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  1. No MVHR, I just couldn’t justify it as we often have the windows and doors open. I have two young boys that are in and out plus we like to open our sliding doors that look across the adjacent ridge and furrow. I’ll work on then airtightness, I’m sure that will help no end
  2. Thank you James. I guess the next step is to invest in Solar PV for the long term. We do have no doors on rooms too, due to supply delays. This I’m sure is having a huge detrimental effect to the efficiency of the system. Our garage although insulated and having a Hormann LPU 42 sectional door, still has a few cold spots that need addressing. I’m hoping this will help once I’ve dealt with these too.
  3. Pro Dave, yes apologies the U Value of 0.11. The air test result was 6, I do have quite a few holes here and there that still need to be filled once the wall lights finally arrive, COVID delays allowing of course. Our standing charge is 20.64p and unit price is 15.51. We are a family of four, 2 adults and 2 children. We’ve just increased the DHW to 50 as it wasn’t hot enough to run a bath at 45 for the Mrs lol. Climate is good in Cambridgeshire, England. No harsh weather to report here Joe.
  4. Evening Everyone, We are concerned by the cost of our electricity bills, over £200-230 per month currently. Our house is approx 280m2, we have a Panasonic 12kw t-cap moon bloc ASHP, 400 l hot water cylinder with 100 l buffer vessel and UFH throughout. The build spec was extremely high with the timber frame u value at 1.1 and rational triple glazed Alu-clad windows with Ryterna RD80 doors. What should we be roughly expecting to pay. Cheers Keith
  5. Hi folks, does anyone have any experience in replacing existing 68mm diameter downpipes to Lindab 75mm. If so, do you know of a coupler that reduces the 75mm downpipe back down to 68mm? Many thanks Keith
  6. Hi folks, Should this be zero rated at source? many thanks Keith
  7. Thanks all the same Bitpipe?
  8. So far so good. we've just had verbal confirmation they approve of the amended plans. Test holes being dug next week, so I'm hoping this doesn't raise any issues.
  9. Sorry for the delay, had the stress of a house move to contend with. We're in Cambridgeshire.
  10. From what I can see on a credit check website, it would seem I need a large bargepole. It's a real shame as the house designs they promote look great. I guess the old adage "if it looks too good to be true........" applies.
  11. Hi, we are building in Cambridgeshire near to Kimbolton. Thanks for the tip
  12. Hi guys, does anyone have experience with "Innovative Home Solutions" based in Ireland. We live in Cambridgeshire, England. Their house designs look very impressive, however we are finding it hard to find any reputable reviews of their work Many thanks
  13. Hello fellow self builders, looking forward to gathering a wealth of knowledge from you all. We have just secured our first plot which comes with outline planning. We do plan to go back to the drawing board regards the house design. Keeping everything crossed that we don't come up against difficult planning officers.
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