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  1. divorcingjack

    I can't believe my self build has come to this...

    uuurghh, tequila is the one that will make me puke. Bad student experience. I'm sure that was the night someone got run over by the ambulance that came to pick someone else up! They wouldn't listen to the argument that it was the best possible vehicle to be run over by... Puke does worry me, tbh. Would that be covered under "accidental damage"? How possible is it to potentially remove a few tiles and replace? We're thinking of doing all the bathrooms in it, so it's not like we could even have a "puke bathroom". Teenage parties ... noooo! Might take a tip from that tequila party - they had all the floors covered in that plastic sticky stuff that they use at crime scenes. Good planning to secure the deposit.
  2. divorcingjack

    I can't believe my self build has come to this...

    That would be a completely different kind of programme....
  3. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Just an update on this from my end. I've been contacted by Barclaycard to say that they can't cover the premium because CRL (who the transaction was with) are a broker and have "technically" fulfilled their obligation to us - ie. to introduce us to the provider of the insurance. Buggeration. CRL are saying that they are in talks with the FSCS to cover the premium, but that is only £700 out of the £2400 that I paid! The rest is CRL fees The chap from Barclaycard has actually been very helpful because although barclaycard themselves can't cover it, he has formally applied for a chargeback from CRL, although not hopeful that this will work. So - can anyone suggest next steps for me? My thinking is that I should be entitled to the CRL fees back as they are not providing me with the service that they were charged for, but getting hold of anyone there is a nightmare. Anyone else had any further developments? dj
  4. divorcingjack

    I can't believe my self build has come to this...

    Thanks for the info all, especially JSHarris about the repairs - very interesting. Well, the results are in! Completely unaffected by urine, left on for 24 hours. Bleach up next!
  5. I have just found myself weeing on a limestone tile sample. It's a new low. In my defence, it was part of an extensive testing regime to see if they will work in our bathrooms, and we have a 6 year old with poor aim and a baby. Anyone got real life experience of living with honed grey limestone?
  6. divorcingjack

    Ho hum - time to remedy.

    I think it looks great though! Very interesting. Ours is power floated too and we have quite a number of small holes and rough areas, We are planning on filling them in with a either a coloured resin or metal to make a feature of them. Mind you, our whole house has a very rough/industrial aesthetic to it, so it might not be your thing. I also hate terrazzo, far too shiny. I don't do shiny things as they tend to need polishing, which I also don't do! I will see if I can find a pic of the kind of thing I mean. Fascinating, apparently there is a whole japanese art dedicated to repairing broken pottery using a similar technique. Gorgeous. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/val-jon-farris/from-broken-to-beautiful-_b_5903994.html
  7. divorcingjack

    Timber Frame Scotland

    We had a quote from Scotframe too, but I didn't like the salesman's sexist and old fashioned attitude, so he didn't last long! We went with MBC in the end - just approaching completion with our house in St. Andrews. If you're not too far, you're welcome to come and have a cuppa and a look around. Happy to relate our MBC experience.
  8. divorcingjack

    WB Greenstar vs Valliant EcoTec

    Just an update and question on this - plumber is starting on Wednesday this week - did we ever get a clarification on whether a sealed TS needs a G3 sign off? @Nickfromwales - where would the 2-port that you mentioned in he post above go? Cheers, dj
  9. divorcingjack

    In search of a bathroom wall unit...

    Cut the back off an ikea kitchen wall unit? Cheap enough to experiment on. I'm planning on buying extra kitchen units for use in the bathrooms - specific bathroom stuff seems to be ridiculously overpriced.
  10. divorcingjack

    Not good

    I work in an agile environment too! Having moved over from a traditional waterfall company, the difference in attitude alone is astonishing. I do try to apply some of the principles in my build - mostly regular stand-up type meetings with all contributors, identification of targets, sharing of progress. I do think IT attracts a different kind of person - often those that embrace change and challenge. Perhaps that's a generalisation too far, but it's been my experience so far.
  11. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    My inspector knew absolutely nothing, so don't get your hopes up! I hope they are helpful for you.
  12. Our windows were delayed too - in fact we just fitted last-but-one skylight yesterday We put in MVHR ducting, first fix plumbing, toilet frames, UF manifolds... We actually didn't have too much water coming in, so it wasn't madly stressful. We also clad the areas of the building with no windows in. I would bear in mind that when the window company say september, it is unlikely to actually be september and it could easily verge into oct/nov when the weather could potentially be really awful, so ....
  13. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    That's my thinking, @newhome. Surely I took on a contract for CRL to provide me with a warranty - how they do that is no concern of mine, and certainly not at an additional cost to me. However, from the earlier links it looks like CRL warranties are not being accepted within the mortgage market, so there's no point me having one. Looks like a dig through credit card statements this evening. Bugger.
  14. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    When I was looking for a warranty, CRL were one of the more widely accepted ones in the mortgage market, which is why I went with them! So infuriating. @newhome I will definitely need a warranty as I need to mortgage when we have finished the build to repay family that lent us the cash to do the build. @Leedub - what type is your build? I remember build zone were funny about the insulated foundation and wouldn't quote me. I'll get some quotes today and update here.
  15. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Thanks for all your replies @newhome - this is looking like a right disaster area. The fact that mortgage companies are now not accepting CRL warranties means that even if they offer to provide cover at no cost to me (unlikely!), it looks like that won't work. So - is the best plan to try and claim through the credit card company for consequential losses and source a new policy? Any recommendations, as my choice of CRL was pretty disastrous this time House is at 2nd fix stage, although is has already been inspected by CRL twice - could another company use those reports? It is an insulated foundation, MBC timber frame build. CRL were one of the few providers that didn't have a problem with the method of construction. AND our bloody skylights didn't arrive this morning and they have now confessed that they haven't even been MADE, despite promising me that they were on the lorry. Bloody bunch of lying bastards.