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  1. If your not going to have a use for it after the job then hiring is the way to go, otherwise get one that is a dedicated breaker as the ones that are a drill / breaker are NOT designed for continuous braking...... the warranty people will tell you they are primarily a drill with the capacity to do limited breaking.... And they won’t cover the repair. (This is from my own experience but may not be universal) when it’s a dedicated breaker you can use it like a mad man and then simply hand it back when it breaks and get it fixed under warranty, but this can be frustrating if your only half way through the job.... I would get an sds max breaker for that as they are much lighter all round And Capable for that job and more. I used to buy matabo Sds max breakers in Australia as they had a big 3 year warranty And if I needed 4 I would by 6 and just assume that two would be at the repair shop at all times.....
  2. I am another “guilty as charged” when it comes to using a digger without a seat belt while on my own property, I used to use them on a daily basis back in Australia for work and it was just standard practice to put them on, the only difference I can think of is back in Australia you always had someone on the ground to avoid the need for you to be constantly jumping in / out and it was just part of the many safety protocols that needed to be adhered to while working on A professional site.
  3. Same here..... 2.5 miles to the nearest paved road - 3 miles to the nearest street light and 3.5 miles to the nearest shop...... great stuff.
  4. Totally agree, i am outside from 7.30am to 5,30pm and then often pottering in the garden / walking in the evening. I set my electric heating to 16c and am happy at that as I can’t sleep comfortably with it much hotter, If the weather is great then I don’t mind it hotter as long as the windows are all open. I’m sure I could get used to it hotter but need to constantly watch my electric usage......
  5. I will be building a small section of haha wall in the upper reaches of my garden, I have an existing fence in place at the moment to keep sheep out, ( i will be removing the section Of fence between the two big posts) the idea is to convert the grassy area in the foreground into a lowered stone flagged seating Area with fire pit and bbq facilities. The site faces west and gets incredibly sunsets. the aim is to give guests a real sense of being right in the middle of the landscape without looking over a wire fence,
  6. Just be aware that Proctors roofshield and some others will become quite useless if while exposed to the weather they get wet and then freeze, it’s that time of year when this is going to be a potential problem..... I talk from experience on this one....😢
  7. Really don't like it...... looks like an abandoned construction site.... like he is building some fancy glass lookout and put his temporary work cabins to close, and then ran out if money And left the cabins and all the unfinished steelwork ..... sorry to be critical but this really is not my thing.
  8. I have a BIG septic tank that was installed a long time ago and I have no intention of emptying it any time soon...... I have lived on another property where the septic tank had never been emptied and again it seems to be all about size Of tank and volume of waste going into it.... big tank, small volume of waste = empty once in a blue moon.
  9. Is so 50mm between the rafters will be pitiful If that’s all there is going to be. When I did my roof I put 4 vents at the top where there was a big uninsulated area (Triangle ) below the ridge that all the rafters were open to (50mm air gap below the sarking and above the 190mm of insulation) and the vents worked well as I got lots of air movement up between the rafters in the gap. I also had soffit vents at the base of each rafter to help get air in. All in all it’s worked great and the roof is bone dry.
  10. If the sarking is wet I lay it without gaps as when the roofing membrane goes on the boards Start to dry out and shrink And you then have your gaps. My local builders merchants keep the sarking outside and as it’s the west coast of Scotland the sarking is always wet ! it’s quite alarming how much shrinking you can get.
  11. I have a great one that was recommended from someone on here, will have a look tomorrow and post up.
  12. I had some larch off cuts from my cladding and put them through the planer And made a walkway with them between two rooms that were build at ether end of a shed up in the roof. I used a two part floor varnish and it worked great, holding up really well with lots of use. The varnish really brought out the colour.
  13. in my experience it’s very forgiving stuff, I am afraid I have never used pea gravel or sand on my own property.... I always make sure the trench bace is very Clean and at the exact fall by checking with a laser, lay the pipe and hold down with big stones, fill in around it with whatever I have available or what’s come out of the trench. When the pipe is secure I remove the big stones and complete the fill in process, the only place I would pay special attention to is where pipes cross a driveway or yard / anywhere I might be driving over it with a landrover and a 3-4 ton trailer. I also use washing up liquid .......