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  1. System boiler and UVC sizing

    @Nickfromwales LOL, surely you are entirely fed up of my questions by now ...
  2. Ballpark cost for single skin reclaimed bricks

    Just to update on this with a frankly ambitious quote from one brickie - we managed to source reclaims and have had half delivered already. The other half are another story - the guy is a bit dodgy to say the least, so we may have to get a threatening gang together to get the rest They weigh an absolute ton, but will look great once laid. So we had a brickie round yesterday who offered to have 2 gangs on site, and said they could lay 2000 bricks/day. All looked good while he was on site, but then he has sent us a labour only quote of £60/sqm for single skin. No lintels (zinc panels above windows), no decorative anything or fiddly details. The bricks are to be painted, so we don't require an absolutely perfect finish. We have a total area of 120 sqm with potential for additional work for a large garden wall as well. Am I right in thinking this is a little toppy, to say the least? Could anyone with SPONS give me an idea of recommended prices either /1000 bricks laid or psqm for single skin, facing reclaimed bricks? We are supplying the bricks, ties and all materials. Cheers, dj
  3. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Hi all, Time to bump up this thread again as we have to make these purchases before new baby arrives (due yesterday!). After moving house into another rental with inadequate HW setup, we're more keen than ever to make sure we get this right. So - more questions: - Am I right in my assumption that you cannot have a HW return circuit with a combi? So, you could potentially be waiting for HW at far away taps? - If we oversize the thermal store now (perhaps to 400l), we could run it at a lower temp and add in PV via an immersion at a later date if we decide to install it? - If we are ordering a thermal store, we need one with a 28mm 46kw DHW instant coil and 2 immersions to future proof for later PV? I'm going to read through the thread again and probably come back with more questions Cheers, dj
  4. System boiler and UVC sizing

    OK lads and ladies - being trapped in the house under feet of snow has meant that we finally got a chance to discuss the heating and PV again and we have come up with more stupid questions for you. As regards the PV - we're still tending towards not having it. We live by the sea and have a lot of seagulls. We are putting in special measures to avoid them landing/nesting on the flat roof - we think they will perch on the panels and shit all over them, so we'd have to factor in fairly regular cleaning, presumably at a cost. This would pretty much wipe out the earnings from FIT. However, it's not a complete no - depends on where the energy prices go over the next 5-10 years. So, we are now tending towards @Nickfromwales suggestion of a high flow combo combined with buffer tank for the UFH. Having lived with a (probably undersized) combi in a previous house, I'm a bit wary of baths taking a millennium to fill or underpowered, lukewarm showers Some of our showers for the house have very high flow rates of 24l/m and I notice that the combi Nick recommended does "up to" 20l/m hot - I appreciate with blending this comes down, but presumably it wouldn't manage with multiple outlets at once. Would anything though? My questions: - Will the Valiant 938 cope with very high flow showers? Should we go for something higher powered? - What size buffer would we need for the UFH and how would this be linked up with the combi? - Is there a way to retrospectively connect any PV to a combi? Perhaps another buffer with a PV coil? Or is that adding another layer of unnecessary complexity? Thanks again for all your help - in answer to a previous question, we haven't been connected to the water yet (long story....) but the local pressure at the point we are hoping to connect was approx 10 bar, I think. Don't know about flow rate, but nothing was mentioned about it being problematic. We are next to two blocks of flats, so hopefully the supply is reasonable. Thanks all - off to pick up the wee one, so will catch up later. Cheers, dj
  5. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Nope. Well, the skylights, but they already have the EPDM bonded to the upstands. They literally stuck down the last piece last Wednesday! The edging hasn’t been done though, so perhaps under there? We’d have to drill through the MBC kit though.
  6. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Roof is complete and watertight .....
  7. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Right. So, our sparky is also an installer, so I will talk about it with him. Assuming you lot have won the PV argument, how does this affect my flaming plumbing? @Nickfromwales, thank you for the explanation of the TS argument, I like that it is a simpler install and am reassured that it wouldn't run out of DHW if paired with a big enough boiler. Are the issues about thermal stores running out of HW normally due to a too-small boiler then? So, what on earth do we do with the PV output that relates to a thermal store?
  8. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Oh, you lot! Buggeration. What are we looking at in terms of cost here? The available roof space is prob about 100 sqm - large skylights plus no panels within 1m of the edge of the roof.
  9. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Ah ok, this did not come up during our original thinking about PV. I take it this makes the install more expensive? I think they would have to be set flat tbh. Next question - can they be installed on top of an EPDM roof? Also - there hasn't been any structural allowance made for this potential install - is this a problem?
  10. System boiler and UVC sizing

    I had a quick google and it looks like the same regs for scotland tbh. So, if we were to install the panels flat, how do mitigate the partial shading? I thought that any shading on any of the panels basically took out the whole array? Is that wrong?
  11. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Does that apply in Scotland too? OK OK, so say we did go for PV eventually, as we have no cash for the foreseeable - could we mount the panels flat? Or would they have to be at an angle? Having them at an angle would pretty much ruin the look of the house (I know, I know) as you would see them on approach to the single storey section.
  12. System boiler and UVC sizing

    Ha! Our planners do not lower themselves to talk to members of the public who have questions about planning. How utterly ridiculous. I can try and get hold of someone, but it's just another task on the so-long list. I was hoping this would be straightforward. Or at least not as nightmarishly complex as every other sodding thing has been. Can you explain why @ragg987 suggestion of a UVC + buffer + blending valve would leave me out of DHW? Could I just upgrade the size of the cylinder?
  13. System boiler and UVC sizing

    It's highly unlikely that we would get planning for them tbh - it's taken us 5 years to battle through planning for the house. Even if we did - surely the payback time just wouldn't be worth it?
  14. System boiler and UVC sizing

    I thought I had this all sorted out!! I am so confused now Do I really need to read up about Thermal stores again? Nooooooo
  15. System boiler and UVC sizing

    @Nickfromwales The PV issue has a few aspects: - conservation area and notoriously nightmarish planning - flat roof -surrounded by 3/4 storey blocks of flats which cast extensive shadows on our roof, there is very little of the roof which is not overcast at some point in the day.