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  1. So have I understood correctly in that an enthalpy exchanger operating at 50% moisture recovery would take out 5gm.m-3 of water from extract air at, say, 10gm.m-3 and put that back into the supply ?
  2. Thanks for measurements, I guess what I don't know is what the RH would be during cold snaps without an enthalpy exchanger. @ProDave my concern was that I'll be reliant on the inside VCL more than if the airtight layer wasn't on the outside which to my mind sounded like a potential cause of increased moisture if the internal AH was higher than it would be for four months of the year than without the exchanger.
  3. I am looking at getting an MVHR system with an enthalpy exchanger as I have chronic (non-allergic) rhinitus that seems to be triggered by central heating drying out cold winter air. The build type is to be timber frame and blown woodfibre with Wraptite on the outside. Regarding the wall type and moisture management within it, should I be concerned that in winter the humidity will be higher than it would otherwise have been without the enthalpy exchanger ?
  4. So does a split unit like the Toshiba Mirai mentioned in this thread need planning permission ?
  5. Well, several months elapsed after the planning work no invoice was forthcoming, I had to ask them to send their bill which I paid the same day as it was received - so I'd hope they wouldn't have be down as a slow payer !
  6. They also drew up and submitted the planning, that time charging in arrears.
  7. Architect has asked for payment in full for work on compilation of Scottish building warrant (equivalent of English building regs) before starting work it. Am I right to consider this dubiously ?
  8. Which, if any, of the Scottish regulations set out what site security measures should be in place for the duration of a build ? I have a pre-existing 1m high perimeter fence and am considering bolstering it to 1.8m but want to check what is actually required for building warrant etc Maybe I'm too impatient with google searches but I could not find anything specific.
  9. Thanks to all who responded. I couldn't see how the extra two hours would cause an issue - but didn't want to mistakenly assume that as a given.
  10. I know that the sweet spot is 12 hours, but is having a delay of 14 hours any less desirable than 12 ? Thanks
  11. Has any one else used I joists for the top header plate in a I joist build ? If possible I would like to forward my engineer some example drawings as I want to steer away from solid glulams.
  12. I had thought OSB was commonly used for this but is that true ? I have seen ply also mentioned - so what determines which should be used ?
  13. I guess that might be a problem @ProDave - especially condensate on the floor ! Ah interesting, now I think of it I remember seeing an LG ASHP diagram with showing a fan coil for cooling, I think I tried to find out more from LG and also ask them about an installer and got, well, not very far ! So have I understood correctly in that that solution would cool the air rather the what is connected to the heating flow output ? Do any other ASHPs pair up easily with fan coils ?
  14. Thanks @joth and @Dan F . I guess if clipping the resistor over a couple of pins on the PCB is sufficient alone to get the cooling working without any other measures on the UK units that is a result. Straying off topic ever so slightly, that would mean the installer would be unaware the system would be used for cooling post-install so are there any subtleties that the wider system i.e. UFH, pipework, manifolds etc need to be designed in mind with if the whole system is to be able to run in cooling mode also ? Instincts tell me not as it is the same thermodynamics just with the energy flowing in the opposite sense to warming mode. Interest in these for me was piqued a few weeks back as supplier local to my build (who was previously going to supply and install a Woodfire CX12 and 500L thermal store) phoned me up saying there were expanding into heat pumps and were now a new Vaillant agent - obviously he started extolling the virtues of the new aroTHERM units. I was slightly concerned about the potential to add to summer overheating problems with a thermal store under the previous plan and also to have both heating and cooling delivered by the one single appliance is a potential bonus.
  15. So there is a cursory mention of cooling in the Valliant aroTHERM docs I've so far seen but the supplier I'm in contact with not yet answered question as to whether they will install and commission a new system with the cooling function enabled. Has anyone got any light to shed on using the cooling function on these ? I remember being advised a while back that installing a system that has cooling accessible from the user controls means the RHI eligibility is problematic. Just before the lockdown I talked to someone who suggested this was no longer the problem it once was - is that correct ?