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  1. TheMitchells

    We're in :)

    well done Guys! it looks fab-u-lus!. Love the colours - may have to pinch some of those for my revamp of our place.
  2. TheMitchells

    Bramble and how to get rid is it

    Dig them out if possible, after cutting/strimming down the top growth. then anything that comes up, hit with a spray of SBK. You need a systemic weedkiller that gets right down into the roots. Glyphosate is the mian checmical used and does work but it takes a couple of weeks for it to get right through the root system.
  3. TheMitchells

    Plot in Oxfordshire

    Try here.
  4. When I click the link - it just comes back to the BuildHub site???
  5. TheMitchells

    Hi all!

    Can I suggest you take a look at Janet Cotterell and her PH15 system. I met her a few years ago when I first thought I would be building at Graven Hill and I liked her and her system. She has researched all aspects of passivhaus and has come up with a system that works and uses the best products at a good price. her website is I think her system is cut in a factory and then built on site and uses cellulose insulation with a timber frame system. You can also see one of her builds going up on the website on the Hub. The site is worth a look if you are still learning as there are loads of podcasts on all aspects of self build. And I would recomment a visit to Swindon's National Centre for Self build and renovation. That is a great place for information and inspiration - particularly on one of their open days. and its free if you pre-=book. Very exciting time - keep us all informed with lots of photographs.
  6. TheMitchells

    Plot in Oxfordshire

    Maybe the confusion around it all could bring the price down so I can afford it! End terrace is not as nice as detached! Here's dreaming! I bet the other neighbour is not happy - surely it will devalue their house?
  7. TheMitchells

    My Nightmare Heating System

    that brings back memories! I was only about 4 when that came out.
  8. TheMitchells

    Plot in Oxfordshire

    The initial planning appliation was refused as the planners thought the house would look odd as a detached proerty and would look 'squashed in'. They did say the plot was suitable for an infill but suggested a house attached to the applicants house. And that is what the lady has done - with a new application. Here is the plan - it is a little odd. they are attaching it to her house but with a path between the two properties. Like an alley but looks like part of the building. It makes the first floor a little bit larger as it sits over the alley! Is that what they call a flying something? Any thoughts on it? What problems could people see that causing? Or should the new plot owner try to apply for a detached house and see if they could get it through? jackies_plans.pdf
  9. TheMitchells

    Nice Plot in Charlton, North Oxfordshire.

    Yes, I think services may be an issue. I spoke to the Estate agents yesterday. They have already had two offers and there has been several others wanting to view it. The vendor is giving it another week before making a decision re selling. There will be a little increase in the cost, methinks. We will not be bidding!
  10. Oooh! You are smashing! it worked. If I save it and then open it with Adobe, its okay. Ta much!!
  11. That sounds easy but I dont really know how to do that - I only have my Firefox! Okay - will see if I can do that. I shall look to see if I have one!
  12. Can anyone give me an idea why I am unable to see plans for a property? I can see lots of others but this one, I cannot. Thsi is what I have, when I download it. That lighter bit at the top of the page is the document - in this case the floor plans but it is all sqashed into the top cm of the screen and I cannot find away of expanding it. It is weird as I have looked at loads of applicaitons and never had this problem. The OH can look at it fine on his Ipad. Any suggestions? I am using Mozilla Firefox.
  13. TheMitchells

    Nice Plot in Charlton, North Oxfordshire.

    Access is a problem as it is a very narrow track. They would not be able to get any large vehicles down there and any deliveries would have to be able to get onto the plot as the lane is blocked if anyone stops. I drove down the other day and had to reverse back out. Its not as bad as the other plot I almost bought till I realised just how hard it would be. But I do think there are solutions for this one. I'm taking the OH to see it tomorrow - he's not very keen
  14. TheMitchells

    Hey from Essex... xx

    just wanted to say that I have fianlly caught up on your posts and I am impressed by the work you have done. The house looks great and I am looking forward to seeing the improvements develop. Great work!
  15. TheMitchells

    Nice Plot in Charlton, North Oxfordshire.

    Hmm - while a self builder is exempt from CIL, if we were to buy the plot and build two houses, selling one, I assume we would be liable for the second house? Maybe we could buy the plot, build ours and sell the rest for another self builder. Maybe I should get the OH on board before I investigate too much..... A tleast there are no signs of bats, newts, voles, or pretty much else.