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  1. Haven't had mine done yet but joints in doorways is a must. Where about a was your install @Brickforce69
  2. @dpmiller yes CES will put in doorway joints on the day of pour wherever they deem necessary. I believe it is just a bit of rigid or corrugated plastic.
  3. @dpmiller not sure what screed you are putting in, I am putting cemfloor down by CES. I checked with them recently and they said pir around perimeter walls and my choice of pir or 8mm foamed roll on internals. PIR all round may be the more expensive option, haven't priced it up yet.
  4. vfrdave

    site insurance won't extend again - what to do?

    Interested in this as I am also with proaktive and have extended a few times already and will need to extend again.
  5. vfrdave

    Lidl SDS Drill - Impulse Buy

    As said above I have one of these and it has been a champion. It has however developed an intermittent issue with the power cable, some sort of loose connection which wasnt evident on taking it apart. I havent managed to return it yet as I use it too much at present.
  6. vfrdave

    Thermal store setup control

    Any pointers on who to order from? Cylinders2go and telford I have seen mentioned.
  7. vfrdave

    Thermal store setup control

    The 2 ufh manifolds should they get a zone valve each, as well as a valve for rads? Rads and one of the UFH manifolds are adjacent to store. The other UFH manifold is about 15m away. Hot water coil was my thinking as from what I have read less bits needed for that compared to plate heat exchanger.
  8. vfrdave

    Thermal store setup control

    No electric elements for towel rads.
  9. vfrdave

    Thermal store setup control

    The rad circuit is only for a few towel rads and airing cupboard so won't be used regularly. No the TS isn't ordered yet.
  10. I have posted previously about some design questions here I have settled on a thermal store with 2 ufh manifolds and a radiator circuit. Looking some direction on my thoughts of how to connect this all to thermal store. - Boiler connected via 2 port valve controlled by tank stats. 2 tank stats controlled via time clock one for summer (no ufh demand) one for winter. - UFH zones and rads off a single tapping from thermal store, or should I separate rads to their own tapping? Either way each will have a 2 port valve. - UFH pumps connected via the switched live from the zone valves, think I seen @Nickfromwales recommend this previously. - Rads will be controlled from time clock and 2 port valve triggering their own pump. Is this correct? Should I do it different, I don't mean ashp instead of boiler? Have I missed anything? As always thanks in advance.
  11. vfrdave

    Hot tap dribble

    Thanks @Nickfromwales that appears to have helped, though I did manage to spray myself and the bathroom with water trying to create a seal with my hand against the tap.
  12. Doing the floor insulation in the house currently. What should I do for the shower and bath traps. Screed is a flow screed so nominally 50mm deep, traps are deeper than that.
  13. vfrdave

    Perimeter insulation

    Not by me that's the merchants problem now.
  14. vfrdave

    Perimeter insulation

    I did and was slatting the quality of some of the boards and I tipped over the edge and rang xtratherm and found out. To say red mist descended is an understatement. Mostly sorted now just offloaded the replacements. The small fact of man days has now been mentioned!
  15. vfrdave

    Perimeter insulation

    That would indeed be handy. I am currently in the middle of pulling up the 100sqm of insulation laid yesterday as I discovered it is all seconds. Some boards were questionable and then I found out this morning why!