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  1. Can you get any services in just now? The long wait times and delays those bring seem to be a constant theme of self-building.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/08/solar-panel-users-excess-power-scheme New update re the situation after March this year.
  3. I am hoping to buy a plot in 2019. Obviously I will then be moving into the completed house before Christmas.
  4. Yes that is worrying alright. I have no love for our present Westminster Govt and no faith that they will be anything other than bastards on the side of corporate greed. Battery storage is starting to appeal more and more....
  5. Yes, it does sound like it would be best to hang on and see how this plays out, though I can't see it paying anywhere near as much as FITs.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/18/solar-power-energy-firms-government
  7. I bought some cheap Cromar 3 off ebay for a loft renovation I did recently. From memory it was £27 or £28 for a 50m roll. I think that is about half price. It was seconds, but out of the 50m roll, only about 2m had to be ditched, the rest was fine. As JSHarris says, tape adhesion was a bit of an issue as I tried to use duct tape without success - it worked ok for a couple of weeks, then started to come away so you need the proper stuff.
  8. I also found Velux had crap instructions and flimsy plastic bits that snapped if you looked strongly at them. I did find that Velux were very good at sending out replacement parts though - FOC and very quickly.
  9. I hate it when untreated wood goes grey too. They always say on Grand Designs "and it will weather off to a beautiful silvery grey" but in reality it just goes manky and looks like a garden shed.
  10. There is a lot of difference between old single-skin containers and some of the newer twin walled ones. I rent one of each at the moment - the twin walled one is dry (good rubber seals on the doors help with that too) so it has furniture and personal items in, and the rusty old single skin one isn't (it suffers from condensation on the inside of the roof), so it has tools inside.
  11. "The crane company have visited site to check the narrow access and hairpin bent for themselves, they’ve confirmed that their smallest crane will be able to get onto site, with difficulty!" Can I ask the dimensions of your hairpin? I am looking at a site with narrow access just now so this is interesting information.... Cheers.
  12. I'm sure if you put it on freecycle someone would come and pump it out. My local oil delivery depot has big cannisters you can buy off them for just such a purpose.
  13. Don't forget to take the covers off your smoke alarms now you are in.... Would love to have a nosey at your house sometime Congratulations - it all looks very much as though it belongs in the landscape and I hope you will have many happy years there.
  14. Nice - and it's in a sporty colour too How much is one of those then?