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  1. jpinthehouse

    Fascia and gutters

    Hi I'm looking at lindab or evolve gutters and evoke Ali fascia,any one used them, what's your opinion John
  2. jpinthehouse

    Steel has arrived

    It's supporting the gable end, timber frame and 4inch block, it's giving us an open plan kitchen dinner with no middle supporting post. The beam is 9.5 metre long by 612x304 sitting on two 120x120 each end.
  3. jpinthehouse

    Steel has arrived

    It's in
  4. jpinthehouse

    Steel has arrived

    it's the dearest ladder I've ever bought
  5. jpinthehouse

    Steel has arrived

    Hi Steel has arrived, for back of house with crane coming tomorrow to lift it in
  6. jpinthehouse

    Timber frame building on site

    Hi Day 15 of building and erecting timber frame, 1st floor joists and nearly all flooring laid, steel arriving next week to build rear wall, then roof craned on
  7. jpinthehouse

    Framing nailers

    I use paslode as its used a lot, the other manufacturers have caught up now so bang for buck its Hitachi or dewalt especially if not used for your main job
  8. jpinthehouse

    Dpc window detail

    Trying to find a drawing of dpc window detail, just to check what I'm doing is right, also I have a 50mm cavity so has going to use 38x38 treated timber or should I be using insulated cavity closer then strapping windows inside John
  9. jpinthehouse

    What plant to hoick around concrete floor beams.

    We moved our b and b beams which are 4.8 metres long, two seat belts as strops, put a loop in them, piece of 2x2 through loops, four people, and we moved them about 25 metres to the back of the house, over the foundations
  10. jpinthehouse

    Insulation on top of beam and block.

    I'm putting 150 mm celotex or similar on top of my b & b floor, then a screed floor
  11. jpinthehouse

    Steading (barn) conversion

    Hi Looks interesting, have recently been involved with a barn conversion, they tanked the internal walls, then a insulated timber frame, inside the barn which was built on a concrete slab
  12. jpinthehouse

    Mortgage Options - Already Own PLot?

    we separated the garden plot from existing mortgage and went with Ipswich building society via a broker with the plot as there security
  13. jpinthehouse

    B&B beams - hairline cracks

    I would be taking a picture and contacting the b&b manufacturer and also check the rest John
  14. jpinthehouse

    Which flooring

    Thanks for the replies, can a timber frame be placed on top of these types of flooring
  15. It's probably been mentioned before, do you need a specific log burner when mvhr is installed Thanks