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  1. Hi Ferdinand, Thank you for the detailed response! In terms of the first 6 questions: 1- Do you have PP or can you still mess change it easily? We are looking to go into planning in the next 3 - 4 weeks. 2 - Are you in a regulated area eg conservation or eg listed? Conservation area 3 - What standard are you planning to build to? If it is anything like well insulated you will have thermal and solar gain issues with all those south-facing windows and skylights, never mind the aggravating factor of having the proportions of a bent narrowboat broadside on to the sun with essentially a glass wall on that side . Yes this is a challenge, hence the architect. 4 - Skylights? Personally I think those skylights look not-very-attractive and a bit scattergun. We are going to align them as best we can, the master bedroom one we will change, it is tricky as our architect does not think we will have any hope of having the plans agreed with them on the other side. 5 - Is the back straight on to the street? Yes 6 - Are your slates reclaimable? On the front of the barn no, on the back yes.
  2. Hey Vivienz, what a great idea! We have not considered it but I think it makes perfect sense.
  3. It is the right orientation so we will definitely have solar. Though how big and what type of system is yet to be figured. My dream is for the Tesla Solar roof, but I am not getting my hopes up for that one.
  4. Yes, we have deliberated over this quite a lot. The two reasons we ended up with were: 1. The neighbour's house does overlook, although there are plans for trees to block some of the view. 2. We don't envisage using the bedrooms along there will be used that much, and we like the idea of walking down the corridor with the view of the garden. It was one of the harder choices though...
  5. Hello We figured we should say hello after reading nearly every post on the site (not necessarily understanding much). Last year we purchased a barn at auction, we walk past it on a regular basis and always said it would make an amazing home. So quite thrilled that we managed to get it. But now the more tricky bit will start. We are just finalising our plans and hope to go in for planning in the next couple of months. In terms of our experience, it is pretty limited to Ikea flat pack and a bit of painting. So hello! CNA-SK06-01-Floor Plans.pdf CNA-SK06-05-Courtyard View.pdf IMG_0066.JPG.pdf