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  1. FM330 is great foam, unfortunately I am struggling to get it in Northern Ireland, and shipping prices are ridiculous from England it seems.
  2. @eandg Works out at unit price of £5 +vat per block (0.45 X 0.2m). Capping stones a similar price. This was summer 2020, invariably will be more expensive now. Then factor in the stone for initial base, filling cores and back filling.
  3. I am in the process of building one at the moment using Allanblock from Colinwell a local supplier. Attached is the guidance for their wall products. ab-residential-retaining-walls.pdf ABCommManual.pdf
  4. I only have 0.75 of an acre, not sure I can justify a fergie like you @joe90 never mind @IanR option or suggestions above.
  5. So many on marketplace etc hard to know what to touch. Don't want to spend big money as will probably invest in robot mower for the garden. Hopefully get a fence up at some point and sheep will take care of the paddock.
  6. @Olly P @Onoff I have a 0.75 acre field/paddock and have been mulching it once a year this last few years. Have looked at many countax/Westwood mowers potentially to tend a bit more to the field. What height of grass can they cope with? Can they stick a bit of abuse? Alternative is a tow behind atv flail mower, don't have an atv though.
  7. I used spray glue from Screwfix for aerogel on my corner window posts
  8. This intrigued me as I was going to build a face wall with sleepers. Can't convince wife to go horizontal with them though. I like the idea of the wall but burying 1/4 to 1/3 of the sleeper length doesn't warm my heart.
  9. Hi Joe Welcome from a co down member, there are a few 'locals' kicking about here. Hopefully you will have picked up we like blogs and photos.
  10. I totally get that but it is a studio in a garage so sucks to be the FIL ?
  11. Apologies I wasn't clear. Essentially the main switch needs swapping out with an RCD, currently there isnt one on the board or upstream protecting this board. Can an RCD be added from a different manufacturer than that of the existing MCB's?
  12. Was chatting to a spark about some additions to a garage consumer unit which has raised some questions. He gave me a confused picture and has now gone quiet. Garage consumer unit with 100A main switch and a 6A MCB light circuit and 32A MCB sockets. Upstream is only a 30A fuse. Course of action would be to swap main switch with a 40A (or greater) RCD. Potential for an additional socket ring to go in. Can RCD's and MCB's be mixed and matched in terms of manufacturer? Current board is all mk and can't source any locally.
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply. Does such a thing as a 2 gang fcu exist, couldn't find one on a quick Google.
  14. Switched fcu with what size fuse?
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