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  1. Cpd

    What's the Simplest Setup

    From the very dizzy heights of 23+ I am on the very far extreme.... I like to sleep in a room of about 16c Max and could not be in the kitchen if it’s over 21c without Windows and doors being opened!
  2. Cpd


    You can get pretty much anything made up out of plastic coated alloy, CladCo would be a first website that comes to mind. @pocster was using some flashings recently. Lead is supper expensive these days..... yes you can make use of it in really tricky spots but the modern equivalents are cheaper and look much more crisp.
  3. Cpd

    Somewhere to Live During the Build

    What a fantastic little cabin, well done, you must be stoked.
  4. I just undertook a lot of work on a Freelander, lots of replacement bits including timing belt. Put it all back together (7hrs total work) and when I started it it ran dreadfully....... I was pretty deflated after all the work..... I went round and pushed all the coil springs on tight after being advised to try this and hay presto it worked !
  5. Cpd

    Storm ali

    Caravans.... I was building mountain tracks in northern Scotland and was living in a caravan on one job, it was on a very exposed carpark with no shelter for miles around. One night I awoke to a terrific wind and was very aware that the caravan was about to blow away.... I jumped out got the work transit and parked it within an inch of the caravan up wind, I lashed the transit to the caravan with a load of rope and went back to bed. It looked a right mess in the morning.... some of the worst rope work I have ever seen. But it kept me safe. I now live in the most exposed location on this island, I like being right in the guts of the storms when they blow in, it’s exhilarating. Just got back from taking the kids on the quad bike right down to the ocean to watch the waves crashing in and get covered in sea spray for little tots (2 and 3) they did really well.
  6. Cpd

    Storm ali

    Yup getting a bit blustery here on the west coast.....
  7. Looking good. That’s the hard part done. Don’t rush the last bit.
  8. Following...... I have a massive amount of landscaping to do in a few years and would really like to mock it all up before getting the digger in.... multiple levels / Terraces.
  9. Cpd

    Cock up? Ideas.....

    I used one of these, admittedly it was not in the splash zone.... I am very happy with its somewhat diffused light. My shower light is built into the extractor fan. Not sure if it would fully stop the shadow but something along these lines might work.
  10. Like your thinking mate. Ice cubes will suffice..... i would not usually use a trolly but from the door I would build a set of timber rails 6x2 and I use 25mm metal tubing as rollers. Keeps everything close to the ground and spreads the weight. You then just tip / Slide the stone of the end of the 2 inch high timber onto the ice and into the position. Moving it on the rollers is so easy you can Push it with one hand and it turns corners easily. The 6x2 really spreads the weight and if you have a delicate floor to go over you can carpet below the 6x2 to protect floor.
  11. So get it close and then build up timber blocks both sides of the trolly, gently leaver up and put wedges in, lower back onto blocks and slide out trolly. Repeat process for lowering it to the ground. Lever up one side put in some smaller blocks and lower down. Work both sides down evenly in small increments. When your near the final floor level put a bunch of ice cubes under the block, lower it onto these. Scatter some ice cubes into the recess and slide the slab into position. Wait for the ice to melt. Job done.
  12. Cpd

    Historic OS Maps

    Great link thanks.
  13. Cpd


    Really happy that you’ve had a little bit of a good run and at last found some honest folk to do a good days work for you. I totally feel your pain on the budget and like you am a bit traumatised by lack of money to complete my build..... I am fortunate in that I have many fairly decent skills related to the building industry and only have to work out where the money for materials needs to come from rather than the very scary labour component. It’s looking good and I hope you have smooth sailing for as long as possible.
  14. Yup..... new tracks. I was borrowing / hiring a digger the other week to dig out some of the silt in my pond.... popped a track off..... try refillting a track under muddy water as the digger continues to sink...... got it done but what a job. You could look at second hand if your going to be selling it on soon... going to be a big chunk of cash for new ones.
  15. Fantastic job, well done I am so glad it all worked out for you. If only I could be that productive ! Bravo