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  1. Looks like he needs a bit more stone in to bring up the levels, can see a lot of day light under them shutters!
  2. Hi Chris, When you have your final scheme together and the technical drawings with bar schedule etc. Your more than welcome to send them over to me rob@rmawdsley.co.uk and I will get you together a quote. We are based in Ormskirk, so not that far away from you by the sounds of it. kind regards, Robert.
  3. Ferdinand, I have attached the location plan so you can see where it is sat on the plot. The existing building that is on the plot is a black timber shed that has been in the family for 70-80 years hence why the timber has been added by the architect. I am still unsure as to whether I like the idea of it or not. dangti you are correct! The plan has been annotated incorrectly, it should be the other way around. No I don’t intend to put a car in the garage and it will be used for storage to begin like you say. It does need to be able to serve the purpose to a reasonable degree of being able to fit a car in, with out me having to get out the boot 😁. 002 - Proposed Plot Plan - P01.pdf
  4. I see what your saying, I will nip down with a tape tomorrow and see how it looks to be sitting on the plot and whether it would be liable to reduce light coming in to windows on them elevations if we gain a few ft.
  5. Hi, Me and my Fiance will be beginning our new build project in the new year, obviously before that we need to know what we are going to be building. We have received the first draft of the proposed house yesterday and would like to know what you think. I understand a house is subjective and has to work for your lifestyle but i am interested in peoples thoughts and opinions, would you change anything? The plot is long and narrow, about 10.5m wide by 50m long. It is an infill development with a house on each side . I know integral garages compromise air tightness but space is limited. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Robert 003 - Proposed Elevations - crop.pdf 004 - Proposed Plans - crop.pdf
  6. Plus if the 2 of 3 course pour your proposing doesn’t equate to a full load you will get a part load charge which can be £50+ for every cube not carried.
  7. We got all our tiles from mandarine stone, have a look at their website. We are very happy with them!
  8. That would be for 50mm base, 30mm SMA. I’m not sure of the rate for base only but you could get a quote for 80-100mm base only and may get it to £15-20pm. Your back would thank you 😄. I’m not sure about your area, but a m3 of the concrete you’ll want to use is between £86-95 + vat. You’ll want to do it full width if you concrete as you can back the wagons in then.
  9. Tarmac will be your cheapest option. You’d probably be looking at £25-30 per m if it was in the northwest of England. If you grade and compact it yourself and then get a tarmac contractor in with a road paver, it would only take them a morning to lay it and you’d be able to run on it the morning after. Concrete you’d have to shutter the edges, set the mesh and then leave it a week before running on it. Robert
  10. Hi Dominic, Do you have any technical drawings of your insulated raft design? I'm a groundwork contractor and about to build my own house. I'm considering an insulated raft for my build, not only for the added insulation benefits but to also give our company experience in using the system, as like you say there doesn't appear to be many people offering that service in the North West. It would be a great help if i had some working drawings to be able to price a comparison between the insulated raft and a traditional footings/insulated slab. Thanks, Robert.
  11. Hi Chris, Your price will vary on the complexity of the design. A simple square will be cheaper than something that has more corners/angles. Insurance companies require you to have 2 water proof systems in place eg. Voltex along with caltite cementaid. So depending on how labour intensive the systems specified are and the cost of the materials, that can add a degree of variability to the cost. Do you have any drawings of the proposed basement yet? Kind regards, Robert
  12. If it is piped then you may be able to look for an access point/manhole cover somewhere close to your house. It would most likely be in the road/footpath or on public property. If you are successful, ring up a drainage jetter and get them to trace it to your property. If you cant find a manhole cover or any access, get digging like Dave said. If you get to virgin clay at any depth you know its not there. If it looks to be back fill, you will need to investigate further.
  13. Where does the culvert run? is there an outlet further down the line?