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  1. Cpd

    Staple gun - recommendations wanted

    I have got this Stanley, it’s VERY good and has worked faultlessly for over 2 years. I have dropped it of many a roof without a problem...... I have also got a hammer tacker but really don’t like using it, personal preference.
  2. Cpd


    I have heard very good things about elu, would be a good buy at the right price.
  3. Cpd


    Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser, 220 V, 1650 W, 304 mm https://www.amazon.co.uk/Makita-2012NB-Thicknesser-220-1650/dp/B000051ZOO i have had this one for over a year and it’s been fantastic, have put 300mm wide dry oak through it without a problem, I did a lot of research before buying this one, minimal snipe and good power, would buy again.
  4. Cpd

    Rockwool, and lots of it

    Great job ! I have used this between my two floors and I really like the product, I find cutting it with a long VERY-sharp knife to be the easiest and cleanest way. I have recently been given 30 rolls of acoustic insulation which is more flexible...... not nearly as nice to work with but it was free as the ends had got damp during a deliver to the builders merchants and they just wanted rid off it. It will take a bit more care to place and hold but hay ho. Currently in the windy shed raised of the ground drying......
  5. Cpd

    Where to find spares

    We have a fantastic recycling centre / shop right next to the dump and you can choose to either dump stuff of see if the shop will take it. They then get electronic stuff repaired and certified and sell on at a very reasonable price. They sell everything from tiles to bird cages. I love the idea of repair clubs ! A bit like a man shed club but slightly more techi. I have so far repaired my bosh dishwasher (impeller) and LG tumble dryer ( bearings and belt) I am still to understand how to repair my dehumidifier..........
  6. Looks like a disaster waiting to happen...... but as long as it’s legally ok......
  7. Cpd

    Roof sarking boards. Treated, untreated.

    Sarking boards look great then and seeing how the roof is fixed, a bit of shrinking won’t do any harm. I can’t see how using untreated would be a bad thing.
  8. Cpd

    Intake for a private water supply

    @Miek that’s axactly the thing, I lined my muddy hole with bricks, pea gravel and geo textile six years ago, yes it was a messy job to start with but the water is VERY clear and tastes GREAT I get no less than 8500 litres every 24 hrs from my supply. The guy from council said “Lovely spring water full of lovely things so passing except for the odd floating bit which filters will sort out.” Water with added fibre ! But in reality the floating bits were of no concern to him as the test results were so good but to meet best practice we need uv and very fine particle filters.
  9. Cpd

    Workshop heater: recommendations?

    For your own health I would not want to be using a solid fuel heater that has not got the exhaust piped to the outside of the shed...... nasty stuff that. I have recently purchased an old wood / multi fuel stove that I am going to instal in my shed as the main heating. I will also put in some infared heaters for times when I am just popping in to do a quick job.
  10. Cpd

    Roof sarking boards. Treated, untreated.

    I have always used 22mm treated sarking because I can’t get anything elts locally. If you can get rougth sawn then I think it should be grand as it will never get wet. My house roof has 100 year old untreated sarking without any membrane and it’s still remarkably good. Couple of points, if you use sarking board that is wet then it shrinks considerably.... I got up to 10mm gaps after tightly fitting 150mm wide boards. not a problem on a traditional Scottish slate roof as the slates can withstand that movement BUT if you lay the sarking and then attach your tin and then the sarking shrinks it could distort the fixings slightly as the wood shrinks, it’s minimal and I have not had a problem but on a swanky new house roof I would at least take this into consideration. Sarking is great for slates as it takes and holds direct nailing very well, also I am much happier with a roof that can breath and the gaps in the boards are great for keeping everything nice and vented. I have done my shed roof in structural ply as at the time osb was out of stock and they gave me the ply for the same price, it was a big disaster as the membrane froze and then water leaked in and soaked the ply which immediately got black mould growing on the inside...... I vowed never to use anything but sarking boards again as they are so robust.
  11. Cpd

    Intake for a private water supply

    Hahaha I used the inside of a washining machine drum ! Just drilled a hole for the pipe, I then put an additional home made stainless steel mesh filter over the end of the incoming pipe to stop other smaller particles getting in the pipe. Position the drum on top of a concreate slab or exposed bed rock to stop silt build up. I put a concreate slab on top (where the washing used to go in) so for maintenance I just lift up the slab pull off the mesh filter, pop a cork into the pipe pull out the drum and give it a good rinse. Put your intake hole about half way up the side. My water then goes into a sort of settlement / holding tank where I have the outfeed halfway up, overflow pipe at the top and a small hole in the bottom of one side so that there is a constant flow of water from the base of this tank, this stops sediment building up very well. I have not installed filters and uv yet but have been awarded a grant to do this in the next few months. The guy from council was totally impressed with my existing set up and told me to leave it all in situ as it was working very well. All my new fancy filters and stuff will be near the house. I am hoping that my washing machine drum and pre filters will prolong the life if the more expensive micro filter system still to be installed. Others with similar system complain about the cost of replacement filters all the time, this is because they take directly from a water source without pre filtration.
  12. Cpd

    Membrane over membrane?

    .............that will teach me not to read the instructions......... it’s crazzy that this is used so widespread around Scotland right through the winter months...... when I originally asked in the builders merchant about the best stuff to use..... well I’m glad we are all now aware of the perils of certain roofing membranes another win for build hub all in all. Luv this forum.
  13. Cpd

    Membrane over membrane?

    I am not sure if this is isolated to a specific membrane (roofsheild) or if it effects all breather membranes. If it’s across the whole range then it’s something that needs to be much more widely known about so that people are at least aware of the potential problems.
  14. I am at some point going to be doing a similar project on a very similar cottage, my slab is already in situ and there is no way it’s coming up as I know it can’t go any lower... my ceilings height will max out at just over 2.2m so I am having to compromise on the amount of insulation I would like and except some heat losses. This place is a holiday let during summer and will be where I live during the winter while I tackle my main house bit by bit..... this is my planned build up....... just an example. Down stairs Floor build up living area aprox 9 x 4.3m Concrete slab  Calotex 90mm Bonded to flooor with foam 20mm underfloor heating pipe boards bonded to Calotex with foam Thin underlay as recomended by heating board website...... possible 6mm ply floating on underlay  16mm solid strand, tongue and groove bamboo flooring fully bonded to ply with flexible something or another.....  ASHP and MVHR