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  1. HerbJ

    Window fitting

    I did exactly the same. Like @JSHarris i was the designated desgner and managing contractor/project manager. My wife and I spent many hours checking drawings and specification for everything and produced a wide range of check/interface documents We spent hours checking and crosschecking, We signed off the MBC Timberframe drawings and the windows detailed drawings. We also carried out the same exercise for all our internals doors, for kitchen furniture, for lights, for MVHR ducting, etc, etc. We discussed and agreed fitting tolerances with both the window manufacturer and the door manufacturer, then we used these tolerances to establish the window and door aperture dimensions. Everything went well, except that we had several triangular shaped windows for which, ideally, the fitting tolerance should have been a greater than for standard windows. The same problems was also faced with our main front door, assembly, which is huge and in three pieces - a larger fitting tolerance should have been recommended. A site visit by the window installer, BEFORE finalising the window apertures, would have resolved these fitting tolerance issues
  2. It's not in the least bit unusual. Many people spend this time away on vacation, ( I do for one) or it may be fitted to a vacation/2nd home?. So, the water is now "treated water" and how does this carry away the limescale deposits?
  3. So, are you now stating unequivocally that the wording on the HALYCAN website is incorrect and misleading, potentially making false claims about the production of soft water? Surely, there has to be a connection between advertising/sales and the product support functions in your company? Who checks the advertising claims? On another point, it seems to be admitted that the water produced by this device, will revert back to original form in 21 days?? Is this detailed in the Manufacturer's Instructions with a warning/recommendation to flush the system if it is noted for this period of time? Is this period just an estimate or has it been tested to verify this period?
  4. and another. In fact, with @jack and @Bitpipe , we shared a lot of information and used several of the same contractors and suppliers. It can be extremely useful, to develop this link and support system
  5. HerbJ

    Pre-order meetings

    Establish which window sealing products they will be using for fitting the windows and whether the costs of the products are included with the fitting/installation price.. Use the best products available ( for example, Compriband), as you will only get the one chance to do it properly.
  6. HerbJ

    Swimming Pools

    +1 to this. There are also some clever design ideas to admire and "borrow".
  7. and toes and... and everything crossed! Well done....
  8. HerbJ

    Recessed tracking for LEDs

    This is the website used by my electrician for all our LED tracks ( extrusions). http://www.mr-resistor.co.uk/interior-lighting/tape+strip/extrusions+profiles I think you may be looking for the plastered-in extrusion. I see you're still with us? Did you solve your "pressure" problem?
  9. HerbJ

    Greenstar 24i/28i Junior

    Don't know what to say that is any great help or comfort! There is only so much you can do, when you live at the other end of the country and have a full time career.. It seems that this plumber has taken advantage of her, even if the boiler does actually require replacement, - though you never know if there has been no report or discussion! The one thing that does need checking is confirmation of what boiler he is fitting as a replacement - that is, brand new with a full manufacturers warranty etc, and, importantly, that it is a direct replacement to meet the system load requirements. I know what you are going through. We had similar issues with my mother in law, before she passed away.. She would pay all bills as soon as they arrived, without checking and thought all tradesman could be trusted implicitly. We didn't live so far away as you and normally managed to get control before she got too deep into anything, sometime reversing agreements she had made.
  10. I changed my MVHR inlet filter, which is a G7 pollen filter, today after 100 days. I didn't change the extract filter , which is an F4 filter, and has been installed for about 9 months or so. - but it getting a little dirty - main reason, I didn't have a spare F4 filter to make the change...... See picture of inlet (LHS) and extract filter (RHS) The inlet filter is the dirtiest condition that I have seen it after 100 days. It may be because we normally only run the MVHR at the lowest setting but with the very hot temperature in the past 2/3 months we have been running at the higher setting, continuously to get some minimal cooling effect, especially at night. So, if any of you have been doing something similar, it may be worth checking the condition of your inlet filter!
  11. HerbJ

    Protecting windows during a build.

    They invariably charge by the measured metre length of sealant applied. The rate I paid was £1.50/metre. I spoke to several sealant contractors and the rates were similar, if not more. I am in the "hotspot" of high end value developments in the SE, so it will be interesting to get some other comparisons. .For an idea of quantity, I have a 5 bedroom house with four baths/ shower rooms, cloakroom and a very large ground floor porcelain tiled area which was 110m2 of big kitchen/family room, hall, cloakroom and utility room/pantry which had sealant applied for the entire perimeter between floor and skirting boards. Many people also choose to run the sealant between the skirting boards and engineered floor but we were advised not to do this, as in my guy's experience there is always some movement and it needs redoing! This would have doubled the measured length required, so my man was not looking to create work! The total measured length was about 242.82metres, at a cost of £364.23. It took a very full morning for two guys. Hope this helps?
  12. HerbJ

    Protecting windows during a build.

    Our man was very good, but he was recommended by a builder/developer friend.
  13. HerbJ

    Protecting windows during a build.

    We bought all our protective film from Protecta Screen. http://www.protectascreen.com There may well may be niche installer for installing and removing protective film and board. This is the way that installation of silicon beading has gone and our plumbers didn't consider this part of their scope and recommended getting a specialist "silicon man" to do it. I must say that he knew what he was doing, carried all the colours and charged on a metre length basis - difficult to get hold of because he had so much work!
  14. HerbJ

    Urgent help please

    Presumably your neighbour has the right to have the free passage and running of water ( and maybe also soil, gas and electricity) from his land by and through the channels, drains, cables and pipes running through your land. If so, a right was probably also granted in favour of the neighbour to enter your land for the purposes of maintaining, repairing and renewing the water pipe ( and any drains, cables and pipes, making good any damage caused). It's worth checking....
  15. HerbJ

    Moving first fix electrics

    It's good practice to take photos of all the 1st fix electrics ( and plumbing and ducting and ....). Our electrician took a complete set of photos,of the 1st fix together with dimensioned locations of loudspeaker cables, including location of nearest joists for positioning speaker cutouts) that had been left in the ceiling for later connection. We're refer to it a lot for various things.