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  1. A broken light bulb was the best I heard from a friend that is a radiographer.
  2. @joe90 thanks for that makes it look easy I suspect. Certainly easier when free like that, than half buried. Dad now tells me the bottom of the exposed pipe is a 90 bend with pipe travelling horizontal to the left in floor. Branched off the bath supply I suspect.
  3. Dad did ask me the same but I have no experience of bending springs. Do you think it is a viable option?
  4. Maybe my description was incorrect, a close coupled full back to wall toilet. My understanding being the waste and water supply can still both come vertical from floor. That all said it's the supply water is the issue.
  5. My dad is refurbishing a bathroom at a property he has. He wishes to fit a full back to wall toilet but the water supply is not close enough to the waste pipe to allow toilet to fit. Any ingenious ideas of how to make this work. Obvious answer I gave was dig the floor up and extend pipework to suit. This will obviously end up with a joint in the floor screed (compression likely as he won't solder).
  6. I'm in NI and BC didn't ask me for anything with regards electrics and getting sign off. I was a little bemused by this.
  7. Hikvision do decent cameras etc
  8. DM Laser fab in Lisburn would be a good shout for that work. https://dmlaser-fab.co.uk/
  9. Bat wing seals like these maybe in the frame https://www.firesealsdirect.co.uk/passive-fire-protection/intumescent-seals/lorient-is1212-batwing-acoustic-and-smoke-seal-10-x-10-x-2100mm-white/?gclid=CjwKCAiAq8f-BRBtEiwAGr3DgYdZAqsDsgCYGJ2YYzrVbXMlU1YXMmwmStMxsA6F_PxajtDhOx-vyxoCw-MQAvD_BwE And drop seal in the door https://www.lorientuk.com/products/architectural-seals/drop-seals I must caveat with I haven't used either yet.
  10. On a different note is that stuff airtight when compressed. Thinking of a DIY secondary loft hatch above the ladder trap door.
  11. It was more difficult than I thought to find decent pics.
  12. I have sterling white also if you want to see a y more pics?
  13. I have all doors and windows set at 2100 with ceiling height approx 2800 and it is fine.
  14. I successfully claimed vat back paid to kore without issue. Detailed separately as 23% vat in my case and evidence of exchange rate etc provided to HMRC no issues.