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  1. Always do mate 👍 Makes life a bit less shite on balance but with the hospital appointments starting to stack up you start to wonder.
  2. I am beginning to see why you may be having problems with neighbors bud. Had the benefits - we did a lateral into his sewer etc and took site temp feeds for power and water (which we did bung him £500 for plus use but it was a massive help) but it is one of them. Going to cost me a few hours in the forks and some diesel but everything is harmonious. Clearly the answer is to suck it up and deal with it. But 11 mph....
  3. Second as snagging. A proper bastard though as 2 trades need to come back though causing a further trail of destruction behind them. This is the stuff I hate as a developer - that is why it is best to try and do it right the first time around!
  4. I have a novel problem - I get on too well with my neighbor to the current site. He is having a chalet bungalow built on a site about 4 miles away and is clearly hoping that I will be his forkie. Can't tell him to f*ck off as 1. he is too nice and 2. he has put up with all of our bullshit and colourful language for the past 12 months. The problem is that the forks doesn't have a hi/low gearing so it does 11mph top whack on the road - the one time I went there to off load his blocks it felt like I was dying inside... I drive an Audi RS3 btw (seen here in front of the new gaff now that we have made up ground!!). Came to light when he said he was amending his scaffold to include a loading bay so I asked his brickie (using my chap) who the forkie was!
  5. And glue with PU glue and screw the (expletive deleted)er down.
  6. It is any resi build mate - the 88 flat scheme I did in London had them out in droves. They got Councillors and MP's involved - all sorts of nonsense - it became like I had Touretts - I was telling people to F*CK RIGHT OFF dawn to dusk. Funnily enough I have never had issues with the commercial stuff I have done - only residential.
  7. Trench it and make sure they do a half arsed job on the compaction right in from of their drive - get a deckchair and the popcorn ready for when the massive rut appears in 2 years time. I have been lucky with neighbors - just 1 crazy old bat living opposite who we had occasion to invite her to get f*cked before we had even started on site....
  8. Hope you have got the beer chilling!
  9. Walls come down 'accidentally' - lol - coz that is where this thing is going!
  10. Refurbs cost far more than new build at the best of times - the fact that they are practically giving this away would alert me to the fact that it could actually have a negative value. It is lovely but approach with eyes wide open.
  11. We had a crusher in last month for a couple of days - cost £300 in hire. Ended up with a pile of 6F2 nearly as high as the house!
  12. There is a CIL exemption for selfbuilders so this seems like a tartan tax mate. Another 'nothing to see here' north of the boarder nonsense it seems. However, the little oligarchy Councils down south aren't much better - I went for a Permitted Development 88 unit scheme in Bromley that got called in by a Councillor in the face of Officer recommendation and went to Committee - I just recall one c*nt Councillor saying 'but where is OUR money!' - suffice to say it was refused and granted on appeal. You just have to take a view on the 'bribe' vs costs of appeal and delay. £800 is the kind of number you just have to take a view on in the scheme of things.
  13. Every SE I have ever used has massively over engineered the project - they always keep in mind that they are sticking their PI on the line with each design. If you have a decent building inspector it may be sensible to dig out a section and get them to inspect and to tell you what they consider appropriate. If you are sat in decent firm clay I can't imagine they would be expecting a massive depth.
  14. I am using SEH Interiors for mine (Silestone). They are in Wetherby but are a national installer.
  15. Used R10 tiles in an 88 flat scheme, same tiles (we had loads left over in another 4 penthouses and the same again in the houses I am doing now (still have a 4 foot stack to get through. Absolute nightmare to clean especially in hard water areas (you wash them down then the salt gets into the roughness). Will be glad to see the back of them in a few years time. Suffice to say, I am not using them up in my house!