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  1. Maybe once the initial interest in Graven Hill has passed they may start reducing the costs of the plots, otherwise I think they will have an awful lot of bare plots! However, I am sure they will be getting lots of interest now with everyone asking where they can get hold of a £100k plot!
  2. TheMitchells

    Composite Decking Materials

    Popped to our local timber merchant and they only have pine decking boards. they look same as all decking boards, with a ribbed section on one side and smooth on the other. but I always thought pine would rot quicker than other woods, such as Douglas Fir or Larch. However, price was good and its local! is Pine any worse than the others? I dont seem able to get Douglas Fir or Larch nearby.
  3. I may just do that - I only live at the other side of Bicester. Will send you a PM. 😁 As for the second programme, I was so proud of what those guys acheived. Okay, they may not be finished but that didnt matter. they had a house and eventually it will all get done. although I did wonder how that chap was allowed to live there without a bathroom or hot water! and to manage all that for around £300k in total was brilliant. Shame the rest of Graven Hill isn't full of these sort of houses and builders! But it wont be as the plots are all much more expensive. Sad!
  4. TheMitchells

    Composite Decking Materials

    yes, the hollow one do seem much cheaper. someone said they warp more but I dont know if thats true or not. Thanks for sorting out my maths - I see where I went wrong and had forgotten that I needed 1.5 lenghts per 3.6 side. I shall wait to see what the samples look like (I have three lots coming) and then compare prices with plain old timber decking. I have to go to the timber merchant for something else so will get a quote.
  5. TheMitchells

    Composite Decking Materials

    Has anyone used the composite decking products at Wickes? It says - latest in bamboo-polymer composite technology and tested in some of the harshest climates and conditions in the world, this composite decking is built to withstand all that Mother Nature has to throw at it. The composite will not rot and the revolutionary capped surface technology gives one of the most hardwearing, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and splinter-free surface finishes available. High UV stability means its colour won't fade and will last for years and years. It is reasonably cheap at £16 for a 2.4 m board. I think I'd need 19 boards for a 3.6 (one and half boards each length) x 2.6m deck . Which is £300 nearly. half what the composite boards at Tecimbertec are looking at.
  6. TheMitchells

    Composite Decking Materials

    look great! We're looking for decking boards so checking out the past posts. didnt really want to pay that much for boards but we did cedar 12 years ago and they rotted so want something a little longer lasting. there again - I doubt we'll still be here in 10 years so I guess it doesnt have to be too long lasting.
  7. TheMitchells

    Reducing noise from soil pipe

    we filled loose rockwool into the boxed area, around the pipes and double plasterboarded with usual pb and that seemed to work well.
  8. TheMitchells

    Shower screen needed.

    okay, thanks. good to know the rubber seal is useful. will give complete photographs when all done. still have the rest fo the room to tile.
  9. TheMitchells

    Shower screen needed.

    Well, we have the screen, bought online from Ebay company for £91. it arrived within a couple of days and looks fine. we have attached the wall trim to the wall, sealing the back with clear sealant (Sikaflex EBT). The glass appears to be held in place with a clear, plastic trim. As seen here on the right with the metal wall trim (which is now attached to the wall). Is it recommended to use this? We plan to put a bead of clear Sikaflex at the back of the wall trim before inserting the glass screen, then the clear plastic thing gets pushed in to stop the glass moving. Is that right? And what happens at the bottom of the screen where it sits on the shower tray - again, a clear bead of Sikaflex? Shower enclosure so far..
  10. The origonal theme of Graven Hill was that all the houses would be passivhaus but as things finally got going and plots/plot passports were developed, the passivhaus aspect had mysteriously disappeared. which is a shame. well good on them! I think the first two did a great job and I liked both houses. But I agree, shame there is not a bit more detail.
  11. They are much higher than that. these were quite reduced prices. and they have not mentioned the fact the plots are alongside the new railway line into Bicester with a sewerage works next to that. We did consider it but not once we knew the location of the first 10 plots. Although if I could have guarenteed the one furthest away from the railway line, I may have considered it. prices for the reasonably sized plots and on the edge of the develoment, which are the ons we like, are in the region of £350k!!
  12. TheMitchells

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome and enjoy! Hopefully you will find it useful and interesting - I certainly do. The advice is great and humour widespread. 😁
  13. TheMitchells

    Shower screen needed. Certainly plenty of wall mounting tracks to buy if needed. thats why I use this Forum - great advice and probably saving me a couple hundred pounds. Thanks!😁
  14. TheMitchells

    Shower screen needed.

    That looks great. I have sent a question to the seller to ask if it includes the wall mount track. And I shall definately go for the self clean types. thanks - gives me the confidence to use Ebay or Amazon.
  15. TheMitchells

    Shower screen needed.

    That looks really good at £84 for the size we need. And as they have 99.8% positive feedback, I am very tempted.