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  1. Not sure about innovative features. We have 3 Siemens ovens - one conventional fan, a steam oven and a microwave. They all have slightly different menu structures - changing the time as the clocks change or after a power cut is laborious, as they all do it slightly differntly (one involves scrolling through the time by the minute!). One our our daughters refurbed her kitchen and bought an oven and a microwave - both Bosch. The clocks on these are always synchronised - possibly OTA?
  2. We're in exactly the same place as you. We were on AVRO's Simple & Super12M fixed price deal until April 2022. Electricity 14.99p kWh and Gas 2.546p. Seems unreal rates now and I was sure they couldn't make it viable. We were paying £95 a month for G&E, now likely to go up to £140/month. As far as Octopus's tarrifs are concerned, this is what I've discovered: Occupier Flexible Octopus September 2021 v1 Eco 7 Electricity Day unit rate: 20.39 p/kWh Night unit rate: 12.67 p/kWh Standing charge: 23.85 p/day Electricity Unit rate: 18.48 p/kWh Standing charge: 23.76 p/day Gas Unit rate: 3.24 p/kWh Standing charge: 23.85 p/day Occupier Flexible Octopus October 2021 v2 Eco 7 Electricity Day unit rate: 21.76 p/kWh Night unit rate: 15.02 p/kWh Standing charge: 23.85 p/day Electricity Unit rate: 20.12 p/kWh Standing charge: 23.76 p/day Gas Unit rate: 3.94 p/kWh Standing charge: 26.11 p/day
  3. Could try CT1 https://www.toolstation.com/ct1-sealant-adhesive/p96154?store=N3&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&mkwid=s_dc&pcrid=515847200315&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=CjwKCAjw-ZCKBhBkEiwAM4qfF_nGOZ7ALi4-9s-HcRVftsvGR_gcGTxmsczdEjoBAd4wIUtzS2oXThoCSKYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. We made the mistake of concentrating on insulating for winter rather than summer. Having a SSE facing rear has contributed to high levels of solar gain in the summer months. Our large hall and landing window is non-opening and can easily raise the inside temperature to 32deg. We have now finished installing an electric pergola for the kitchen and electric solar blind for the hall. These both operate from the Somfi app and coupled with the Velux have made things much more controllable.
  5. Interesting the rates you are paying are quite a bit higher than ours. A good reason to stick with them. Sorry, it's not the App I was using, it is their website portal. Logged in OK but when I try to add readings it says ‘An unexpected error has occurred’. Been like that from day 1. Tried a different browser - same. After numerous emails, it was escalated to their Development Team over 2 weeks ago - heard nothing since.
  6. We were with Bulb but switched before the last price increase, which would have added 13% to the price we were paying. We moved to AVRO Energy and their Simple and Super12M 12 months fixed tariff: Electricity Standing Charge - 19.95p per day Unit Rate - 14.989p/kWh Gas Standing Charge - 19.95p per day Unit Rate - 2.546p/kWh We had a smart meter fitted during our build, but its a SMETS1 version and hasn't worked at all. On the whole, Bulb were pretty good. AVRO are turning out to be hopeless. I couldn't record the first meter reading on their App as it wasn't working, so did it by email. Despite numerous calls and emails, they just don't respond. I spend 15 minutes on their Emergency only helpline (anything else has to be by email or looking online). The App still doesn't work, so I've put them on notice I won't be sending any further readings until they sort it out.
  7. I have to confess we went with a Siematic kitchen. Even though it cost maybe a 1/3 more than a good quality UK supplied one, you can see the difference. The most obvious ones are the cupboards have a noise seal along the entire perimeter of the carcass, the shelf supports are very robust (I think I could probably stand on them) and the doors have fittings to take a range of accessories (which are eye-wateringly expensive). Having a good fitter also helped. We didn't buy it to make the house easier to sell though. 3 years on, it still looks like new, despite the best efforts of our grandson. ☺️
  8. Completely agree. The planners should hang their heads in shame. The condition should have been appealed, but I suspect the GD timetable put them off doing this. Just another example of a profession that's comepletely lost the plot (no pun intended). If it had been a 200 year-old barn with historical interest, it may have justified "leaving the structure standing", but a 35 year old agricultural building? PAH! Despite this, a fantastic outcome and one they should be immensely proud of.
  9. Agree it was a remarkable achievement by a determined and very sweet couple. I hope they have a long and happy life together. I still cannot see why they weren't allowed to demolish and rebuild, using as much of the original materials as possible. Would have made underpinning unnecessary, the build safer and the structure more stable. And saved them a big pot of money. The end result would have looked exactly the same. Some obstacles seem so counter-productive and just plain stupid.
  10. Check the inlet pipe into the Vent Axia from the outside vent is very well insulated. We have the same model and I hadn't insulated the plastic spigot into the unit well enough. Warm air in the house was condensing on this small area and created a lot of water over a few cold days.
  11. One of the problems with building your own house Ian is that self-builders work to such fine tolerances... Our washing machine slot is the same - although we have a bit more than 1mm. What I did was tie some cord around the 2 back legs which hide under the machine until I need to get it out. This gives a bit more leverage. But I accept it will still be tricky with only 6 consenting fingers.
  12. That image you've posted has nothing to do with a new boiler. If the installer is getting heavy, look them up in the Gas Safe Register. If they're not registered, that tells you everything; if they are, you can report his unwillingness to come up with any documentation to the Register and leave it with them.
  13. Having had laminate, granite and quartz kitchens, I would go with quartz every time. Laminate is cheap, cheerful and durable, but you can't have underhung sinks (unless it's solid laminate, which might be worth looking into. The edges can also be difficilt to deal with if you have curves. Granite looks fantastic, but it does need regular cleaning to show its best and it is prone to chipping around sinks etc. Quartz is pretty bulletproof; it's impervious, hard wearing and easy to clean (no regular buffing up - depending on what colour you have...)
  14. You need to provide details of the door and window positions
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