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  1. Mackers

    aldi sockets

    BS marked or anything?
  2. Mackers

    Timber component (?) manufacturers

    I would use Cellulose but I think installers is the issue or lack of
  3. Mackers

    Timber component (?) manufacturers

    I can see your logic. Check out Larson Truss for the DIY option.
  4. Mackers

    Timber component (?) manufacturers

    Any truss manufacturer could make that. What about using I-Beams or webbed joists or just make them yourself?
  5. Im always banging on about this but check out Casambi. Easy to use and cheap too. They have everything you can ever want. Download the app to look at the options they offer. I specify them on all our projects from one fitting to thousands.
  6. Mackers

    Quality Internal Door Hinges

    Thanks guys, hopefully moving to a new house soon so gathering info on what ill be changing. Maybe keep a wee blog on here to document it.
  7. Can anyone recommend a top quality door hinge for internal doors. Or just perhaps what type I should be looking at? Ball bearing?
  8. Mackers

    Mood lighting etc

    Check out Casambi. Very very good system, reasonably priced and easy to use. Just add power and away you go!
  9. Mackers

    Motion sensors in hallway

    Check out Danlers sensors for top quality at reasonable prices. No affiliation only a happy customer.
  10. Mackers

    Bio-ethanol fire

    Is this the same then as moonshine they brew in America? Is it easy to make biodiesel?
  11. Mackers

    Air pollution monitoring

    I would also be very interested. I wanted to do a project like this for a while now, this is the perfect excuse. Im in Northern Ireland so would be good to compare data.
  12. Look up the Bluetooth wireless mesh, just upgraded to 50m. Maybe in a city it would be useful to create the mesh. JSHarris, whst about the coconut husk filters for water?
  13. Mackers

    Cavity boxes in plasterboard

    Fit noggins and metal boxes or you'll regret it. Why couldnt you fit metal boxes throughout?
  14. Mackers

    The Joy of a Brick Garden Wall

    I had to laugh at that brickwork. How on earth?