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  1. what bit of kit calculates how long the Willis heater will run for?
  2. I was wondering if the towel rails cold be fed from a high temp circuit like the hot water tank
  3. If we had an ASHP would it be feasible to use it to supply bathroom towel rails or would electric ones be better?
  4. Are you using an ASHP for hot heating a hot water tank too? If you had an ASHP which was in cooling mode could it still be used to heat hot water?
  5. Hi Guys In a Passivhaus where heating is seldom required, why would you use UFH which is slow to heat up when slimline electric heaters would deliver heat quickly and maybe more controllably ?
  6. We’ve had 4 neighbours complain 1 adjacent claiming to be overloaded 3 others complained that 1 neighbour was overloaded Seemed like copy / paste
  7. Quick update Just had response from parish council - Approve !
  8. Our windows on our northern boundary are at 90 degrees to their bedroom widows on their eastern face
  9. Am I right to assume that the planning officer will sift the dross from any objections and refer back to us with valid ones?
  10. All first floor widows on the north face which overlook could be either obscure or switched to a roof light
  11. Sorry can’t access plans myself as I’m away i did speak to him as soon as he moved in, (after application was made) but he didn’t voice any concerns until later.
  12. Hi Guys Our new neighbour has objected to our plans. The planning officer is visiting site today (unaccompanied) Would appreciate any comments regarding the objection. However his suggestion to move the house further south is not an option as the view is in the north east corner of the plot. Thanks The planning ref is WD/2019/0765/F
  13. I saw something similar on tv once where families in Africa were harvesting bio gas from their latrines. Was a simple concept, just a lid with a hosepipe running to a cooker in the house
  14. Saw this online Converts food and animal waste into gas
  15. Is your spreadsheet available for download? if so may I have a link please