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  1. Looks well @nod credit to you both.
  2. tinfoil wrap your existing cable where possible and see if that eliminates the issue Capacitor Guide:- http://www.capacitorguide.com/coupling-and-decoupling/
  3. This is my plan, how easy are they to notch a hole in and what is best way of doing it? They strike me as quite brittle.
  4. I would need to rig something up temporary, although there is ballovalves in the kitchen I could open into a 5 gallon drum. The system probably has some air needs purged also. There is no garage on the multibloc though I think one can be added to it easily. I'm probably concerned too soon before the system is purged etc though there is auto vent thingies.
  5. Sounds like I'm in a not to dissimilar position to @Shell820810 just don't know if she got sorted. Our setups are very similar as well. https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/topic/1107-no-pressure-in-pressurised-system/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-14279
  6. I don't believe so as they quote different flow rates based on pressure received up to 5 bar in their document. The cold and hot are balanced and reduced to 3 bar for the thermal store. The shower is the only outlet I have currently just seems to reduce in flow heavily when you turn the mixer round for hot water. Lowest temp setting isn't wonderful either.
  7. I have my thermal store in although not heated yet. First shower is in and I am a little concerned that the pressure/flow is low and it drops noticeably when you are looking for hot water (even though it isn't hot yet). Water is a balanced supply through a thermal store for hot and balanced off a multibloc pressure reducing and relief valve for the cold. Pressure at mains outside is 4-6 bar and flow somewhere around 40l/min. Can't keep the water in the bucket when running full bore at the start Haven't had a chance to chat with plumber yet as it is the holidays in NI but feels like the water system is strangled when it is within the house. Anyone got any pointers for me.
  8. You either need a warranty from the likes of nhbc if going down the contractor route, or an architect/engineer to sign off at stage releases and signoff.
  9. Never thought of it like that. I have stat pockets at third and two thirds down.
  10. I eventually ordered my thermal store from Trevor @ cylinders2go. Super pleased and we'll impressed confirmed order Monday received thermal store today in Northern Ireland. Thanks for the recommendation @Nickfromwales One query the aquastat supplied only goes to 65 degrees, surely I will need one that goes higher for a thermal store? Can anyone point me in the right direction, any I have looked at are 65 max.
  11. I'm going to highjack this a little. I couldn't find any regs in NI governing handle heights etc for new builds. The wife wants these doors which will only look right with the handles higher up.
  12. Congratulations Proper grand designs getting her pregnant.
  13. I got caught with the same. Earthing was then a bollocks, 3 spikes later to get a good enough reading.
  14. Even if the kiosk is in its final position they still will classify it as a temp or builders connection until the house is 2nd fixed. Mine is in final position but with a temp commando socket etc for builders connection. They also get caught up on location of these as they like them towards or on front of house for access to meter readers. Mine is round the back but they moaned alot to me.
  15. Try phoning this number with the serial number handy 0800 0516363. Guy I work with returned something by calling this number and had a replacement sent to him.