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  1. Was looking at Grohe hopefully they do the same
  2. Hi Guys Thinking if replacing a standard floor mounted wc with a wall mounted one. My only concern is that the soil pipe exits the current pan and passes through the wall directly behind it The wall mounted frame I’m looking at has an elbow fitting on it. Can this be adapted to suit a rear entry pipe ? Thanks
  3. It’s a corned quadrant shower so has two fixed panels and a slider
  4. Hi Guys Fitting a 10mm glass frameless shower screen. The instructions suggest placing the glass directly onto the shower tray, then silicone seal the exterior edge only. Am wondering if it would be better to placing the glass on a 3mm spacer to create a gap which could be filled with silicone. What would you do? Thanks
  5. I’ve asked them to quote for our new windows. Will be interesting to see how they compare with Rationel
  6. Yes I’m replacing the mixer and head, infact I’m replacing 3 of them. Closer to the time if you let me know what bits you need I can get a quote for shipping
  7. How did you seal between the panel and the shower tray at the bottom edges?
  8. Hi Guys Planning a mini refurb of our shower cubicle without re tiling the whole bathroom. The plan is to replace the leaky shower mixer with an exposed bar mixer. Replace the shower enclosure too. Then fit two Multipanel panels over the existing tiles. The question is: If I fit the wall panels under the shower screen will the end trims of the panel throw the shower screen trim out of square? Would it be better to butt the wall panel up against the wall panel? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys Can you please help me with a couple of budget prices? Individual prices please for; Demolish and re build a 4 pipe chimney above the roof. It’s max 2 m high. Materials and labour, excluding scaffold cost. Remove 4m load bearing wall (with chimney) between two rooms on ground floor. Including steels and making good. Job is in East Sussex and forms part of a larger refurb and extension project. Thanks
  10. The capacitor has just arrived and the pump works ! Might have saved me £300! Thanks very much !
  11. Sorry I meant 2.5mm this is the box it came in it just looks a bit thin compared with the cable that was used for the ring main
  12. Hi Guys Is 1.5mm cable ok for supplying a spur to a double power point? Thanks
  13. Dimensions are close thanks Any idea how to release the existing wires ?
  14. Found a better one (I think) on EBay