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  1. We maintained an Invoice spreadsheet, basically arranged in accordance with the HMRC spreadsheet, from the beginning of the project. So, all our invoices were number sequentially in date order of the receipt of each invoice.
  2. Yes - we put everything into a decent robust folder/file, with header pages, contents list, section dividers, section header sheets all cross referenced and arranged in the same way as their instruction for submission. Make it as easy as possible for HMRC to review and accept your submission without any need for misunderstanding or query. Also, makes it much more difficult for them to lose anything or get invoices or attachments separated from your claim. HMRC returned the entire file, at the completion of the process payment.
  3. HerbJ

    New series of Grand Designs

    Watched Grand Designs on catch up last night - the Castle Folly. This Folly was sold to the couple rebuilding it by a local farmer, whose partner is a good friend of ours, who was persuaded to buy it years ago by an his ex-wife but then did nothing much to look after it. He received a rude awakening a few years ago when English Heritage sent him a bill for £70 -80,000 for stabilising the structure, to prevent it collapsing. He was very pleased to sell it! Anyway, our friends , were invited to view the renovation after the grand unveiling. They reported the couple were put under lot of pressure to get it finished by the production company, who then removed all their furniture and dressed it for the big finish. Apparently our friends chatted to the new owners and the wife told them it was a nightmare to live there with two small children and those stairs..
  4. HerbJ

    immersion PV diverter

    I agree with this but decided my time was better spent doing other things than trying to build my one myself. I bought the cheapest unit I could find and it has been working well for 2 years or so without any problem. it is a unit made by SolarImmersion - see https://solarimmersion.co.uk/
  5. HerbJ

    House shaped object in a field

    Looking good, great progress
  6. As I've posted in another thread, HMRC rejected my part of my initial claim, which was for the internal doors , (plus architraves plus all the ironmongery). We only submitted the VAT invoice for the total cost, which was over £10k, because there was insufficient detail to approve. We resubmitted the invoice with a priced door schedule, which was part of the order, and this was approved and the VAT refunded. The details of HMRC's response and reasoning for the rejection is detailed in the HMRC letter attached to this thread above. So they do checkt he details and reject if they are not certain.
  7. One thing I forgot to include in my post above. What does your contract with the roofing contractor provide in relation to loss and damage caused by or as the result by their work? Did they exclude consequential losses in wording such as. '"...... for any consequential loss, damage or inconvenience resulting there from. negligence"? "
  8. Easy bit first - I would include everything including the NMA Approval. I'm strongly with @newhome on this. Personally, I wouldn't risk invalidating the entire claim by fiddling and tweaking drawings, as this is very easily checked. The claim is being submitted a long time after occupation, which may result in closer review and this would seem to be exactly what HMRC look for??? Don't risk the entire claim for what is probably only a small part of the claim. It may be a strategy/ approach to detail the basement fit-out in the claim, in exactly the way described above. Also, to explain the discrepancy in the number of doors( if any) in the approved layout, in the same way. Make it easy for them to approve claim NOT provide ammunition to make it easy for them to reject the claim.
  9. No you're not going too far. The first rule of claims management is to build up a reasonable estimate of all the costs related to the damage, including any cost of mitigating the loss, and then negotiate from there.... Personally, I wouldn't bother with a solicitor (they're generally not qualified in this sort of thing, will only gather information and would resort to a barrister anyway for anything difficult). I would consider instructing a barrister, who is a specialist in construction claims, to assist with assessing the case and drafting a final letter before legal action . Barristers are cheaper than solicitors, more business like, direct and efficient. Use a chamber outside of London. I used a chamber in Exeter for a problem I (representing the Management Company as a owner/director) had with neighbour, when I had a flat in Torquay. The guy I found is now a judge.... See Magdalen Chambers = https://www.magdalenchambers.co.uk/ I sent them a letter with a synopsis of my issues and they gave me what was effectively a lump sum quotation. I went from there. I did most of the work to brief the barrister, which you can also do very effectively, and the barrister gave me an opinion and wrote the letter. He then helped with mediation, and then later in court. A barrister cannot start the court proceedings, this has to be a solicitor.
  10. The cut-off date is when you submit the application, so valid invoices dated after the Completion Certificate should not be a problem. We submitted a couple of invoices post dating the Completion Certificate, one for bathroom fittings (corner basket/soap holder) which was valid and allowed and one for a safe which was disallowed (contrary to earlier advice from HMRC). A4 Plans and elevations are fine, as long as they are legible at that size. Note, the submiited plans must have the same drawing references as detailed on the approved PP. Also, include the original PP and any applications to vary the orIginal PP. The key for your application is make it easy for them to read it and approve it - so we put it together with coloured section separators, indexes for each section, everything cross referenced clearly, etc etc
  11. I agree with this. There is little point in trying to negotiate with the Insurance Company - as you have already found, as they are/will be intent on settling at the least cost within the defined terms of their policy held by the roofing company and this policy may not cover all the damages that you are now claiming. Also, you have no leverage with the Insurance Company, as you cannot drag them onto court, as you have no contract with them! I also don't believe that you have a case for complaint with the Insurance Company - you're not their client and have no insurance contract with them. They're simply defending a claim against their client - the roofing contractor - however unreasonably they are acting and their policy allows them to do this. If you take the roofing contractor to law, then it may well defended by lawyers appointed by the insurance company., again because that is what the policy provides It's a strange situation - did the insurance company send a loss adjuster to your house? That's what I would have expected? I would have also expected the negotiation to be with the loss adjuster.
  12. The form we used is attached in the thread above see We reproduced this as MS Word Document and I will email it to you
  13. This is the form of email we used to recover VAT incorrectly charged, months after the invoice had been paid. SECOM supplied and installed an Intruder Alarm system (Specification CP111392) for us in 2016 as part of building a new house.I am in the process of reclaiming the VAT back (under the DIY scheme -VAT431) for the installation element but HMRC has rejected your paperwork because ...‘This invoice is invalid as the goods/services have been supplied and fitted or services have been provided in the course of construction of a new qualifying dwelling and no VAT should have been charged. Your supplier must correct the error. If the supplier still has any queries regarding the liability of their services or want to know what to do to make the necessary adjustment, they should contact the National Advice Service. Ref: VAT431 NB Notes, Section 2 – VAT wrongly charged’Please can I request that you review this invoice and amend the first item on the invoice (IO01) for £1308.00 to be zero rated – and refund the VAT that I’ve been charged on this item (£261.00).To support this change I supply- The Certificate for zero-rated- The Completion certificateIf needed, I can supply the full letter from HMRC. Note, the letter referred to is the letter attached to the pinned thread, attached again for your convenience HMRC Letter for BH.pdf
  14. HerbJ

    Privacy screening

    SWMBO ( Yvonne) is the gardener. She has planted a small olive tree and fig tree in the new garden. The olive tree is in a raised planter, outside the kitchen window with the herbs and still getting established. The fig tree has been planted for a couple of years in a very sunny position and has lot of figs, which have started to drop off and bullet hard. We will have to wait until next year before we get to try them! We love figs but they need to be fresh and properly ripe. We buy (and eat) a lot in Spain, readily available and cheap from the market and shops in season (June). But, we can't seem to find decent figs in the UK and they are expensive. No matter that they look and feel like the figs we buy in Spain, they never properly ripen and are always disappointing
  15. HerbJ

    After the timber frame

    Also have a look at this Topic, which details a couple of other options, including the one I used