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  1. jpinthehouse


    Timber with block outside John
  2. jpinthehouse


    Hi Rational windows are in combriband was going to be fitted but most of the windows are a little tight in the opening was just going to strap windows in then foam both sides then render to face of window .Any thoughts John
  3. jpinthehouse

    Vaillant aerotherm

    Hi Had a price for 15kw air source as above anyone got any other recommendations. Which might be cheaper than the 3800 plus the vat I've been quoted Thanks Jp
  4. jpinthehouse

    Vaillant aerotherm

    Thanks,just got to negotiate with plumbing outlet as price given is before any discounts. Can I buy a carrier unit instead or does anyone know who sells them. John
  5. Hi Anyone installed a vaillant ashp just had a quote from local supplier its a 15kw system Whats your thoughts John
  6. jpinthehouse


    Hi Been doing some reading,I have a warm trussed roof , can I run a vcl just inside the truss uprights and along the roof line and ceiling, but not to the apex of the truss Thanks
  7. jpinthehouse

    Half way point

    Hi Hopefully looking at roof on, windows in rational , block work up for about 100k, house size approx 300sqm over 3 floors Then inside next couple of weeks
  8. jpinthehouse

    Cedar cladding

    Hi Thanks for pictures. All looking very good. Currently looking for prices
  9. jpinthehouse

    What do people recommend

    Hi Ceiling height 2.3 and not to bothered about the cooling side of it John
  10. jpinthehouse

    What do people recommend

    Hi Utility rm,open plan kitchen dinner and normal ceiling height John
  11. Hi Just about to start looking at mvhr supplier, any recommendations and which system. House is 310sq m . Integral garage, two ensuites,one bathroom,one cloakroom. Thanks John
  12. jpinthehouse

    Cedar cladding

    Hi Anyone used Cedar cladding, untreated so that it greys. Some pics would be nice If so we're did you purchase it John
  13. jpinthehouse

    Warm roof details

    Thanks for the replies,I'm not sure whether the felt goes under the counter battens onto the pir insulation or under the battens that holds the slate Thanks John
  14. jpinthehouse

    Warm roof details

    Hi The details I can find for a warm roof are quite different with regards the roofing felt, what have others used John
  15. jpinthehouse

    Which windows

    Pro dave What do you think of them and would you have them again John