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  1. @Ralph nice work ! I just cut and paste what you wrote and found this image. I think we are there. Thanks I will let my dad know.
  2. Is snowCrete and white cement the same thing........
  3. I got an amazing barrow in Australia, I used it daily for years out there moving massive loads (60-120kg) on a regular basis for 10 years and as it had served me so well I found a corner for it in the shipping container when I sent a load of stuff back to Scotland, it’s still going strong, I had to rebuild the main bearing area with bits of old pipe and plastic but it’s fine now. I have never seen one like it for sale in the (UK) the extra wide wheel allows for large loads and provides great stability. Another one of my top 10 buys !
  4. The size of the three grippy / hole bits are all the same size......
  5. Ok this came out of a large box of assorted tools from a junk shop..... my dad picked the whole box up for £1....... so what is it for ! We are very good at tool identifying but this one has left us scratching our heads
  6. It’s easily saved me a few hundred pounds already, I have one of these plastic cyclone heads mounted on a 200 litre drum that’s dedicated to the table saw as this produces a lot of sawdust when your ripping stuff down, again the sawdust NEVER gets near the bag ! It’s like magic !!!! Also have another one dedicated to the router table ...... when you own one you will just wish you had another......
  7. I have got one of these, the GREAT thing about this is that it blows or sucks and has a power take of for hooking up small tools like sanders, planers etc so it comes on automatically when the sander is switched on. I use it on my big table saw and for sucking up building waste and sawdust. The Amazing bit of plastic / drum (buy from Rutlands or some other place but there one is great as you can see when it’s full and if it’s working) Is what goes between the hoover and the the sucking end, it collects about 98% of all the stuff so you NEVER need to replace bags ! It has saved me a fortune and is one of my best bits of kit. I could not be happier with the whole set up, I just join old bits of hose together depending on the job, you can get them for nothing from a dump recycling centre ! Or again buy a hose adapter set from Rutlands or similar. I have put this through it’s paces over the last few years and it’s still on it’s first bag and has never missed a beet. Great kit and I am sure it will do what you need. I have used a whole bunch of hoovers and this one is by far the best I have got.
  8. I used white cement all the time in Australia as we were mixing it with lime and colour oxide to match existing stonework, it was fine to use and did not go of quick. Not sure if you can get it in this country......... I personally would be very cautious about using a white mortar (and white bricks) as it could well start to degrade in colour / get dirt on the joints and look shabby pretty quickly. IMHO
  9. Living on the west coast of Scotland in a wind tunnel i am also in a prime location, lack of funds at the moment but wind powered energy is my end game even if it’s just for fun.... in the research to date I have found that the smaller turbines just don’t cut it and large ones require serious service and my location makes that a non starter.... so one day I would like a small turbine to power some heating and LED lighting in a poly tunnel to extend the growing season........ as I said it would be fun !
  10. I don’t glue in the tongue, it’s just a perfect fit, as the boards are wet they are only going to shrink not expand and the floating tongue allows for continued movement. But your right in that if the boards were dry they would expand and warp as they would have nowhere to go ! always something throwing to trip us up on a self build.......
  11. @Barney12 Hell man that’s is some serious landrover porn !!!!!! I rebuilt my first landrover / every nut and bolt when I was 20..... series 2a and now have the knowledge to pretty much do all the repairs I need from my own humble workshop. Total love affair! Living on an island that does not require an MOT means I can run some pretty old crap and not worry about the madness of an MOT..... though my mainland landy (the grey one) obviously needs to be kept up to spec. The ex Military Police one needs a new canopy now but this is what it looked like a couple of years ago, got a spare axle on the bench at the moment undergoing a FULL rebuild...... again sorry for the thread wobble I will stop NOW ........
  12. Yup..... and they come with special leaking door seals just to keep them authentic........ love them though.
  13. As @Onoff says it’s a pretty poor job.... but it is what it is. I agree about the batons potentially causing some problems but I would not use 70mm only fixed on one side as I think they will lift and look messy, better to fix the 50mm ones through the middle so the fixings go through the gap in the boards as shown in my photo above. You could easily put something on the back of the door to run the screws into. This way the wood can expand and contract without splitting. But again all this is because it has not been done correctly. I have build various doors and the one in the photo below was with unseasoned larch but I put in a big larch Tongue expecting them to shrink and they have been up for six years without fault.
  14. I would use a 50mm wide batten to cover the gaps all the way down and some stainless steel screws. Photo of what it would look like.