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  1. asklair

    Access Rights

    E-mail this address and ask for the procedure for subcontractors working on site
  2. asklair

    Access Rights

    I always try and do an audit trail, and then try and find out all the companies procedures. Those contractors are being paid who pays them and keep going, if they have no id or work permits how do you know they have a right to be there. I have add major hassle with film crews breaking the law, no one would listen, found out all the correct procedures, laws and use Article 11 "Rights to protest and freedom of association" and how the Scottish Parliament encourages people to protest. Virtually overnight I was getting phone calls wanting to find a solution. Key points, I saturate all the parties with emails and always inform the police about my protests and make it into a "game" so my blood vessels do not explode. My rule is if I would not do it to other people, then I do not expect it done to me. I always remember @JSHarris phrase, "you are oiling the wheels" and I can assure you this unacceptable behavior is happening to other people, with you challenging them it will help others.
  3. asklair

    What would you do with this?

    Look at what types of buildings do not pay council tax, do village halls with a reading room not pay council tax. Do the Carbeth Hutter's have a "place of worship", renovate the building with grants and get an income stream. Lease the building to a charity which would do the property up. Great shame leaving it as it is.
  4. asklair

    Access Rights

    From past experience Scot Rail have acknowledge that they have not done well in managing noise and disturbance when working near to homes. They may have a right through your property but I know a large corporation does not want bad publicity, try their PR department.
  5. asklair

    Extractor fan not working in daughters rent flat

    Getting there found this on Youtube
  6. I have attached photos of a extractor fan from a bathroom, its not working, any advice like make etc would be great. Going through to Edinburgh to visit my daughter at her rented flat where the fan is. I said I would have a look at it. Many thanks.
  7. asklair

    Log burner

    I have a log burner, due to my situation it is the best solution short term. If I had the resources I would not have one due to the information I have read here. I did try to build an "ecohouse" but the establishment would not let me, but they let me pollute our planet with a log burner and the oceans with plastic bottles. The point I am trying to make is I accept log burners are no longer acceptable but like having a polluting car to get to work, the system forces me to use that option, that's not totally true I refuse to give it up, I could cycle to work (5 hours a day).
  8. asklair


    The positive side is you see the true nature of your neighbors. It took us over 5 years and 3 planning applications and ended up selling our house and plot with full planning and building warrant as we had moved into an other part of our life journey. It was amazing to see and meet so many people who helped us and I always say hello to the people who wanted us to fail. "Wanting to fail" might not be the right words, the house has now been built and every time I pass it a sense of joy comes over me. I was laughed at, I was told to shut up at the first planning hearing, and the end result has given me a reputation and credibility, ok that means nothing to me but has opened many doors without me needing to kick them in to gain entry. What I am trying to say, if you keep to your own moral compass then you have nothing to feel ashamed about, just keep smiling and keep trying to make the world a better place for all. Remember your house will be there long after you are gone, you are gifting a home for future generation.
  9. asklair

    Air pollution monitoring

    Will Air-Quality Monitoring Be The Next Health Tracking Craze? The startup Plume Labs gives everyday citizens the tools to measure the pollution levels around them–and hopes they’ll use them to advocate for better environmental policies.
  10. Alternatively offer to pay your builder outstanding invoices from his suppliers with your credit card.
  11. asklair

    Air pollution monitoring

    Very interesting, if a system was developed at an affordable price I would like to participate. If "we" control the data it will be interesting how the officials react, I have a good idea what the public reaction will be.
  12. asklair

    Saturday night nonsense

    my pennies worth 0 4 2
  13. Last resort is satellite internet. We got a government grant to cover the installation and equipment supplied by Notspot and uses Tooway internet. Our package is £44 per month for 25GB and unlimited between midnight and 6 am.
  14. asklair

    MIcrowave Shelf

    Looking good, what about the ventilation on top of microwave,