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  1. Has anyone had an issue with sliding doors to contend with? We have 3, and there are problems with each of them. They were installed last summer and they weren’t right from the day they were installed. We have gone back to our builders time and time again and they’ve insisted it’s a manufacturing problem. The manufacturers have insisted it’s an installation issue. We’ve had an assessor out and he said the same - installation issue. Today we heard back from the technical department from the manufacturers after they’ve seen the report and photos with the list of issues. They’ve confirmed it’s poor installation that caused all the problems. We have never had access to this report sadly. How did you address this if you’ve been through similar? The builders have sent 2 guys out twice and the issues are still not resolved. Advice would be appreciated before we go in with our size 9s. Many thanks!
  2. Oh yikes 😱 That’s not good news. Sorry to hear that. We went to a showroom on Friday and still love the Dekton. Thanks for the warning about thicknesses. We would have preferred 30mm over 20mm so will definitely go for a the 20. Hope your replacement doesn’t cause too many issues. Just thinking about it - the place we went to guarantee Dekton for 20 years. Did you get a guarantee with your installation?
  3. We ended up taping every join on every board, VCL on every single exterior SIP and that taped as well. Our prelim airtightness test result was 2.65 before boarding. We fully expect to be <1 when we’re complete. Well worth the time and expense of taping IMHO. Have to say the taping and VCL seems like a lifetime ago now though!
  4. We had corian worktop one time and never had any staining issues either. The advantage was it is very light and as it was in a motorhome, weight was an issue.
  5. Sorry, my bad. Our choices are Dekton, quartz and silestone. Didn’t mean corian! I’ve just remembered a worktop we saw at a showroom over a year ago and looked it up. It’s marble. Have messaged the company as it’s really nice.
  6. Thanks both. Not having the colour through to the edge was an issue for me too ... but now they have coloured edges so it’s no longer applicable. At least that what we’ve been told. The alternatives are quartz or corian and we’ve not been able to find one in either product we like.
  7. Hello Has anyone installed Dekton worktops in their kitchens? Which one did you go for, and are you happy with it? We’ve heard really good things about it and want to check it’s worth the extra £££s before splashing out. Thanks!
  8. It was one of the two million decisions that needed to be made! Someone nearly put me off by mentioning seeing dust all the time, then I remembered we used to have black window boards with black frames and they didn’t show the dust any more than white ones did. Very happy with our decision ☺️
  9. Coming back to show you one of the window boards that’s been painted anthracite to match the windows.
  10. We do! Electric blinds that match the wall colour ☺️
  11. Thanks! We’ve got the full range of testers from Strong White to Mole’s Breath lol. Our decorators have had ours mixed up by Johnstone’s. Would love to have had unlimited funds to have F&B’s paint, but needs must! Looking at the ranges now which will tie in the kitchen/living/outside etc ...
  12. Great! Too nervous to hang them ourselves though. Did you do the skirtings yourself too? What about the black skirtings your son has?
  13. Very nice!! Thanks for showing me. Are all your doors up now? Happy with them?