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  1. Can't see that you are going to have a problem provided you are careful excavating around it - your concrete will stop short of that level and you can just stick a lintel over it when building the walls.
  2. The other thing to think about is whether you are actually going to sue one of these people - having undertaken various litigation in the past for work I hardly think it likely due to the costs involved. I now generally contract subbies by using Purchase Orders qualified to works (referenced to the quote), works to NHBC Technical Manual standards, specified amounts, payment intervals and payment times. 1 page and it's all there. If the worst came to the worse and I had to litigate then I would rather have that than a JCT or anything like it!
  3. I did exactly the above on our current site - we were not concerned about defraying / avoiding the CIL though as we kicked all 3 off at the same time - mine got a £32,000 CIL exemption and the others were payable by a different party (my company).
  4. I would suggest you do 2 Form 2s - 1 for each Plot. Then a Form 7a for the Self Build only and a Form 6 for the Self Build when you start - can't see that that would trigger the liability. Even better if you could do each Form 2 in different names - a company or someone else.
  5. They wouldn't refuse permission but will condition it so that CIL is payable. If the sum is big enough they allow you to pay it in 3 or so installments depending on the Council. What it won't do though is allow you to complete the house and sell it before the payments are due. Not a fan of CIL as it is generally a slush fund for the Council to use on pet projects that rarely benefit the areas where the money has been raised. At the end of the day it is a land tax and should be treated as a straight deduction on the price paid for the land if the asking price has not taken this into account.
  6. That is everything. We have our own telehandler and welfare unit tbh which saves a fair bit of money on hire charges. One thing I would recommend is that you look to buy rather than hire if you can - as an example. on our last job, we needed a pallet truck - the hire cost was £250 per month - I bought a new one for £250 and it is still with us today. Same with the telehandler - the hire cost for our machine is £1,560 + VAT pcm - I bought ours for £26,000 + VAT. Even if we knocked it all on the head in a few years we would probably be able to sell this kit for pretty much what we paid for it. As you say, 3 are just about enough to start getting economies of scale - you should have seen the prices we were paying for materials when we did 88 flats! High end wall tiles that retailed for £14 a tile we were buying for £1.82 as an example. We are still able to leverage previous scale on this job a bit but flats demand rather different supplies than houses in the main (acoustics and fire ratings / separation etc). My advice is to spend your pre-mobilisation time in getting prices - you can never have too many. Once you get on site you just want to be calling stuff off that you have priced and not be getting into the position of seeking quotes as you just don't have the time to properly assess it. Final piece of advice is to be a bit vague with the site name / details when you get brick quotes - the merchants try to register the site with the brick manufacturer and all of your subsequent quotes will be worse. That saved me a world of pain as the first 3 quotes I received were for more than £1 a brick - finally got a decent quote at 44p with MKM which we snapped up.
  7. I am doing a build of 3 in north Cambs of around 6,500 sq. ft. and the costs are going to come in at less than £100psf.
  8. I would have thought for the ground floor you would build sleeper walls on 450mm footings where required which would then allow a standard beam and block floor solution - must be cheaper than going for steels.
  9. To be honest, if you are considering operating the digger you are going to have to go off and get a ticket to drive it on site - my telehandler course and ticket cost £1290 plus VAT and I imagine it would be much the same for a digger.
  10. I had the same problem on groundworks - I don't know what is going on with these lads but suspect the furlow scheme has a lot to do with it to be honest. Went out to 9 companies and not 1 came back with a price. Hired in a chap on a day rate in the end to pull the foundations with a 23.5T machine who was fantastic. Where abouts are you? We still have a problem on drainage made a bit worse as I have ripped the guts out of the groundworks package - easier to deal with I suppose as the problem is smaller. We will get it sorted.
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    Thanks for the thoughts guys - we had a long lead in on this job so I spent the time getting most of the prices together from all and sundry. Quite useful as I now have no spare time at all even getting up at 5am! Brickies rocked up today and the rain cleared up as the trench blocks arrived and we are just about out of the ground on the first plot - you get through a fair bit with 3 laying and 1 mixing! I reckon that we will be out of the ground and waiting for the beam & block (well poly in my case) by the end of next week. Floorspan are on a week or so lead on their eFloor so I will need to pull the trigger on that one soon. Turns out that Cambs Water intend to connect up the 3 supplies starting tomorrow - they didn't tell me - I heard from the next door site - ordered a load of 25mm mDPE pipe this evening for the job as you want to minimise connections if possible but it won't be here until Thurs am - I think the water board are just going to have to suck it up. tbh the guys doing the connections next door seemed fairly happy to spend a lot of the day sitting in their van so I can't imagine it is going to be a problem.
  12. Good luck with it mate - presumably the neighbor sold you the plot so there should be few issues. Mind you - the chap who sold me the field threatened to come at me with his shotgun as the lads doing my steel frame called on him first. He did say there was no point in me responding as he didn't have his 'ears' in so I just had a smoke and enjoyed the view as he ranted on. Probably for the best as I would have otherwise terminated that little discussion with words not allowed on this site. The steel guys were proper good tbh - Immense fab based in Peterborough. I went around their place - great set up, good price and great blokes.
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    Made the mistake of not bothering with dinner as the football was on (a terrible Spurs performance) so will stop off at the cafe in a minute!
  14. Faz

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    Well, 13,000 bricks arrived today on an artic which refused to back into the site. Had to sort it of the road. Offload went ok with the forks with one pack a bit mangled by the hiab which let go at the back of the site. Spent the afternoon stacking bricks onto a pallet. Waved off the artic load of 7n blocks due tomorrow to the mech yard to drop off as and when - it looks like they have swallowed the cost! 20T of sand that was due tomorrow came today after I was gone - it been dropped in the right place by a miracle. Trench Blocks, cement, wall ties etc arrive tomorrow. Steel frame on my bit comes in tomorrow and brickie kicks off Tuesaday.
  15. The LABC scheme is now run by (and possible owned?) Premier Guarantee. They are a disaster and well worth avoiding imo. Used them on an 88 apartment scheme and the experience was horrible - the only upside was the inspector they used who was very helpful - mind you, he had been given oversight of all of the Persimmon schemes in the patch due to the number of claims arising so he had his hands full!