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  1. Yes, I did it on my build, from memory it was painless, just a few forms and a small fee. Ecology are brilliant! just give them a call or email.
  2. I have an old table saw which is now surplus to requirements if your interested? Its a proper sized one that could use some tlc. It's not had much use.
  3. £120 for 2 bottles. Thankfully I moved out of the caravan and into the new house before Christmas so don't have to worry about gas bottles again! We are in West Sussex for reference.
  4. Have you tried Jif/Cif, and a lot of elbow grease!
  5. You only get charged for what you borrow. So if you borrow £125k you only pay £550 a month.
  6. Looking good! I'm in West Sussex as well building a self build ? We started in July last year. Roughly where abouts are you? We are near a place called Southwater.
  7. Around £10,000 I would hope. It's quite rare with the double glazing apparently? We have been comfortable in it with 2 adults a 2 kids as well for 2.5 years! It's an ABI Trieste if you want some more info. I would imagine it would be worth somewhere near this in another couple of years as well.
  8. Where abouts roughly are you? I'm in West Sussex and have been living in a 2 bed static with double glazing and central heating. It's only 5 years old. We should be finished with it in a few months time, which might be a bit late for you? It comes complete with skirting and a covered outside space made from pallets! I'm sure I could throw in a utility shed as well! I think there is a national shortage on good statics at the moment as well! Whats your budget?
  9. We got ours from here: https://ccf-fibreglass.co.uk/products/electric-kiosk-housing-meter-box-cabinets-enclosure-grp
  10. Just a quick question, Is concrete or screed VAT free from source i.e the supplier. Or is it charged up front and then reclaimed with the other materials at the end? Have people had problems claiming back at the end? Cheers Ian
  11. Jewson do a service called the Build Aviator, its a couple of hundred quid but it works out all your costings including material quantities and prices and labour costs. Then just input onto a spreadsheet with the quotes you have got from the trades.
  12. No we haven’t ordered the windows or doors yet, thanks for the information though ?.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I think I will be going down the MVHR route!
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