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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Same here... Dripping into metal gutters drove me mad. Enjoy it now 😃
  2. CouldntGiveAFookitis is so common among trades in our sector. It's taken us 8 years to find a good group of trades folk who do what they say they will do when they say they will. And whom we can trust with house keys. One ( the plasterer) even hoovers up after himself. He drops in for a cuppa on his way past. He charges about 10 percent more than others. Cheap at that price.
  3. The trick is to use any Internet source as the basis for your own thinking. Especially on BuildHub
  4. Morning. Good to see another member joining us. I've written a fair bit about Durisol (here) Hope it helps. And - before the usual avalanche of Durisol critics all pile in : there is ( ... and now perhaps was ) a good deal to criticize about the product. The company went into liquidation and has now been taken over . The MD and I had a good long chat about what needed to be improved about the product . Lets see how the new company shapes up. To be clear: if you go down the Durisol route ask, and research directly for yourself, dimensional consistency and deliverability. There are many similar products on the market. Investigate those too. I find it useful to know why I am NOT choosing a product that I might reasonably have been expected to choose. Researching the answer to that question is always informative. PS - is it Brizzle or Brisol ?
  5. You've had enough haven't you. Pissed off doesn't begin to cover how you feel. And you find this site and a bell goes off in your head. You read like mad and it looks like you might be able to do something which means you can be in charge of your own destiny. Hope. Been there. It's *king awful. Nobody can take that hope away from you. Nobody. So how about this.... Read this site from end to end. Look at the vast array of problems we all help one another with. Every single one of them (almost) is solvable. None of us here are quitters. None. Warm your hands on the warmth and energy this site gives all of us who decide to give as well as receive. Make a list of the main things that are between your current situation and your aim. Search here (buildhub) on how we've all sorted out exactly the same ones a s you have now. Read in detail. Then work out how you are going to solve all of those problems. One by one. Don't worry about then order in which you solve them. They're all related. Remember how pissed off you are now and use that to reach your aim. Not having enough money is an asset. It makes you think. Hard. Being hard up is no excuse not to start and keep trying. We have taken about 35 or so years (Land bought 1980s) And don't give up.
  6. @canalsiderenovation, a thought. Theres a group of people living near us who have used the River Lune for just such a hair-brained project. Its called Halton Lune Hydro. Its being going for over 10 years. They have open days every year - there will be a significant number of people there who can at least point you in the right direction. They also built a series of passivhauses way back then. Thats why we know of them. Very helpful people indeed. Halton is ust at Junction 32 on the M6
  7. There's a good argument to be made that both parties are at fault here. Both of you could have checked.
  8. Lets see if this is correct.... He knew from the outset he should have charged 15% VAT because of the Occupancy rule. He appears to have misrepresented ( allegedly deliberately) the VAT requirement as 5% He has overcharged you for a week's work. About £1600 It is a normal requirement for customers to do their own Due Diligence. Most don't. Assuming that in this case you did (check the VAT rate), then you could have challenged the VAT rate. You didn't. In terms of the overpayment (£1600), you could have done your Due Diligence before paying that invoice. You could have challenged it at the time. You didn't. Is all of that correct? There lots online about Due Diligence in the building context.
  9. I've just had a PM from someone asking about our piling company. So it reminded me.... Our piling company worked in partnership with a foundations wiring team. The lads formed and shaped rebar at a speed that made it look like they were handling plastic straws. Muscles were .... well I don't think they needed steroids working that hard and that fast. East European to a man. Their price was an order of magnitude lower than the others. To the extent that I was dubious about employing them. In the context of skills shortages in the building sector, not giving well qualified workers visas will impose unnecessary costs.
  10. Fiterra mothballed our local brick works (Claughton) a year or so ago. The local clay makes beautiful bricks. https://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/business/iconic-lancaster-brickworks-to-be-mothballed-as-housebuilding-slump-hits-demand-4376219
  11. That's a really interesting thing to say. In the context of this thread, to what extent do you think Mr Farage can be said to be Conservative? What are his views on Housing Targets?
  12. Now there's a well thought through, balanced argument. Oh, sorry 2 .... And Conservatives also - it was rumoured - run out of other people's money . I am not for or against Socialist ideas or Hayek's ideas or anything that comes out of Tufton Street I'm for balanced, thoughtful, well argued . evidence based co-operation - Left and Right together.
  13. Please read the discussion about a responsible person in the thread linked to in my previous post. It's about 6 paragraphs from the start. I am not an expert. But I am watching your back.
  14. How about a tweak to the Start Within 3 Years rule? How about Finish Within 3 Years or face a fine? Oops, except for self builders 😡
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