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  1. vfrdave

    Lidl SDS Drill - Impulse Buy

    Try phoning this number with the serial number handy 0800 0516363. Guy I work with returned something by calling this number and had a replacement sent to him.
  2. Anyone any idea how to clean splats of concrete off a plaster skimmed wall.
  3. vfrdave

    Anyone used an electric stair climber?

    @JSHarris I have used one of these in the last few weeks to shift a few fairly heavy comms racks (non-standard) up several flights of stairs. I have to say I was a little dubious of it but it worked really well and was fairly easy to use once carrying the load on its wheels.
  4. vfrdave

    Vapour barrier

    Cemfloor if you can get it over there is a great job. Had mine done last Thurs.
  5. vfrdave

    Power float concrete floor

    So the quarry has come back to me with a few options. - Do nothing and get a partial discount. - overlay it with some ardex product (no data sheet provided as yet) They ruled out grinding it smooth as suggested by @JSHarris stating it would be cheaper to dig it out and do it again, at which point I suggested that has to be considered.
  6. vfrdave

    Power float concrete floor

    Thanks for the responses at least we are all agreed that it is a poor job. What would you expect the supplier to do? @JSHarris has suggested grinding smooth, I assume much like they do with polished concrete but not to the same degree. Any other options?
  7. vfrdave

    Hot tap dribble

    Thanks might try a replacement washer from there first.
  8. vfrdave

    Hot tap dribble

    Anyone know where I can get a 16 spline cartridge? Or can I get a 20 and do a mix and match with the old one to suit. Existing one working much better but now not sealing off fully leaving a constant dribble of hot water.
  9. vfrdave

    Hot tap dribble

    So just another update, this has still been an issue and we are persevering with it. Tonight I stripped the tap and the rubber stopper on the end of the cartridge isn't in great shape. Put it back together and tap working alot better but reckon the cartridge rubber washer thing, what's it called, needs replacing.
  10. vfrdave

    Power float concrete floor

    Concrete was in yesterday and levelled by shortly after 9. Power float was in the van and up the road just after 1730. I thought it was too early and he would have been there to 1900 at least. Question now is what do we do with it, or what do we get the quarry to do with it.
  11. vfrdave

    Power float concrete floor

    Got my garage floor done yesterday and have to admit I am not that happy with the finish. In my mind being power floated it should have been very smooth but this isn't. See from the pictures What do you think?
  12. Haven't had mine done yet but joints in doorways is a must. Where about a was your install @Brickforce69
  13. @dpmiller yes CES will put in doorway joints on the day of pour wherever they deem necessary. I believe it is just a bit of rigid or corrugated plastic.
  14. @dpmiller not sure what screed you are putting in, I am putting cemfloor down by CES. I checked with them recently and they said pir around perimeter walls and my choice of pir or 8mm foamed roll on internals. PIR all round may be the more expensive option, haven't priced it up yet.
  15. vfrdave

    site insurance won't extend again - what to do?

    Interested in this as I am also with proaktive and have extended a few times already and will need to extend again.