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  1. My Nightmare Heating System

    This post is better than the latest box set! Glad to see the BH gang are coming to the rescue and am keeping my fingers crossed that it all gets sorted soon. What a nightmare and a lesson to us all to keep it simple as suggested by many on this forum!
  2. CP Client messages.

    thanks Jeremy - found it as you said and have stopped it. Did it have anything to do with the car?? it seems strange that it happened just after I linked to the car?
  3. Hi - I am hoping some of you boffins can help me. On Saturday I connected my phone to a car I was driving for the day, via Bluetooth. Then suddenly I started getting messages sent from CP Client saying 'New Provisioning message' and if I click on the message, it asks in a new box "Do I want to apply new configuration?" With options of Postpone/delete/ok. As I havent a clue what it is, I click on delete but I keep getting these messages, normally three at a time. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the car or was just coincidence. How do i get rid of these messages? I cannot see any app with that name in my apps. I have a newish Nokia 5 on Android.
  4. Specialist solicitor for plot purchase conveyancing.

    I heard this interesting podcast on this subject and I think I would go for a solicitor with land purchase knowledge. when i was trying tp buy my land, the usual solicitor didnt really know much about the process.
  5. Plot for large house near Bodmin.

    Just had these details sent through from The Land Bank Partnershop Bit too expensive for me - £300k but someone may be interested. Summary A detailed planning consent has been granted for a large modern detached house in a secluded and peaceful village location set in approximately 4 acres of grounds. This architect designed house has a ground floor gross internal area of 211m2 and a first floor area of 106m2, giving a gross internal area of 317sq.m or 3412sq.ft. The house is arranged with the bedroom accommodation on the ground floor and the living accommodation with terraces on the first floor to take advantage of the views. The ground floor has three bedrooms and a fourth bedroom/study, three en-suites, one family bathroom, entrance hall, utility and garage. The first floor has open plan lounge, dining and kitchen areas with two terraced areas on either side of the dwelling. The design details timber/aluminium doors, aluminium UPVC windows, timber and natural stone walls underneath a slate roof. A further detailed planning consent has been granted for the temporary location (3 years) of a mobile home on site which may be useful during construction. The Site The plot sits within established Cornish hedgebank and within an approximately 4 acre plot with three ponds. A topographical survey, ecological survey, landscape and visual assessment and foul drainage form have been completed. A phase 1 land contamination report has been completed. The conclusion detailed in the officer’s report is that any risks are capable of being mitigated such that the site is suitable for the proposed use. There is a moderate risk from the former poultry building and the made ground presents a low to medium risk. A recommendation is made for further investigation into these identified areas. The Area This village is on the western side of Bodmin moor about 6 miles north of Bodmin. The village has a local shop, post office, village hall, pub, football club and playground and the village primary school is rated as Good by Ofsted. The parish incudes a moorland area containing Rough Tor, one of the highest points in Cornwall with views to the coasts and 175 acres of National Trust land. St. Breward is at the starting point of the camel trail, an 11 mile cycle path that connects Bodmin, Wadebridge and Padstow. A footpath around the village takes you on a loop past the Holy Well and the church while the fernacre stone circle is nearby. The secondary school that serves the village, St. James Smiths community school, is rated as Good by Ofsted whilst independent education is available at Truro School amongst others. Bodmin Parkway railway station is on the Cornish mainline with services to Plymouth, Newquay and London Paddington. As well as national retailers and local shops, Bodmin has three supermarkets including Sainsbury’s .The City of Truro is some 30 miles south of the village. Newquay Airport is 12 miles to the north of Truro, providing regular flights to Gatwick and other destinations both domestic and international. The City of Truro has fine Georgian Architecture and a wide variety of shops, bars, clubs and restaurants. Services The site has access to electricity and will use a Borehole for water. A package treatment plant or septic tank will be required for sewage. Fibre broadband is available in the village. We would advise interested parties to make their own enquiries with regard to services prior to exchange of contracts. Viewing The site can be viewed only by appointment through The Land Bank Partnership. The plot will require accompanied viewings so please make an appointment to view. No neighbouring properties are connected to the sale so please respect the privacy of the neighbouring owners.
  6. Purchased Plot with Existing Plans

    agree with the garage - move the utility to the other side of the hall into the lower part of the dining room and make the kitchen/dining/living space slightly L shaped, or just have a large utulity and storage. You also need to factor in a plant room - part of the new utility? Good luck with the plans.
  7. Solar PV - are they worth fitting?

