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  1. Hi there. Does anyone know how I can get full episodes of Building the Dream? Not on All4 anymore or on YouTube. Thanks
  2. At what distance from boundary/other properties does this apply?
  3. Thanks for this. Yes have read that having a 142 with separate insulation is better than a 172. What are your wall thicknesses in total?
  4. Is there a tool for running the numbers? I’ve found the Kingspan u value calculator but I can’t seem to see SIPs panels as an option
  5. Can I ask a technical question regarding battons that cladding is fixed to externally. What difference is there using 25mm vs 50mm? Does it make a big difference to u value? I know for using a brick skin a 50mm is needed, but we are trying to minimise wall thickness so ideally use a 25mm with an insulated board and brick slips. Would save an inch!
  6. Hi Sarah. We got planning a couple of weeks ago for a self build in Hampshire! Do drop me a message. We are currently deciding between TF/SIPs and have found a good local builder. Going to the Build It Show on Saturday to hopefully get some questions answered!
  7. Hi there. Just got planning for a new build in our backland plot and have decided to use SIPs. We have vaulted ceilings and would like to minimise wall thickness as it’s a very tight plot, so every mm counts! I have spoken to a few companies and many offer the usual Kingspan 142 or 172 thickness but the 142 seems to require extra insulation to meet even building regs u values. We have come across other panels that have different thicknesses and claim to have a better u value to thickness rating. Essentially my question is, does anyone know what the best SIPs panels are for thickness vs u value? We’d like to achieve around 0.15/0.16 for walls and plan to have triple glazing. I know I may be oversimplifying this, but any guidance appreciated!
  8. Very useful to know. dod you ever receive any information about what comments were made at that meeting??
  9. Oh yes. And have already sent the case officer a lengthy document disproving their claims. But I worry new ones will be made we can’t refute as we won’t know what they are!
  10. Our application! And we tried to dictate the time so we could join but their preference of time was taken. It means we are unable to join meeting due to work commitments.
  11. Hi there we are planning a new build in our back garden. Currently waiting on planning decision and case officer has just informed us he is visiting site. He has said he doesn’t need us to be in for site visit as can gain access via an unlocked gate. However, he has also informed us he is meeting on the same day with a group of neighbours in a single meeting. This is significantly after the consultation (and due decision) date and I am obviously worried they now have his ear yet we don’t get any opportunity to meet him, know what they’ve said or have any chance to reply to any additional comments. This seems wrong to me when every other part of the process seems so prescriptive. I’ve searched and searched but can’t find any guidance document from my LPA that is relevant to guide me on what the correct procedure should be. can anyone shed any light on this?
  12. Thanks for all these i think we probably only need one sofa in reception (a sofa bed to also be a guest room). We will definitely want a tv in that room too. I had thought about a nice couple of armchairs by the kitchen. I like the idea of being right by the kids watching tv when I’m cooking so it feels like we are all together. I had also thought about only having 4 chairs around dining table for most of the time and have a couple of fold away ones in a cupboard for when we need them just too add a little more room and make it feel less cluttered
  13. Good idea but unfortunately the return is due to a RPA so absolutely no wiggle room!!
  14. Thanks for this. Is this better than floorplanner.com?
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