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  1. So does the main contractor have to be BOPAS accredited in order for a build to benefit from the insurance/assurance ?
  2. So, as far as i can see, for my prospective self-building lending requirements of £100k, Buildstore are adding roughly £1k of their own fees to those of the recommended product (Ecology). Suspect i may get some sarcastic responses but what I am actually getting for that £1k (over and above applying and dealing with the Ecology directly) ?
  3. I am deciding how far back from the new slab /house perimeter to remove trees (some of which are up to 30ft+ height) from (not a council question) and wondered if self build insurers tend to have exclusions or stipulations about high and how close trees can be ? For that matter the same question will arise when switching over from self-build insurance to regular home insurance so wondered if anybody knows the stance that different mainstream insurers also take on the same point? I'd like to generally keep them well clear but just one or two that are relatively close to the house might be nice to keep.
  4. ... just now seen further replies. Looks like the evidence work has got underway is less onerous than i might have thought.
  5. Thanks, just talking about planning alone. I had thought the minimum criteria for demonstrating that the building work had commenced before expiry of the planning permission was that a building warrant had been submitted and been inspected (by building control for building warrant purposes) at least once. If this is wrong, how do the planning department decide if a permission is lapsed ?
  6. Many thanks @Carrerahill that is most helpful , i'm having a mini digger on site for another purpose soon so can get a look at the soil. Will post when i have a picture of the ground make up.
  7. Please could some body just remind me what stage a build must be at before the deadline on which a permission expires in Scotland (before you need to re-apply/extend that is) ? I had it in my mind that there must have been at least one inspection for some of the work detailed in the associated warrant but i now can't recall where i got this from.
  8. Thanks @Carrerahill . Garage with workshop i guess would be about 5m high at ridge and 3.5m by 5.5m footprint but in my case all timber so not sure how much different in weight in relation to what you have done for the slab. I will find out if BW needed for addition of workshop in roof space and how that would work if the slab had been in place before BW applied for.
  9. I added the following after the initial post.... There is a garage marked on the PP just not one with the workshop above for reasons stated. PP amendment to garage height but without workshop floor possible perhaps.
  10. I wasn't aware that Ecology even operate in the lifetime mortgage market for a property of any type. Are you saying that they do ?
  11. Not sure if this is a question lies outside the scope of the forum but here goes. Has anybody any experience of applying or obtaining a lifetime mortgage or equity release type arrangement on a new self build constructed entirely from timber (i.e. with no masonry leaf) ? I had heard that all-timber construction has traditionally not been an acceptable form of security for providers of this type of product but wondered if that may be less true where the property is built to contemporary building regs and warranty standards ?
  12. Thanks @JSHarris , I didn't know about the cavity insect barrier. Yet another row in my check list spreadsheet !
  13. Ah, maybe i never saw it in 708 anyway as the caveat i was eluding to is in the notes of VAT431NB and makes it plain: "you cannot claim VAT back on any materials used on the construction of rooms above or attached to a detached garage". Guess a taller garage and founds could be reclaimed but sans off all of the materials and labour needed for the upper floor. I could say the high garage roof space is required for parking camper van with roof rack for cycles (Penny-farthing) if questioned ? I could do that @scottishjohn but as i'm not certain yet for sure that the garage will be replaced with a taller one then i'd be beefing up the founds for no tangible reason if it didn't go ahead i guess. But if @Ferdinand is right on the modest difference in cost then it becomes much less of an issue.
  14. Thanks. History is that i phoned HM Revenue and Customs last year and was left with the impression that a newly built garage (built at the same same time as zero rated new main dwelling) also attracts the exemption bestowing it with zero VAT rating. But where the detached garage has an ancillary amenity, as in my case insulated workshop above, then it probably looses the exemption. Quickly (?) reading through Notice 708 i'm struggling to find where this is spelt out and it is possible i may have been misinformed. Even my plan of retaining garage during build process in any form may be problematic as 708 also states that, for a new main dwelling to qualify for zero rating, "before construction starts, any pre-existing building is demolished completely to ground level". I may be digressing into VAT perhaps too far for a foundation post and perhaps should pose the VAT quandary to the VAT section. Either way i should stress i'm not at this stage definitely going to proceed with a taller garage replacement but what i didn't want to do is have a slab put down in one particular way if a small change/consideration will save time or costs if replacing with a taller garage with room above at a later date.
  15. Is a timber clad & timber frame wall build up any more likely to suffer from a rodent problem than a wall build up that incorporates a leaf of block work ?