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  1. Hi Has anyone experience of building on land that is designated AONB We are thinking about trying to convert a stables / barn, a similar building across the road managed to get planning, but wasn't in AONB Alternative is to consider building under the existing sand school, and reinstate sand school slightly higher than it is now. Thanks John
  2. Hi Just moved in and was wondering, do you have the mvhr on all the time or just certain hours, evening and early mornings, when house is generally occupied John
  3. Hi Some pictures of various parts of the house, with a little bit left to do Kitchen and flooring to be bought and fitted John
  4. Hi I bought my ecodan from Plumbstop, very competitive price, compared to some others
  5. Still going to be part of the community as there is always something to learn
  6. Will do, haven't got WiFi in yet, so will upload tomorrow, were shall I post them
  7. Hi Moved in on Saturday after 2.5 years but that includes doing up the house we were living in and renovating my sons flat. Flooring still needs laying down stairs and a new kitchen when finances allow,will come in at around 1k per square metre 300 sqm external. Have enjoyed the journey and thanks for the advice from yourselves.
  8. I work shifts so have worked alongside the some of the trades but have not worked on it at weekends. Haven't worked much on it myself since December, as getting our own house next door ready for the market (we built in the garden) all trades have been on day rate. We are looking at around 800 ish per sq metre, it can be done but it depends on trade rates, I priced every thing I bought between major building suppliers and went with the cheapest like for like
  9. Hi Upstairs is complete skirtings, doors fitted, bathrooms finished other than shower screens. Downstairs the screeders are booked everything paid upto date. Total so far 200k looking like going to be 10% over budget but that is due to up specing after the vat has been claimed back. I've purchased all the materials
  10. Hi I built my own TF on site in all weather's, saved a bit of money but next time I would buy a frame in and I'm a chippy Buying one means you're inside and dry a considerable time earlier. I would erect a company supplied myself though John
  11. Hi We are coming towards the end of our selfbuild, probably 2.5 months left. Im currently also doing up our existing cottage to sell, hopefully they will be ready at the same time. Would it be of use or intrest to anyone if i give a run down of what we encountered from planning permission to the end result and best way to post if i do. Thanks John
  12. Hi Anyone any pointers on how to spec an ASHP and what model are people using Thanks John
  13. Hi Im just at the stage of chosing and having air source sized also First size ive had was 12kw, our house is 300sqm exterior,3 floors, integral garage and up graded insulation, so how can i get the system specked. Rather than start a new topic does anyone know where to get 32 mm twin pipe underground insulated pipe to get from house to air source in the garden Thanks John
  14. Hi Thought I take a few pics of our progress
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