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  1. So, an update - we know a very good fabricator who will work for cakes and a reasonable amount of money. The stainless will not be seen in the final finish - only tiles. Although our architect has his exposed and they look great. We’re thinking to line the bottom with mesh to provide a key for tiling adhesive. I have forwarded this thread to husband for him to bask in glory.
  2. So, for our upstairs master bath, I would like a semi-wetroom, i.e. tiled showering area with small glass screen not sealed to the floor. We have an awkwardly sized showering space now due to having to build out the wall to accommodate various gubbins. Large, highflow shower. Not much money left. Linear drain, no diagonal cuts in 600x400 tiles, so the former needs to have 2 falls, not the standard 4. The only option I can find for a former is an impey linear 2, which is £600 just for the tray! Noooooo. So, my husband has come up with this plan. The architect says it's good. The joiner and steel fabricator think he's mad. The plumber is remaining noncommittal. He is 100% convinced that he has created a work of genius. The substrate is posi joists, overboarded with OSB. Was planning on marmox boards for walls (and floor?). Tiles are 15mm jura limestone. Plans below. Judge away!
  3. divorcingjack

    How to Conceal a Door in a Wall

    We're doing similar with 30mm strips of birch ply, full height over our flush door openings. Router out a handhold along one edge of a strip, so no visible handles and roller catches. Hopefully it will look the dogs - took a lot of head scratching between the architect, joiner and ourselves before we worked out the detail.
  4. divorcingjack

    Cutting Impey former

    It’s a fair and sensible point, but moot in the end because it turns out the one for sale is the vinyl version (level dec) not the tileable aquadec. So, I’m now looking for a linear waste former, 1850 x 900, with 2 falls (not 4). Impey make one, but it is £600! Excluding waste and tanking! The marmox one has 4 falls, meaning presumably, that I’d have to cut my tiles diagonally. Nooooooooo. Tiles are 400x600. Buggeration. Fibreglass was suggested, but is apparently a bugger to tile over, so that’s out. I have 50mm depth to play with - we created a well for the shower area when the floor was laid initially.
  5. divorcingjack

    Cutting Impey former

    As its “preloved”, it doesn’t come with anything and I already have the linear waste. I think. It was a long time ago I bought all this stuff.
  6. divorcingjack

    Cutting Impey former

    OR do I in fact, just want to buy this, considering all the rest of the boarding is marmox. https://www.tilefixdirect.com/product/Marmox-Showerlay-360-Linear-Shower-Tray
  7. divorcingjack

    Cutting Impey former

    In my endless quest to save pennies during our build, I have come across an Impey aquadec former for sale that would fit very nicely in our first floor master bathroom. It’s bargainous, but typically, not the absolute exact thing that one would ideally want. So, I dislike mosaic tiles, and Union Jack cuts in larger tiles when used with a former. Downstairs, no problemo as casting our falls in a screed and using a linear drain. Upstairs though... The former for sale has a round hole for a standard waste. I would like a rectangular hole to fit my linear waste. Can I cut it or is that waste-of-time-and-money- madness? The FAQ refers to cutting with a handsaw but I assume that is for cutting length or width, not farting about with the middle. Advice much appreciated dj
  8. divorcingjack

    Anyone who has a manifold from wundafloor?

    Interesting, thank you for the info. I’ve ordered a pair from wunda along with some other bits and pieces I needed anyway. I do wish they’d make it clearer when ordering on the website though.
  9. divorcingjack

    Anyone who has a manifold from wundafloor?

    Yes, those are the ones. My plumber insists they aren’t standard ones and the guy from wunda insists they are.
  10. So, I forgot to buy the isolation valves for the wunda premium manifold/pump set. Apparently, they are not included when you tick the “include fittings” box 😩 Are they just a standard part or do I need to get them from wunda? Cheers!
  11. divorcingjack

    What is this bit called and where do I buy them?!

    Oh, we all did a bit of a forehead-slap when we thought a bit more about the blender on the thermal store. Manifold (hot water one) is right next to it, so hopefully not too much to worry about heat-loss wise.
  12. divorcingjack

    What is this bit called and where do I buy them?!

    aaanyway, back to the mystery bit on my cheapo manifold - got some more pics. Are we still thinking a reducer? Husband says not.... the back and grey parts don’t come apart and appear to be one thing. There is is a brass thread left on the manifold itself.
  13. divorcingjack

    What is this bit called and where do I buy them?!

    I think I’ve represented him unfairly! Poor sod. He didn’t think it was for UFH - I just happened to tag this pic onto my UFH thread. It was at the end of a VERY long meeting.
  14. divorcingjack

    What is this bit called and where do I buy them?!

    Sorry, my mistake - thermal store! Label pic coming