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  1. A little update on this: The Wayleave was eventually found a couple of days before we exchanged which stated a 6-month termination period from either party. After a quick visit from a nice chap at UKPN, they've agreed to underground the cables entirely at their own cost along the boundary in exchange for an easement - which is fair enough - so a good outcome all told.
  2. @JSHarris @ProDave thanks for you help. Once I have the Wayleave terms I can start some negotiations with UKPN - I had also read that the clearance had to be 3.7m and I'm pretty certain the cables are already within this so, as you say, that might be a good starting point for discussions.
  3. @JSHarris I believe it's HV, is there any way to tell just from the visual appearance? I think I might need to just wait until the Wayleave terms surface so i can see if I can serve notice or not. There's nothing on the title for plot A (the house) but I can't find the adjacent plot on Land Registry as I don't think it's ever been sold before.
  4. I'm in the process of purchasing two adjoining plots. Plot A has a dwelling on it that we're going to be knocking down to make way for a new build; plot B wraps plot A and is currently agricultural land that will eventually become an extended garden. There are two wooden electricity poles that sit entirely on plot B, but the cables themselves span diagonally over plot A. Due to cable sag, they actually sit within about 3.5 metres of the roof of the property (specifically over a small single story side extension built ~10 years ago) which appears to be a lot closer than should be permitted. This is directly in the way of where we want the new (much taller) property to sit. I've been in comms with UK Power Networks to get the cables buried along the boundary instead, and this is where things start to get a bit hairy: They've quoted £27,000 + VAT for the works. The is with me doing all groundwork in preparation - they want another £8,000 + VAT to do it all. Total distance of buried cable would be ~120 metres. UKPN has confirmed that there's a Wayleave in place but strangely cannot seem to find a copy on their systems anywhere and therefore cannot tell me what the terms are (or even if it's voluntary). The sellers also cannot find a copy of the Wayleave so we're at a bit of a stalemate until it materialises. What's my next move here? the quote seems totally excessive to me but I assume UKPN can charge whatever they want as there are no alternatives? Thanks.