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  1. Think that's old and out of date. But me being overseas isn’t the issue. The issue is what does a self builder say they paid for a property if they carved out part of their garden and built in it? Is it zero?
  2. House was on the market before we left but it didn’t get a seller and complete until after we had moved, and this was in this tax year which is the first full year we are classed as non-residents.
  3. We don't yet have a CGT section so will just put this in here for now. I have sold the house we built and moved overseas. This was not the original plan but things come up and that is what we have done. Now trying to submit a Non-Residents Capital Gain return which has to be done with 30 days of the sale. Both solicitor and accountant saying they have never heard of it before which is annoying to say the least. I have managed to find the form I need to complete - Also sure that there is no tax to pay as we lived it in as our main residence. The situation - we build a house in the garden of our existing house, started Aug 2014, took an age to build and we got a completion certificate July 2016. We moved in on Oct 2016. All this time the house was still on the same title as the original house as the Land Registry said they would only split on on a sale. We sold the original house in April 2017, and that is when the new house first got it's own title. Our situation changed over the summer of 2017 and we decide to move oversea (but to where my wife is from) we sold the new house in April 2018. The forms ask you to enter the 'non-resident net chargeable gain or loss (after exemptions, reliefs or adjustments) arising on this disposal.' but when you complete the handly calculator on the HRMC website - you are asked the following questions: What date did you sign the contract to become the owner? - I'm assuming this is the date the the house got a title from Land Registry How did you become the owner? Bought it or Inherited it or Got it as a gift - not to sure on this one as it was created new out of an existing title How much did you pay for the property? or What was the market value of the property? - so if I say I bought it what do I say I paid for it, or if I say I got it as a gift what do I say was the value? Ultimately is doesn't really matter as far as I can see because even if I say I sold it for 1,000,000 and bought it for 0 as I am claiming Private Residence Relief then the chareable gain is zero. But what am I meant to enter in the "How much did you pay" field? Any help warmly welcomed
  4. Calvinmiddle

    Unoccupied Insurance Recommendations

    Cheers guys - a few leads there to follow up, thanks
  5. Can anyone give me a recommendation for where I can get unoccupied home insurance. Our house sale fell through and just realised we are well out of the 60 limit on the normal insurance.
  6. Calvinmiddle


    I think you are all extremely brave for sharing, you are all awesome
  7. I thought it was 6 months as well and as I was I out of work at the moment was very stressed. But bigger stress was that my Dad had just been in hospital for a triple heart bypass that had ended up with complications and ended up under anaesthetic for 8 days as they stablished him and a total of 14 days in hospital. I was about a month late and wrote a letter explaining the work stress and stress from my Dads operation as the reason for the late submission. Got cheque for full about with no questions asked. Restored my faith in HMRC in that there are some humans with compassion working there.
  8. Looks like a great link, will have a read and then file it away for later, thanks
  9. Merry Christmas to you all from the (relatively) cold and wet Mid North Coast New South Wales, on Boxing Day morning. It was only low twenties yesterday and had to put on a pair of jeans!!! Thanks to you all for the help given during my build and if anyone wants to buy a Modern MBC bungalow 40mins from London pm me ? Hope you are still all able to move after the food consumed and I’m sure when I get my house sold in the UK and buy one here I will be asking questions on methods to retro fit some sort of heating system to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer! Merry Christmas again
  10. Calvinmiddle

    The end is nigh!

    Oh no you didn’t say that did you?? (Or say it a month ago!) next thing you know you will in Grand Designs style be 6 month late, 100k over budget and your wife will be pregnant with triplets!!!
  11. Calvinmiddle

    Crypto currencies

    Did you guys read that about 4million BTC are lost? Like this guy who 7500 of them
  12. Calvinmiddle

    Atterberg Testing

    And I dug out 750mm of soil then filled it back up with stone before doing my raft. Much cheaper for me than piling as I have a friend who is a farmer who had access to a 13t excavator and guys on hand to drive grain lorry’s during harvest (in morning waiting for dew to burn off) to take the soil away to fill a hole he had. Know others have done rafts on piles at raft have advantage of being generally better insulated than traditional foundations.
  13. Calvinmiddle

    Crowdfunding a Self Build

    I say yes and yes to those questions
  14. Calvinmiddle

    Window orientation

    @Russell griffiths Not the best photo as there are clouds but hopefully you get the idea
  15. Calvinmiddle

    Rendering and airtightness

    @recoveringacademic fyi - it’s craic