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  1. I put the callipers on the pipe and it was about 27mm compared to the 26mm I measured on the new blue pipe...... so at 1mm thicker I took the plunge and cut the pipe and then we had a right old time squeezing the 25mm fittings onto 27mm pipe..... got there in the end and no leaks. Next job.
  2. Good afternoon hubbers, I need to brake into my main water line (private gravity fed supply) and install TEE fitting. The existing supply is old black pipe and the fitting that I have exposed says 3/4 - 20 i need to tee of onto blue 25mm pipe Does the 3/4 -20 on the fitting indicate that the black pipe is 20mm ? and if so is the only requirement a 20mm - 25mm adaptor ? I am hoping someone will reassure me before I go out and buy the wrong fitting ! thanks
  3. Similar situation but it was a seagull stuck in my compost bin....... next time I will wear gloves.
  4. I had this just the other day, I have a very well insulated room within an uninsulated building , the room had not been used for some time and I had not been in there during the long freeze, the other day I went in there and exterior temperature was up but the room was absolutely bloody freezing as the temp had slowly dropped over the cold period and as it was very well insulated it retained the cold long after the weather had warmed up..... I had to open the windows and doors to bring it to the same temperature as outside !
  5. I have had the same problem in one of my houses, the joint that leaks on mine is just behind and up inside the chimney and will be a massive pain to fix.... it gets worse is very cold weather as more condensation builds up, it also gets a lot worse when the liner has not been cleaned for a while.... this is because the fire is not burnt hot enough by the occupant and soot builds up in the chimney and then as the chimney is not insulated (old stone chimney) condensation builds up runs down the inside of the liner, mixes with the soot and leaks out the dodgy joint.... and then runs down the outside and down my wall just like your photos ! The solution for mine would be. replace the liner And fill around it with vermiculite, try and get the users to but the fire hotter.
  6. Remember to write us a review when you have used it fir a while so others can make a judgment if considering it.
  7. Trying to tank with everything still in there ( loo - basin - bath ) just seems so wrong and quite likely to not actually work to the criteria you specify (bucket of water being frown onto floor)..... I think you need to step back and reevaluate what you actually want to achieve.
  8. What a bloody fantastic project ! all power to you man, I am very envious!!!! I live on an island on the west coast of Scotland at the end of a non pubic road to absolutely nowhere with the nearest neighbour about a mile away, feels remote at the best of times. Not off grid as I have electric supply and phone line (which I dug in Myself by hand for a Mile....) but beyond that I might as well be of grid - no shops - no pub - nothing ! I intend to work towards less reliance on the grid as the years go by. The pic is of the view from the top of my garden. Best of luck with the renovations and look forward to seeing how you tackle things.
  9. I just checked back on your other threads quickly and this seems to be an ongoing theme for you but put in different ways to try and find an answer that works for you ! It must be very frustrating that this is not easily achievable. I would warn against doing something dodgy in a wood where ANYONE might poke there nose into your business as I have seen this done and a whole house had to be removed (after many years of habitation) at the occupiers cost and all in all a sole shattering experience..... If it was me I would buy (for cash) a nice big remote piece of land in remote Scotland with a rundown / derelict house on it that was still classed as habitable only because nobody from officialdom had looked at it in a very long time and start from there.
  10. Sorry but I can’t help it..... why can’t you just go and sleep In a room ( or a tent) that’s not noisy while you conduct the experiment that people suggest ? I have various health issues, sleep very poorly and need complete quiet for a good nights sleep but can still manage to sleep in the back of my landrover in a sleeping bag when it’s -5 by the side of a road without whinging..... come on man, stop finding excuses why you can’t do something and come up with some solutions so you can. People are here to help but you need to rise up to the occasion and show some fortitude and a willingness to work with people.... Don’t bother having a rant about how I am picking on you bla bla bla .... it’s a public forum and I actually want to see this thread come to a happy ending but it’s sooooooo hard being an armchair critic and not saying something !
  11. I put 70mm of kingspan under my shed rafters and 200+mm frametherm or something similar.... above it and was surprised at just how much heat wast trapped between them, it was toasty warm on the back of the kingspan ! It was a reminder that on general you can’t have to much insulation. Where there was just kingspan it just felt like the ambient temperature and one would assume it was working great as it was not warm but that was only because the heat from the room must instantly disperse into the air as there was no secondary insulation layer to trap it. I taped all the insulation sheets on the front so it acted as the VCL.
  12. Just caught up on this thread after leaving it alone for a few days.......... I worry I have some sort of twisted addiction by my repeated visits....... the solution is well above my pay grade but living in a house that is far worse that the one in question it does capture my interest .... mostly for the wrong reasons though.
  13. There is one on the island....... I am praying to the manito gods that the owner will see fit to help me out, good bloke just very busy with his own self build so I will need to wait patiently. I got given the pavers for nothing and they loaded two pallets at a time onto my trailer at the yard but I had to unload every single brick by hand at my end....... access issues meant I had to unload in the most convenient place which very quickly became the most inconvenient place to have 30 pallets of bricks... anyway I live in hope that I will get them moved before April !
  14. I would have an excavator on site any day over a telehandler so many more jobs it can do and places it can go. However I have 30 pallets of paving bricks in the wrong place right now and absolutely no (easy) way of getting them moved......
  15. I think the cordless will be fine, I opted for a dewalt corded version which has a really long cable. I was trying to get as much tool as I could for the cash I had and did not really need the cordless version as I have power wherever it’s needed.