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  1. The plan was to put the receiver in the deep back box behind the actual light switch for the one I wished to switch, but I have no neutral there. Lights are all in a vaulted ceiling with no accessible cabling that would allow me to secreet a receiver.
  2. I was going to go down this route but have now discovered I have no neutral in the backbox. Light fittings not easily accessible either in a vaulted ceiling.
  3. @nod did you move the faceplate and the backing plate? I know my 12v ones are 2 part. As @dpmiller says power comes from the wiring center and is independent from the actuator.
  4. I have done very similar about a month ago for a dodgy flex which I could have fixed. They sent me back a sparkling brand new drill. I was shocked as the one I had sent them evidently was well abused.
  5. I knew there was someone here had the same fitting. I think I will put a vertical section before the trap and see how it goes.
  6. I believe you are probably right. I will get a straight jointer and extend the pipe vertical.
  7. Yes the centre hollow post is in the middle still. Directly after it is an s trap with a 75mm water seal which then runs vertical for a short bit and turns to track behind the units.
  8. You were too quick, it's there now.
  9. I have a mcalpine twin waste connector like below. It seems to like out through the little air hole on the top. I assume this is not a feature, any suggestions as to why it is leaking? The twin connector is for washing machine and dryer. There is an s bend after the connector is it possible it isnt getting water away quick enough?
  10. I believe spark used esr sline faceplates, I guess whatever his merchant supplies. I would prefer to put a transmitter in the back box.
  11. It's not a grid switch, just a 4 way switch.
  12. I have just moved in to the new place and everything is a bit crazy. However the kitchen lights are doing my head in already, we have got the switching wrong. I have a 4 gang switch with redundant switches, can I use a redundant switch to switch another light wirelessly? Almost like the quinetic stuff but I need some sort of transmitter to work with an existing switch.
  13. What about these tiles, Bristol dark brick effect.
  14. I don't have plans to chase the whole wall just to allow the tray in, hence my concern about how much of the tray will end up covered up. My pipes and all are in the walls already. Building out isn't that simple as I have high ceilings and therefore will have some exposed wall above the multipanel, think shower enclosure style, not sure how I would deal with that if I build out. As I wasn't planning to tile the whole en-suite how would I deal with the small return on the built out wall.