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  1. Building Regs / Funding chicken and egg

    Ask for a mortgage extension to be on the safe side, there normally ok with this. Then continue with BR submission
  2. Mvhr or not

    So if I have Mvhr there is no need for trickle vents?, I am insulating above b regs
  3. not sure if should have Mvhr, see attached plans advice greatly received Thanks
  4. Foundations in

    Concrete pump and lorry queue
  5. Foundations in

    Hi Foundations poured last week, used a pump, saved some work, mason laying blocks today.
  6. Importing from Europe

    Hi ragg987 Who did you use in Europe, you can pm me if you'd rather Thanks John
  7. Improvement on block and beam foundation insulation

    Hi 100mm block work 50mm cavity and 140mm stud sitting (as it stands) 165mm of block make up which sit on beam floor which in turn sits on trench blocks Hope this makes sense
  8. funding to build two houses on one plot

    We were looking at doing the same but we are going to build the new house for ourselves and sell the old house we spoke to an accountant they said we would have to pay tax. The mortgage company would not lend us the money classed us as commercial. Two houses on one planning application, so we split the application
  9. Thanks for the earlier replies, am now using block and beam on trench blocks, looking at reducing. thermal bridging under sole plate of timber frame Thanks
  10. Just starting

    Started on Monday which is good,on Tuesday have changed the ground floor design due to soil type
  11. Site insurance sorted

    Thanks for the advice, found the same almost 35 percent cheaper by shopping around
  12. And then there was none.

    Hi, not the best situation to be in but you have started your dream, I would agree with most of the above, your lucky to have two assets that can be mortgaged, maybe worth short term pain (having a mortgage) for long term gain (finishing your dream)
  13. Timber frame make up

    Have decided on frame therm or similar for in between studs with pir over the top,am I right in thinking that the vcl covers studs then batten then pir then plasterboard
  14. Foundations improvement

    Thanks for the replies,am I right in thinking that if I insulate below ground in my 50mm cavity then do the dpc s as per drawing this will reduce thermal bridging and be accepted by bco John
  15. Foundations improvement

    Hi This is what I have as proposed foundation's, looking for improvement reduce thermal bridging. Would it be feasible to keep slab inside block wall and use marmox or similar in line with slab then one block above to sit timber frame on. Hope this makes sense. Thanks John