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  1. @richiThanks, My water is medium hard when I check the NI water website with my postcode, I mainly want the softener to make the showers and glass panels easier to clean and to allow appliances to have an easier and hopefully longer life. I'm not sure if any residue even if it just wipes off would be acceptable! So I'm still trying to source a softener for my 5 shower house!! regards
  2. @ProDave I've been trying to find current regs to give to the electrician but can't find the the necessary document. The electrician is worried that unless there was a clear 50, some one is liable to hit a cable when putting up plasterboard. I've had serious trouble trying to source an electrician and don't want to annoy the one who has shown interest in doing the job. many thanks
  3. Thanks for that, are the regs UK wide? I'm in NI which is often well out of sync. My current 45 should be enough even when the battens have to be drilled to allow cables.
  4. The interior OSB of my house has been directly battened with 45mm battens at 400 centres, this is a problem for electricians who have priced the job who all want the house counter-battened to allow the required 50mm clearance for cables and to prevent a screw nicking a cable. Is 50mm clearance a definite? is there any way to avoid having to counter batten? thanks
  5. We are also considering a Leicht kitchen but cost is an issue, definately shop around and know exactly what you are comparing. I have been informed that kitchens ordered now will not be delivered until week 52. Any info on lead times? @ryder72
  6. This is an extremely interesting discussion, I have been trying to source a water softener for our build and found that all companies, even for softeners that have a sold scientific method of operation all seem to go with a fixed pitch, which includes a salesperson visit and who then will tell you what you wanted. Imagine trying to buy a washing machine with the same approach. I still haven't found a reliable source to supply a softener, I can submit a sample!
  7. I'm planning to install a Sunamp UniQ unit, I thought this time last year that I would need to have the heating and hot water sorted within weeks. A year later it could still be many weeks away🙁 I'm trying to grasp at positives and one is the advance of the Sunamp units available. I need to be able to supply 5 bathrooms (5 showers, 1 bath) with a request to never run out of hot water! and also underfloor heating. We should have a near passive house (at least that was the plan but we have no real idea of what we have or what we will end up with, just over 400 sqm, 5 beds). I think the ability to cool could be extremely useful. I would like to fit PV (but no 'grants') so may wait to fit later? and have all cabling in place to make later fitting simple. (large unshaded South facing roof) Sunamp have proposed a UniQ Dual (26 kWh) paired with a 11 kW Daikin split ASHP, with Economy 7. But; this system has no ability to cool which takes away some of the benefits of the ASHP (and then makes me think could I go Electric +PV only and save on the ASHP cost) @Nickfromwales do you know much about this proposed system? Is there a way to bypass the Sunamp and have a totally separate circuit to the ASHP specifically to allow cooling. This is for life, I've run out of board and there are no more moves left! so any system should be looked at with this in mind. I don't want to over complicate things as that is another requirement from my partner who will have to be able to manage when I can't. thanks for all opinions/advice
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to get the items required to bring our house together. Our water is not massively hard but hard enough to believe that a softener would be useful, even if only being able to keep bathrooms cleaner. We also are planning to fit a Quooker boiling tap. The softeners available locally seem to be limited and its difficult to know which one would work for our house. We have good incoming mains pressure to a 32mm connection (1 bath 5 showers). Some of the companies seem to attach a large amount of mysticism to their offerings, and most want to do a 'home survey'. I can't see the need for for fancy electronic APP controls that are offered on the higher capacity devices. I just want to buy a good reliable cheap to run unit, that my plumber can fit. has anyone any experience of the ecowater system? this seems to be the best offered locally. https://www.ecowater-softeners.co.uk/water-softener-large-home many thanks
  9. Look out for a spare set of rims with or without tyres, fit winter tyres to these and swap at the end of October. I have a 4wd estate and like it, tyres all wear evenly and no worries about getting stuck in snow or a field.
  10. thanks for the tip, I'm about to place a significant order with Reuter, (6.5 K less than local prices). I'll check whats on ebay first,
  11. Many thanks, I managed to get hold of a Grohe catalogue, which didn't help much! Then just by luck my wife was working in a different location and came across the particular tap in a plumbers merchant. It seems to be the correct size. We wanted to avoid ordering 6 taps that turned out to be too big or too small as above
  12. Hi all, Our project has been delayed by many months, but now we might be at a stage to order bathroom fittings. We have selected a Grohe Lineare basin mixer in S size. We haven't been able to get hands on this tap so will be ordering blind. We want to avoid the pop-up waste set (ie the little level behind the tap), this limits the Grohe taps available (with a push open waste) What are Grohe taps in S size like? We have 6 sinks to fit out. thanks
  13. Thanks for all the replies, I favour the solution offered by @JSHarris but unfortunately that was a non-runner so patching with the sticky tape will be used. We are in a low risk radon area and MVHR should further lower the risk.
  14. Just resurrecting this thread, rather than start a new one, My Kore passive slab is nearing completion and I have a query regarding the ring beam and the radon barrier. The ring was tied and then lifted into the EPS, in doing so made multiple punctures in the DPM/radon barrier. Is this a problem? how successful is patching likely to be? Are all ring beams in slabs lifted in after tying or are some tied insitu? I'll never build another house!!!!!
  15. Hi All, We are at the stage of laying underfloor heating prior to concrete pour. The quotes coming back are mad, I want to know how much I should expect to pay to design the layout, supply the pipe and manifold and fit. I know it should be possible to DIY it but I'm not really able to. I have planned to go with a Sunamp stack plus a split ASHP to provide the heat source. We have a large area but have a low heat requirement, I had hoped that the contractor would purchase the pipe and lay it without too much fuss thanks