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  1. Grendel


    We're talking to 4 builders while detailed spec is being drawn up for our "self build" I've come across tendered contracts previously, but some builders were talking about negotiated contracts and cost-plus contracts. What does everyone else use? Are tendered contracts on the way out? Has anyone got advice on the pros and cons of different contracting methods? thanks Grendel
  2. Grendel

    Anybody using Velox ?

    Hello, what sort of roof system are you putting onto the velox? How did you choose your builder? Are you doing the velox yourself? Thanks
  3. Grendel

    Anybody using Velox ?

    We are considering velox and trying to balance it against timberframe and porotherm. Just got planning. We have a semibasement so need something durable for that. Then we have a curved section above , several build methods won't manage curves well
  4. Grendel

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    Does anyone have the more complex Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator - Master.txt ?? thanks
  5. Grendel

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    All sorted - it was the way I was doing it (wrong) thanks
  6. Grendel

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    Does anyone have a working copy of JSHarris heat loss spread sheet? I've tried changing the .txt to .xls but it tells me it's a corrupted file and wont open. thanks if you have 🙂
  7. Grendel

    Earthing to ground spike.

    We are getting a new 3 phase supply and from the mains joint in the trench there is a reel of thick copper wire exposed. Is this part of the PME system? Also when you change from a TT earth (temporary power supply to building site) to PME earth is it compulsory to disconnect the copper earth rod. If it's not compulsory to remove the rod, is it helpful to leave it connected as additional earthing for the future? Does anyone ever install solid expensive copper rods or are the copper plated steel rods OK?
  8. Grendel

    Bats? Don't worry about them...

    we paid about £300 for the first bat survey which said we dont think there are any bats, but we'd better do an emergent survey to make sure...... we had a derelict house a brick tool shed and a wooden shed so they needed 6 people to cover all the exits! pricey
  9. Grendel

    Another "Happy Days" post

    Hello Cambs - How did you find your soil engineers to do the soil assessments? We are based in East Leicestershire, but I can only find massive national companies
  10. Grendel

    Burnt down house - no planning

    other houses in village are largely red brick and slate which would be ok. surrounding old houses are larger than 60's burnt house which is only 6m x 7m on 2 floors we would want a new house to be a fair bit bigger! possibly 200msq the plot is 0.6 acres so would take a larger house than 80msq
  11. Can someone recommend any do-it yourself design software?
  12. Grendel

    Burnt down house - no planning

    So - replies in no particular order! My impression from the agent is that the owners (executors) just want a quick sale and haven't bothered to apply for planning for replacement, but plot is priced as if there is planning! House before it burnt down was not in keeping with village and was a 60's brick house with upvc windows of "no architectural merit" We would not be happy to just replace it We did contact the planners but they would not commit to anything constructive - unless pre-application in writing with fee, but not time for that. If the house had not had a house on it, it would have been a possible candidate for infill,. Village quite small, i know of 1 other plot 500m away that was an infill application 5 years ago, turned down, but overturned and successful on appeal thanks for advice Andrew
  13. Hello all we are looking at a nice plot with a burnt down house on it. they are doing sealed bids in 2 weeks - BUT no planning for any replacement house. it's in a conservation zone and looks a complete mess. we are concerned that there is no planning permission (the owners have not applied) for a replacement house. is it possible the planners would want to leave a village plot with a ruined house? has anyone heard of a replacement house of some sort being turned down in this situation? we don t want to spend £££ on a paddock with no possibility of building!! thanks Andrew