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  1. Cpd

    Largest diameter masonry drill.

    Show and tell. As mentioned this one goes into a jack hammer which has a drill function so NOT sds but large hex, not suitable for anything but drilling into bedrock or other solid stone and it’s a beast and would more than likely take down your wall before drilling a nice hole.....
  2. We are having a crazy long drought at the moment and my green roof is 99% dead ! Rain is due at the weekend so it should bounce back to life, it’s not a pro roof but it does work well as a noice reducer and keeps the cabin nice and cool in the summer heat.
  3. Cpd

    Largest diameter masonry drill.

    I have a 55mm masonry bit and it’s 600mmm long ! One of my jackhammers has a drilling function..... it’s a beast and one of the more dangerous pieces of kit I own....... used it before I purchased a core drill for drilling holes in bedrock to secure metal fence posts.
  4. Cpd

    Corrugated Metal Roofing

    Hay Stuart, yes I used off the shelf flashing kits that did not need any alterations, I am not sure of the flashing kit code but it’s the one designed for wriggly / corrugated tin, I will see if I can track it down..... I’m pretty sure it’s not the slate flashing kit as I have used that on another roof and the skirt is very different. (Photo included) I am also pretty sure that like your tin my tin has a high edge on one side and a low edge on the opposite side, you want the low edges to go into the velux gutter not the high edge as this will not be as effective... I think I just turned the sheets around to get a high edge to fall into each gutter, you should lay the sheets in a specific way to so that the exposed edges are not facing the prevailing wind, but to get them to fit into the gutter on both sides of the velux you need to break this rule..... my roof FACES the prevailing wind so it did not matter as the wind NEVER blows from either side as I am in a narrow glen facing the prevailing wind. But it may be something you need to consider. I can’t think of why the flashings I used would not work with box profile, but I would need to see the exposed flashing again to be sure that it would work 100% No you need to get the edge of the tin to line up with the middle of the inner gutter, remember that the tin has two different edges, a high edge and a low edge, you want the LOW edge to fall into the gutter, depending on the spacing between the box profiles, (wriggly tin is better as it gives you more options ) you then want the the next sheet of tin to fall with its edge exactly in the centre of the gutter on the other side of the velux......... this is where it may get tricky because you are using box profile and there is NO GUARANTEE that the pre set spacing of the box profile will match the width of your windows....... if it does not match then it’s not going to work FULL STOP. Ok have a think about what I have said and come back to me if you have more questions. I think your your going to need a bit if luck as it will be pretty unlikely that the box profile will match your existing window widths but here’s hoping...... photo of slate flashing kit, note the skirt is rigid and you want the flexible one as shown in my earlier photos.
  5. Cpd

    Log cabin build...

    Nice little documentary, really enjoyed watching it. I can definitely relate to it.......
  6. Cpd


    Looking good, thanks for the reference.
  7. Cpd


    Where did you get your baskets from @nod ? I have got some BIG projects in a few years with Gabions and am just wondering what they cost, those look very good quality. I have endless free stone ! So i want to buy some good cages, preferably with a green plastic coating but that may be a bit expensive.
  8. Cpd

    WHERE TO START???? 🙈

    Yup.... I have 4.66 acres of garden, starting from nothing but monocular sheep pasture, bog land and cliffs..... six years in and a lifetime to go. If anyone has a good recommendation for an app that I can use on my iPad for doing an overview design I would be very interested.
  9. Cpd

    Thinking about buying a digger

    Digger envy !
  10. Cpd

    Recycled Timber

    I use a lot of second hand timber as I get it free....,. It’s free for a good reason....... it’s usually bent or damaged. I don’t have a budget so when something is free I just accept that my time is also free and take my time, grade it, cut it, plane it...... this is my forever home and rustic is the name of the game here. If I was building a new house and had a budget I would NOT bother with anything but quality straight timber...... but I do this for fun mostly and people keep giving me interesting things to work with ! BUY NEW if you can !
  11. I use high quality dust mask when working near fine sawdust or anything dusty, I have a big box of pre filters and have two of these inserted before the main filter, when the front one is dirty I chuck it and put the one behind to the front and a new one at the back. The main filters last for years this way. When I one day get my mvhr built I will use the same principle of at least one good cheap pre filter before the main filter and maybe a set of tights to !
  12. Depressing but to late, they probably all come out of the same factory.......
  13. If it’s to be demolished And it was me I would shut of all the services and strip it out, take of the doors, remove windows and damage the roof beyond repair and put a cow in the garden. But it may not be your style......
  14. Cpd

    Cess Pit Adventures

    As they should be if your not aware of how to prevent them from being dangerous, my first apprenticeship was as a forest worker and i received full training through the forestry commission, later in life I spent two years wielding them on a daily basis for six months at a go cutting everything from fully grown hardwoods to commercial felling. Seen a few nasty injuries but thankfully never injured myself. Can’t think of another common bit of machinery that is more dangerous.
  15. Cpd

    Cess Pit Adventures

    Agree with this, unless you really want to be the go to guy with the local electric chainsaw....... but hay who am I to speak I just live buying tools, luckily I am very protective of my equipment so people know better than ask to borrow my gear........