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  1. I thought it was 6 months as well and as I was I out of work at the moment was very stressed. But bigger stress was that my Dad had just been in hospital for a triple heart bypass that had ended up with complications and ended up under anaesthetic for 8 days as they stablished him and a total of 14 days in hospital. I was about a month late and wrote a letter explaining the work stress and stress from my Dads operation as the reason for the late submission. Got cheque for full about with no questions asked. Restored my faith in HMRC in that there are some humans with compassion working there.
  2. Looks like a great link, will have a read and then file it away for later, thanks
  3. Merry Christmas to you all from the (relatively) cold and wet Mid North Coast New South Wales, on Boxing Day morning. It was only low twenties yesterday and had to put on a pair of jeans!!! Thanks to you all for the help given during my build and if anyone wants to buy a Modern MBC bungalow 40mins from London pm me 😉 Hope you are still all able to move after the food consumed and I’m sure when I get my house sold in the UK and buy one here I will be asking questions on methods to retro fit some sort of heating system to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer! Merry Christmas again
  4. The end is nigh!

    Oh no you didn’t say that did you?? (Or say it a month ago!) next thing you know you will in Grand Designs style be 6 month late, 100k over budget and your wife will be pregnant with triplets!!!
  5. Crypto currencies

    Did you guys read that about 4million BTC are lost? Like this guy who 7500 of them
  6. Atterberg Testing

    And I dug out 750mm of soil then filled it back up with stone before doing my raft. Much cheaper for me than piling as I have a friend who is a farmer who had access to a 13t excavator and guys on hand to drive grain lorry’s during harvest (in morning waiting for dew to burn off) to take the soil away to fill a hole he had. Know others have done rafts on piles at raft have advantage of being generally better insulated than traditional foundations.
  7. Crowdfunding a Self Build

    I say yes and yes to those questions
  8. Window orientation

    @Russell griffiths Not the best photo as there are clouds but hopefully you get the idea
  9. Rendering and airtightness

    @recoveringacademic fyi - it’s craic
  10. Window orientation

    I’ll take some pictures of ours tomorrow so you can see
  11. Window orientation

    I do indeed, lots. Mine face roughly East and South. If you was just wanting light in I’d say go for north. Our living areas face north and the sky is always lovely and blue, but look out the bedrooms that face south and the sky is glaringly and whitish Also the East facing ones at twice a year (Spring and Autumn) the sun comes in at the right angle to completely blind you when in the kitchen. I wouldn’t be worried about getting direct sunlight into the building, you just want diffuse light and a view of nice blue sky* *Disclaimer - nice blue sky entirely dependent on where you live in the UK 😉
  12. Mvhr vaulted ceiling

    I ended up created in 100mm service cavity under the airtight membrane to run the MVHR ducting in. Created with 2x 50mm battens on top of one another (MBC and PM where going to batten and cross batten until I pointed out that we’re they crossed there was only 50mm of cavity for me to run 70mm ducting!) Have read some people doing it within the insulation layer - but for me that is too many things going through the airtight membrane for my liking.
  13. Costings Damage Control

    My warranty provider didn’t even question us being on clay as long as the slab was made to the SE specs they were happy. Not sure why you have been told combi’s don’t scale well with fluctuating numbers of people, they are ideal as it’s hot water on demand, no need to store it, unless you are trying to run multiple showers at once. But how often will that happen and yer man @Nickfromwales can tell you the best choice to deal with that. As for long term reliability they are fine, tried and tested technology and every plumber will be able to fix it, not sure you could say the same if your ASHP going on the blink over Christmas.....
  14. Costings Damage Control

    I'd say even a revised heating cost of £5k is too much. I have a gas combi boiler, buffer tank and UFH manifold inc pump and thermostat all and that cost me £1,700 in total. The UFH pipes were in the slab by MBC (I was on clay so there is a round way a passive slab and clay for anyone else who has that issue). Then a couple of other things - £10k for plumbing - I spent £2k to the plumbing so not sure if your £10k is for? Does that include taps baths etc - I see you have a sanitary section so probably not? £8 for ventilation - if this is MVHR then I got the kit from BPC, fitted it myself (as others have said its a self build right of passage. Its easy to do and as it's new the quotes that you can get u to quote are silly. Two separate companies I worked out have a labour element of £4k for something that is at most 2-3 work for a couple of people). After fitting it I paid someone to commission it to keep BC happy, that was about £250. Total spend on MVHR £2,600. To give you some background my house is a modern bungalow, about 110m2 my build was £1,938 but if you look at just the house and getting services to the house and not the silly amounts we paid on hire (we have steel plates in the ground for 18 months, I must have spend well over a £1000 to hire that should have bought it) on what I spent on block-paving hundreds on m2 as I was building in my back garden and had to sort out parking for the front house. Well then it comes down to a more respectable £1,343.
  15. Costings Damage Control

    You’re welcome Ian 🙂 I didn’t even know, which sentence was it? I didn’t know any of my thoughts were worth that much - or even a third if I share credit with @PeterW and your SE.