    Sounds like a job for @Nickfromwales. Jude - he's the man for your design! Give him a PM.
  8. Graven Hill

    Beattie Passive held an open day last weekend in their houses being built as Tailored Finish Housing. I went and had a look and was taken round by Ron Beattie himself. it was a really interesting look at the house, which he designed. I liked the design and in particular the extra 30cm height in the ground floor rooms. here are some photo's of the house and some of the landscaping already done. I could see a couple of other blocks of buildings that are going up but I dont think any of the foundations have been done for the self builders. The three bed house I saw is being sold for £325k which is quite reasonable for a three bed passivhaus. the bedrooms were all a good size with the master and ensuite on the second floor. The kitchen, looking towrds the front door and lounge. Master bedroom at the top. the Beattie site. \the main bathroom.
  9. Self-Build induced Insomnia

    The OH is like that - he can have as much caffeine as he likes and has no effect - if I have as much as a bottle of coke in the afternoon, I cannot get to sleep for hours!
  10. Hi

    Looks like a really interesting build! We did a renovation recently which did not have vehicle access - we had to barrow everything in and out of an alley for 80metres. The OH said never again! It did add to the costs and a huge amount of time and effort. Sounds like your build will need even more planning and effort - good luck.
  11. I was amused to read the article in a year old 'The Week' magazine yesterday. Apparently, "we are terrified by threats of cyber attack yet we are vastly increasing what techies call our'attack surface area' by making hackable technology part of the 'helf and warp of our physical world'. Driverless cars, commeercial drones, the 'Internet of Things'; we rush to embrace these new technologies without pausing to consider how vulnerable they are tp manipulation by outsiders. Last year hackers gained entry to printers,webcams and other devices hooked up to our computers to infiltrate networks with malicious software, and to bring down Twitter and Paypal. Isnt it time we questioned the need for all this new stuff? Do we really need drones to get our Amazon delivery into our hot little hands witin an hour of ordering? Do we need our fridges to tell us we need more milk?" Article by Clare Foges in The Times in Jan 2017. How right she is and it isnt stopping. I am at a loss to understand why anyone would want something that can be taken over by someone else. Our whole world is becoming too dependant on computers and what will happen when it all goes wrong, with hackers taking delight in our chaos. But the main reason I posted this was another article that made me laugh - It reported that one set of parents were astonished when a large dolls house turned up at their address. They had not ordered one but it turned out that their little girl had asked Alexa to play dolls house with her and could she buy her a dolls house. Which Alexa did. £150 later, it duly arrived. And when the family went onto television to warn others and the presenter repeated the little girls request, several other Alexa's heard and ordered one too!
  12. That's part of the reason we are not likely to build - we have plenty of capital in our house but when we heard the terms of the 1 year bridging loan to actually build the house, my OH just said 'No way!'. It was silly money but they wouldn't give us a mortgage, even though we can pay it! All very sad. Sorry - I cant add any SkyHook moments but will be here to support you when its all going badly!
  13. Hello from Devon

    welcome to BuildHub and we look forward to picking your brains. Not heard about Class Q house before. - just googled it. Conversion of agriculture to residential??
  14. house with potential plot Bradford.

    Shame it is in Bradford but I guess the price reflects that. Otherwise a really good project.
  15. Best way to fix skirting?

    We have been using Jeremy's recommended Screwfix no nonsense silicone free adhesive to fix the skirting and that worked great but we have some largish gaps behind due to the uneven walls. So we need to use something to fill the gap which I can smooth and paint to finish it all off. Was looking at Screwfix No Nonsense General Purpose silicon sealant in white at £28 for a pack of 12 but is this the right stuff? Which is best to avoid shrinkage and cracking? Have 60m worth of skirting to fill. Is that different from decorators caulk? Screwfix do a few and they seem cheaper than sealant. No Nonsense decorators caulk for £1.39. Should I use that instead?