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  1. We have the downstairs as one zone and this is set to 21 °C.it maintained within 0.5 °C 24 hours/day. We tried 22 °C for a few days but decided 21 °C was comfortable temperature, as when we are both the kitchen,/family room or lounge for a few hours the temperature rises quite quickly anyway. The 1st Floor bedrooms and bathrooms have individually UFH controlled zones.Normally, there are only two of us at home and we have the master bed and ensuite at 22 °C ( keeps my wife happy)and the rest of the settles at 19+ °C, without the UFH being activated. If we have visitors, we can adjust bedrooms to suit their comfort levels. We are currently away in Spain. I have set the downstairs at 18.5 °C and the upstairs is set at 17 °C but hasn't been necessary as the upstairs has settled above that though we don't have the MVHR on except for a daily 30 minute ventilation cycle.
  2. HerbJ

    Testing, testing

    By comparison, our 0.48 ACH figure equatd to 0.652 m³/m²/h.
  3. HerbJ

    Testing, testing

    Yep , beats us too... We got 0.48 ACH. Not bad for 337m2 house with 3 floors
  4. HerbJ

    Testing, testing

    Great result - keep going
  5. I hope the removal and completion goes well tomorrow. Enjoy the new house... Have a great holiday
  6. +1 @Cambs I have used Hatchbags for my last 3 cars.
  7. HerbJ

    Overlay board UFH

    I used a system using Fermacell for the overlay board for the 1st Floor UFH. I didn't need the amount of insulation you're contemplating and laid my system directly onto the OSB floor. i attach the data sheet for the system I used but I think that other similar systems are available. Flooring_Installation_Guide_11.09f.pdf ECO-10U Pt E.pdf
  8. HerbJ

    Quick check, please..... wallplate

    Do you have the same gap at the other end of the wall plate for that planned look?
  9. HerbJ

    Built it!

    Where did you buy the copy? It seems to be good quality..
  10. HerbJ

    Leading Up To Moving In

    One final push and you'll be there. It's looking great...
  11. HerbJ

    Render Board Installition Guide

    We used Knauf Aquapanel, with a Weber Render System which has a complete set of standard details that had to be complied with to get the benefit of the Warranty.
  12. HerbJ

    Who’s been on what?

    I was on an episode of "Frontiers of Construction" in 2000, which featured a mega-project, Sable Offshore Energy Project in Canada, which I was the General Manager of the Main Contractors Alliance Team. It was North American TV Series which has featured on various channels around the world. Different world, different budget, different challenges but make no mistake doing a self build by yourself is just as hard, just as challenging and a lot more rewarding
  13. HerbJ

    Stairs options

    My stairs are on the oak & glass end of your spectrum but JEA Stairs do all sorts of stairs - the stairs in their manufacturing facility are beechwood ply = and would be well worth talking to for something special in more economic materials. They have a CNC machine so can manufacture to high standards.
  14. HerbJ

    Stairs options

    Our stairs were designed and manufactured by a specialist stair manufacturer in Dublin - Jea Stairs, Colin Walsh. colin@jea.ie - see www.jea.ie, The stairs were all assembled in the works, for acceptance, diassembled and shipped to the UK, with the glass balustrades delivered separately. They did a great job and Colin was very helpful. with practical advice and support. I attach a few photos
  15. HerbJ

    ASHP, SUNAMP, UFH, PV Panels

    We paid a fee of £195.