; we like the European approach to windows. We like sliding doors not bifolds and the window frames (dictated by the conservation officer) have to be RAL 7016 (grey) aluminium; it is so nice to have choice... Thank you for taking the time to share your experience Tom
  10. I really like the Ubiflex suggestion. In fact I am going to use Ubiflex extreme under my fibre cement boards and with this as the covering material for the insulation I will not need to cover over the expansion gaps. Thanks for sharing
  11. Finally we have our plans sorted in preparation for our long awaited Isotex build. We will be using the 380mm peripor insulated blocks to create what the conservation officer at CDC was happy to approve. The roof covering is corrugated steel (arthacite) panels and the Isotex walls clad in Larch. Now the foundations are finished the big build begins over the next few weeks. I will post a few updates as we go but I know Jamie at Insulhub is sharing the build online so that other self builders can better understand what is involved with this specific type of ICF build. Here we go..... 1489_502_C_proposed GF plan.pdf 1489_503_B_proposed FF plan.pdf 1489_504_B_proposed section 1-.pdf 1489_505_B_proposed section 2-.pdf 1489_506_B_proposed elevations 1-.pdf 1489_507_B_proposed elevations 2-.pdf
  12. wow just seen the picture; this does not look good. We have an insulated raft foundation but we are covering the outer edge with fibre cement board and behind that will be a vapour barrier. What is the block on top of the insulation (Durisol) ?
  13. thank you John for your reply and information. That is a great solution for hiding the insulation used in the raft. I will do some hunting for different board options. Just one final question. What did you do for the gaps between each board. I presume there is a trim you can buy to hide the gap? Thank you
  14. Hi John, you mentioned your insulated formwork is covered with upvc (the black area under the cladding). Please can you let me know what product that is specifically? I was looking to cover ours but the only suggestion so far is fibre cement which I don't think is the best long term option. Thank you
  15. Just a quick update for those interested in following the project. We have now installed the Izodom 2000 insulated raft foundation ready for our ISOTEX walls. We have a few details in the roof structure to finalise but we hope to be onsite with the blocks in mid to late September. Anyone who is interested in looking at the insulated slab let me know. Tom