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  1. My Ecodan heats to 55 degrees so there's no reason yours shouldn't be able to. What happens when you try to increase the temperature on the controller?
  2. What would happen if you put the CT clamp for the iboost on the inverter output? Would that result in the iboost attempting to divert to the immersion whenever you're generating electricity? The immersion will take as much of the solar electricity as it can leaving the rest to go to the house. Or is that utter nonsense that won't work?
  3. How would you avoid DNO approval? I thought as soon as you connect any generation to the grid they need to know about it.
  4. Unless you build a system that is entirely off grid you can't avoid DNO approval. The DNO are interested in the export capability, not in what it actually exports. So if you add more panels on a separate inverter and/or a battery they need to know.
  5. The increase in energy prices has made solar PV much more attractive so all installers are really busy and there's a shortage of equipment. Our installation is scheduled for the end of September as the installer is booked up until then. I've got my fingers crossed that the panels, inverter and battery will be available.
  6. We have Mira Platinum showers that can be set to run for a limited time. We don't use this setting at the moment but it will be switched on if my daughters start having half hour showers.
  7. I assume you mean whatever is triggering the lights on the front of the Sunamp that show how full it is? They're still there... at least they are on ours. There are only four of them so it doesn't give a detailed view of how charged it is but it's better than nothing. They're only on the electrically heated Sunamp. For the others you have no way of knowing how charged they are.
  8. There are V2G trials underway, using Nissan Leafs (leaves?) and Indra chargers. It's managed by the Kaluza platform.
  9. Yes. They phase change at 45 degrees which is fine for a heating system.
  10. Have you considered heat batteries instead of a tank of water? We have two Sunamp heat batteries that are used for this purpose, storing about 18kWh of heat.
  11. We have them. Climaveneta i-Life2. They work well but aren't perfect. There's hardly any mechanical noise but you get the noise of air blowing through the vents. It isn't very loud and we got used to it quickly. You have to clean the filters every few weeks, which I do when vacuuming the house. They don't start up until the water temp is 30 degrees so it you're running a low flow temp and the rad is near the end of the circuit you might have problems. You should be fine with a 45 degree flow temp but it's something worth bearing in mind. The controls aren't great although once you've managed to get them set as you want you can mostly just leave them alone. The biggest problem is the cost. They're about £600 each. I did see someone on one of the Facebook heat pump groups selling their i-Life2 rads so you might be able to pick one up for less.
  12. I have four circulation pumps on my system. Is that too many? 😁
  13. Our Ecodan doesn't draw 200w constantly so I suspect you've got a fault or something has been set up incorrectly.
  14. You're right, if you leave the doors open there's no point in using TRVs. In fact it can reduce your heat pump efficiency. Heat Geek explain why in one of their YouTube videos.
  15. Because renewables result in less carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere and less reliance on fossil fuels from other countries, such as Russia. There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to renewables and it is more difficult than building gas power stations but it has to happen if we're to avoid catastrophic climate change.
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