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  1. Looks great but near end of build budgetary situation made it difficult to stretch to the DeLonghi
  2. The magnifica is now at 329.99 on Amazon. I've bought one!!
  3. I considered an Ochsner split system but the short warranty (2 years) for something that's supposed to be better built along with high service charges put me off
  4. Josko a fair bit more expensive than Internorm also beside you! McMullan and ODonnell get some good reports for local company. We have Internorm aluclad PVC
  5. I think the acre of PV panels also helped with the high thermal store temperature After multiple attempts and many hours I abandoned my quest to install a Sunamp unit and am going with a split low temperature ASHP with a 500 litre UVC.
  6. Hi all, Literally crawling to the finish line but still hitting landmines. Latest is the issue of the size of the UVC. I had requested a 500litre to cater for 5 showers 1 bath house, kids with additional needs, guests if they ever return and my often dirty job requiring a good evening scrub! Daikin is the chosen ASHP due to availability and local knowledge but suppliers differ wildly in what they say will work and what won't. I now have 3 alternative views, when all presented with the same data. But none are willing to specify a 500 litre UVC tank saying 300 is the max on offer, but one offers a 500litre Daikin thermal store. The explanations defy the laws of physics but I require the system to be commissioned correctly for the warranty to be valid. Surely if a 500litre thermal store is acceptable a 500lite UVC should also work. All opinions valued Thanks
  7. Who is providing your windows? 3 years since we ordered ours and Internorm were the best option for us also.
  8. I bought a Novy 1778 induction hob via Amazon, had it in basket for ages, the price kept going up and down. Managed to get the last one, were two for a while. Hasn't been in stock since, almost half price. seemed to have been sent from France. Also there were several 3rd party sellers offering at a lower price but with email first request.
  9. @jack how do you control your slab cooling? I'm about to install a 8kW Daikin LT split ASHP but both supplier and installing plumber are very dismissive of the cooling ability, despite what the Daikin literature says. I have a fully tiled ground floor. Is it as simple as, switch the ASHP to cooling and set the thermostats to the desired temperature and let the ASHP reach that?
  10. Thanks, floors getting tiled next week so likely too late, certainly for delivery from China! Main kitchen dining already done. Might look for something more local.
  11. Thanks Steamey, I now have an updated quote for an 8kW Split Daikin that is reversible. The supplier is still doubtful that cooling the floor a little can work and has never tried it or seen it work in practice despite what the Daikin literature may say. So I have still an issue, in that I'm not sure if simply switching the heat pump to cooling perhaps in June and then setting the room thermostats to my 'max' temperature and hoping that this will direct the cooling from the ASHP. I only want the bedroom area of the house to be cooled. The supplier says that I should use a thermostat with a floor sensor in case the slab gets too cold, my thoughts are that this should not be required as I can't envisage that amount of cooing being required and I plan to set the minimum temperature to 13° All input appreciated V
  12. Hi All, After an extremely tough build we are nearing completion and I am about to order an ASHP for DHW (500 litre UVC)and UFH. The house is 400 sqm with separate bedroom and living areas, 5 bed (3 upstairs). 4 Velux passive roof lights for stack ventilation. We have a larger than average house partly due to disability requirements. The house was planned to achieve 'passive' levels and require little heating, I have been running a couple of 1200 W electric heaters which easily have the house comfortable even during the recent cold spell. I have selected Daikin as the manufacturer due to local support and experience of our plumber, (who has been excellent). I wanted a reversible pump to have the option of cooling as well as heating, with the view that the house may require a small nudge to stay comfortable. The plumbers usual supplier were going to supply a non-reversible 14kW low temp split, I feel that this is oversized and that that a 8kW Daikin Altherma 3 low temp split (reversible) will provide more than we need (and I still have my electric heaters!) along with the electric towel rails (5x800 watt). All ok so far bar the ability to cool as the supplier says it won't work. In all the Daikin brochures floor cooling is promoted for the reversible units. How can I control the cooling aspect of the UFH? a thermostat that controls cooling only seems to be directed to fan coil control. Do I just switch the ASHP to cooling and then set the themostats to the desired temperature and let the ASHP try to achieve that? Perhaps I can set the minimum temperature flow rate to a level where the risk of condensation is minimised? I really only want the bedroom block not to overheat and to be slightly cooled. I also need the system to work simply as my wife doesn't want to be left with a complex heating system when I am unable to tinker. thanks for any advice,
  13. And who for and what heat pump?
  14. I've picked a pair of Siemens Studioline ovens as much for how they look. Pyroltic cleaning was a must which ruled out a full steam, but one oven has pulse steam (whatever that does!)
  15. Thanks will keep this in mind, house is very non standard including doors, their 500 is the same width as the 300, with only a height increase. The tank could go in before the door set if required.
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