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  1. The problem with customers getting hold of this (and also the Roma Kompendium) is that they then start asking for all the sorts of different options and add-ons that are available and drive their window supplier mad! 😉.
  2. @Thorfun I'm ordering Roma blinds (with Gaulhoffer windows) and have had similar unhelpful emails from Lisa when i have asked simple questions. Are you looking for blinds only or blinds with windows? If you want blinds only than either see if you can go via a supplier in Ireland (I know someone that did this) or alternatively look at Warema who i think do a have one U.K. supplier i think. If you want windows too then talk to @craig.
  3. Demolition, site clearance, reduce dig and installation of pre-insulated pipes for ASHP and potential future garden room. The pre-insulated pipe we used in the end was "REHAU RAUTHERMEX 25mm+25mm/111mm DUO PIPE". The ground was luckily fantastic, apart from one area with some roots and a couple of soft spots left over from the demolition. So we managed to avoid the extra 800mm reduced dig that had been specified based on 2 trial holes in the old front garden. At over 200m2, that would have been a lot of muck-away and hardcore..
  4. The bungalow we bought back in autumn 2018 with plans to demolish and rebuild. Only now, finally, is our build kicking off..
  5. Strip is to stop noise/vibration transmission from flooring to walls and vice-versa which can be an issue however many layers of plasterboard and rockwool you use as sound from foot-fall and other sources can be transmitted through structure. What i've been told though is if you use a resilient layer under first floor flooring and resilient bars on ceiling below then this is isn't so much of an issue. @Moonshine also made the point about it not being important on ground floor concrete->wood junctions.
  6. I think I'm going to skip the isolating strips and use resilient bars more widely along with correct use of perimeter acoustic sealants etc. My thinking is that this will reduce transmission to structure to the point that reducing transmission through the structure via these strips is less critical and wouldn't have much more additional impact.
  7. If you cooling demand is low, you have MVHR and you can insulate ducts you could consider one of these: https://veab.com/kategori/duct-heaters-cooler-water. MVHR isn't a great way to cool though so only good for low cooling demand.
  8. If the base is type3 + fine gravel, yes If it's type2 + sand (like ours) then you could potentially argue that DPM here is a good idea.
  9. It was the Vaillant sales guy that told me this, rather than a supplier/partner. You can get him on twitter @ https://twitter.com/cj_Vaillant
  10. 2 x Powerall2 @ £480/kWh. If you get just one it's a bit more (given gateway is one-time expense) @ £560/kWh.
  11. Batteries only? That sounds like an awful lot! I have a quote for <£500/kWh AC-coupled incl labour.
  12. If this is the case, and EPS thermal performance is reduced when it absorbs moisture, isn't there an argument for always using a layer of DPC below the EPS?
  13. @davidc In the U.K they come with cooling disabled. Cooling can be enabled by adding a "coding resistor"
  14. In our case our foundation design showed 800mm sub-base below the 150mm MBC layer, but once we started digging the ground was perfect so we only went down 450mm and not 1250mm as had been suggested by MBC. Building inspector was more than happy and we saved on 180m3 muck-away and hardcore! BTW, MBC standard detail for foundations now seems to be type 2 + sharp sand rather than type 3 + fine gravel. I beleive this change is due to a change in the SE doing their foundation designs.
  15. These are our pre-insulated pipes put in below the sub-base. 3 x REHAU RAUTHERMEX 25mm+25mm/111mm DUO PIPE