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  1. Project complete ! opted for wall mounted vanity basin and wall mounted wc Just need to find a suitable lid for WC housing
  2. looks like vanity unit is the best option all round.
  3. the BIG problem with that is that I’ve 3 bathrooms to do. Looks like I’ve found a nice high gloss white wall hung vanity unit with a ceramic sink AND it is the perfect height to fit above my tile shelf so no extra boxing required
  4. The semi pedestal would hide the trap and tap connection better I think
  5. For clarity If we were to use a semi pedestal there would only be a short length of pipe between the boxed in pipes below and the bottom of the pedestal Could make a narrow box from tiles ?
  6. Does a full pedestal support the weight of the sink? Just thinking that fixing to our stud wall could be simpler than a wall mounted sink
  7. we’re working onto an already tiled surface
  8. Thanks for all your comments looks like we’ll be going for a full pedestal
  10. Hi Guys Are semi pedestals for wall hung basins open bottomed to enable pipes to enter from below? The tech drawing of the one I’m looking at doesn’t show if it is Thanks
  11. Thanks for the suggestions think I may have found this ideal product to do the job
  12. Hi Guys I have a fully tiled bathroom with plasterboard stud walls. Thinking about replacing my existing pedestal basin with a 600mm wide, wall hung semi pedestal basin. The issue is how to fix it securely to the wall without having to re tile. Screwfix offer some toggle fixings that carry 20kg. Would 2 of these on the basin and 2 on the half pedestal be sufficient to carry the weight. Or is there a better solution? Thanks
  13. Was looking at Grohe hopefully they do the same