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  1. I guess that might be a problem @ProDave - especially condensate on the floor ! Ah interesting, now I think of it I remember seeing an LG ASHP diagram with showing a fan coil for cooling, I think I tried to find out more from LG and also ask them about an installer and got, well, not very far ! So have I understood correctly in that that solution would cool the air rather the what is connected to the heating flow output ? Do any other ASHPs pair up easily with fan coils ?
  2. Thanks @joth and @Dan F . I guess if clipping the resistor over a couple of pins on the PCB is sufficient alone to get the cooling working without any other measures on the UK units that is a result. Straying off topic ever so slightly, that would mean the installer would be unaware the system would be used for cooling post-install so are there any subtleties that the wider system i.e. UFH, pipework, manifolds etc need to be designed in mind with if the whole system is to be able to run in cooling mode also ? Instincts tell me not as it is the same thermodynamics just with the energy flowing in the opposite sense to warming mode. Interest in these for me was piqued a few weeks back as supplier local to my build (who was previously going to supply and install a Woodfire CX12 and 500L thermal store) phoned me up saying there were expanding into heat pumps and were now a new Vaillant agent - obviously he started extolling the virtues of the new aroTHERM units. I was slightly concerned about the potential to add to summer overheating problems with a thermal store under the previous plan and also to have both heating and cooling delivered by the one single appliance is a potential bonus.
  3. So there is a cursory mention of cooling in the Valliant aroTHERM docs I've so far seen but the supplier I'm in contact with not yet answered question as to whether they will install and commission a new system with the cooling function enabled. Has anyone got any light to shed on using the cooling function on these ? I remember being advised a while back that installing a system that has cooling accessible from the user controls means the RHI eligibility is problematic. Just before the lockdown I talked to someone who suggested this was no longer the problem it once was - is that correct ?
  4. It is JJI joist (350mm wall, 450m roof) construction with blown woodfibre insulation - that too is included in quote.
  5. @Temp Thanks for those, I have contacted some brokers, so far to no avail, but the two more you have listed there might differ in response - though no doubt the uncertainty of risk factor for them might make it fairly costly even if, as you say, they will deal in c2b rather than b2b. @PeterW Sorry - yes windows, veluxes and rainwater goods also included.The internal joinery includes both supply and fit and comprises stairs, first floor, partitions, sound insulation, all plaster boarding, internal doors and frames skirtings, architraves, windowsills etc. They are also prepared to work around the electrician, plumber and MVHR installer that I appoint. External perimeter decking and screening also included. The odd thing is I suggested some sort of title of goods arrangement last week and at first this was met with the claim that it was hard to do as under Scots law as property could only be heritable rather than "moveable". But after I hesitated this week due the risk factor this objection seems to have been put aside.
  6. @PeterW But tidy for whom ?! Remainder of terms are another 25% within seven days of invoicing after principal kit delivery, 15% payment on making wind and watertight and balance within thirty days of completion. The contract isn't only for wind and water tight structure but also includes the roofing, cladding and internal joinery. No retention in their quote come contract.
  7. They have been operating in their current form supplying and erecting timber buildings since 1946 though this doesn't make them immune from any potential economic downturn. They want 29% on order and another 25% 28 days before the main kit is delivered, with confirmation in writing that title to goods is held by me following each payment.
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to insure the sum advanced to a timber frame supplier for manufacture of the kit against the risk of them going bust etc. Am I wrong to assume standard self -build insurance policies don't include this cover ?
  9. @Christine Walker They want a 29% payment upon ordering - i took that as meaning they won't actually begin manufacture until my payment has cleared. Perhaps as their quotation contains their payment schedule, and 'consideration' will have been given if I tell them to go ahead and make the initial payment, this will form as a good a contract as they desire ? Not sure if the notion of 'consideration' works broadly the same in Scots law as it does in English ?
  10. @ProDave They are also supplying and fitting: roof, cladding, windows, timber sun screening, decking, sub flooring, guttering, plaster boarding and internal joinery. They don't want to act as 'main contractor' though. @Dreadnaught Yes, they are going to be in formal possession of site during their own works phase (offered this in pre-sales discussion but seemed less keen to include it in quotation - in part hence why I would prefer some form of contract also)
  11. I have noticed that the warranty suppliers available for self builds seem to designate their self build warranty products with the term "self build" somewhere in the product name. If the warranty paperwork/certificate has the term "self build" included then does this mean that if a lender says they accept warranties from provider XYZ (eg from the on-line list at the Council of Mortgage Lenders) does this necessarily mean they accept the "self build" warranties of said provider ? I'll probably end up contacting lenders directly but wondered first if anyone had any experience in that regard.
  12. Preferred TF contractor seems reluctant to enter into any form of contract (just wants to proceed on basis on quotation alone). The value of the work is just under £150k. In Scotland I should add. I am trying to set out the reasons why it might be a good idea to have a contract and so far have what is listed below. Can anyone suggest what else may be wise to have specified ? start and end dates and notice period for commencing work mechanism to revise completion date after agreeing a delay (otherwise contractors obligation to original completion date lapses) ownership of items and materials procured (i.e. at what point does ownership of materials pass to me) liability for damage to site or neighbouring properties cleaning up site storage of plant, equipment, materials etc variation clause to set out procedure for changes early termination clause if contract breached and clause that client does not have to pay until remedial costs have been offset
  13. It is Sylvan Stuart. I sourced my own references which turned out to be more than satisfactory - alas in my mind that doesn't makes up for not having a contract. Or in effect a contract which is only furnished with terms in the interests of one of the parties.
  14. The company I had shortlisted for supplying and erecting timber frame (along with roof, exterior cladding, windows and internal joinery) tell me they won't entertain the idea of a construction contract. They seem to be of the opinion that the only salient point of prior agreement need be the full build specification and the payment schedule. Should I ditch them ?
  15. Can structural steelwork generally be supported on passive slabs ?