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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your response. We are in West London, so Cirencester may be a bit of a trek for us at the moment, but maybe next time we venture out to Swindon Build Show, we could "detour" a bit on the way back, and have a look I would be very keen to find out why you indeed chose Isotex and not Durisol for example. But equally, why not Velox (we actually ruled it out now, although were pondering it for a very short while). Regards Bart
  2. Lovely build so far! We are literally at the point of deciding between Durisol vs Isotex. Totally confused, and clueless on what's better. I suppose my main and the only concern is blowouts during pour. The rest I think I can manage whilst attempting to do many of the site activities bare handed. Also, were you given a quote for the raft foundation based on sq metres? or was it more of a fixed price cost judged upon the full design? I gathered that you are in or near Newbury. We will be building in Graven Hill (Bicester), so not very far away. Perhaps you could recommend "local" contractors that might be able to help wit the build? Regards Bart
  3. Hi, Yes, I think there was one other person in Graven a while ago. I wonder how they got on and whether they have completed building by now
  4. Hi guys, I am Bart and we have freshly reserved a plot at Graven Hill near Bicester. I run a building / refurbishment business, as well as a bespoke joinery workshop, so both of these might come in handy when it comes to the actual hard graft at some point, but for now I am reviewing different build options and similarly to many, I have been boggled with the ICF vs Timber Frame battle for a couple of weeks now... In the meantime, I have managed to optimise our concept design of the house, and will be ready for pre-planning within the next two weeks. We are still deciding on the combination of materials schemes for our home externally, but we are nearly there. Speak soon in other parts of this forum! Regards Bart
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first post here (but not last, and surely one of the many to come). Has anyone used Nu-Aire MVHR units? Are they any good? I have held a trade account with them for years, whilst supplying continuous ventilation to our refurbishment projects, but now is the time I will be choosing an MVHR solution for our (soon to be) self-build project in Graven Hill. BPC is on the cards too. Thanks! Bart