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  1. For the very reason I already gave.
  2. In the absence of any point loads (eg joists, other beams etc) a lintel only carries the weight of the triangle above it so if this is a window opening it's not going to be much. You'll need to post a picture to have any reasonable chance of someone saying why it's bent. Yes, I know your camera is bust but you really need to get another.
  3. The strength comes not from the thickness but the shape, in particular the vertical web section. I've got an 'extra heavy duty' IG lintel here that's 4m long and still made from steel that's only mm's thick.
  4. I can't speak for jfb but for myself I like to help people but it can be very tiring and frustrating providing help to someone that is seemingly too lazy to help themselves. You sound like a bright guy and so I am confident you are more than capable of Googling insulation prices for yourself. If not just shout and I'd be happy to help you and teach you to fish rather just hand you one I've caught.
  5. I might've misunderstood what you're saying, but picking up on this last point note that the supply and extract sides of an MVHR system are separate and so any smells picked up by the latter don't pass to the former. This is one of the main reasons the intake and exhaust terminals are always sited far apart.
  6. If, as mentioned previously, he is just building you a shell then yes it is entirely normal. The screed can be vulnerable to damage from subsequent trades and so it is quite common to do it later on to minimise this and so if you are doing the 'later on' bits it'd fall to you. Again though it all depends on the plans and what has been agreed up front. I had a builder build me a shell and whilst the plans from the architect showed a finished screed we agreed in advance that I would take responsibility for it as there was other internal work that required doing before that layer could be added so he just did his bits (slab over insulation in my case).
  7. Both methods of slab location are common. In either case you would expect a smooth and perfectly level screed layer to go on as well, and it'd be not unusual for the builder to expect others to do that if he's only building you a shell. The plans would normally clarify your construction details and from that enable you to agree who's doing what.
  8. It must be otherwise it would be sitting outside of the BCO's remit. That will have nothing to do with it. The BCO has no interest in such matters. Stop making assumptions and just ask him why he wants it putting in.
  9. I forgot to pick up on this first time around... I did have a better photo of the ducting but spotted that the turtle had 'photobombed' this one so had to choose it! It does indeed bring back memories for me also as I had one as a child myself. A timeclass classic! The ducting is up on eBay now so we'll see if there's anyone nearby that it's of interest to - or is willing to take their chances with Parcelforce!
  10. No problem at all. Whilst I may have got away with it twice before they might not be so forgiving if they think I'm running some sort of ducting business!
  11. P.S. Not wanting to tempt you away but that Blauberg price seems pretty good, and would be 'pristine' unlike mine? Remember that you should be avoiding sharp bends anyway; not so much for kinkiness (matron) but more the impact on airflow.
  12. Unfortunately I think we'll only know what Parcelforce think once it's on its way - presumably they must have some sort of revenue protection process at the hub to check people are paying the right amounts? I don't think the drivers do any checks on collection. I've sent two previously and they seemed more interested in what it was than how big! Bank transfer would probably be easiest for me if that'd suit? I'm away with work for a couple of days but can get it wrapped up ready to go at the end of the week if you want to proceed.
  13. I did! ish... The ducting is the full 50m and still has the end caps in place, however there are a some scuffs and scrapes and it's picked up some dust/dirt on the outside in places where the wind has blown through. The biggest concern though is that I think I may have misunderstood Parcelforce's dimension limits as the 3m limit is for length+girth combined whereas I must've previusouly assumed it was just the girth (with length having its own 1.5m limit)! The coil is roughly 1m in diameter and 53cm high hence why I thought the 1+1+.53+.53=3.06m was pushing it. Perhaps they don't mind too much if it's still able to be handled (it's a one-man lift at around 17kg) and they've taken two previously without issue. Given its condition and being more keen for space than excess ducting I'd be happy to offer it at half-price (so, £80 + £12.99 postage) if it's of interest otherwise I might just stick it on eBay as collection only the that avoids the risk of Parcelforce demanding excess fees if they decide it is over limit with this one!
  14. These are glued to the joists but there's no obvious sign at the joins.