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  1. It was your son Jo! Gosia is very helpful. Have you been to their showroom?
  2. Thanks for your recommendation for TEV Doors Red Kite. They asked me who recommended so I told them someone from this forum. Does your first name start with J?! I honestly didn't know to tell them! Anyhow, we really like their doors and hope they will be able to help us. We're going to make the near 8 hour round trip to go and see them soon. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Thanks. We will talk to our joiner. Would love to see your blog if you don’t mind?
  4. Trying to get everything down as much as possible, so currently looking at less than £200 per door where possible. Don't really want to reduce the sizes if we can help it.
  5. Gosh, love some of their doors. Will get in touch to see what discount they can do as we need 24 doors. Thanks!
  6. This is our forever home so building with the view of accessibility with wheelchairs/all on one level etc. The architect originally made the doors 2090 tall with well over a metre width. We’ve reigned them in already, and there are doors out there 2040 x 926 ... it’s just a case of finding the ones we like and not costing the earth.
  7. 😂😂😂 This is me all over! Million dollar tastes but not the budget! It’s a problem!!
  8. Thank you. Of course I really liked one then put in our size and it came up over £1,000!! 😰🤦🏼‍♀️
  9. Yes, we might have to bring some in, especially the huge bifold dining room doors. They’d have to be custom made. As for the 926s, we could bring them in to 826 ... and then we could get the same doors as you! Just really don’t want to go down the Howdens style route if we can help it (although my husband likes them). This is the stage we are at ...
  10. Morning Dave Our doors were originally higher than 2040 and much, much wider!! Had to rein in our architect and reduce all the sizes and they’re still very big. Ugh!
  11. Good morning Ferdinand. Thanks for your reply. Yes, internal doors. The problem we are finding is the width. We have 8 doors at 926 and a load of others between 526/626/726 and 826. Cost is a major factor. We got a quote from a specialist door company at over £25k for the doors, frames and ironmongery. Totally out of the question! We are undecided on whether to go for oak finish or painted. We have a lot of heavy and dark American furniture so we have designed the house to be very light and spacious to accommodate it. White might be better but the oak is lovely. Bit of a quandary. Don’t really want to go down the route of the doors with vertical grooves as they seem to be in every new build. There’s nothing wrong with them. Just a bit ‘ordinary’. Really like flush doors with some character. Either with visible planks or even horizontal metal strips. Trouble is I have an expense taste with a small budget, so I know we need to compromise. We have a stunning house that’s come in over budget so we (I) have to be sensible. So it’s a case of size, price, style really. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone fitted a Murphy door? Did you find one or have it made specially? Also looking for very wide glazed internal bi-fold doors. Struggling as they’re very wide (will post width tomorrow)
  13. It’s becoming a problem finding larger doors. It also doesn’t help that we are looking for something that doesn’t cost the earth, and also is different from the standard styles. Any suggestions? We’ve tried pretty much every website we can find so a bit door blind now!
  14. Morning all We have appointed our preferred builder to do all the internal works (from ground insulation, UFH, etc to membrane on the external faces of the SIPs right through to decoration ready to move in). We’re meeting him again today at a couple of his new builds to see the quality of internal work (we’ve seen the outside - they’re amazing) and wondered if there were any additional questions to ones we’ve already asked we should arm ourselves with? If you had your time again, what would you have asked up front? Any advice? Many thanks!