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  1. Stressed Self Builder

    They are great to deal with as well, very accommodating and helpful when we had to change their plans for a pain-in-the-arse building control guy.
  2. Fermacell vs backer board in bathroom

    Thanks for all the replies on this, very helpful, chaps. Spent an eye watering afternoon yesterday pricing up Aquapanel, Hardiebacker and Marmox boards. I assume 12.5mm is the thing to use? Some above I notice have done a mix of Aquapanel and MR plasterboard in less "at risk" areas. Is this reasonable, or should we really just do the whole lot in Aquapanel/hardie/marmox and then tank over everything? Cheers, dj PS: If anyone has seen any good deals on this stuff, I'd be most appreciative
  3. Fermacell vs backer board in bathroom

    Stronger, as in the weight of tiles that it will take? Of course, it needs special screws! Nothing would ever be less expensive than I was expecting.... *sob*
  4. Fermacell vs backer board in bathroom

    looks like MR plasterboard coming out much cheaper than aquapanel though - if they both have to be tanked, what is the difference?
  5. Fermacell vs backer board in bathroom

    Not a problem (as far as I understand) if it's fully tanked - people were using it untanked, thinking that it was waterproof - not an unreasonable assumption, given the name...
  6. Fermacell vs backer board in bathroom

    So, I would prob need to tank the fermacell as well then. Probably MR (moisture resistant?) PB would be cheaper, regular fermacell is not that easy to source, I can;t imagine the H20 version is easy to come by. I take it the weight is potentially a problem with the MR plasterboard? Does it still need tanking?
  7. We're at boarding out stage for the bathrooms, tiles not yet chosen, so not sure of weight. Bathrooms will not be full wetroooms, but a fall laid in the shower area in the concrete floor - no former. I've been reading that Aquapanel is not the thing to use, unless fully tanked. I've heard tell of Wedi board and Fermacell was also mentioned as moisture resistant. We are planning on fermacell in the rest of the house, so anyone got any thoughts about using it as a backer board? Tiles will be full height. What is best practice here? I know, not PB sealed with PVA! I have learned that much .... Cheers, dj
  8. Stressed Self Builder

    I'm half welsh, and I can vouch for this statement.
  9. Stressed Self Builder

    To be fair @Nickfromwales, a lot of the weather in NI is predominantly water based.
  10. Stressed Self Builder

    I'm well aware how lucky we are to have the chance, but you're right - it doesn't release the stress and worry. I do actually think that the responsibility of it being your own place, for your family increases the pressure immeasurably.
  11. Stressed Self Builder

    Ha, I was born and brought up in Bangor, school in Holywood Small world. You get accustomed to not knowing - it's inevitable. The only thing you can control is when you come to that realisation .... Yes, we're building across in Scotland - I've settled here in my university town. We're just on to first fixing, but it's slow going ..
  12. Show me your plant rooms!

    @ProDave, we do have one other large cupboard which will have an additional UFH manifold and a plumbing manifold for the bathrooms, but there's just no-where else to put the rest of the stuff. It's a flat roof, so no loft space or eaves to tidy ugly stuff away into. The utility is fairly central in the house - next to the kitchen and not too far from the bathrooms.
  13. Ballpark cost for single skin reclaimed bricks

    Sounds a great idea, but we've got 7000 to lay. Reckon we'd go through a few mixers by the end of that! The reclaims I've found are coming out cheaper than new anyway, hopefully the brickie will agree to lay them.
  14. Ballpark cost for single skin reclaimed bricks

    Just an update on this post for all those sourcing bricks at the minute (although it may apply only to Scotland). I spoke to a few reps and the "reclaimed style" of new bricks are horrifically expensive (approaching £1/brick or more), have to be specially ordered from outside the country and because we're not taking a full load - none of the merchants will order them for us anyway! I was also warned that because so many social housing projects are ordering millions of bricks at a time, lead times at the moment are STARTING at 26 weeks. So, I drove 10 minutes up the road to a demolition guy and picked up some sample reclaims. They weigh a ton, but the contractor says they're solid and shouldn't give us any problems. We'll see what the guy who has to lay them has to say ...
  15. Cheaper, temporary alternatives

    At the very start of this process, the sage advice from our architect was to spend our money on fabric first. So, windows, outside cladding, frame and foundations. We've done this, and although we're having to scrimp on finishes, I feel much more secure knowing that the "bones" of the building are solid and the best quality we could afford. It's straightforward (although time consuming) to save money on fixtures and things - we've sourced a huge amount from gumtree and ebay, probably running into thousands saved so far.