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  1. I've fitted a new framed, hinged shower door. It was a buggar to fit, heavy, the tolerance was way off but I made it work. Problem is it closes at the top but not at the base. I've double checked the tray is level, the frame is bob on with no twist....I'm baffled! Any ideas when I can do?
  2. I could use mechanics but mbf is only 9mm thick
  3. Can expanding foam be used to fill and stick MDF panels to uneven plastered walls? I resorted to zig zagging adhesive but not convinced! I tried it today but the foam just 'rolled' off....the panels are 600 x 1200. What's the best technique to stick them? Thanks!
  4. Dee


    This isvthe bit that I've made the access panel over, just where the pipes run. Just no atall confident about push fit!
  5. Dee


    Well, I'll glue the vinyl on the access panel separately with ring pulls to lift it off. I made an boob with the pipes....plumber ran the plastic with copper tails and disappeared, never to return!...Holding me up I got the plumbers who were fitting a new boiler to connect into the system so all pipes are live but capped off, So I can't really test the joints as such. As the pipes have been under pressure for about 6 weeks now with no sign of leaks ( all push fit joints) is that a vigorous test enough? Had a nightmare with plumbers!
  6. Dee


    Hello everyone, I'm creating a bathroom from scratch and doing much of the work myself. I've had all the pipes and wastes installed and now I'm at the point of screwing the ply floor down. Problem is I'm nervous about access to pipes incase of leaks. Fortunately all the pipes/joints run between 2 joists so I've built an access panel in the ply for that but I just can't commit to screwing it all down!! I plan to use vinyl on top, glued down. Any suggestions or reassurance??
  7. I'll get back to you...I appreciate the input
  8. All the rads are column type with the 2 kitchen ones tall vertical. The pump on the cylinder has 3 settings and it's always been set on 3
  9. One rad just refuses to heat up. It did as my previous post but a few days later its gone Cold. I can live with that as I've realised I have taken up way to much of your time chaps. Now I have a great deal of advice snd information thanks to your invaluable input.
  10. So you're not far off. As you've got some rads without much drop, I would be throttling back the flow a smidgen With respect to your pump, do you know what setting this is on? Throttle back? Is that close or open? (Sorry if that's a daft question) How do I check the pump speed?
  11. So, flow is the red pipe? Rtn is the blue ??
  12. The hot pipe from the boiler is reading 56⁰.....how do I get it below 50⁰?
  13. Are they the pipes with red and blue tape? Is that black thing the pump?
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