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  1. Thanks. Good tip. Interesting about Scotland being different. We are in England
  2. Good call. Can’t quite decide if u want them closed or not. We do have a five year old so probably safer to have. But I am keen to keep them as clean looking as possible so I guess acrylic or glass would best achieve that
  3. That would help wouldn’t it! Need to delete some stuff of my phone so I can take pictures... tonights’s job sorted!
  4. I wondered about this too. not sure if there are rules on this - like would it have to be toughened glass or something instead of acrylic - does anyone know?
  5. Hello! Our staircase is nearly in... I was so focus on head height and tread depth etc that I missed the building regs bit on max 100mm gap, which is an issue as we have open risers, which of course are about twice that. the stairs are powder coated metal frame with oak treads and side-fixed glass balustrades (toughened and laminated). So quite minimalist. I have seen a couple of possible solutions - sort of half risers attached to the underside of the tread, or a metal bar across the middle. Has anyone seen seen any other creative fixes? I’m keen to keep as much light as possible coming through as the stairs are right by a window. Thanks!
  6. Probably a daft question... but any tips on what building inspectors look out for on their last visit? We had full plans approval at the start so previous visits have been quite low key. They advised on fire escape windows (windows in the two existing bedrooms are low to be ground so Regs simultaneously want low opening for escape and high opening to prevent falls...) But now we are nearing the end I guess there will be things that were not on the plans, like staircase, fire escape windows and balustrades (we have a sort of mezzanine landing upstairs). Any tips would be great so I can try to keep issues to a minimum! Really want to get back in ASAP and stop paying rent!
  7. Yep. That’s what we used to have. But dust sits on top of the skirting, which I hate with a passion!
  8. Long shot... but is it possible to retrofit flush skirting?? I am not worried about a shadow gap but just don’t want skirting sticking out proud from the wall. We originally specified flush skirting but had some issues which meant that much of the House is now using insulated plasterboard (ie celotex bonded onto plasterboatd). So builder did not stop plaster at skirting level or use trims to achieve a shadow gap, since it wasn’t possible. My plan was to score the plasterboard and remove from the insulation behind and then attach skirting so it is flush. But builder is dead against. i guess my options are: - cut plasterboard as planned and get him to plaster and work out how to attach skirting to insulation later - let him carry on and plaster down to the bottom of the wall and later work out how to cut plastered plasterboard off and retrofit skirting - give up and maybe fit an aluminium skirting or similar so it is as low profile as possible. Also, is a trim necessary if I am not worried about a shadow gap? Very grateful for any views!
  9. We took the plung and mentioned to buildloan - they were not phased and agreed to add an extra stage payment to give us half of the withheld 10% - really great result that keeps us in the Black! Their admin is pretty ropey so we’ll have to keep on top of them but the gamble paid off!! Thanks for all your comments. The 0% credit card is continuing to come in useful for kitchen and several other bits.
  10. Yes - exactly what we have been thinking. Have got a card that is 0% for 30 months, which will be great to allow me to split the cost of the kitchen over 30 months. But sadly the builder won't take a card, which is annoying!
  11. Does anyone have a self-build mortgage via BuildLoan/Buildstore? I'm wondering what our chances are of getting them to release funds early (so not borrowing more money but just changing the timing). Our mortgage is with Chorley Building Society via BuildLoan. They release funds in several stages, and the issue is that they withhold the final 10% until completion (ie building regs sign-off). We've had our early funds released and the next stage is the pemultimate one: "water tight". We should be there by the end of this week (wohoo!)... However, there have been some unexpected costs (we found a well under the new foundations...boo). This takes us over our contingency. We can afford this in the long term (ie once the last 10% of mortgage funds have been released), but the phasing means that in the short term we'll go £15k into the red for a few weeks, which would mean having to beg/borrow from relatives to tide us over. Ideally I'd like to drawn down more funds to avoid that. Does anyone know my chances of getting the to release more in the next (penultimate) stage? I am worried that if they always insist on withholding 10% then it isn't worth mentioning it to BuildLoan (who do the admin on the stage releases) because it might just freak them out. If, on the other hand, there is a chance they may be helpful, then I want to bring it up. Dilemmas...
  12. We have found our preferred builder and he has given us a huge list of former clients to speak to for references... would love some ideas on what to ask. Guess it is good to know strengths/weaknesses etc so we can keep an eye out and head off any issues before they arise. Any tried and tested questions or things that you have found useful? Thanks!