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  1. Having just rung Richmond Radiators, they have the timer and element which I can buy to put into the towel rail that we already have. or they can supply the towel rail and timer instead and thats cheaper than the towel rail that I have already paid for...... I need to see if I can return the rail and wifi controller and get my money back.
  2. Help needed so I am jumping into this post with another towel rail question? In the parents new shower room, which is almost finished, we need to add a towel rail. I was over ruled in putting in under floor heating (for various reasons) so they are relying on a towel rail for all the heat. There is electric to the location for the rail but no conenction to another point outside of the room for a controller so we need a towel rail with an element controlled by a wireless timer/thermostat. All the decorating has been done now so we dont want to have to channel out for another cable - also there are plenty switches outside the bathroom door that we'd struggle to add another. The bathroom suppliers I went to ordered what I thought was what we wanted but it has arrived and it has a wifi control unit which still needs a cable to the electricity supply for the rail. ie - running it from a smart phone, which isn't what we wanted. i have found this one Does this sound right - we can have the control unit in the bedroom and it would communicate to the element in the towel rail?? The bathroom supplier has been in communication with the supplier of the towel rail and they say they have not heard of anything suitable for our situation! I am hoping @Nickfromwales can help here. It looks like we'll be charged a restocking fee if we send it back. Help!
  3. sorry Pete, have been off line for a while - its probably too late for you but I am very pleased with the Icon Airflow. its not silent but not too loud and with the bathroom door shut, its barely heard. and its quite interesting watching the iris open as it takes about 20 seconds for it to open. hope that helps others who may be looking.
  4. we have been looking at getting one of these for a while so this is a great offer for us. thanks!
  5. Phew - it wasnt anything we did - the toilet pan is defective! we took out the whole unit and set it up in the garden where we could look behoind while flushing the loo and we could then see where the water was coming from. inside the back are a couple of places with what looks like some sealant or putty. the drops are coming from those and wgen we looked very carefully, it was possible to see a crack that had been sealed over!! the B'@**ers had sent us a defective loo. and the OH has a video that shows the drops forming mainly from that top piece of sealant. I have contacted the company and all they have said is to send the photographs and they will be in touch. OH refuses to have another back to wall pan as it was such a faff to fit (being extra tall) so I have ordered a close coupled comfort toilet from the local builders merchants as well as a new basin. at least then, if we have any issues I can take it straight back. I guess I should have done that in the first place ..................
  6. there is no vertical height adjustment as the pan hole is so high. the flush pipe comes from the cistern at the bottom and turns straight away towards the back of the pan. sorry, I didnt take any photo's of it still in place. lifting up the unit by 3cm has allowed the flush pipe to run slightly downhill into the hole. he used the flange fitting and it stays dry.
  7. yes, it was the right size and yes, he used one of those rubber flange fitting. and there was no water coming from there - its coming from somewhere else. but the water is staying inside the pan, rather than flushing away. obviously some of it is flushing away but there is a lot staying in there.
  8. Its not going well! after waiting many months for the builders, we finally have a lovely extension which OH and I were to fit out. The OH did the plumbing and electrics, they were checked and tested - all okay. we did the plasterboarding and had the plastering done. the room looks lovely. then the OH installed the sink and loo. it was a pain and took him all yesterday. part of the problem was that we needed a higher than usual loo for Mum so bought a HRNCS856 - Hudson Reed Richmond Comfort Height Back to Wall Toilet - Excluding Seat - £71.95 Inc Vat , Premier WC Toilet Pan Floor Fixing Kit - Chrome/White - £5.95 Inc Vat and PMXTY006 - Premier Front and Top Access Concealed Toilet Cistern, Dual Flush Button, Black - £22.96 Inc Vat. This was to go into a 600mm back to wall toilet unit next to 750mm vanity unit. and Problem 1 - the back to wall unit is designed for a normal height toilet. the Hudson toilet's inlets for the water and soil pipe were both higher than expected. the soil pipe was okay but the inlet for the flush, coming from the cistern was quite low and the cistern had to be fitted to the very top of the unitfor the pipe to be almost level, but slightly leaning back to the cistern once installed. the water flushed in okay. there was a very small leakage from the cistern but that has happened on all the loo's he has fitted and usually stops after couple of days. Luckily I was out all day helping at a MacMillan coffee afternoon so was not there to assist but I gather it was a right pain to fit and he was not in a good mood when I got back - tho I did bring him cake! Problem 1b - the