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  1. I'm a reasonably competent diy plumber. I have plumbed in bathrooms and kitchens before, but not done much messing with central heating. Thanks for the tip re the pressure.
  2. Nice one, thanks. I'm just at the budgeting stage atm, but I will bear that in mind. Cheers
  3. Thanks Pete, that is useful. Yes I would do the work myself, sorry, I should have said that. I will stick it in the budget for £1000 and hopefully that will do it. Cheers
  4. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for installing UFH pipes into the slab during construction? Just a very rough guide please? Cheers
  5. Square Feet

    Timber Frame Stick Build

    Hi Patrick and welcome. I will watch your progress with interest as I am thinking of doing something similar. It would be good to hear the actual cost of some of your Polish materials later once you have exact figures. I hope you will do a blog on here....
  6. Square Feet

    Our house design, thoughts welcome

    The first thing I thought on looking at your plans was 'what a lot of wall and roof junctions'. These may well add to the percieved aesthetic, but they will make your build far more expensive and time-consuming and these sort of junctions are also inevitably weak points as far as insulation, cold bridging and air-tightness go. They are not very green and will cost you time and money. This may mean you have a fancier looking house from the outside, which will look good in your architect's portfolio, but it is you that has to pay for it and live with the compromised comfort and higher bills that they will bring. Unless there are a series of obstacles on your plot that you need to design around, I can't see the need for them. You can do beautiful things with an oblong house or a simple L shape if you must. Sorry to be negative...
  7. Square Feet

    Why timber frame?

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of the cost of this please?
  8. Square Feet

    Tender does it....!

    Useful to see, thanks. It's 'shelving' btw, not shelfing.
  9. Square Feet

    Offgrid Renovation

    I found the Ecology Building Society were the only ones who would consider a mortgage on a property of that sort. This was 15 years ago mind, so it might be different now. Sounds like a very big project. Best of luck with it.
  10. Square Feet

    New series of Grand Designs

    I really hated the concrete house. The guy obviously makes some serious money diving. I think any house built exclusively of one material would not look good to me, with a log cabin about the only exception I can think of. A palette of mixed materials and finishes has so much more interest and aesthetic appeal. I kept imagining the next owners of the house skimming the walls, both inside and out...
  11. Square Feet

    Long Term Damp Problem

    Pah, that's for wimps! I have a 4 hour round trip to get to my site just now. That's why we mostly stay over though...
  12. Square Feet

    Long Term Damp Problem

    This bit - if the downpipe is spraying water all around when it is in full flow, could it not be getting in here?
  13. Square Feet

    Long Term Damp Problem

    I have been dealing with similar issues on the property I am currently renovating. If it was mine I would do all the things you say above, plus maybe look at the leadwork between the extension and the wall as it looks to me as if there is a gap there. An overflowing cistern will dump thousands of litres where it shouldn't be if left untreated for a long time. It may dry out a fair bit now you have sorted that. Can you run a dehum inside to dry it out a bit and see if your remedial work does the trick? ETA - also is the soil pipe leaking? It looks from the wall staining as though it might be.
  14. Square Feet

    New build in Argyll

    Hey Fish, welcome to Scotland.