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  1. Neil

    What plant to hoick around concrete floor beams.

    A friend and I moved all our beams using 2 of what I would call 'sack barrows'. Start positioning the beams on the foundations nearest the point to where the beams have been delivered. You need some blocks to space the beams and infill as you go.This gives you a level and smooth floor for moving the beams and just work your way across the whole floor. Pretty straightforward and no heavy lifting gear needed.
  2. I wonder if anyone who is using the UFH system for slab cooling can advise on any changes that are needed to the usual control system. I will be having a gas boiler, individual room stats and the usual UFH wiring centre. My (basic) understanding is that UFH pumps, room stats and boiler are all controlled via the wiring centre. If this is the case how can the circulating pumps be controlled / switched on without the boiler firing up.I would be grateful if anyone can point me to a wiring diagram showing this as I still have time to add any additional wiring that may be needed.
  3. Neil


    That's great progress in a week. I was past on Wednesday and saw the 'Readymix' wagon on site. It is always a good feeling to actually make a start after all the months of planning and preparation. Hope all goes well for the future stages.
  4. Neil

    Dewalt DC618KB cordless nailer

    I have the De Walt DC692 and am very pleased with it, although it is slightly heavier than the Paslode type gas nailers. You need to think about what the gun will be used for. The one that you have linked to is a 'second-fix' nailer and only takes nails up to 63mm, so ideal for architrave, skirting etc. If you intend to do any serious framing, using 100mmx50mm for example, then you need the larger gun which will take upto 90mm nails. I would also look at the batteries supplied, my DC692 came with 2 Li-ion batteries, this appears to have NIMh batteries which are not as reliable, (and probably harder to replace in the future).
  5. Neil

    Framing nails

    I used this company for my last order. They seem to work fine with my dewalt. Prices are often better than those quoted by 'private' sellers on E-bay and (I think) that, if for a new build, you can reclaim your VAT on these. You only need to buy a couple of boxes (£50) to qualify for free delivery.
  6. I used Build-Lite of Rotherham for the design and supply of the insulation for my slab. I found them to be quite good to deal with and quick to answer any queries. The on-site training was 'mentioned' in my early discussions with them but it never materialised. Mine is quite a 'hands-on' build and I placed all the insulation, steelwork and UFH pipes myself. The concrete was then laid by a team from LaFarge (not clear whether they actually worked for LaFarge or were sub-coontracted by them). They used a very fluid / self-levelling mix which didn't require any screeding or polishing. The finished product was very level and no packing was required under any part of the TF soleplate. The EPS foundation profile provided a 100mm cavity between TF and outer brickwork in which I was able to place a further 50mm of PUR (in addition to the 120mm PUR in the TF, which.if I remember correctly, gives me a U-value of approx 0.12. I had quotes from TF and SIPS companies (including MBC via Viking House) and, as others have said, MBC were significantly more expensive after 'equalising' the various quotes.