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  1. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I think that most people would have different levels of input and reward needs as we all have different personal situations that have to be met, me i have no money but i can at least quirky holiday accommodation in return for a helping hand with a task i have very limited skill in. It will be intresting to see what others have to say.
  2. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I think its a great idea, i am so far away that i expect i would have to entice people with free holiday accommodation and world class views, then i could show them some stonework tricks and when we are tired go and look at the complicated stuff......
  3. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    That looks like a possible solution, i will read up on it tomorrow thanks.
  4. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    @JSHarris i am very grateful for your offer to help me with this, i will compile the information in the next few days and report back. Thanks.
  5. dodged a bullet yesterday

    Crikey mate that was a close one, thank god someone still uses an iron, if that was me the place would have burnt down due to there being no iron or ironing to do. Glad all is well.
  6. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    My aim is to try and gather the information required to identify the heating requirments for my cottage, this is my first attemp to fill in the spread sheet, i will go back over it and double check all the numbers but i am hoping that people familiar with this set up would be able to comment on potential mistakes i have made and other more wide ranging observations. Most of the U values are taken from the calotex online calculator, they do not take into account and internal coverings such as osb, plasterboard or wood panelling. My next step will be to gather all the information on individual room sizes, only 5 including the upstairs landing / hall. Equiped with heating requiremnts and room sizes i hope to be able to then learn how the heating system may be developed. @PeterW the uninsulated concrete floor is 2390mm from the ceiling and there is no scope to raise the ceiling or to rip the slab up and go lower. From existing concete floor to outside entry level the optimal build up is 130mm this gives a 2225mm floor to ceiling finished level. I had planned to lay 25mm calotex with battens screwed to the floor at X spacing and then lay 50mm of calotex in the opposite direction with 50mm cross battens screwed to the 25mm. Then chipboard screwed to the 50mm battens then the final floor boards in living area and ply or fermacell to then stone tile in kitchen. I just cant see UFH being an option but please correct me if i am wrong. As always thanks for all the help. Ok edit.... i have no idea how to get the spread sheet from my ipad to here without a screen shot, i am a dinosaur with computers..... help.
  7. Why insulate

