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  1. Welcome to the forum, another ex hill runner from Argyll where I have three old stone cottages in various states of repair / renovation, my walls are natural sone with a rubble core. I went / am going with building timber frames on the inside, infilled with PIR and then PIR over the top of the frames and plasterboard as the final covering. Taking the detailing very seriously and aiming for very good air tightness.
  2. This is the way I will go….
  3. Part of my workshop when it was tidy 😎 OSB against the wall with screws in….
  4. Good shout out, I needed a new secondary drill as i have a massive property and it can be guaranteed that when you need the drill someone is using it at the far end of nowhere…… wasted far to long wandering round looking for the only cordless drill…. And two more batteries to boot. Not sure about the charger as I have two already…..
  5. I guess your going to be constrained by the SE but what about filling the trench with stone as you have suggested and then trying to acquire some large cut stones to lay dry on top of this instead of blocks, when I built a road in Australia I used over one ton sandstone blocks purchased from a local quarry, they worked out very cheap for what they were and will be there is a few thousand years. Tightly fitted they will go nowhere and if absolutely necessary you can join them in the middle with stainless steel rod, the stones I laid were just put down on a crushed stone bed and laid without mortar between the joints (there is mortar in the middle of the track but it’s not structural to the outer stones, just there to “look” like loose crushed sandstone) these stones were aprox 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 250mm deep. The road was full designed by a structural engineer to closely resemble my design.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if buildhubbers are just secretly posting random internet images of hatchet jobs just to watch the rest of us go of our nuts….. If it’s the real deal - as I Expect it is - then I agree with all the above but just wanted to add - cowboys - bodge it and scarper- don’t pay !
  7. Never to late to start ! biggest problem I have is dealing with slugs ! keep us informed on your progress.
  8. It’s all been said already…. Get it redone properly.
  9. @Lesley72 I just put in some random vent axia extractor which does the job but is bloody noisy ! Drove the person nuts but it did sort out the problem, I now have the house back and have moved in and will be replacing it with a remote mounted inline fan. Still to decide on model.
  10. Yes I much prefer OSB behind the plaster board as well, it’s an extravagance but I still do it…….
  11. West coast of Scotland for me and Amazon is my go to for so much stuff…. It’s quick, nearly always free delivery and very quick with prime. Delivery charges are always a hindrance when buying non Amazon based products. Hmmm, well I live on an island but fortunately my postcode is registered as the mainland so the suppliers have no idea ? 99% of the stuff gets past on to two local companies who do delivery’s once a week so it’s pretty good. Royal Mail still do daily deliveries do that’s great.
  12. Maybe post some photos so people can get a better understanding of the site, I have this problem with an area of lawn and dug it out and it filled with water and made an instant pond, there are two kids living next to it at 2 and 1 years old so I have drained it until I can re visit the landscaping plan at a later date.
  13. I would definitely say OSB rather than ply and not quite sure about membrane without knowing what you are doing.
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