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  1. +1 to @Bitpipe my circulation pump is the same - not surprising, same plumber!
  2. HerbJ

    Trickle vents

    MVHR and no trickle vents.
  3. Make sure that your window opening dimensions for your windows are made with the window "boxes" installed. I actually did all of mine from the timber-frame drawings and it was check check, check again with me coordinating (and taking responsibility) with MBC AND the window supplier to ensure installation tolerances were correct and the windows could be installed.
  4. Yes, I cast slots for shower and drain into the insulaated foundation, for a furure walk-in shower in the downstairs cloakroom . It was then filled in some spare insulation and tiled over. Photos of how we handled the slot during the pour and in frame erection.
  5. Yes, I agree with this, I specced marine grade ply boxes to be fitted in each window openings by MBC as part their scope (not a great photo but you get the idea). Also a photo to illustrate what @bitpipe is explaining aboot the differnce between the VPC layer construction on my build and also the service cavity battens. +1 to Compraband - used on all my windows
  6. You may be alright. I guess it will depend on how weathertight the outside layer of your frame is likley to be? Certainly, OSB was installed on the inside prior to window installation but not on the underside of the roof, which did not have OSB internally, but only VPC layer before the insulation was blown. see photo above of the roof before VPC installed - you can sse the underside of the OSB sarking. I attach a photo of the roof truuses with VPC installed before cellulose installation. Hope this helps
  7. Yes, blown cellulose which was installed on 30 November/1 December 2015 (when this photo was taken). First delivery of imberframe started on 24 September 2015 but we had problems with cranes and erection did not start until 3 or 4 days later. The roof installation was at the beginning of end of October and PV panels installed on 3 November 2015, to allows completion ot tiling. The windows were delivered on 9 November 2015 and installation started same day
  8. i was building my MBC timberframe house at the same time as @Bitpipe. We used the same roofing contractor and window supplier. The most important element before windows are installed is to get the roof and guttering competed and get control of rainwater. So, I ( and I believe @bitpipe) focussed all my early efforts on the roof, facias and guttering being completed, with temporary downpipes before the window and door installation. I actually started tiling the roof on one side of the house, while MBC were still finishing installing sarking on the other side! The internal work on VCL and insulation was all completed in a dry and weathertight house.
  9. Try the Greenbuilding Store for information. They have a lot of case studies that may be useful. https://www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk/category/case-studies/
  10. We talked to them about our house design in mid- 2014 but they seemed a bit stuck in their "Surrey/Berkshire Georgian" style and we weren't convinced they could do anything different. My friends have used them to get PP in Ascot and currently working with them to revise that PP - "Berkshire Georgian" but that it was they wanted!
  11. I think you may be asking the wrong question to the wrong person.... The question is really about design of foundations close to trees, specifically an insulated passive slab foundation in your case? The question should be addressed to a experienced structural engineer. The foundationd design will be specific to the site and its parametes - soil conditions, proximity to tress etc. My passive slab foundation was installed by MBC and designed by Tanner Structural Designs Limited, who were a little concerned about its proximity to two big oak tress and other smaller tress and hedges. They specified a much deeper excavation and filling with MOT Type3 stone nearer the big trees than typical for a site without my specific tree issue.
  12. What a journey! Great milestone achieved after so may steps along the way, including a few backward steps..... Well done and congratulations
  13. These may be helpful in addition to @SteamyTea recollections, which I are good. I think (I downloaded them without any references!!!) the attached are Jeremy's orIginal UFH design and his later mods for the SUNAMP. Heating and cooling system.pdf Hot water layout - Sunamp PV.pdf