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  1. Bio-ethanol fire

    Is this the same then as moonshine they brew in America? Is it easy to make biodiesel?
  2. Air pollution monitoring

    I would also be very interested. I wanted to do a project like this for a while now, this is the perfect excuse. Im in Northern Ireland so would be good to compare data.
  3. Look up the Bluetooth wireless mesh, just upgraded to 50m. Maybe in a city it would be useful to create the mesh. JSHarris, whst about the coconut husk filters for water?
  4. Cavity boxes in plasterboard

    Fit noggins and metal boxes or you'll regret it. Why couldnt you fit metal boxes throughout?
  5. The Joy of a Brick Garden Wall

    I had to laugh at that brickwork. How on earth?
  6. Capping off SWA

    Cast resin joint. Cheap and impermeable.
  7. Raspberry Pi Zero W TOR wifi AP?

    Fantastic. I've a few ideas for UPoE lighting with DALI controls. Ill have to get a go at it shortly. If only I could find the time!
  8. Raspberry Pi Zero W TOR wifi AP?

    I must admit that I love the RPI. Its so versatile and has brought DIY programming to the masses. There were others before but I really like the RPI. Ive all sorts of projects dreamt up. Hopefully start implementing some sooner rather than later. Ill start threads on here so we can all help eachother.
  9. Raspberry Pi Zero W TOR wifi AP?

    Jeremy, fantastic. Ive a few PoE ideas for the RPI. I just need time to implement them. I also need to learn more about the security end of things too.
  10. Quinetic Switches

    You should all check out Casambi! It also now interfaces with EnOcean Kinetic wireless switches. It all works over Bluetooth 4.0 in a mesh configuration. Download the app and have a play and see how simple it is to use and configure. Its not expensive either.
  11. Electric Car Charge Points

    Some good reading there. Ill review and post back later. Looks like a hybrid is the way forwards for now for people doing long journeys.
  12. Electric Car Charge Points

    I think you'd only use a company life that if there its a grant on offer. Even still I'd prefer to use a local guy that you know as you know the standard of his work. What's the charging rate of these cars? Are there fast chargers?
  13. Its my experience the industry over that they never quote on what's asked for but just what they usually do. I work on projects £100m+ and its the same. This leads to all sorts of arguements and disputes. If QS's etc made them cost the jobs properly it would all go smoother.
  14. Full Planning Permission

    Sensus, Thanks for the advice. Ive nowhere specific chosen but a plot we are looking at has planning for bungalow. We would just like to change the character to something we like. The area has a mixture of different styles so there is not really one style to be in keeping with.
  15. Full Planning Permission

    I'm looking at a few building plots at the moment. If they already have full planning permission but I want to change the design, what's the risk in redesigning it and applying for planning again?