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  1. Mackers

    3D Room planner

    Another advocate of Sketchup here
  2. If you do find it, let me know as I've recently moved house and want to set up some sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and general air quality
  3. Everything with EnOcean is a struggle. For such an innovative company they don't have the greatest sales personnel. I speak from commercial experience
  4. I like that idea
  5. Very good, how do you purchase those
  6. What about something like this? Adafruit
  7. Mackers

    Ducting etc

    It's a bit more complicated than that. We'd need more info on your build and what you want😀
  8. Mackers

    Smart Door Lock

    I specify plenty on commercial projects that are linked to access control systems. Not that make but im sure if you do the usual checks and look into what the security is around coding of swipes it should be ok.
  9. Mackers

    I'm Curious

    Welcome, you'll lose days reading info on here!
  10. Mackers

    Hone Solar Thermal

    Thanks for link too☺️
  11. Mackers

    Hone Solar Thermal

    Thanks but this is a new build. Im starting by getting ideas until the client has decided on layout etc. There will be an extensive BMS system with analytics of data for predictive maintenance etc. Also some new valves and ideas around VFDs for the AHUs and pumps. Im really just brain storming to get some ideas to research further. I did my MEng in Energy so very well versed in PV etc but never hurts to immerse yourself in some research
  12. Mackers

    Hone Solar Thermal

    This is why I started this post, thanks. Just looking at various options to save energy on an Industrial Laundry. Initial ideas are preheat for boilers, energy recovery from the steam system. Very early days but open to suggestions. Perhaps recovery of energy from high level warm air somehow.
  13. Mackers

    Hone Solar Thermal

    Anyone heard of these? Just doing some research.
  14. Mackers

    aldi sockets

    BS marked or anything?
  15. Mackers

    Timber component (?) manufacturers

    I would use Cellulose but I think installers is the issue or lack of