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  1. vfrdave

    How Long’s Your Scaffold Been Up

    My site insurance covers self erected scaffolding. I also had mine all signed off by HSE before anyone was allowed on it. I got stung by HSE for working at heights, prohibition notices all round, resulting in so much scaffolding and their sign off.
  2. vfrdave

    How Long’s Your Scaffold Been Up

    Just to note on the buying your own. I and many others on here have done so but it is kwikstage scaffolding not the bars and clamps job. Much easier to erect as it is system scaffolding and there is alot of guidance available on safe practice.
  3. vfrdave

    How Long’s Your Scaffold Been Up

    Mine was up for around 10 months or so. Like many others I bought my own so was not rushed to get it down, the last 2 bays are still up to get chimney pots on. I have hopefully have it sold on to the next self builder, deal to be done this week all being well. I did work out what it would have cost me for the same period hired and I nearly fell off the chair.
  4. vfrdave

    No longer just a dreamer....

    We need pictures, lots of pictures of these barns. Always fancied a barn conversion not sure now though going through this self build.
  5. vfrdave

    Look at my RING.....beam.

    Great effort, keep it moving on.
  6. vfrdave

    Airtightness tape

    This appears to still work.
  7. vfrdave

    Down the big long lane...

    Hope you didnt get covered in hydraulic oil, hate that stuff.
  8. vfrdave

    Ideas for treatment plant alarms

    @JSHarris Jeremy did you ever post a full schematic and parts list for these? I assume it is working well. I have just realised after burying a 3 core cable that I should have buried a 5 core to carry back alarm signals from my unit. Now looking for alternative options and think this would very much tick the box. I think I would be happy enough to build it and code it myself.
  9. vfrdave

    House temporary electric connection

    Transformer is on the pole and then goes underground up the side of a road serving several properties, we tapped into it in the roadside and came underground through the neighbours garden and into our land also underground.
  10. vfrdave

    House temporary electric connection

    @dpmiller I am off a transformer but underground from the pole.
  11. vfrdave

    House temporary electric connection

    My understanding is the connection card has to be submitted, I have to setup with a supplier, all before the meter is installed. Submission of the connection card triggers the meter being installed.
  12. vfrdave

    House temporary electric connection

    One of these http://www.nienetworks.co.uk/documents/connections/nie_connection_card.aspx I already have a generator thankfully, just thought I could have got a connection made in the permali box. is this a spike? Not that easy in rock surely.
  13. I have got my electric connection in ie the cable has been run and terminated in my Permali box after some harsh words with Morrows on a Friday afternoon. Spoke to electrician this morning about the connection card and he said that he doesnt fill that in until after 2nd fix. Can I therefore not get a site supply in place now to work from until proper connection is done?
  14. vfrdave

    Parging for Air Tightness

    I've got it in my arm hair and it's a pig to get out.
  15. vfrdave

    Wall plate

    @Declan52 I have been using washers obos but it is slow enough. Was hoping someone would say get this magic tool it's much quicker. A gas staple gun that would shoot into masonry would be the job.