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  1. @PeterW wow this is a really good idea and something i will follow up asap, thanks for your input.
  2. Rendering in the cold

    I made the mistake of pointing before a cold snap, it became obvious that it had got frost damage and i used a high powered jet wash to remove all the damaged areas before repointing......
  3. Am getting close to needing to instal my mvhr and ducting but want to get closer to choosing the ducting. Its a small cottage and there is only 51m of supply ducting needed and 31m of extract ducting required. Given the small amount of pipework needed i want to get the best i can. Semi ridgid is appealing (and seems to be the preferred option on here) for its simplicity but as my duct runs are relatively simple and short should i be looking at rigid. Noise reduction is very important to me as its a small house and short duct runs from unit to extract / feeds. lounge feed 16m end bedroom 11m middle bedroom 8m bathroom extract 10m kitchen extract 5m stairwell extract 2m Fitting silencers / attenuators will be required but a bespoke approach is needed as space is tight, following @JSHarris and @Stones approach on how to do this. so my question is what recomendtions do people have for quality ductwork, i will look at fittings next but before trying to get a package deal i want to get some independent advice from people who have fitted and are living with mvhr. As always thanks for any advice.
  4. Log burner

    Yes i really like the idea of putting a really small wbs in the cottage, there was an open fire for years and then a big wbs but with all the improved insulation and future ufh the need becomes one of fun rather than function. I know we have talked this subject to death but..... due to my remote location and my caveman instincts i am still going to fit one. Finding the “right” small stove will be the challenge...... i will be sitting there overheating... reading about how to repair my fuel guzzling landrover on my iPad.
  5. Log burner

    Imagine if you were an ipad user with a wood burning stove and a dirty landrover...... devil incarnate.....
  6. Cheap digger sources

    I think this is a really wise decision, up on the west coast of Scotland diggers hold there price for years and you would not struggle to get your money back assuming you did not over pay for it in the beginning! I really need a digger for a huge amount of landscaping but dont have the funds to buy a good one and as i need it for such a long time hiring is not sensible. I am however handy with the tools and have been maintaining machines of one sort or another most of my life so will hopefully get hold of one that needs some TLC but is affordable to me. Happy days with your digger !
  7. Travis Perkins: Cash or Credit?

    I have used TP for a long time and always had a good relationship with them. Have a cash account but pretty much always talk to someone in the office and haggle the price down. They seem happy to match other builders merchants prices if they can. Would be worth going in and having a talk with one of the managers and see what they can do for you.
  8. Shower tray

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coram-Showers-YD903WHI-3-Tiling-Upstand/dp/B00C2IEWKC/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1518805286&sr=8-5&keywords=coram+shower+tray+900+x+900 i put one of these in last year and its been great. However its the first shower tray i have ever installed so no comparison. Sure others will have some solid recommendations. I went with this because i wanted one with good up-stands as i was using shower wall board to come down over the upstands. Worked for me....
  9. I am lucky in that i live right in the middle of really wild country and am surounded by all sorts of wildlife, however some of the more unusual residents are, slowworms, weasels, bats, tawny owls, herons and eels.... regular visitors of interest are sea eagles, had 4 right above the house yesterday, hen harrier, sparrow hawk and woodcock. The most spectacular visitors are golden eagles that come around this time of year looking for wild baby goats. I also see porpoise and dolphins throughout the summer and the occasional minky whale. Ow and otters on the commute to town.
  10. This has been talked about before, from what i remember you want both the intake and exhaust to be on the same building face. So both on a wall and separated by a few meters to prevent contamination, so exhaust downwind of intake. The reason i think is to help with balancing the system as if your intake is in the roof and your exhaust on a wall exposed to winds there will be a pressure difference. Also if I remember correctly you dont want to be sucking in cold wet air into your roof space. Sure someone will correct me if i am wrong. I wanted to do the same thing but have been warned against it, would be good to get clarity.
  11. On the home straight

    There is such a huge demand for accommodation at the moment that you will not struggle to rent it out over the main season. i would wait until your 100% sure of a completion date before advertising an opening date, test run everything (sure you have already) including spending a night ot two in there to really see how it works. Good luck getting it over the line and well done on a great job.
  12. The best bothie ever?

    Great write up, spent years living in bothies when i was in my 20s as i worked all over Scotland rebuilding mountain tracks, they were a lot less luxurious though ! Yes small is very appealing especially for short stays, i ŵould also like to build something like this in a few years time.
  13. Stressed Self Builder

    Wowzers, great location, great looking house. I guess its like the saying “have children it will be fun” they just forget to tell you the percentage of fun v stress....... that back corner window looks impressive, beyond my understanding how its held up.... but looks great. This is a great forum and i look forward to following your build.
  14. Rainwater harvesting

    Do you have a link to this as its something i am intrested in, thanks
  15. Speaker wire

    When i lived in Australia and ran my company I purchased a pair of 12l Quad speakers, i lived in a big house with dedicated space for my hifi set up, however i now live on the west coast of Scotland in a really small house and cannot make use of the large 12l speakers... It really comes down to how much you love good quality sound, i buy expensive tools these days as thats what i spend my time using, no time for chilling out. But if your going to be spending some quality time enjoying your music then........