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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. recoveringacademic

    Cladding : without twisting

    Thats the intention. The mesh will have to be fitted round our bat and swift boxes - we really hope they'll visit us one day.
  2. recoveringacademic

    Cladding : without twisting

    Now that our roof is on ( well, all bar a Velux and a bit of the ridge) I need to give some thought to our cladding. The whole house is to be timber clad; most of it is fine - standard stuff. Have a look at this The area that concerns me is this one: ..... (Text accentuated in blue). The cladding encloses an unheated area (called the Winter Garden - more sexily I heard Piers Taylor call a similar design a Breeze Corridor) Put slightly differently, what we need is hit-and-miss boarding so that the garden below and behind it can get plenty of light and lots of air. This is what it looks like now..... As you can see, the hit and miss boarding has - as yet - no framework to support it - except the steels that surround the area. I need to screw a wall plate all the way round the edge of the steels; that much even I can see. But the cladding (hit and miss boarding) will need a framework on which to sit. Is this an SE job, or use-yer-loaf, or a go and ask to see what local farmers do job?
  3. recoveringacademic

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    You b'strd......😆
  4. recoveringacademic

    Soil contamination survey.

    We're on exactly the same type of soil ( topsoil or fill , re-named made ground). And solved that particular issue by using a radon barrier.
  5. recoveringacademic

    Not good

    Your analysis is optimistic. Some of the worst building and engineering practice I witnessed was when I worked in East Germany in the 1980s. "Concrete isn't delivered in the afternoons because ...." " We are completely disinterested in customer feedback because that is not part of our planned approach to sales " " That is how we have always made Trabants. If you are dissatisfied, we will allocate it to the next citizen the list " Those statements were either made directly to me or made in my presence.
  6. recoveringacademic

    Soil contamination survey.

    Because of something that happened over 70 years ago? In that context ... suitable gas protection measures ... means ? I have a strong suspicion that all you need to do is have a report written by a competent person to the effect that the likelihood of gas being present is close to zero. At this stage all that means is a Desk Study. Not too expensive.
  7. recoveringacademic

    Grass / living roof

    We are just about to 'fit' ours. @Dudda's advice is exactly in line with what we have found out (but took years to do so 🤪 ) Our flat roof build up is 'normal' : but you can bet your life I will be all over the nitty gritty detail. Not sure yet whether to have a GRP or EPDM top surface: there are horror stories and hymns of praise in equal measure for each . So, that makes me almost certain it's all about attention to detail. What's new?
  8. recoveringacademic

    Not good

    Even I, working on my own, can do better than that. And that's saying something..... Have you paid for it yet? Hope not.
  9. recoveringacademic


  10. recoveringacademic

    Both FIT AND export payments to be cancelled next year

    Thanks very much. Re and re-read time.
  11. recoveringacademic

    Both FIT AND export payments to be cancelled next year

    Could you give us a little more detail about that please? We won't be able to afford batteries for a little while, but I can foresee a time when we might we'll do so. In which case - rather like provision for a spare this-or-that elsewhere in the house - it would be good to make provision for the time when we can fit some battery capacity.
  12. recoveringacademic

    No Nonsense? Pha! Suck on this......

    I'd patent that if I were you. Now the only problem that needs to be solved is the foam that dries in the threaded part ; especially where the can nozzle mates with the gun.
  13. .... shouldn't be too hard - I know now, because I've done it before 🤪 This time I want to keep the threaded bar (inserted horizontally into the hole) perfectly level while the chemical anchor dries. I'm thinking I need some of jig (or thingamajig even) to keep the threaded bar perfectly horizontal while the chemical dries. Anyone done summat like this before? I have 40 to insert.....
  14. recoveringacademic

    Procrastination: I have found a valid reason for it at last.....

    Bang on. That's why procrastination is actually useful , and sometimes very useful. I mean, we aren't talking undergraduate essay procrastination, we're talking about stuff that matters: hits us in the bank balance when we get it wrong. And thats why I agree so strongly with your last sentence
  15. recoveringacademic

    Cladding: vertical or horizontal - does it matter?

    Really? I suppose 'taint what ya do , it's the way that ya do it.... that's what its all about Any public guidance for cladding anywhere?