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  1. To be fair after having been let down by at least 3 builders in the last 3 months (post covid) I am grateful he is here at all but know what you are saying.
  2. Thanks. Will put this to the builder. Having a bit of a problem getting shuttering at the minute. I had to travel 40 miles to get 6 x 3 today.
  3. any clue as to what you would suggest? I have added clearer photos and I have attached here what currently has been done.
  4. Not sure how you can nail the 40mm timber to the shuttering. See image
  5. I said that to him and he said that wouldn't work. He said the concrete would flow back . I am going to try it anyways. Whats the worse that can happen? (noy going to tempt fate here but check back in 2 days and you might just find out ?)
  6. Apologies. I uploaded the pdf of the image> See attached
  7. hi The builder has turned up on site and isn't able to complete the foundations as in the drawing mainly due to the concrete being delivered tomorrow and feels too late to figure it out now. As I have had numerous let downs this is the first builder who has turned up when they said they would so my happy face is staying on no matter what happens. Question - Instead of doing the 40mm drop as in the pics he's going for a straight 9m x 9m foundation. How is this going to affect the overhang? Does anyone know of any clever way to enable the 40mm reduction before the pour tomorrow (Thursday) morning? If no one does is there any way after the pour I can reduce by 40mm both in the porch and the roller door? Any help would be appreciated. 445 Base.pdf 445 Elevations.pdf
  8. Thanks Gus. I appreciate the effort you have made to encourage me to take on the project. The name is Sean by the way You are right about the measuring twice. If I hadn't done so using a 15m water level and string the piers would never have lined up. Trying something new such as the concrete tyre piers was a combination of the concrete tyre pier and a method used primarily by a church in tulse hill. These guys had virtually no experience but they came together and built a church based on straw bales with tractor tyres as foundations https://wecanbuildourchurch.org.uk/ I guess the title says it all. I am frustrated at being let down again and again. As you can see from previous replies some people think it is ok to break a promise to a customer if a bigger and better project comes along. That simply isn't the way I work. I have been given another phone number of a builder who is a friend of a friend so am going to explore that avenue and who knows the foundations may just get built
  9. No point in arguing. Thats not why i posted on this site. I was looking for help. Not criticism. I wouldn't treat a client that way no matter how much money I was offered to replace another job. If that's how you treat your customers and are capable of breaking a promise then that is your way. just not mine. I have a family of 3 young children and all I know is we are now back at square 1 looking for someone who doesn't break their promises. So my search continues. Anyone with anything positive to say is welcome.
  10. So thats why he went on holiday at the same time he should have been doing the job? I am self employed. If I can't do a job I tell a client that I can't but unless I am on an operating table I won't let any clients down. He never even informed me he couldn't do it. I had to text him twice just for him to reply and tell me. Plus he only said 'He maybe would be able to do it at the end of August'. I started work on building sites with mates from the age of 16 (left at 19) and most of my mates still are builders unfortunately across the water. When I told one of them of what had happened he was angry saying 'Bloody cowboy giving decent builders a bad name'. No way did they ever treat customers like this.. It sounds to me like he got a better offer and rather than keeping to his word took that offer. What makes it worse is he promised he wouldn't let us down because he knew we had been let down before. So how you think he is being honest or there are any positive aspects to letting us down is beyond me.
  11. I have been toying with the idea. I have a good few weeks experience with diggers but nowhere near as good as the pros. I have some experience with concrete. As you can see from the attached photo. Just starting a log cabin build and trying out a mixed method of using concrete tyre piers and crushed stone for tyhe foundations. Levelling this was a real trial. I have been glued to you tube and sites like this. It's just finding the courage to do it. the garage is costing £10k and I don't want them coming out and telling me 'sorry mate but I wouldn't even be able to erect a wendy house on this slab let alone a garage'. Cheers for suggestion though. I have posted on mybuilder.com and local trades sites but after trying to find a decent builder for the last 6 months am not holiding out much hope. If I don't get any replies might go down that road though.
  12. I posted last month about being let down for the 5th time by a builder and wanted some advice on a foundation for the garage foundations. Some great advice was given and I was also given the number of a builder who had down their foundations who worked with H2 garages. I won't name names as it was kind of the person on here to pass me their name. However they came out, promised to do the job in 3 weeks (and contact them when I had moved the relevant hardcore to the area ( I still needed to break some rock which they said they would do) ). I contacted them a week before they should have been onsite saying all was ready (except breaking stone) and got this reply after ignoring a text sent two days previous. By the e By the extra work I meant the stones had to be broken down which they said they would do anyways. What is a kick in the teeth is how he convinces himself that he is not letting me down by telling me he may or may not be available at the end of August even though he has already let me down OK rant over. So does anyone know of a good builder who can do garage foundations and won't let me down? Thanks in advance
  13. We are in the same boat. Due to the economic uncertainty and covid along with £25k to place cables underground the initial outlay has gone so no way would we get a mortgage now. As we have planning permission it would be a shame not to even attmpt the project. Quite similar to yours in fact. Building using ICF. In the meantime it's a log cabin which should us through probably the next five years. Your house looks great and I will be following the progress with interest maybe even picking your brains along the way :)
  14. Hope you don't mind had a peek at your blog. looks impressive. Has this build been over the last 5 years ? as that looks like where we are heading
  15. Gas fire? That's luxury that is. All I've got is a box of MATCHES - not looking forward to Winter Have to say that looks ingenious. If I had any space I'd think about doing that myself but mine is a 2 berth. Not enough room to swing a flea let alone a cat.
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