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  1. this any good (apart from the price) just noticed cm not mm
  2. I would say JS Harris is bang on, but not all showers have NRVs fitted especially the cheaper models. Can you remove the shower or isolate the pipes ? I think if you can disconnect the shower pipes and try that
  3. Good information, hopefully by the time you retire they haven’t put the pension age up to 80
  4. I don’t know if the Inspection/test is different for new builds ? but plenty of sparks do inspections and testing for rented properties guesthouses etc which need a new certificate issued every 5 years and don’t care who did the original wiring as long as it’s up to standards and you pay them, they will issue certificates.
  5. No scotframe are supply only, you have to reclaim the vat, you could get a local builder to give you a supply and erect cost, but most are not interested. Adam
  6. Hi on mixer showers the hot water goes on the left hand side, if you are looking at the shower from the front