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  1. just a quick follow up. I will upload some photos during this process just in case it may help anyone who has had the same problems.
  2. Ok are you saying these go down first? then these are laid on top? OOps I think you may have already answered this question. It just seems so much different from their video where it shows a thin bearer supporting the wall timber. Here I have 3 timbers in line with the no 106 on top of that and then the wall boards.
  3. yep. useless. It shows a smaller cabin going up with smaller bits of timber as floor bearers oops already answerd. Not sure how to answer a post? have been clicking on quote then replying
  4. There is a 94 . The question then is which diagram shows the floor bearers ? the one that says Side A and Side B or the one showing the timber with wood nrs 94 and 106?
  5. I have been living in a caravan since March. No running water and no electricity just solar. Not pleasant. I have 3 young boys and it gets very windy down here. 50mph winds just the other day and it felt like the caravn would take off and I doubt if a static would be any better. It is going to take a us a few years to build the house possibly 4 so want something decent for my family to be housed in during that time. The experience of building the log cabin installing the utilities will surely help us when building the house too. In theory anyways 😃
  6. Thanks for reply. This is going to be built off concrete tyre piers. I cant build it on slab as planning will see it as a permanent structure. I looked at how they built a church in tulse hill on tyre piers using tyres and gravel and will be doing the same but with concrete under the tyres too. They supplied the timber but as I said there is no marking on the timber or on the instructions for what constitutes the floor bearers. Totally different from the video on their website and the first part of their instruction booklet.
  7. Yep. Saw this video and again the video is for a smaller cabin with single small bearers. Or maybe thats what I have got? But the only pressurized timber I could find relates to the numbers 96 and 110 which when you place together make up 8.5m which is the interior length of the cabin. So putting 2 + 2 together and hopefully making 4 am assuming the 3 bits of timber are as iselfbuild said the foundations
  8. Hi Ok am in dire straits. ackground - Can't get a mortgage now due to the Coronavirus so having to build a log cabin for the family and stay in that for x amount of years whilst we build the house bit by bit. Thankfully we are better off than most so am grateful i can even be having this dilemma. We bought log cabin last year to build in the spring so my 90 year old mum can live in. We bought it from Quick Garden because of the good reviews on trustpilot so back in October we awaited delivery. We live on a laneway that was big enough for the lorry they had used on their website plus I sent them photos and maps of the area. However they arrive in a massive lorry which can't get down the laneway so dump the wood hundreds of metres from the site on a football pitch parking rea on a Saturday afternoon (see pics). Yep you guessed it the local team were playing that day and I had to leave the wood there till they finished. I then phoned a car break down truck and hired a telehandler Cost £250. Long story short - Managed to get it to site but not being experienced with telehandler The first crate took a nose dive and broke some wood. 😳 Oh and the price dropped £2k by the time it was delivered too so not a great start. Cut to now and my dilemma. See the attached pdf scan of the instructions if anyone can make any sense of this. I am a competent handyman with most of the tools , table saw, compound mitre saw etc and know my way around a diagram having part designed the house and put dozens of ikea furniture together (not sure which was the hardest 🤨) The instructions are written for a small shed type structure and not the 8.7m x 5m cabin we bought. there is no description as to what the bearers are or how to identify them. I have sent 3 emails to the company and do get a reply but doesn't answer my query. See below: We purchased a log cabin from you end of last year ( Crossgar). Due to major problems (live electrical cable found on land) and of course the coronavirus we are only now trying to build it on our own. We really don’t know where to start. The instructions are not pertinent to the cabin we have bought (Argo). For example it says in the instructions to screw the bearers to the foundations. and as you can see the bearers are in singles but if you look at the diagram showing (I assume as no instructions to inform us) there are 3 bearers together . My question was exactly which parts are the floor bearers? Is it NR 110 and NR 96 which when added together make the outside dimensions 8.7m? If so do we nail these pieces of wood together to form the outside perimeter? In total are the bearers the following part nos? 110, 96 and 91? I also wanted to know if it was possible to get a short summary of each of the pages i.e. what is this of? I was asking if the perimeter bearers were made up of the 3 pieces of wood 110,96 and across 91 (not marked on the wood had to measure and find ourselves ) that were shown in the diagram (again not identified as floor bearers). their reply. Thank you for your email. The pressure treated floor bearers and a massive wooden timber frame the cabin sits on are 2 different things. First, you need to assemble a timber frame base as per the instructions (consisting of 2 parts). Then, you put pressure treated floor bearers on top of this and start assembly of the cabin. Hope that helps. It didn't I did a mock up of what a drawing in their booklet may be and asked for confirmation but as yet no reply. All joiners are fully booked for months around here (limited supply this neck of the woods) and hoping someone can make sense of the instructions and talk to me in plain English. If possible I will pay someone to help me out here if anyone knows anyone who they think can help me. Many thanks Scan 1 Jul 2020.pdf Scan 1 Jul 2020 (1).pdf instructions.pdf
  9. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave advice. I have a builder coming next week who has built foundations for these type of garages before and seems knowledgeable enough. To sum up what you said. Build it high and then a little higher 😀. Will post a few photos of progress just in case anyone else who comes on the forum needs to go down the same route.
  10. Oh I did all that and even gave him the opportunity to remove it as I owed him some money for some work done. He didn;t deny it was potentially harmful and said there was more waste in there than he had thought his mate was bringing down. As I owed him about £800 for work done I am not too much out of pocket but yes that stuff can be harmful especially in roads built before 1980s .. Thank goodness for the internet ☺️
  11. You know I am not sure if this is even replying to you. I can only see the quote button. Everything you have said is what I have seen online and other sites so this is the way to go. The most important part is the raising as high as possible using the hardcore which I have. Great idea about wrapping the wood and using for the steps. Haven't been able to find any info on that so good advice
  12. Unfortunately the material wasn't recycled. It should have been and I was told it was when I handed over the £1k but since found out that it was to be taken to the recycling centre so the stuff needs to go. I have some rock that can be dug up and used instead.. Thanks for message
  13. I will take as much advice as people can give Not sure what you meant by submitting plans? Do you mean to someone on here called Hive?
  14. you could indeed. I imagine he would be very busy but on the off chance he fancies working solo with social distancing being observed I'd appreciate you giving him a shout