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  1. I’m planning to move onto site this year as I need to re-let the house I’m living in. Services like electric and water would seem to be fairly simple to instate, but I’m not sure of the best quick/temporary solution for sewerage. There is no possibility of mains connection so I know I’ll be installing package treatment plants, but until more things are certain (positioning, discharge etc) I won’t be ready to commission this for a while. As far as I can see my options are limited to some sort of metal or plastic cess tank which can be pumped out by tanker, or (and the idea does not appeal), a composting (Or chemical?!) toilet and grey water soak away. Thoughts or experiences anyone?
  2. I’m toying with the idea of three phase for my rural 2 x new build project, what with the potential demands of heat pumps, solar PV, car charging in the near future. Similar to you - As I’ve got the main supply transformer sat on poles in the verge outside the plot it seems to make more sense as the cost of connection must surely be significantly reduced by the proximitity of the supply? As long as there is sufficient capacity and they don’t want me to start paying to upgrade their network... something to bear in mind.
  3. Heating will almost certainly be electric as no mains gas to village. Most likely heat pumps. I’m inclined to plan capacity for car charging as I’m seeing more of them now and I think it’s a fast growing selling point. I’ve even been looking at lease deals recently for myself. It’s also highly likely that I’ll be expected to implement some form of micro generation such as solar PV? 80 Amps seems very low these days for a new connection. Most new connections I see are a minimum of 100? Not sure of the rating of it or how many connections it already runs, but this pole pig is already sitting in the verge outside the front, so the trenching requirements should hopefully be limited! Of course there is the danger that they’ll expect me to pay for upgrading it, given the opportunity...
  4. Reply received: More questions than answers, think I will call him to discuss initially!
  5. @Conor that looks a lot like the barbecue my father never quite got round to properly building! I’ve seen some specs for a temporary brick cabinet somewhere but can’t find them now... I do however remember it being required to be massively over engineered - framed ledged braced doors, 1950s Cold War fallout bunker cast concrete roof etc! Anyway I’ve contacted Western Power and they are going to contact me about the process so that’s good.
  6. Thanks all for clarifying the VAT rules. I’ll go back to the contractor and clarify that he’s happy to work on a labour only basis with me supplying the materials according to his stipulation. @Temp - fortunately no CIL implementation in this area so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I’ll be clarifying the VAT situation as regards builds for relatives, should we decide to go for doing the second plot build.
  7. I’m looking into the cost and technicalities of getting an electrical temporary building supply to plots which currently have outline planning permission and no existing structure. I realise that getting permanent final connections is usually more economical, but there are compelling reasons for me to get services connected as soon as possible and before the structure/s are commenced. Western Power Distribution are the suppliers in this area. They seem (From searches of their info) to be specifying that a kiosk is installed for the supply to be connected into. However this would be costly and seems like overkill for the duration of the likely requirement and the certain redundancy of such a structure. I’ve seen a number of sites around WPD areas where there is simply a supply installed into a meter box type enclosure mounted on posts or attached to a fence. An armoured cable then supplies a separate shed, caravan etc. Does anyone have relevant experience? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, fortunately the local council is not implementing CIL at this time.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. I need to get the fencing contractor to understand that then - it’s already surprised me just how many of them are completely unaware of the ability to reclaim the VAT on qualifying new builds. For the purposes of tax I will be intending to live in one of the properties for some period of time after completion. I own another property but I live here temporarily due to the present pandemic - as soon as I can move onto site I will have to do so as this house will need to be rented out again. So at least one of the houses will legitimately become my principle residence. If the second plot is kept and that property is completed, my parents will be likely be moving into it, but that point is completely unpredictable at this time.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! To be honest I’m not sure at this point. It very much depends on a number of variables. I may need to sell one plot in order to finance the build - like many others my income and current funds have been negatively effected by Covid. If I can get affordable finance I intend to build one property, sell it and then use the funds to complete the second.
  11. I’m starting out on a self build of two new build properties. I will be acting as main contractor, directly engaging individual trades and purchasing materials myself wherever possible. I’m obviously keen to ensure that I can reclaim any VAT wherever possible to do so, but I’m struggling a little to work out the best way to do so when engaging trades. I have obtained a suitable quotation from a local fencing contractor for the erection of a new boundary fence to separate the plots from the neighbouring property (the seller’s). His quotation is not detailed - it’s a basic price for the job, inclusive of materials etc, and I have confirmed with him that he is not required to be registered for VAT. So the question is, how do I make sure that I am able to reclaim the VAT paid on the materials? Is it enough that he provide a detailed invoice with materials listed with VAT breakdown? Or do I need to insist on purchasing/paying for the materials myself and the labour separately? Many thanks for your assistance.
  12. Hello, I’ve purchased a building plot with planning permission for two detached properties. I am getting started with some work including creating an access to the site, commissioning a designer, and trying to get the new boundary with the neighbours who sold the plot properly fenced. I'm trying to get my head around the VAT situation with supply of materials by tradesmen, and struggling! Will post separately in the relevant section. Indicative site plan attached for those interested.