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  1. TheMitchells

    Landmark day tomorrrow!

    Good luck! No advice from me, sorry, but keeping fingers crossed that it all goes okay. However, I do know that exemption from CIL is very important so if the demolition is part of the planning appication, I'd get it in first.... 😁
  2. TheMitchells

    shower trays - any recommendations?

    we went for the Genisis 40mm tray (1600 x 900mm) and it is huge and weights a ton! goodness knows how we will get it up the stairs. all I know is that once it is down, it will not be coming back up again! I shall let you know what it is like once we get it fixed in place and start using it. We have to get the walls plasterboarded first and the drain hole made. then its ply, glued and screwed onto the floor before we can get the tray in. Maybe by next week......
  3. TheMitchells

    Fabric vs bling

    when I mentioned RWH to an architect (in the good old days when I thought we had a plot...) he was quite dismissive of using them for the hosue toilets, even though he is veyr keen on 'eco' builds. he said in his experience with the few he knew, everyone said you spend more money on cleaning products as the toilet goes brown quicker and so it wasnt worth it. I would have liked it for the garden if nothing else but if we did it, it would be a homemade version with advice from here.
  4. TheMitchells

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    saw this at our BM and also their aquaboard - wasnt yellow so not sure if its the one recommended here. but Moistsure looked okay and was a little cheaper than the aquaboard. will get one or the other once I have decided on the tiles. Just to add to the decision making - I have been looking at those wall panels. that would be much less work for me; (I tile, he fixes wall panels....) but I'm not sure about their look. will have to take another look and make my mind up - tiles or boards. I know there are several fans of them here.
  5. TheMitchells

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    Pictures to follow as we get started on it. shower is ordered, looking at shower trays now. will use plywood, glued and screwed on top of the chipboard floor, then the tray, with flexi tile adhesive, using @Nickfromwales's CT1 method of securing. then I shall start thinking about the tiles. I'm hoping it doesnt take as long as another bathroom renovation on this site......🤩🤩
  6. TheMitchells

    Plot near Padstow. £200k for a smallish peice of land but its near the beach and has all services nearby. may be of some interest.
  7. TheMitchells

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    What exactly do I ask for in the shop? and can I get them at any old BM?
  8. TheMitchells

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    so it looks like either; use green plasterboard and tank or use hardie or similar cement fibre baord and dont bother tanking. I think I'll got for the second option so I dont have to learn how to tank the room. I do recall @Nickfromwales saying its not as easy as it looks. thanks for all the advice. I'm sure I'll be back with more soon.😊😊
  9. TheMitchells

    shower trays - any recommendations?

    Screwfix sells this one - around the same price as the BM one. but there are no reviews yet. its stone resin which looks better than acrylic.
  10. We are hoping the noise should be okay as the pump goes in the attic. Wasnt aware of the problem with cold water if stopped briefly. I am hoping that doesnt happen. Maybe its an older model - they certainly should not give cold shower! no matter how brief!
  11. TheMitchells

    Plasterboard or Aquaboard?

    sounds good - I just tile over it??
  12. For the walls of the shower area, I planned to use aquaboards then apply tanking (Aquaseal waterproof tanking system) ( . The shower tray will be set against the tanked walls using @Nickfromwales special method as on several other posts before tiling the walls. Do I need special waterproof plasterboard and if so, recommendations please? If not, can I use the cheaper green ones and just tank them well? thanks.
  13. Okay, for our ensuite renovation - we have decided on the Aqualisa quart digital shower where we can have the control unit to the side of the enclosure so I can turn it on and off, without getting a wet arm. So now, we need a shower tray. we are looking at 1600 x 900mm with a small shelf at the very end which I will tile. The room is 1660mm wide. Blanchards (my local BM) has a catalogue of QX bathroom Products which has a Genisis 40mm tray in the size we want, with a 5 year guarantee, They do have other types with a 10 yr guarantee but they don't come in 900mm wide. Has anyone any experience of these or any recommendations for better ones. The tray will sit on the floor and the drain will go straight down, through the ceiling of the kitchen, where the pipe will run on top of the kitchen units, into the SVP. That way, we dont have too much of a step into the shower.
  14. TheMitchells

    Barn Conversion South of Bristol

    Fab barn - pics of dog please too. looking forward to hearing all about the renovation. Cant help with any advice, sorry, unless its gardening related but will enjoy 😀seeing how you get on. Welcome to the best advice forum on the web!
  15. is this it??