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  1. or do you just like Michael Connelly novels?
  2. HerbJ

    Help with my noggins please

    Yes - two double sockets and a TV coaxial/Cat 6 for TV etc. One of the the wall is a 1400mm high X 140mm stud wall, which requires zero zero structural integrity. The studs were not hacked. The carpentry is better than some carpenters work I have experienced.
  3. HerbJ

    Help with my noggins please

    Something like this? Our electrician installed specific noggins for every back box and support required for the electrical 1st fix - he has more tools than the carpenters! He didn't try to use the noggins in the stud walls that were part of the TF
  4. HerbJ

    ASHP and UFH

    Point taken - I have corrected my earlier response to make sense of my point on cooling. For inlet heating, this is NOT an uncommon location on some MVHR systems for frost protection, though many like my PAUL NOVUS unit have the frost protection heater mounted internally.
  5. HerbJ

    ASHP and UFH

    Presumably, this duct heater/cooler would only be in operation as a cooler when the summer bypass is open on the MVHR Unit? So, there would be no issue with throwing away the cooling....
  6. I bought the cheapest unit I could find and it has been working well for over 2 years or so without any problem. it is a unit made by SolarImmersion - see https://solarimmersion.co.uk/
  7. HerbJ

    864 or 762: wassa' difference?

    We were required to have fire doors because we have a 3 storey house with an open stair case through the central core of the house. So, all the habitable rooms off this central core all specified as fire doors.
  8. HerbJ

    864 or 762: wassa' difference?

    No, not the linen cupboard just the habitable rooms - all the bedroom doors (off the landing) but not the ensuites .
  9. HerbJ

    864 or 762: wassa' difference?

    Yes, we used the same supplier. All our doors were supplied as door sets, except for some cupboard doors on the 2nd Floor and I should have bought door sets for these! The Ground Floor doors are 926 x 2014 mm minimum, with double doors to lounge, dining room ad kitchen . All Fire Doors The First Floor bedroom and family bath doors are all 826 x 2040 mm, with , the double doors for the linen cupboard and 726 x 2024mm for the guest ensuite. All bedroom doors are Fire doors The 2nd Floor doors are a mix of 826 x 2040mm and 726 x 2040mm, to suit the layout. The two habitable rooms are fire doors.
  10. HerbJ

    Do I need planning permission??

    Standard practice for most developers, together with creative use of NMA's and change of conditions, which normally involve slipping in new plans with wholesale changes to the original approved plans. My wife is Chairman of the Parish Council Planning Committee and it seems that a good proportion of Planning Application in this area are retrospective by Developers "gaming" the system . She has s a case at committee tonight - new build in green belt was given approval as a replacement dwelling in 2017. The developer didn't build anything close to what approved and is putting in retrospective planning application for a house that must be 50% bigger than the house approved ( which was 50% bigger than the original dwelling). The construction has been stopped by enforcement after the neighbours reported it and the developer has already withdrawn one retrospective application in 2018 and is trying again after removing the garage ( there was no garage on the original application??) It's a game and developers are very good at it...
  11. I also would recommend this course of action. It is the least line of resistance and stress. Also, use the the" Certificate for zero rated VAT" when dealing/communicating with contractors, ideally pre-contract. I went into this in some detail with HMRC and several things were made very clear HMRC will NEVER refund VAT incorrectly charged. It must be properly accounted for and refunded by the contractor. It is unlawful to charge VAT in contravention of the applicable Regulations. If a contractor unlawfully charges VAT and refuses to correct the invoice and refund the incorrectly charged VAT. then the final step available would be to take the contractor to the small claims court and make a claim for the unlawfully charged VAT
  12. HerbJ

    The joy of turf..

    Looking fantastic... Come on a bit since this
  13. HerbJ

    Wind proof lock

    The locks on our Gaulhofer 3G French windows and EVVA EPS Cylinders. I haven't noticed any draught or window coming through in any circumstance, though we are not that exposed. Ditto the lock on our Gaulfofer 3G Front Door, which is a Q Line cylinder Lock?
  14. Well done. Fingers crossed for you😀
  15. @lizzie No, you are on the right track . Using your layout drawing information, I calculated your floor area as 124.4 m2, so if you have high ceilings then your calculated volumes seem OK. Using my calculated floor area of 124.4 m2, the Part K minimum ventilation requirement in accordance with Table 5.1(b) - 124.4x0.3x 3.6 = 136 m3/hr, which highlights that your house has been well over-ventilated on a day to day basis at the design rates of 220 m3/hr taken from your attached documents. The reason that you have more extracts than most houses is that you have extracts in the plant room and your Master Bedroom, which were not really essential and do not need to have such high airflows in those two rooms. If you use the passivhaus/din method for sizing the airflow for normal situations then assuming 5 people living in the house gives supply airflow of 5 X 30 = 150m3/hr and using 50m3/hr for the kitchen, 30m3/hr for the bathrooms and utility and 20 m3/hr for the toilet this give s total extract rate of 160 m3/hr ( ignoring the dressing room and plant room for the moment). So, not too much out of balance. Also, all within the Part K requirements. So what I would do is to set these extract rates above for kitchen, bathrooms and toilets which all meet or exceed the minimum BR extract rates for these rooms)and use a lower rate of 10 m3/hr for the dressing room and plant room (both small rooms) = total extract rate of 180m3/hr. For the supply rates use 40m3/hr (2x20m3/hr) for the living room, 35 m3/hr for the snug and 35 m3/hr for the Master Bedroom and 30m3/hr for each of the two bedrooms = total supply rate of 170 m3/hr. Use these rates to set up the system for Setting 3, with your F7 filter in place. Then, set Settings1, 2 and 4 as detailed in your Operation Instructions. I would operate the system on Setting 2 on a day to day basis, when there are just two of you (and then dog) in occupation. It will be much quieter at all settings, more comfortable, cost less money to run and should give you everything to want..... and of course it complies with the BR. Hopefully, with your enthalpy HE , you will also see more comfortable RH% I am sure that my thoughts set out above will be picked apart by others reading it and they will identify any issues with what I have summarised. Again best of luck