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  1. divorcingjack

    Geberit wall depth

    Just be aware that the slimmer cisterns are more expensive, generally and are not compatible with all the flush plates, so if you're keeping an eye out for a bargain then it narrows your options somewhat. I got good deals on the grohe frames ((duofix), so they are maybe worth a look too - still very solid looking. Some of the air flush plates are £300!! But there are loads on eBay and gumtree, so if you know what range will fit the frame, you can make some savings there.
  2. divorcingjack

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    Hi Simon, TBH that was my other thought, I just didn’t want to be bothered buying yet ANOTHER thing (as I have approximately 11 billion things still to order for the build) if the Kerdi would do the job. Good to know I could make use of it elsewhere too though.
  3. divorcingjack

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    I have, but just not found anything I love as much. It’s a Jura grey limestone with loads of fossils in. Much denser than “regular” limestone so hopefully should be lower maintenance.
  4. divorcingjack

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    Hiya, We're not tanking the walls as the marmox boards themselves are waterproof, it's just the screw holes and joints that need sealing, hopefully! Ditra is going down on the concrete slab, but I'll defo look at ardex. We need a specific adhesive, I think that'll work with limestone, but I'm sure Ardex will make something suitable.
  5. divorcingjack

    Sealing screw holes in marmox

    Just had a bit of a puzzling conversation with marmox technical - although not the actual technical guy, he was on his lunch... I was asking what the best thing to do is in order to seal the fixing holes in the marmox boards in the wet shower area. He suggested using cut up squares of the (really quite outrageously expensive) marmox waterproofing tape. There's quite a number of fixing points, this seems a bit mad, and the tape appears to be quite thick. I was patronisingly told "well, if you want it to be waterproof...." Now, I will buy the tape if that's what's required. But - can't I use a waterproof sealant/adhesive type thing? We are fitting ditra matting to the floor and I'll have to buy the kerdi Keba and Kerdi Coll adhesive (https://www.tilefixdirect.com/product/SHKERDI-COL?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxtWFpteB4QIVyRnTCh0zng7VEAAYASAAEgJe1vD_BwE) to join those sheets anyway. Can I use the kerdi coll on the screw holes? CT1? Cheers!
  6. divorcingjack

    Powerfloated floor cleaning and sealing

    Hi all, So we are at the exciting stage of having to lift all our protective chipboard that covers the powerfloated slab that will be our finished floor. The house is extremely dusty, so it will need a good clean and sealing (I assume?). We have 2 children, so the floor will need to stand up to various food splashes and crayon/felt tip/sudocrem staining. Is there a specific sealer that we should use - it needs to have a totally matt finish, not shiny at all. I have found a Sika one (proseal W) that claims to do everything that is required, but also requires that the surface is sandblasted/acid etched before applying, which somewhat defeats the purpose of power floating it in the first place! BTW, the slab was poured approx 18 months ago so should be well cured by now, I would hope. Any advice appreciated
  7. divorcingjack

    600mm units are all I need....?

    +1 for DIY kitchens. My joiners started fitting my units last week and are really impressed with the quality. As they were so well priced we could afford to upgrade everything - soft close, custom paint etc. we are also getting our joiner to do custom finishing touches such as end panels, trim etc which should it make it look much more expensive. DIY kitchens sold us some extra paint, custom depth units and have replaced a few slightly scratched doors without a murmur. All in all an excellent experience and we spent just under £7000 including a load of units for built in living room stuff and a big kitchen. Were going back to get some 100mm deep cabinets for the bathrooms and 1m wide multi drawers for the dressing rooms. Also, the fittings box contained a box of yorkshire teabags and a packet of biscuits.
  8. divorcingjack

    Workman cored through UFH pipe.

    Repair couplings are on order. Gin and cake has been consumed. The door to that room is closed. So, touching the floors went SO well that we now need to cut a slot in the living room floor to fit the final tread of our stairs in. 😱 Plan is to crank the flow temp up to max, and hire/borrow an IR camera. Is there anything else we can do to prepare? Not cutting the floor is apparently not an option as it will ruin the look of the whole staircase having to do it another way.
  9. divorcingjack

    Workman cored through UFH pipe.

    Whilst taking some of the slab out for a shower drain. An area where there were absolutely, definitely, for sure, 100%, no UFH pipes. There were. What is is a proportionate reaction here? 1: A large sigh, cake and gin as it it repairable. 2: light swearing 🤬, vodka and icecream as it is repairable but shouldn’t really be tried. 3: Full Malcolm Tucker-esque swearing, absinthe and charcoal roasting the said workman and the person who laid the pipe in the wrong place for sandwiches. 4: Just sobbing and buying a house already built. 5: Any combination of the above.
  10. divorcingjack

    Scotframe, Fleming Homes (and others)

    We're in St. Andrews, Fife
  11. divorcingjack

    Internorm UPVC Aluclad Mix and Match

    They have good pics and dimensions on the internorm portal as well. Might be worth some CAD (cardboard assisted design) to mock them up and see the differences in reality.
  12. divorcingjack

    Scotframe, Fleming Homes (and others)

    We're in Scotland, with a cellulose filled MBC frame. You're welcome to come and visit and chat over our experience if you're close? We didn't even get as far as a quote with Scotframe, as I very much did not enjoy the casual misogyny of their patronising salesman.
  13. divorcingjack

    Internorm UPVC Aluclad Mix and Match

    I'll try and grab some pics when I drop by site this afternoon. I suppose another thing to think of would be if you're planning on having curtains or not, as they would disguise the frames somewhat. I think your concern about it being noticeable from outside is a non-problem, unless you're planning on your guests walking all around the house viewing the window profiles before they come in? If they are consistent at the front, and consistent at the back (albeit different from the front), then it just doesn't seem major to me. However, I am an extremely unobservant person - skills in this arena may vary
  14. divorcingjack

    site insurance won't extend again - what to do?

    Looks like we can have the scaffold down and canopy work complete by the 18th, the roofers are coming on monday, thankfully.
  15. divorcingjack

    site insurance won't extend again - what to do?

    Got a request in with Quoterack now, GIS called me but said they can only provide their renovation cover once the building is signed off, so that's no good to us. They've passed me on to someone else, but they don't sound 100% on what we need. Currently with ProAktive, via Aviva, via broker.