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  1. Me neither 🙃 it's a greenfield site/ex garden, but it is in an ex mining area so perhaps that's the issue? Although we have already submitted a coal authority report. Thanks for the reassurance - hopefully the desk study will be enough
  2. Hiya Bitpipe, thanks for the reply. Yeah they have chemical analysis from the three trial pits they dug which is documented in the report they gave us. If I'd been a bit more clued up in the beginning on what is 'standard' for an SI report I think I would have picked up on the lack of a desk study earlier & requested one as part of the package, but I was totally clueless and just trusted that the company would give us all the information we needed! Every day is a school day.
  3. I'm hoping the buildhub hivemind can help with the very last planning condition we're hoping to tick off, and hopefully I don't bore you to sleep before you finish reading this post. In essence, we have one outstanding planning condition to take care of. It reads as follows: 1. The development shall not begin until a scheme to deal with any contamination of the site has been submitted to and approved by the Planning Authority. The scheme shall contain details of the proposals to deal with any contamination and include: i. the nature, extent and types of contamination on the site; ii. measures to treat or remove contamination to ensure that the site is fit for the uses hereby approved, and that there is no risk to the wider environment from contamination originating within the site; iii. measures to deal with contamination encountered during construction work; and, iv. the condition of the site on completion of the specified decontamination measures. 2. On completion of any required decontamination/ remediation works, referred to in Condition 1, and prior to the dwellinghouse on the site being occupied, a validation report shall be submitted to the Planning Authority confirming that the works have been carried out in accordance with the approved scheme. The dwellinghouse on the site shall not be occupied unless or until the Planning Authority have approved the required validation. Reason for conditions 1 and 2: To ensure that any contamination on the site is adequately identified and that appropriate decontamination measures are undertaken to mitigate the identified risk to site users and construction workers, built development on the site, landscaped areas, and the wider environment. We have had a site investigation done that showed no signs of contamination, and our Architect + SE were happy upon submitting the SI that it should satisfy this condition. However, the council weren't happy with the SI and we spent 8 weeks waiting for it to be peer-reviewed, the outcome of which is that they have asked for us to submit a desk study. We're currently getting the desk study drawn up (and it's been confirmed by building control that this will be OK by them & will allow us to get the Building Warrant) What I'm still not sure of is if the desk study should satisfy this last planning condition or if we still need to submit a separate contamination report, even though according to the company who did the SI there are no signs of contamination, and according to BC we'll be all set for the building warrant. We have asked the planners but previously they have taken more than 6 weeks to reply to very straightforward questions with no way of contacting them other than by email, so I'm hoping to avoid a lengthy back-and-forth! Any thoughts/previous experience with similar conditions would be very appreciated!
  4. I'm guessing this is for Ecology? We decided to be 'flexible' on how we judged the overshading of our PV panels. The initial SAP had come back as 82 with moderate shading (due to our next door neighbours on the south west side). We changed it to no overshading which immediately bumped it up to 88, with the understanding that Ecology were never going to look that deeply into it & that SAP is a flawed system for judging how 'green' a house is anyway...
  5. No treatment plant at all! Just SUDS drainage to dispose of rainwater. Sorry if I've been using the wrong terminology, it's all new to me
  6. So I'd basically been advised by the bloke that's doing our groundworks that we'd need to use a hardcore infill for the soakaway since the driveway is going to be the only access onto site and will need to take the weight of heavy plant/lorries etc. I hadn't realised they would be available rated for such heavy loads, so I'll check back in with him! Otherwise I guess it would mean we'd just need to dig up the driveway again after the build to put the crates in?
  7. Apparently we can't have crates since it's under the driveway - supposedly we need the gravel/hardcore in order to support the weight of vehicles. Unfortunately there is no space for it anywhere else on the plot as it would be too near buildings or boundaries.
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I did take a look at the spreadsheets that were available but felt quite out of my depth to be honest - my Higher B in Maths is not serving me well here. The percolation rate from the SI was given as 1.5 x 10-5 (depth of test hole was 600mm) The Impermeable Area I'm taking to be the roof area? Roof area is 128m2. Footprint of the house is approx 80m2. As mentioned above the available space for the soakaway is 19m2 (underneath the driveway, so it would be filled with hardcore/gravel)
  9. We submitted percolation test results, and the architect has submitted his own calculations, but in his words he was 'winging it' a bit having not designed a soakway in a while, so I'm assuming that Building Control want the sign-off of someone suitably competent. I'm just wondering who that is - whether we can do it ourselves since we have all the information, but then who signs it off?
  10. Just as I thought we were close to getting our Building Warrant approved, Building Control have said they want signed-off calculations for the soakaway that the architect has designed. Who would do this? Would it be the company we got to do the site investigation? The soakaway we have currently is the maximum size that will fit in the plot while abiding by all the rules about distance from boundaries/roads/buildings (19m2) so I'm really hoping that the findings from the SI support the current size... Alternatively, if anyone can recommend a person/company who would be able to do that sort of thing I would be very appreciative!
  11. Sounds like a great project, and a lovely part of the world too. We are at a similar stage and quite nearby (Midlothian), just waiting for the Building Warrant to be approved so we can get started. If I end up finding any excellent local contractors I'll be happy to share if you promise to do the same!
  12. Hi madhum, Apologies for not picking this question up until now. In the end, we have decided to clad the eaves walls with cementitious board and render to avoid any problems remortgaging and selling in the future. The gable (street and rear garden facing) walls will still be timber clad, which satisfies the >50% rule that most lenders seem to have now.
  13. Just updating this in case anyone is searching for advice on something similar in the future. In the end, I paid £336 for a survey for OpenReach to come out and work out how to solve the above issue. It was decided with the contractor (and agreed with the kit-builder) to raise the height of the phone line where it connected to the neighbour's house rather than move it. This meeting was in June, and the additional cost was £812, which I paid in June, the day after receiving the quote (as a side note, the contractors who eventually turned up to do the work pissed themselves when they found out how much we had had to pay for this). The work was eventually completed in late November, 5 months after I had paid, with no update from OpenReach during that time no matter how much I tried to contact them. They are absolutely bloody useless. I eventually had to go through their 'Jeopardy Management' team and threaten to charge back all the costs and remove the line myself to get them to do anything. In hindsight I should have done this a few months earlier.
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