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  1. Northern Ireland, so can meet you and raise you ?☔??
  2. Out if interest, do you wash your panels?
  3. Thanks, i did think I wasn't getting anything for my money but just wanted a second opinion! And I do think think it was a tactic to fleece unsuspecting people. Rhymed off all the spiel about them having to check it and service it so they could stand over the warranty, "so which day suits to come out". I questioned why I was getting charged £100 for a warranty I already had with the manufacturer, and he said the manufacturer will just revert me back to them if an issue arises.
  4. The company we purchased from has dissolved. We still have our 25 year warranty with the manufacturer. I got a call today from another company who has been given our details from the company we bought from. He is offering to inspect the systen and re-register the warranty for £100, so that we are not left in the lurch. He says the system would be due a service now anyway (we haven't been doing anything with it, but hubby is an electrician so could do it I assume). It's fronius and sharp systems we have, are they hard to deal with directly? Is there any merit to spending £100 on this?? What's not to say this crowd don't dissolve in the near future too?
  5. All it says is lorry hire - it doesn't mention gravel/stones etc at all. The lady did it for a reason, she thought that was what was needed for vat purposes?! is there any particular name the "stones" would be best being noted as, I am going to get her to redo the invoice.
  6. I have no idea why I thought it was 6 months, you have no idea how I felt when I sat down to finish it this evening and realised that we had passed the 3 month deadline?! I think it all depends on who opens the paperwork on the day now.
  7. We had gravel/stones supplied for drainage, surfacing etc. The invoice has noted "lorry hire" which I don't think is accepted. Can the invoice just be redone as gravel?
  8. Would that be acceptable? I actually do have a few outstanding invoices that I was going to forget about but I am sure the accounts lady could send them through with a letter if I contacted her again. Although I have rang the helpline pretending to inquire where the claim was at and they logged the call with my postcode?
  9. Folks Haven't been on in a while but I just realised we missed our 3 month vat reclaim deadline. I thought it was 6 months from the building cert. I rang this evening to enquire where the claim was at, as I pretended I hadn't got an acknowledgement or payment and I had sent it in November. They had very little details but basically said it was crazy, 6 week turnaround and no acknowledgements. I have another number to call next week, where I shall perhaps offer to resend the photocopies I made. Is this the best option? I have seen others declined for missing the deadline. ETA - I am about 6 weeks past the deadline Or is it best to be honest? Just checked and seen the following on HMRC website: The claimant must explain in writing why a claim is being submitted late. If no satisfactory explanation is received, the claim must be refused. Examples of reasonable excuse may include: compassionate reasons - Drs letter for depression? negligence of a professional adviser circumstances outside the claimant’s control, such as difficulty in obtaining invoices or completion certificates.
  10. This is ours here. The tread is solid oak right through. Let me know if you want details.
  11. No, it's really really noisy but doesn't have the corresponding blazing flame. As soon as I turn it down we are back to a black flame.
  12. The Stanley engineer tried one in both the external air pipe and the stove and no issues with either.
  13. The delivery driver was supposed to let them know but didn't, I just happened to call in and ask about it and they said they didn't know anything about it. Replacement glass given straight away. I suppose my concern is that I can't be sure if it's a stove issue or an installation/chimney issue, though as mentioned, it was commissioned and everything was stated to be fine.
  14. Yeah ours was Creagh in toome. Do you want me to see if I can pull out our prices for comparison ?
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