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  1. TheMitchells

    Expensive springs for garage doors.

    would that work with the electric door opener that we have? we could consider that next time. I ordered the spring and it arrived this week so I am now waiting for the fitter to come round and get the garage door working again. I certainly miss it as we use the garage far more than the front door, particularly for walking the dog - which may explain why the springs keep going. it probably does more work than usual.
  2. TheMitchells

    Expensive springs for garage doors.

    One spring ordered at a cost of £114 with fitter costing £75 so much better than Hormanns offerigns.
  3. TheMitchells

    Expensive springs for garage doors.

    spring ordered from ABI Garage Doors Sullies - Only £110 for the spring and the chap will fit it for £75 so much better and a lesson to me - always look online to make sure we are not paying over the odds for goods! ?
  4. TheMitchells

    Expensive springs for garage doors.

    Will both sides be the same - Ed, my fitter, took the tag to order another one? I shall see if we can get the number and have a look online. I guess we can't invalidate any warranty as we dont have one now!?
  5. When we built our garage in 2002, we had an electric door fitted, 3.6m wide, supplied and fitted by a local chap and it has been great apart from one thing. in 2009 one of the springs went and so our local chap ordered another one from Germany and fitted it - cost £182 which seemed rather a lot for a metal spring but that did include fitting and vat. Then in 2012 another one went, this time it cost £238. the fitter said that he had only ever had to replace one other spring in all the doors he has fitted but ours seems to keep going - in 2014 the opposite one broke. I guess I should have made a big fuss with the German company, Hormann, but we didnt and paid the £295 for our third replacement. Guess what! its happened again. the spring went last thursday evening, luckily with the car on the outside as the OH was away and I ceretainly could not have managed to lift the door without help. Again our local chap came and had a look - this should not be happening. Our door is the only one whose springs keep going. So this time he said he would see if Hormann wanted to come and have a look and see if they could help with this issue. But you've guessed it, they dont want to know. Its out of warranty! I am emailing the company to ask for some sort of discount here - it has already cost us over £700 over and above the installation costs and I would guess the price for the new spring will keep going up. But surely I should have some comeback on Hormann as no-one else seems to have this problem. Any ideas on what else we can do?
  6. TheMitchells

    Hello to one and all

    cost for a new build vary enormously and while we have not built ourselves, we did a huge amount of research and I'd recommend in the region of £300k at a minimum, but that could go up or down depending on size, design and materials used. Get hold of some of the self build magazines - some of them give ideas of costs, visit the Self Build Centre at Swindon and maybe read the Housebuilders Bible. then you will have a much better idea of what is invovled. Certainly, i have seen some lovely houses built for £300k but most are more than that as the owners want their 'foreve home' and therefore tnd to make it better quality than a general house would be.
  7. TheMitchells

    Hello to one and all

    I'd recommend looking at one of the building companies such as Scotframe, Danwood or Potton who can do everything for you, including the design and applying for planning. I have been to the Poton site near St Neots and it was very useful. I dont they are too expensive either - they hold your hand all the way through and the houses are lovely. I would certainly consider building new as you can have the house exactly as you want it (within reason) and make sure it is well insulated and efficient, something you may struggle to do with an extension and re-design. Are the bills in the future an important consideration? Anyway - sounds like a great project whichever route you take - Good Luck.?
  8. If any of you know about Mike Coe and his Autonomous House in Worcestershire, you may be interested in this. Mike and Lizzie have made the decision to sell and upsticks to Skye, although they never planned to leave their amazing self build near Pershore. This video explains why they have moved and having watched it, I am inclined to think we should be doing the same. Its not easy watching.
  9. TheMitchells

    what a difference in price. Nice looking plot - I guess what you save on the land cost, you'll need for the extra costs of building on an island and with limited supply of contractors?
  10. TheMitchells

    Finished at last!

    Better late than never - a final post for this blog. the house eventually sold on 1st June - two years minus two days since we bought it. the buyer is very happy and so are we. we have had some time away from renovating but new plans are taking shape - not quite what I expected but it will do for now. tell you more soon! ?
  11. TheMitchells

    New plots in North Devon

    Just had this sent through for an area being divided up into 16 plots. may be worth a look if thats your area of interest. It does not say where exactly but a village on the edge of Exmoor National Park and 13 miles east of Barnstable. so it shouldnt be too ifficult to find out where it is.
  12. TheMitchells

    We're in :)

    well done Guys! it looks fab-u-lus!. Love the colours - may have to pinch some of those for my revamp of our place.
  13. TheMitchells

    Bramble and how to get rid is it

    Dig them out if possible, after cutting/strimming down the top growth. then anything that comes up, hit with a spray of SBK. You need a systemic weedkiller that gets right down into the roots. Glyphosate is the mian checmical used and does work but it takes a couple of weeks for it to get right through the root system.
  14. TheMitchells

    Plot in Oxfordshire

    Try here.
  15. When I click the link - it just comes back to the BuildHub site???