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  1. Get the mastic man in after to make things great again! A decent sealant guy would make the whole problem go away without scribes I expect.
  2. Only issue I can see is that you can't get to the filter at the bottom of the machine to clear it....
  3. Mind you - when I asked my BCO about Part J flue regs before starting my chimney (I haven't done one before as all my previous stuff was flats and commercial) he admitted that 'he didn't have a clue' and suggestd that I ask the brickie. If I were you I would just bury it behind the wardrobe and forget about it.
  4. Can't you put noggins across and keep the hatch clear? Only a small wardrobe - does it even need the central support?
  5. +1 - I think he has done that right mate given he has tiled to the brick gable end. It might have wanted a brick less on the gables but the solution works. I wouldn't worry about it unless the Mrs starts moaning (which she won't if you don't point out the issue!).
  6. Another thought - it is clearly not going to cover the entire wall. What is the wall makeup - green board? Whilst green is 'moisture resistant' it will rot like (expletive deleted) over time so you would need to be tanking it. Not something you want to look at through clear glass.
  7. As for Q6 - stud PIR 1/10 for horribleness Truss PIR - 10/10 - everyone on the site came up and sympathised!
  8. I don't think there will be enough depth to the trusses to allow that and maintain the 25mm breather gap. A lot easier than smacking 125mm PIR between them mind!
  9. And you need to consider how long this is all going to take - just smacking PIR into those trusses is going to take ages on your own - with the added 'benefit' that it is probably the worst job going on site.
  10. I got away with 25mm insulated pb over 120mm kingspan on mine. You might want to have a look at gapotape - came across it just when I had nearly finished doing the room - will make the process a lot easier and quicker as the trusses will certainly have bowed slightly so none of the rips are true. Gapogroup ltd - Gapotape, Insulation (gaposhop.com)
  11. Blimey - that is a lot of trusses to fill with the Kingspan / celotex - are you going to do it yourself? The bulk of the cost is going to be the 120mm insulation board - I wouldn't think the cost of the insulated pb really moves the dial that much? It is difficult to see how you get to your u value without it anyway.
  12. You are best emailing him and telling him that you have looked into it and realise that the window should be supplied with all the flashings and kit - he is probably thinking there is a row ahead - don't do it tonight though - trades hate getting after hours emails in the evening! It doesn't hurt to clarify any other gear he expects you to supply at the same time so you are prepared - you don't want to be caught on the hop for supplies at the moment - it is becoming increasingly chaotic getting gear to site.
  13. Sorry mate - I have to go with the flow here and say that all the bit for the window incl flashing will sit with you. As for you point on the floors, if fixings are silent, I would expect them to pick them up. As for the doors - if you are supplying doors, frames, handles etc - I would have thought that the hinges, latches and keeps would also be with you - supply frames, doors and door kits - same goes for the locks and bathroom kits.
  14. You could always but something like this for £50 and have a go at adapting it? 7/8 Heads LED Pendant Light Modern Nordic Chandelier Sputnik Design Living Room Bedroom Metal Painted Finishes Artistic Modern 110-120V 220-240V 8393651 2021 – £56.01 (lightinthebox.com)
  15. 20 phone lines/ zero.... Putting the bricks straight was a 10 minute job tbh but it is the principal of the thing. I stuck the fork tines through the side of a truck in the early days while the delivery driver scratched his bollocks and (expletive deleted)ed around on his phone during the offload and had to cough up - how does that all work?