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  1. Yes it’s expensive but I have had one running for years, very quiet, simple and never broke down yet.
  2. Always great when a bonkers plan actually works ! Best of luck.
  3. The act of falling off could be classed as stoopid but risk is something I am very comfortable with and pottering about on my roof unprotected would be Classed as one of my lower risk activity’s...... put me in a professional environment and I tick all the boxes and more, but my personal time is my own to do as I please and I like the freedom to do as I want when I want. I hope to have many more happy days fluffing about on my shite slate roof without the constraint of a rope but if I stop posting on Buildhub abruptly............
  4. On top of my house roof repairing the ridge without fall protection on a very cold and icy morning....... slipped and proceeded to very quickly zoom down the slate roof, onto the garage roof also on an angle and then shoot of the bottom, hit a retaining wall.... bounced of the house wall and landed on the pavement. Not a scratch or bruise on me. Bloody lucky I guess.
  5. Never had this problem but my bathroom has never been heated and is often below 10 degrees At this time of year........
  6. I have been using one for 6 years, it was quite expensive but I went on the reviews and it’s been working great, as I live In An uninsulated house the fire is on a lot during winter and this fan has raked up thousands of hours ! I am sure cheeper ones are great but I prefer to spend my cash once and not be disappointed by a noisy fan or failing parts. I have recommended this one to friends who have not complained at all. If you have a big high ceiling then an overhead fan is very good at moving the air around.
  7. Cpd

    Gate Pillars

    You need to be very careful if using a scutch hammer with a comb in it if hitting really hard stone as the combs can shatter and they can cause serious damage to you. I know as I still have a big bit of comb in the top of my hand, the surgeon said he would do more damage taking it out so said to leave it alone until it caused problems....... 10 years ago. So remember always wear gloves and eye protection. I have not read the whole thread but a scutch hammer is designed for use on mortar and stones such as sandstone, not hard stone like flint......
  8. this is the way I do it, quick work with a sharp knife.
  9. You could try and brush it back a bit with a stiff brush before the mortar sets to expose a bit more of the stone, this will also help to get rid of any snots and give a consistent finish, but it looks good for a first attempt.
  10. BFH na crow bar will be fine.......
  11. Not sure if you have talked about securing it but I have found that the best way to secure tarps / plastic is to clamp the lower edges (screw batten to batten) between long lengths of timber and then screw / clamp the timber into something solid, it’s best to roll the bottom of the plastic over itself so it does not pull out. I would also buy a large roll of cheep string, bailer twine is fine and create a web over and between the scaffolding on top to prevent pooling, you can add to this as required afterwards. Pooling water was always the biggest problem for us and even with a GOOD slope you would get problems at the lower end with water pooling behind the tension of the tarp or cross memberS, as soon as the water starts to pool it pulls all the spare tension out of the tarp into that one area creating a bigger pool, very quickly it becomes very heavy and without somewhere to go will put a lot of tension on the weakest link and something will give, if using greenhouse plastic it will split under these conditions as it’s just not designed to be load bearing, a good tarp would be stronger. Also green house plastic will damage much quicker and again will not stand up to being tensioned for long periods over anything sharp like a bolt head without splitting. I used to have to tarp our jobs in Australia to enable us to work power tools in the rain...... they always failed at some point if not constantly tweeted and maintained. I think your plan could work but it’s going to need to be very robust if it’s to be up for any length of time.
  12. Don’t hold back, vent you hidden anger!!!!!!
  13. I am wondering about that moss, is this because water is building up inside and leaching out and this provides the moss with adequate moisture to grow in that specific low down spot ? I would agree that I think the problem is water getting in above and solving this should be a starting point.
  14. Cpd


    😂 your very brave to mention those words so soon........ It’s a a bit of a hot subject on this forum but rest assured most of us understand what your talking about!
  15. Cpd

    The roof

    Looks very tidy, well done !