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  1. If there is a viable way with a friendly neighbour then go with it.
  2. You definitely need their agreement and a deed of grant of an easement. I have done this before. Expect to pay but they do not have to agree. If they do not, you are stuffed, sorry. I know they do not have to because I have prevented neighbours running services through my drive even though they had a right of access on foot or by vehicle. The rights did not extend to services on, under or over it. BT does count, the telecoms act lets them do anything they want.
  3. Looks like a faulty casting. Probably not where you see the hole but in the bit where the flush water enters the pan casting. The pan casting is usually hollow and water is probably getting into the void. I suspect that hole in the photo was a breather hole for whilst the pan was being fired. I am not an expert in this stuff but had to learn once. We had one that allowed sewer gas back into the room. Had a bit of agro getting it acknowledged and replaced. Both supplier and manufacturers struck a pose on it all. The consequential costs for us ran into many hundreds. At first convinced it was a plumbing error, all the soil pipe encasement was removed and had to be replaced and skimmed again. When the new pan came the foot was a totally different shape so the whole of the flooring had to be replaced. The bathroom was out of action for months but we did have three anyway. You are in an unfortunate position. I guess your warranty evaporated years ago. New pan I think.
  4. Auger out holes, ram with stone, masonry pads on top of stone, beams over pads. I did not invent the idea, saw it in an article some years back. Confess I have never seen it done. Quick internet search all retuned foreign links for rammed stone piles.
  5. For a single home I have never seen larger than 25mm pipe. I doubt the water company will bring it to the meter in anything bigger. For anyone where the flow rate through a 25mm pipe is not enough I suggest you are using too much water. Turn down the volume, perhaps invest in some flow restrictors. My current refurb project has 3/8 black alkathene coming in with a static pressure of 4bar. That gives way more flow rate than necessary. I am planning to fit a pressure reduction valve. I have done it before and 1 bar is enough if you plumb internally in 15mm. I did one place at 3 bar and plumbed all the hot water in 10mm. Worked just fine and 2 bar would probably have been sufficient. 3/8 alkathene has internal diameter about the same as 15mm copper if you are wondering.
  6. Go with 65m bricks. Why make life difficult?
  7. Thanks, Oz07 is your Dewalt the type 3? with my type 1 it jammed every other nail. The type 2 was inconsistent and I needed my hammer at all times. Some nails went in, some did not irrespective of length. Frequent jams too. The buy new, use and resell is a model I have used for a long time. I only do physical work when I have a project of my own. Professionally I mainly do surveys and desk work. The buy-use-sell model usually makes much more sense than hiring.
  8. Has anyone got experience this later type 3 Dewalt DCN692 first fix nailer? I have need for a nailer again but I am wary. In the past I have had two Dewalt first fix nailers and both were crap. The first generation one was useless straight out of the box and was returned immediately. The vendor was very difficult but fortunately PayPal leaned my way. The next was a second generation type 2. I persevered with this for a few weeks and wasted a lot of money on trying different nails but I gave up. I sold that on eBay and lost quite a bit on the nailer and far too much on the stock of nails. There isn’t a vibrant market for part used boxes of nails. I don’t want to keep on repeating the same mistakes but I do have Dewalt batteries. I have had the Dewalt second fix nailer since 2012 and except for the original batteries being duff, it’s been good. My Dewalt drills and saw bench are good too. I am not buying a gas nailer because I don’t want to spend my days fiddling around with a temperamental contraption. Watched too many guys doing that. I don’t have space for a compressor so pneumatic is out. if anyone has used a type 3 DCN692 I would be interested to hear of your experience. thanks
  9. JCB are great numb things, crap at accurately digging and mess up the site. Even their mini diggers are awful with really jerky hydraulics. Don’t buy a digger. I don’t even hire for self drive any longer. Hire a machine and operator. The operator is the key. A good operator can dig accurately and scrape level. You will get three times the productivity and a better job. Try the sole trader type operators not the bigger companies and not a highways approved contractor. The small guys all seem to work on a salary replacement business model or can’t do the maths to price for amortising the cost and maintenance of the machine. Hence they are cheap.
  10. I would not worry too much about the smell thing. Perhaps try it and see how it goes for a while. To give a bit of confidence I did the following on a bungalow a few years ago. We used a DIY ducted PIV into the living area and passive stack ventilation in the bathroom and shower room. The passive stacks had Aereco ceiling terminals that modulate relative to humidity. Like you, we were anxious about smell but it in practice it was fine.
  11. We had to install ground gas measures in a new build in 2011. In our case the identified gas was methane coming from a deep lying bed of peat about half a mile away. We simply used the same methods as one would for radon. Basically a membrane over a sump with a pipe leading from under the slab and venting to the atmosphere. Unable to recall the standards quoted but Building Control and certifying engineer were both happy enough.
  12. I would not panic. Rake out an point up a large area in a consistent mortar and finish and it will pass without comment. Do do just the crack, it will attract the wrong kind of attention. It looks as if it has been superficially pointed over before. Rake back 25mm min. Don’t use an angle grinder, you’ll chip the bricks. The bricks look hard, like northern town or colliery village terraces. Hard bricks shed water and concentrate it on the mortar so fill well, no recess and tool finish, not brushed. There’ll be a brickie along soon to disagree with me, I’m just a techie and usually give way to a skilled man. That terrace will have no movement joints anywhere and long term shunt through thermal and moisture induced expansion would exhibit at stress pints where the cross section is small such as window and door openings. Get someone to look at the existing mortar to see if it is lime or cement based. Use the same when you repoint. 90 years ago is about 1920 and even that late it could be lime.
  13. People an insurers don’t like flat roofs. Rightly so in my opinion. Always look a bodge. Trussed rafters are cheap, mineral wool, concrete tiles, dry fix kit all cheap but look a lot better. No one will say oh lovely a pitched roof, they won’t even register it. But if they see a flat roof they will say, oh dear, nasty flat roof bodge job. There is a small flat roof projection on the bungalow I have just bought to refurb. I am itching to throw a pitched roof over it.
  14. If there isn’t a liner it will leak. Even with a liner the typical 15mm and 22mm plastic plumbing is prone to leak if used compression joints. We learned the hard way in this with a plumber on a large barn conversion a long time back. He left us with a legacy of leaking compression joints on the Hepworth plastic pipe. I don’t know why he used so many but he assured us it was ok. It was not! We continued to use plastic on other projects but never used it in compression fittings again except for stem fittings which are ok. It’s more reliable to put in a connector and shove in a short piece of copper to bridge to the compression or use a push fit if that is available. Push fit isolators exist. .
  15. Just checked and found the emailed invoice. Was 2016. Am I allowed to post the supplier? try searching on pipe lagging but all one word.