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  1. vfrdave


    @JSHarris some good advice there. Can you explain in some detail or point us to a youtube video that instructs how to carry out the tests outlined if achievable by a reasonably competent DIY person.
  2. I have been struggling with this mail me as well. The head says to insulate but so much conflicting advice about suitability of insulation under floor. I think @AliG has made my mind up to not insulate the garage floor.
  3. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    At the minute the threshold is only the height of the finished garage floor. Therefore this will leave me with 50mm of insulation and 50mm of cemfloor at that interface. Should I therefore get a small channel of floor poured 100mm deep at the door?
  4. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    Thanks @Declan52 NI building regs still stay a 100mm step. This leads me to another question as to how I do where the 2 floors meet. House floor is 100mm higher but screed is only 50mm cemfloor.
  5. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    @Temp I will check but NI regs may be different. Saying that the garage has been built allowing for 100mm difference, though I could probably still do a level there should with house. Just means I would loose 100mm in the door height for cars. Any further advice on the suitability of insulation in a garage floor, @Declan52 you are sure to be wise to these things. There was an engineer on the forum but I can't remember who it was.
  6. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    @epsilonGreedy the garage is attached to the house.
  7. vfrdave

    Floor insulation comparison tool?

    I am currently working through this for my own build currently and dont really know where to go. The three options I have appear to be as follows:- 200mm Kore Grey insulation u-value 0.123 100mm PIR & 100mm Kore Grey u-value 0.106 200mm PIR u-value 0.093 From worst to best I dont think there is a massive saving in energy costs compared to the extra cost of the insulation product, though will welcome all advice.
  8. @Alphonsox I know you spoke to beacon broadband before. Did you check with airfibre or bluebox
  9. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    I can use XPS or PIR. PIR would allow me to use a 150mm concrete floor.
  10. vfrdave

    Attached Garage floor

    Thinking of getting my garage floor done so I can get the doors on and lock the place. What should my floor build up be? 100mm power floated concrete/100mm eps insulation? Is this ok for vehicles to drive on? Is there a particular EPs I should use for strength?
  11. vfrdave

    HMO wifi

    Be careful with this I think the lites are passive poe so only 24v which not all switches will provide.
  12. vfrdave

    Spray painting house

    The screed I am going to use is cement based (cemfloor) and apparently won't have laitence or need sanded so don't want to have to do it because of paint. Wasn't planning that, I'm not that mad. Don't want the screed floor covered in paint and then needing alot of prep to be able to tile to it.
  13. vfrdave

    Spray painting house

    I am thinking about getting the house spray painted internally before 2nd fix. I am not sure whether this should be best done before or after finished floor is put in. I believe there is pros and cons for both. Before you arent worried about overspray onto the finished floor and how that might impact tiling in the future, however you are susceptible to more damage as the vast majority of plumbing would be done after this into the floor build up. To do it after finish floor you only have 2nd fix to worry about but what about the overspray?? Essentially I want guidance for when to do this inline with the thought of never to paint where you are going to tile.
  14. vfrdave

    How Long’s Your Scaffold Been Up

    My site insurance covers self erected scaffolding. I also had mine all signed off by HSE before anyone was allowed on it. I got stung by HSE for working at heights, prohibition notices all round, resulting in so much scaffolding and their sign off.
  15. vfrdave

    How Long’s Your Scaffold Been Up

    Just to note on the buying your own. I and many others on here have done so but it is kwikstage scaffolding not the bars and clamps job. Much easier to erect as it is system scaffolding and there is alot of guidance available on safe practice.