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  1. Square Feet

    Bannister - diy construction

    Thanks again Ferdinand. The ceiling is t&g cladding and I don't want to hack into it. I also think that two floor to ceiling posts in the middle of the room would completely ruin the aesthetic if I am honest! Yes, will try a belt and braces approach for the newels. Cheers
  2. Square Feet

    Bannister - diy construction

    Thanks Ferdinand, - only just seen your reply. That is very helpful. Yes my concern was also about how to make the 'free' end of the bannister stable enough for folk to be able to hang onto it as they went up or down stairs. In this case I have two such ends - one either side - so I need a good solution. I have just finished doing the ceiling so I can't attach to there now, but can still go through the floor to screw to a joist. I'm just a bit worried in case it isn't strong enough for the surveyor to sign off on though. Thanks too for the shopping list.
  3. Square Feet

    Bannister - diy construction

    Thanks for that. Yes, that was my idea too. Nobody ever done that sort of thing then?
  4. Square Feet

    Bannister - diy construction

    Hi - I am currently renovating an old cottage. The loft was converted at some time in the past and stairs put in. The opening for the stairs is just a slot taken out of the floor above. The previous owners had built a ply stud wall around this instead of a bannister. I have removed this wall which makes the space seem much bigger. Now I need to put some sort of bannister around the hole to stop people falling down it. I had hoped to pick something up on eBay, but after several months of patient searching I have found nothing. Buying something in would be too expensive, so I am looking at putting something together myself. I have seen some metal rods that I could use at the appropriate spacing, and was thinking of fitting them together with CLS. I wondered if anyone here has any better ideas. Has anyone made something themselves like this and if so how did you hold it all together and how sturdy was it? The property is going to be sold so longevity is less of an issue for me than the surveyor being ok with it, but obviously I don't want it to collapse and hurt someone. Cost is also a big issue - I need a cheap solution! Cheers
  5. Square Feet


    Thanks for that everyone. Some good ideas there. Cheers
  6. Square Feet


    My knees are well and truly done for. I have been working on the floors for the past week and it has really done me in. I try never to kneel, always squat but it doesn't help much after a while. They have been getting worse and worse over the years. I saw a lot of you all complaining about your knees and I wondered if anyone had any ideas about what I could do that might help. Knee pads make them 100x worse for some reason. Sometimes I put arnica cream on them which helps a bit but its more of a sticking plaster than a cure. Anyone recommend any exercise or diet type remedies? I take glucosamine already too.
  7. This was on a sheep farm so the whole place was teeming with rat traps. Never saw a single one in all the years we lived there.
  8. I built a pallet shed too. Mine was a bit bigger - 4.5m by 2.5m. I got the doors off Ebay for £12 and the roofing sheets came from there too for £90. Decking boards were £100 if I remember correctly. There was a huge window inside that came from a skip - it was south facing so let in lots of light and heat. It was at a place I was renting so sadly I don't have access to it since we moved.
  9. Article in the Guardian today - shame it will be five years until it is available - maybe I could make one out of bits of something I have lying around.... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/05/groundbreaking-spinning-wind-turbine-wins-uk-dyson-award
  10. Square Feet

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    I guess we will find out 😉
  11. Square Feet

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    thanks for all these responses. RedOctober - the developer contributions have been paid by the owner already. They weren't that much as I recall. Temp - There are no bats but a survey might be required I suppose. Stones - thanks to Newhome you might already have seen what I mean about these points. I'm not too concerned about the C listed bits tbh, but it might add time to the application, but not too much. Yes limited width and difficulty turning. The market is pretty slow around here which is why I think it hasn't sold. I have a lot going on just now so I think I might just leave it. If it is still on the market next year I might see if they are willing to be a bit more amenable.
  12. I tried to get that recently for an attic conversion and came to the conclusion it was a non-starter. From the folk I spoke to it seemed that I could only get it for the horizontal part of the attic, not the sloping part of the roof. As others have said though it seems to vary enormously from one council area to the next. I just googled 'free loft insulation' plus the location and it came up with several companies. I rang a few and they all said pretty much the same thing. They also had access to old home report energy surveys so they could see what was there already which was interesting.
  13. Square Feet

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    I have just done the sums and if the planning costs £400 for permission that lasts 3 years then that equates to £100 for nine months. Not really worth getting your knickers in a twist about I would have thought.
  14. Square Feet

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    Yes, missives would be concluded before anything else happens. Then we are both tied in but me least of all as the contract will always specify that I don't have to complete unless I am completely happy with the planning I have managed to get. So I could in theory get planning and then walk away. I wouldn't do that, but there isn't really a way to convince them of that. If I did then they would benefit from the enhanced planning if I managed to get that passed. As I see it just now there are three issues with the site which are probably why it hasn't sold: Poor planning in place Challenging site access Some existing structures on site are C listed
  15. Square Feet

    Stiff door lock

    I don't know a great deal about French door locks, but if it is the same as many front doors - a Euro lock, then they are a doddle to replace and are very cheap. I did one recently on a front door and was stunned how easy it was (I had to break it as I had no key). https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p80969