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  1. Our windows were delayed too - in fact we just fitted last-but-one skylight yesterday We put in MVHR ducting, first fix plumbing, toilet frames, UF manifolds... We actually didn't have too much water coming in, so it wasn't madly stressful. We also clad the areas of the building with no windows in. I would bear in mind that when the window company say september, it is unlikely to actually be september and it could easily verge into oct/nov when the weather could potentially be really awful, so ....
  2. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    That's my thinking, @newhome. Surely I took on a contract for CRL to provide me with a warranty - how they do that is no concern of mine, and certainly not at an additional cost to me. However, from the earlier links it looks like CRL warranties are not being accepted within the mortgage market, so there's no point me having one. Looks like a dig through credit card statements this evening. Bugger.
  3. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    When I was looking for a warranty, CRL were one of the more widely accepted ones in the mortgage market, which is why I went with them! So infuriating. @newhome I will definitely need a warranty as I need to mortgage when we have finished the build to repay family that lent us the cash to do the build. @Leedub - what type is your build? I remember build zone were funny about the insulated foundation and wouldn't quote me. I'll get some quotes today and update here.
  4. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Thanks for all your replies @newhome - this is looking like a right disaster area. The fact that mortgage companies are now not accepting CRL warranties means that even if they offer to provide cover at no cost to me (unlikely!), it looks like that won't work. So - is the best plan to try and claim through the credit card company for consequential losses and source a new policy? Any recommendations, as my choice of CRL was pretty disastrous this time House is at 2nd fix stage, although is has already been inspected by CRL twice - could another company use those reports? It is an insulated foundation, MBC timber frame build. CRL were one of the few providers that didn't have a problem with the method of construction. AND our bloody skylights didn't arrive this morning and they have now confessed that they haven't even been MADE, despite promising me that they were on the lorry. Bloody bunch of lying bastards.
  5. divorcingjack


    do you have a full spec list? I love looking for this kind of stuff! It's like a sad hobby ..
  6. divorcingjack


    definitely source your own appliances. I've got all integrated Miele or Liebherr, either second hand or ex display - - Microwave/oven combi - Full size oven - Steam oven - Coffee machine - Warming drawer - Dishwasher - 90cm induction hob - Full height larder freezer - Full height larder fridge - Quooker tap - 2 x Franke sink - Waste disposal Total: £3400
  7. divorcingjack

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    I just got that email yesterday too - I was shocked and extremely unamused that they expect me to fund a new policy! I looked at my original policy documents and actually only £700 of the £2400 I paid to CRL is classified as "premium" - the remainder appears to be their own internal charges including inspection fees etc. If they are to provide a new policy, I would certainly not be paying any of these and would expect these services to be transferred across. When you claim the money back from barclaycard (before you send the forms in), have the alternative warranty fully in place because you can also claim for consequential costs - I would hope this would include the provision of a replacement policy. I am awaiting a response from CRL, but have filled out the danish compensation form already for the refund of premium. You might have to do that as the credit card company will ask whether you have investigated other routes of getting your money back. I have had to claim for a window from Barclaycard last year and I have to say they were very helpful as long as you have all the details and documentation in place and can explain the circumstances fully. I'll post back on this thread if I get any update. What a pain in the arse!!
  8. I need to source some chunks of douglas fir, elm or spalted beech for our stair treads. We got lucky in our last house and got some beautiful elm, but the guy just had them lying about the yard and we got them for cheap. Now I'm looking at actually buying them (as opposed to swapping for cakes and pies), they are pretty expensive. Anyone got a good source? Will also need narrow board cladding (scandinavian larch?) for both internally and externally. We're planning on this kind of thing:
  9. divorcingjack

    No Nonsense? Pha! Suck on this......

    @newhome - removing writing (sharpie) from tupperware box lids when you put different food in them for the freezer.
  10. divorcingjack

    Comically enormous bath questions

    OK, I'll admit it. I have bought it. But in my defence: 1: it's not really for me - it's for my husband, who is very tall, loves a bath and has never had one that he can properly stretch out in for hours at a time. @newhome - we've had 2 adults and 2 small children in it for testing purposes. 2: It was really, REALLY cheap. 3: It is REALLY nice. 4: We do have an alternative bath for those of us who are unable to reach the end of the comically enormous one, and would be at some risk of drowning. @joe90 - is that building regulation a thing? If there is a restriction on bath size, then there's NO WAY this would pass. Nice bath BTW. @newhome - that is exactly what we're worried about. However, I was thinking we could tile underneath and then in theory, we could slot in a different bath if/when we get tired of the comically enormous one? My husband REALLY likes it. We have a bath filler, so that could stay and just be fitted to a different bath, with a shelf around to make up the difference in size.
  11. How big (theoretically, as we definitely haven't already bought the comically massive bath) would a bath have to be before we would need to think about reinforcing an MBC spec floor to hold the weight? Asking for a friend, you understand...
  12. divorcingjack

    Sandstone driveway

    Isn't sandstone really soft? Would it take the wear of vehicles OK?
  13. divorcingjack

    My kitchen - pricing

    defo gumtree for the boiling water tap - there is a franke minerva one on there just now for about £200 I think. I always ask if they would package for a courier pickup, most people will box and then you just get a quote from parcel2go.
  14. divorcingjack

    My kitchen - pricing

    Can I chip in with a built in miele microwave (loads on eBay) for between £430 and £450. They have a grill function too. Loads of single ovens to match, including steam if that's your thing. As far as the island extraction hood goes, we are dropping the ceiling above the island, putting a cheap recirculating unit hidden away in the boxing, and fitting a slot grille. Very minimal and cheap and you can not the lighting in the dropped section too.
  15. Arghh, that is so frustrating. I'm with your wife, I'll be honest - some of those american things are tiny inside! Would you consider an integrated one? I picked up a liebherr one off gumtree for £100 and it is absolutely enormous. We ended getting a full height fridge and freezer (separate units) and are going to put them next to each other. Loads more capacity.