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  1. Welcome from Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. I took on a rundown property 10 years ago and am still trying to dig myself out..... admittedly I look at it as a daily hobby rather than something that HAS to be done in a certain timeframe... well that’s what a started saying after the first 5 years in.....
  2. These are three pictures spread over the last 10 years, the last one with the flowers taken just last week. It’s about a third of my garden. I make it up as I go along but every year the wildlife increases exponentially and the area becomes more and more interesting.
  3. I am a long way from installing any PV but as I live very close to the sea this little nugget of information is invaluable as I was not aware of the difference in PV panel build up.
  4. Good evening @Jonathan Oakes I am a bit brain dead with tiredness tonight so cannot give you a good reply.... the main problem is that you have nothing below the tin to fix the velux easily to. from what I can see the roof you have is a very light weight design and adding lots of timber, windows and insulation could cause structural problems. as I say to my friends, anything is possible.... it just comes down to how much money do you want to spend on getting there. I am afraid that this is probably beyond my field of knowledge. maybe @Mr Punter would know of a solution as he deals with more commercial projects I think..... if something comes to me when I am not so brain dead I will post again. best of luck and sorry I have nothing useful to say. cpd
  5. Sorry i may be operating with a dull brain today..... I interpreted your question as - you have a nice 45 degree pitched roof with exposed oak rafters and you were wondering how best to insulate the roof..., my quick response was to go external insulation.... but what I should have said was - look at external insulation for the walls and link it into a warm roof design so that all your oak can be on display. Still not sure if I have got the wrong end of the stick..... I think I just need to sleep..... https://www.helifix.co.uk/blog/warm-roof
  6. External insulation would be the best.
  7. 75mm is so much easier to cut and deal with than 150mm would be my first choice given the option.
  8. I have a total area of 6.3 acres / 2.5 hectares and I have planted about 2/3 of it, within that there is 0.5 acres of existing low grade birch woodland. I have not planted just biomass Willow but a fairly huge variety of species with the majority being birch, Scots pine and willow. I have also planted about 300 eucalyptus of which 150 are quick growing species designed to be coppiced. there are lots of trees planted just for nature conservation including hundreds of trees which provide great blossoms for bees and hundreds of trees to provide berries for birds. And lots of trees to feed myself with including cob nut, hazel and lots of fruit trees. Pretty inappropriate site for PV I am not preaching biomass...... or anything ..... but have a huge garden that is dedicated to wildlife enrichment, being beautiful and a wonderful place to explore and to one day provide fuel fir some of our heating... the fuel part is only one area in my efforts to become more self sufficient along with some livestock and vegetable growing. I would love to have PV on all the buildings one day and a wind turbine but have NO capital so that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
  9. really no idea.... well above my pay grade ! Never encountered any problems seems to work flawlessly straight out the box....
  10. Yes very expensive (£55 a month) but it’s shared by 4 different users so it makes it affordable. We only get EE reception so it was the only option. Speeds when near the router are fantastic - 40+ mps. Just need to work out the best way of sharing it around.
  11. @Paul Leigh or anyone with experience ! I have recently signed up for unlimited 4g wireless internet with EE provided through a router I have no landline My property consists of 5 dwellings that need internet All the buildings are in a rough circle and at max about 30 metres apart in the future i may have another cabin further away that needs wifi. At moment I have the router up a pole in the middle of the property with an armoured cable running to it...... it sort of works but not well and especially not well where the buildings have calotex insulation in them... so my question is - is the TP link / Pharos the answer I am looking for ? I am reading the blurb on the website but as I am a Luddite it’s all very confusing. thanks for any advice cpd
  12. @Adsibob I will try and remember but if you don’t see me post then please drop me a reminder, I planted these last winter as cuttings and in the first growing season the Q83 shot up like nothing I have ever seen..... from a 600mm cutting (200mm in the ground - 400mm sticking out ) they have grown to at least 10 to 12 feet !!! The other types went well and most about 5-6ft but I was pretty shocked at the growth on the Q83. I am now a bit concerned that at that rate of growth they will not be wind firm in the location I have them..... but will just wait and see.
  13. Living on the west coast I am always using ss screws and had been eying of this lot until I noticed that they no longer ship to the UK 😥
  14. You only need to cut out a small section top and bottom, just jam in a wood saw or bread knife and cut down the side of the foam, you will need to put the new bits in in two sections as I don’t think you will get the new insert in in one bit... put the filler triangle in first (1) and foam it in and then put the last bit (2)in between the remaining insulation (3) and the triangle insert. Foam and tape. I used 70mm over the top on my last project and made my own washers out of 5mm ply - bandsaw and pillar drill and 10 minutes later I have 100 washers.... away as I was not having a service void in the roof section I drove the washers in below the surface of the insulation by 5+ mm and then foam over the top, stick a bit of tape on and then glue plasterboard over the top.... obviously if your having a service void then you can leave the washers proud.
  15. how are you securing the 100mm insulation between the rafters ? I check to make sure that there is not any variation in insulation thickness or discrepancies in the inside face of the rafters and if it’s all good I then attach roofing batten to the inside of the rafters at the desired depth so that when you push the insulation in it buts up nice and solid against the battens. Would then foam in all the 100mm insulation, cut the foam back and then tape over the joints and right across the front of the rafters so that it’s a continuous silver foil run from one side to the other. Depending on your wall build up I would then be putting any inside wall insulation on that so that I overlaps the bottom of the rafter insulation (foam and tape) and then I would be putting my 50mm sheet insulation over the rafter ends to eliminate and cold bridges. I find that the only way to get all the 45 degree cuts (or whatever your roof angle is) perfect is to use a hand held circular saw set to the desired angle, if the insulation is thicker than your saw cutting depths then just finish of with a hand saw - it’s easy to follow the angled cut that you made with the circular saw. the pic is just to give you an idea - this is how I have just insulated a room in in the roof of my shed but your design may be different - and I may be wrong... however this system has worked well for me and gives me 100% airtightness and would take a lot of shrinking and timber movement to cause failure.