fixings for the pan were awkward too so that didnt help the mood.... Problem 2 - The sink had gone in okay but when he turned the water on, the hot water would not flow - even though it had flowed perfectly well before connecting it to the tap. It worked in the old bathroom and in the kitchen but not in the extension! Hence the bad mood as he could not see any reason for the hot water not to work. It was late so he left it, returning today with me, with the hope of taking his tools home as it was my turn then to fit the tiles and get the shower area ready. Problem 3 - There was rather a large puddle under the loo - and it had not been used during the night. so out it all came, we dried the area as best as we could and he redid everything. The joins seemed okay, the toilet flushed. there was no water running out where it shouldnt until a few minutes later - water started coming out from underneath again!😫😰 Cursing slightly (!!!), it all was taken apart again. this time we stood the loo on cardboard and filled the inside to see if there was a leak - nothing. we couldnt see any cracks or where the water was coming out. the only thing was that the inlet pipe was running slightly uphill to the back of the loo and when we undid it, there was obviously water sitting in the pipe. could thsi be the cause?? it did not seem so as we could see the join to the loo and the soil pipe area and there was no water coming from there. But to overcome that, just in case it was the issue, I had the bright idea (Hopefully) of lifting the unit up a couple of centimetres so the pipe was running downhill, into the back of the loo. we did that using some spare MDF board and the pipe was now running downhill and we (he) put it all back together again.! Holding our breathes and crossing all fingers we filled up the cistern and flushed the loo, nothing. flushed it again, nothing, then slowly a puddle started coming out the side of the pan! there was nothing coming from the joins, just a slight dampness inside the very back of the pan. However this time when we took it all out yet again, we realised there was a load of water coming out of the top hole, where the cistern pipe joins it. but surely this water should all flush away round the pan rim. it seems a load of water remains in the back and it must be this water that is seeping down somehow, onto the floor. Yet, lifting the pan up, the underneath area seems completely dry! At that point, the OH declared that he was going to totally smash up the toilet and unit and I was to buy a closecoupled Wc pan and cistern which is what he suggested in the first place...... and these come in comfort height too. Of course we now have a useless WC unit and a pan that does not work and he refuses to let me try a replacement. Problem 4 - to top off the day, I then noticed there was a crack in the basin which no one had seen before!! was it there when he fitted it and we had not noticed?? - it was hard to see until I rubbed it and then the dirt showed it up quite well. it goes from the basin rim, down into the bottom. no one had used the bathroom so it could not have been caused by something hitting it and of course, it is a couple of weeks since it was delivered and we checked and didnt see any damage - so I guess we are stuck with buying a new one!! I am hoping a curry and beer tonight will improve his mood and we can rethingk where to go and what to do tomorrow. But has anyone else had an issue with basins cracking after being installed?? and any ideas about the leaky loo pan?? this is the offending hole - the top one.
  9. TheMitchells


    welcome to the Forum - I am sure someone will be along shortly who can help. 😉
  10. NaCSBA is running its 2019 VAT Survey, and is asking anyone who has completed a Self Build, Custom Build or conversion to fill in the anonymous survey, and help it compile a picture of the size of the Self Build market.
  11. Good luck on the extension - you have come to the right place for advice. it has certainly helped me many times with all sorts of enquiries. We are just finishing an extension to a bungalow for my parents. we had to wait 6 months for the builder that we wanted but it was worth it as we knew he would be an excellent job. most builders are not as careful or exacting in their standards so take your time to find a builder wth a good reputation but then be prepared to wait for him/her. if they are available to take on your job straight away, you have to wonder why - all good builders are booked up months in advance.
  12. Welcome to the forum; you certainly have come to the right place for lots of information on a huge range of subjects. But dont forget that there are quite a lot of lasses here too! 😁
  13. Love the look of the place - have tasked the OH to make me one asap. 😁
  14. this is a good web page for info on the stuff. this is the seed pod which contains the fibres.
  15. Has anyone come across this type of insulation before? while making the parents extension, we discovered it in the walls and attic. the property was built around 1973 and I wonder if this was a typical insulation to use then. I was working on the new doorway today and the insulation was falling out of the exposed cavity. I was wondering what type it was and elderly mother just said 'Oh, thats kapok!'. she is not a builder and I was amazed she had any idea. is she right? it is very light and fluffy but with a slight roughness to it. Google mentions kapok as an insulation but not for housing.