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  1. Welcome to the forum, I built close to dromore co. Down a traditional block built bungalow. @Declan52 has given you good advice. Consider the accommodation you want. Then consider the size of bedrooms etc, we found it useful to compare it to rooms we could stand in already to get a better visual idea of space. Lots of architects have the style they always do rather than what the client may want so be careful. The planning portal is a useful resource www.planningni.gov.uk if you have seen a recent build nearby that you like the look of you can generally search and view floor plans and architects details.
  2. Arse about face here unfortunately. Stove and hearth already in and set to allow a 20mm wooden floor to slip under.
  3. Think I have the solution for this. Convinced swmbo to tile it instead so all the same level. Downside is we set the hearth height for the stove with a wooden floor in mind. Just need to figure out how we hide that gap.
  4. Ended up ditching the switch and adding the light to the sensor system only.
  5. I didn't do anything regarding sealing the floors. Covered some with lino remnant. Kitchen floor has been covered and is largely ok. It has been a little dusty but nowhere near as bad as traditional sand and cement. Tile order going in this week.
  6. Still haven't done anything about this. Need to figure out a way. Summer projects have taken over.
  7. So how do you get oil into them when they are a sealed unit essentially. I don't want an oily mess all round them.
  8. All of my draw downs had to go through the solicitor, as stipulated by the bank. Solicitor charged me a one off fee to cover all of them approx £250.
  9. That's we did. Screeders also worked from front door level with laser to set their heights when it was pumped in.
  10. Try F H Brundle in Glasgow https://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/search?query=Gabions
  11. No decoupling mat not used I other rooms. Yes I have UFH.
  12. Going to look again and see Not adverse to using those just will need to scribe the skirting board in the whole room to match height with kitchen.
  13. The issue gets more complex in that if I self level the kitchen to match the height of the wooden floor it throws other levels out. Off the kitchen is the utility, a passageway to the boot room and garage and door to the entrance hall. All of these areas are to be tiled also and thus need self levelling to match kitchen.
  14. The tile we have decided on more or less after a long period of viewing. The wooden floor not so much. Might try and find a 14mm floor which would make things a little easier. Tiles are likely to go down before the wood floor. Kitchen is 40 sq m so alot of self leveling to do. I could live with a oak threshold bar thing, it's how you handle the skirting board.