    Yes well i am fortunate to live where burning wood bothers nobody as there are no neighbours within a mile, also living in a house with virtually no insulation. But the kitchen is always to hot when the wood burner is on and thats every day from november and we have to open the door to the hall to let out the heat otherwise its just to much. The rising heat through the floorboards heats the bedroom above so all in all its liveable. Yes its as basic and barbaric as they come but at the moment thats the life we lead. The clearview pioneer 400 was the best £1000 i could have spent on a stove and i am still after many years delighted with it. I have recommended it to various people and they are also incredibly happy with it. I could not even consider what my electric bill would be without it. There i said it.......
  8. @JSHarris thanks for the spread sheet. It will be very useful to help me understand and clarify information for both my thread on the AsHp and this thread on MvHr My first question is about efficiency of the Mvhr unit do i enter the efficentcy as stated on the machine or does one down grade the manufactures figures to “real life” expectations ?
  9. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    Great i will get in about it. Thanks
  10. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    Yes i meant general public, A Public official still comes round once a year on a donkey to collect one child and six goats for rent so all good on that front. The usual way is to wait for someone to be having work done and then get the trade to fit you in around that job We are lucky that its a small but strong community and we rally together should there be an emergency This is how we do it 👍 1. The pitched roof in the rooms in roof are at 0.15 W/m²K (this is just from a calotex calculator) 2. There is considerable scope to improve the doors...... velux windows upstairs and doule glazed hardwood sash downstairs. 3. The upstairs walls are 0.21 W/m²K (calotex calculator) ground floor 0.21 W/m²K The area i need to address is the stone walls downstairs, stripped back, repointed and painted white to brighten the place up, its been fine as a summer house but for us to live in it over winter and to get the most out of the heat pump i will need to re do the studwork and insulate with rigid insulation rather than the origanal bit of rock wool stuffed in hear and there. Mr Smarts has put together a heat loss spreadsheet but i was wondering if @JSHarris or @PeterW or anyone on here had one that was better as a template before i venture out information that may be better presented. As always thanks.
  11. @Crofter I got this one for £300 new of eBay it can do up to 370m3 and my place is shy of 250m3 so i assumed.... this would be a bit big but it has the ability to be wound right back so hopefully... providing minimal work and good efficiency but have the ability to boost from kitchen and bathroom on a humidistat or switch..... it was my first “risky” buy of ebay and i am yet to understand the consequence of that decision......
  12. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    I am a total nut job when it comes to insulating and airtightness, and never ever rush the detailing, we are a ways of from smoke testing but when the time comes i will be ready. Yes i have been following that thread and many others very closely and learning all the time. My nearest smoke producing neighbors upwind of me are 5 miles away and a lot of open sea between us. Downwind from me they are about a mile away and there are hills and forests between us. So we are all good on that front.
  13. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    Lack of understanding probably about the ability of this heat pump, it was an ebay buy with the usual buy now and hope i can get it to work for my situation...... i know i can just hear the collective groan but i have a streak in me that can only be explained as i am a “risk taker” i try to always make calculated and informed decisions but every now and then i just jump without really looking...... having a family has at least stopped me from free climbing and a whole bunch of other reckless activities. Now i have the heat pump and a mvhr unit so by hook or by crook i really WANT to make them work for me. So as always please be patient. I am not looking specifically for a reasonable cost vs return, this is a for life property no two ways about it, i have already lived here since i was in my early twenty's but worked away or lived abroad for over a decade. I am back to stay No Gass, its a small island with a public vehicle exclusion policy, really is a PITA to even get a sparky to come as limited ferries and cost prohibitive. Yes if i can get the heating sorted out with the ashp then the wood stove could be a nice feature for geusts and the cave man desire. I have already got a pipe under the outside gable wall to the fire place (put it in when i was excavating the old fire place to repoint and replace some burnt/ damaged stones) i had considered not bothering with a new stove but geusts up until now love it and say it would be a real shame to loose it. Understood, as time goes on and i get all the information together i hope that we can design a system that maximises the use of the ashp but does not overwork it. Am not going to rush into buying anything elts i promise, but have been following other threads and reserching about the right sort of radiators to use with ashp. I compleatly agree with you, i am not happy with the wall-warts but as i am trying to spend as little as possible on this house they are sufficient for our needs, but after thinking about it you are totally correct and they would not be acceptable in a holiday let full stop. Mr Smarts our in house super talented all rounder volunteer and computer genius is working on some heat loss calculations and spread sheets that i hope to soon be able to share with you so that total heat requirments etc can be seen, then the nuts and bolts can be designed around this...... Yes plenty of room downstairs. Ok as i said i am totally committed and ready to listen carfully. Space wise there is all the area under the stairs and the abillity to plum anywhere round the inside perimeter of the building both upstairs and downstairs. The only available space upstairs is on the landing / hallway by the upstairs back fire exit where i intended to put a laundry cupboard. There is a small false roof at the very top of the roof to hide future mvhr pipework. The realisation of the possibility that i can use the heat pump for both upstairs and down will provide me with the determination to adress the cold feature walls, ie. just get on and insulate them... but thats another story. Cottage on the left of the photo and main house on the right
  14. Cheap 6KW ASHP

    @Nickfromwales thanks for you observations its what i am after. I am writing a responce with all the answers but it takes me a little time as this is not my forte....
  15. @ProDave i am very aware of what you are saying and the cottage though a very traditional croft house is not going to be a plasterboard tent. I am in total controle and have a full understanding of the importance to detailing in many aspects of the refurbishment and try to educate myself before making mistakes. Eventually this will be a fantasric little summer holiday cottage but have the ability to house me and my family over the winters when i will have a chance to start addressing the wooden panelled tent we live in at the moment. The aim of this thread is to share my ideas, bat them about and come to a conclusion. With all you great people out there i am sure i can come up with something that may not be perfect in everyones eyes but will be the best of what i can do with the materials i have or can afford to get.